On-Demand Video Service

City Council Chambers

On-Demand Video of Meetings and Special Programs

"City in 15" News Magazine (MGTV-188)

Frequently Asked Questions

The City's on-demand – or streaming – video service provides for online viewing of televised meetings of the City Council and nine City boards and commissions. The service also provides streaming video of special programming – such as the award-winning news magazine “City in 15” – that airs on Midland’s government channel, MGTV-188.

City meetings are streamed “live” and archived for future viewing. Live streams can only be viewed at the time a meeting is held. Links to past meetings from 2005 to the present can be found on the On-demand video page. Meetings will show as "In Progress" when a meeting is streaming live. Past videos can be viewed at anytime, and can be found below the "Archived Videos" header. In addition, the MGTV-188 message board is streamed live 24/7 except when meetings or special programming is being aired.

Boards and commissions meetings that are streamed include the following:

  • Aviation Advisory Commission
  • Cable Access Advisory Commission
  • Center City Authority
  • Downtown Development Authority
  • Library Board
  • Parks & Recreation Commission
  • Planning Commission
  • West Main Street Historic District Commission
  • Zoning Board of Appeals

On-demand video is compatible with most computer operating systems, including Microsoft Windows and Macintosh, that are connected to the Internet.  Streaming video requires a recent version of Internet Explorer and Safari web browsers, plus Windows Media Player 9 or above. 

In order to view video, you should have a broadband connection such as DSL, cable modem, or other high speed connection.  Dial-Up users may receive an audio-only stream.