From the City of Midland Archives - Task Force 2000

Undertaken in 1979-1980, the Task Force 2000 initiative brought together more than 150 Midlanders for the purpose of preparing goals and action steps to take Midland into the new millennium. The community-wide effort enlisted the support and input of citizens from all walks of life who were interested in looking at long-range plans that would make Midland a more ideal community by year 2000.

The Task Force 2000 report summarizes many of the ideas and findings of committees set up to study the topics of economic development, energy and environment, government, leisure life, transportation, and quality of life as they relate to Midland. A snapshot of the community, state, and nation in 1980 brings to light some interesting facts and information that helped form Midland as we know it today. This enjoyable read can be compared to our present-day Master Plan, which serves as our community’s long-range land use planning guide.

We hope you take some time to peruse this back-in-time look at life in Midland more than 30 years ago.