Research Databases Troubleshooting

Access Problems

        Library Web Page:  you must access the online resources from the library web page.  If you type in the address or use a bookmark, the resource may not recognize you.

        Referring URLs:  remote access makes use of referring URL authentication to keep unauthorized users from getting into the system. Referring URL authentication checks the information transmitted by your browser to make sure that you are connecting through an authorized institution. If the referring URL is absent, you will get an error.

The most common causes for this are:

  • You are using a personal firewall

  • You tried to access the resource from a bookmark or by typing the URL

  • Your computer is running a personal firewall (or other security 
    software) that stops your browser from sending the referring URL

You need to configure your personal firewall to stop it from blocking the referrer information. Most firewalls will allow you to set up a trusted site. Once you set up a trusted site in your firewall, you will be able to access the site.

        Symantec - tips


Common Browser Problems

         Cookies: Is your browser set to take cookies? Double check your browser preferences to ensure they are not set to "reject cookies."  To allow cookies in Internet Explorer 7 (the latest version), follow these instructions.

         Javascript: Is javascript enabled on your browser? Most databases will not work with javascript turned off. [This page shows you how to enable the javascript option in your browser.]

         Browser: Are you using an older browser? Most electronic resources only work on more recent browser releases (4.0 and up).

         Cache: Try clearing your cache memory, exiting out of your browser and restarting it, and double-checking that you have not lost your connection to the Internet.

         Internet Provider: If you have AOL you may need to contact your provider for tips.  Our internet resources do not work with WebTV.

Common Patron/Barcode Problems

         Do not leave any spaces or dashes when entering your library barcode.

         Is your library card active? If you have not used your card for some time we may no longer have your barcode on file. Please call the Library to check. 837-3457

Still Not Working?

         If you are still unable to access the online resource, please call the Library Reference Desk at 837-3449.



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