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A sampling of recent books in our collection:

Austen, Jane

Beaton, M.C.

Binchy, Maeve

Bodett, Tom

Bradbury, Ray

Braun, Lilian Jackson

Burns, Olive Ann

Christie, Agatha

Clark, Mary Higgins

Flagg, Fannie

Forester, C.S.

Gipson, Fred

Grayson, Emily

Greeley, Andrew

Herriot, James

Hickam, Homer

Hill, Grace Livingston

Karon, Jan

Keillor, Garrison

LaHaye, Tim

Lewis, Beverly

London, Jack

Miss Read

Montgomery, Lucy Maud

Oke, Janette

Rowling, J.K.

Steinbeck, John

Stevenson, Robert Louis

Thoene, Bodie and Brock

Tolkien, J.R.R.

Twain, Mark

Wells, H.G.

Wick, Lori

Wodehouse, P.G.


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