Grace A. Dow Memorial Library




Library Board Agenda

Wednesday, July 17, 2002

7 p.m.




                                    I.          Call to Order


                                    II.         Acceptance of June 19, 2002 Meeting Minutes


                                    III.       Additions or Changes to the Agenda


                                    IV.       Public Comments


                                    V.        Director’s Report


                                    VI.       Old Business


                                                a.         Coffee Bar

                                                b.         Board “Question of the Month” – August, September

                                                c.         Reporting Committee – Wrap Up for 2001/2002

                                                            Annual Report

                                                d.         Excellence Award

                                                e.         Library Fines and Fees Ordinance – No report

                                                f.          Children’s Internet Protection Act – Update


                                    VII.      New Business


                                                a.         Nominations and Elections for Chair and Vice


                                                b.         Meeting Schedule for 2003

                                                c.         USA Patriot Act

                                                d.         Michigan Library Privacy Act


                                    VIII.     Board Comments


                                    IX.       Adjournment





There is no meeting scheduled for August, 2002