Baseball Stories
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A sampling of recent books in our collection:

Amernic, Jerry Gift of the Bambino
Bain, Donald Three Strikes and Youíre Dead
Boggs, Johnny Camp Ford: A Western Story
Boyd, Brendan C. Blue Ruin: A Novel of the 1919 World Series
Brock, Darryl Havana Heat: A Novel
Dinger, Ed A Prince at First: the Fictional Biography of Baseballís Hal Chase
Fowler, Karen Joy Sweetheart Season: A Novel
Friedman, Mark Columbus Slaughters Braves
Gischler, Victor Suicide Squeeze
Hester, M.L. Another Jackie Robinson: A Novel
King, Kevin All the Stars Came Out That Night
Kinsella, W.P. Magic Time
Lardner, Ring You Know Me Al
Latour, Jose Havana World Series
Leonard, Sam A Difficult Trade: The Baseball Mystery
Mosher, Howard Waiting for Teddy Williams
Parker, Robert B. Double Play
Pilek, Eugena Cooperstown: A Novel
Plimpton, George Curious Case of Sidd Finch: A Novel
Robison, Patrick Slider
Shawver, Brian Cuban Prospect: A Novel
Smith, April Be the One
Soos, Troy Hunting a Detroit Tiger
Soos, Troy The Cincinnati Red Stalkings
Soos, Troy Murder at Ebbets Field
Starr, Jason Lights Out
Tooke, C.W. Ballpark Blues: A Novel

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