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A sampling of recent fiction materials from our collection:  

Bahr, Howard

The Judas Field, 2006

Baker, Kevin

Paradise Alley, 2002

Braver, Adam

Mr. Lincolnís Wars, 2003

Brooks, Geraldine

March: A Novel, 2005

Burke, James Lee

White Doves at Morning, 2002

Byrd, Max

Grant: A Novel, 2000

Cornwell, Bernard

Starbuck Chronicles series

Croker, Richrd

No Greater Courage: A Novel of the Battle of Fredericksburg, 2006

Dallas, Sandra

Aliceís Tulips, 2000

Doctorow, E.L.

The March, 2006

Ehrlich, Everett M.

Grant Speaks, 2000

Ellis, Virginia

Wedding Dress, 2002

Fleming, Thomas J.

When This Cruel War is Over, 2001

Fowler, Robert H.

Battle of Milroy Station, 2003

Fowler, Robert H.

Jim Mundy, 2000

Frazier, Charles

Cold Mountain, 1997

Gingrich, Newt

Never Call Retreat, 2005

Haeger, Diane

My Dearest Cecelia, 2003

Humphreys, Josephine

Nowhere Else on Earth, 2000

Jakes, John

On Secret Service: A Novel, 2000

Jiles, Paulette

Enemy Women, 2002

Kilian, Michael

A Grave at Glorieta, 2003

Lent, Jeffrey

In the Fall, 2000

Maples, Jack

Reconstructed Yankee, 2002

McCrumb, Sharyn

Ghost Riders: A Novel, 2003

McMillan, Ann

Civil Blood: A Civil War Mystery, 2001

Morris, Gilbert

Edge of Honor: A Novel, 2000

Nagle, P.G.

Glorieta Pass, 1999

Nelson, James L.

Thieves of Mercy: A Novel of the Civil War at Sea, 2005

Parry, Owen

Rebels of Babylon, 2005

Poyer, David

A Country of Our Own, 2004

Rawl, Miriam Freeman

From the Ashes of Ruin, 1999

Reasoner, James

Civil War Battle series, 2001-2004

Scott, Joanna

The Road from Chapel Hill, 2006

Shaara, Jeff

Last Full Measure, 1998

Trotter, William

Fires of Pride, 2003

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