Grace A. Dow Memorial Library




Library Board


Wednesday, June 16, 2004

7 p.m.

City Hall Council Chambers




                            I.      Roll Call


                           II.      Acceptance of May 19, 2004 Meeting Minutes


                          III.     Additions or Changes to the Agenda


                          IV.     Public Comments


                           V.     Director’s Report


                          VI.     Patron Compliments and Concerns


                         VII.     Old Business


                                    a.         Coffee Bar

                                    b.         Board/Community Communications

                                    c.         Board Annual Report Committee – Bush, Hutter, Stein

                                    d.         State Librarian Excellence Award – Gardner, Heard, Stein


                        VIII.     New Business


                                    a.         Nominations and Elections for Board Officers, 2004/2005

                                    b.         Mideastern Michigan Library Cooperative Delivery Service

                                    c.         Library Teen Area


                           IX.    Board Comments


                            X.    Adjournment







Next meeting – July 21, 2004