Kindle eBooks that are published by Penguin 

As of February  2012 the publisher Penguin has prohibited Wi-Fi transfer of its library eBooks to Kindle devices or apps. You will have to download them to your computer and use a USB cable to load them to your Kindle devices. 

Tablet users: We do not recommend that you use the Kindle app. Use the Overdrive Media app instead.

Because the Kindle App only uses a Wi-Fi transfer method, if you do use the Kindle app you will need to take very careful notice of the items you choose. Once you choose to download a Penguin title you will not be able to access the book and will need to wait for the checkout period to expire. The title will not show up in your Amazon account where you need to go to return the item.

If you browse for a Kindle book, you may notice the limits to transferring via USB only:

Penguin published kindle eBooks





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