The City Attorney's office cannot provide any legal assistance or advice to the general public. The City Attorney's office is limited to provide legal assistance, advice or counsel to the City of Midland as a governmental agency.

The following is a list of some legal resources that may be able to provide assistance:

Consumer Complaints – Citizens with consumer complaints about local businesses or agencies, such as price scanning, should contact the Michigan Attorney General's main office by phone 517-373-1110, fax 517-373-3042 or via their website.

Criminal Matters The Midland County Prosecutor's Office prosecutes many of the criminal matters that occur within Midland County, including the city of Midland. The County Prosecutor's Office is located in the Midland County Courthouse at 301 W. Main Street, Midland, Michigan 48640 and may be contacted by phone 989-832-6722, fax 989-832-6393 or via their website.

Dispute Resolution The Mid-Michigan Dispute Resolution Center offers mediation services to the public. Cases come to the Center via the court, police and sheriff departments and through the general public. The Center also handles cases involving small claims, juvenile restitution, landlord/tenant disputes, disputes between neighbors, employee/employer disputes and other similar matters. The Center is located at 116 S. Michigan Avenue, Saginaw, Michigan and may be contacted at 1-800-325-7658.

Legal Advice and Representation Referrals for legal assistance concerning private or personal matters may be obtained from the State Bar of Michigan at 1-800-968-0738 or visit their website.

Legal Services Citizens meeting certain eligibility criteria relative to their income may qualify for legal assistance from Legal Services of Eastern Michigan. Legal Services may be contacted at 1-800-322-4512.