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 A sampling of recent fiction materials from our collection: 

Abbott, Patricia

Goodbye Dear, Iíll Be Back in a Year, 2002

Altman, John

A Game of Spies, 2002

Arvin, Nick

Articles of War, 2005

Barnett, Jill

Sentimental Journey, 2001

Bingham, Charlotte

Chestnut Tree, 2003

Blackwell, Elise

Hunger, 2003

Blum, Jenna

Those Who Save Us, 2004

Boyd, Bill

Deadly Embrace: A Novel of World War II, 2006

Brodrick, William

Sixth Lamentation, 2003

Bull, Bartle

Devilís Oasis, 2001

Carcaterra, Lorenzo

Street Boys, 2002

Dean, Debra

Madonnas of Leningrad, 2006

Follett, Ken

Hornet Flight, 2002

Furst, Alan

Foreign Correspondent, 2006

Gobbell, John J.

Neptune Strategy, 2004

Grayson, Emily

Night Train to Lisbon, 2004

Hickam, Homer

Ambassadorís Son, 2005

Kelby, N.M.

In the Company of Angels, 2001

Keneally, Thomas

Office of Innocence, 2003

Knauss, Sibylle

Evaís Cousin, 2002

Lehrer, James

Special Prisoner, 2000

Mayhew, Margaret

Our Yanks, 2003

McBride, James

Miracle at St. Anna, 2002

Mrazek, Robert J.

Deadly Embrace: A Novel of World War II, 2006

Nappi, Frank

Echoes from the Infantry: A Novel, 2006

Nemirovsky, Irene

Suite Francaise, 2006

Parson, Alexander

In the Shadows of the Sun, 2005

Pearce, Don

Nobody Comes Back, 2005

Pouncey, Peter

Rules for Old Men Waiting, 2005

Pratt, James M.

Ticket Home, 2001

Reasoner, James

Battle Lines: The Last Good War, 2002

Robbins, David L.

Liberation Road, 2005

Savage, Alan

Blue Yonder, 2006

Shaara, Jeff

Rising Tide: A Novel of World War II, 2006

Spencer, James

Pilots, 2003

Thorpe, Adam

The Rules of Perspective, 2006

Turow, Scott

Ordinary Heroes, 2006

Vaughan, Robert

Touch the Face of God, 2002

Waters, Sarah

The Night Watch, 2006

                                                                                                                        JK 3/07


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