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Bannister, Jo

Blanchard, Alice

Burke, James Lee

Cannell, Stephen

Crais, Robert

Crombie, Deborah

Curzon, Clare

Dexter, Colin

Fraser, Anthea

Fyfield, Frances

George, Elizabeth

Grimes, Martha

Harrod-Eagles, Cynthia

Henry, Sue

Hill, Reginald

James, P.D.

Jance, J.A.

Kaminsky, Stuart

Kellerman, Faye

King, Laurie R.

Maron, Margaret

McBain, Ed

Parker, T. Jefferson

Robinson, Peter

Sandford, John

Smith, Julie

Stabenow, Dana

Wambaugh, Joseph

Wilcox, Collin

Wright, Laurali


            JK 3/07

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