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Business Cost of Business: Soft Dollar Makes Harder (Eastman Party) A1 1-Feb-2004
Midland Center for the Arts Strong Performers Carry 'Chorus Line' Production A3 1-Feb-2004
Elections-National Michigan Dems' Caucuses Unlike Iowa's A3 1-Feb-2004
Elections-National Where They Stand on Issues B1 1-Feb-2004
Crime Woman Sentenced for Arson (Terrie Ann Letts) A1 2-Feb-2004
Crime Woman Must Repay $60,000 (Sarah Martin-Pardee Cancer) A1 2-Feb-2004
Churches-Midland Men Serve to Keep Church Together (Church of the Brethren) A3 2-Feb-2004
Midland County County Meeting Agenda Light A3 2-Feb-2004
Midland City Plans Appeal and Talks A1 3-Feb-2004
Midland City: Tribunal Ruling Had Errors A1 3-Feb-2004
Accidents Fatal Crash Closes M-18 A1 3-Feb-2004
Awards & Prizes Nominations Sought for Gerstacker Teaching Awards A2 3-Feb-2004
Midland Power Contracts Accepted in Other Tax Appeal A3 3-Feb-2004
Midland Cogeneration Ven Power Contracts Accepted in Other Tax Appeal A3 3-Feb-2004
Business Better Cooker: Bay City Man Invests Poultry Pal A3 3-Feb-2004
Charities & Benefits Catholic Family Service Closes Midland Office A3 3-Feb-2004
Midland Center for the Arts Singular Sensation ("A Chorus Line") A10 3-Feb-2004
Awards & Prizes McManus Strosacker Winner A1 4-Feb-2004
Charities & Benefits United Way Announces New Leaders A1 4-Feb-2004
Midland County County to Vote on Bond Resolution in Two Weeks A1 4-Feb-2004
Midland County-Sheriff Nielsen Pondering Sheriff Run A1 4-Feb-2004
Elections-National Dem Candidates Rolling Into Michigan A1 4-Feb-2004
Charities & Benefits 2004 Agency Allocations A2 4-Feb-2004
Midland-Parks Golf, Ice, Some Softball Fees to Increase A3 4-Feb-2004
Accidents Woman Dies in Crash (Tehra Partaka, Gladwin) A3 4-Feb-2004
Elections-National Michigan Democrats Help Voters Find Caucus Sites A3 4-Feb-2004
Delta College Special Events at Delta Planetarium A8 4-Feb-2004
Biography-Midland Midland Remembers..The Skeltons of Auburn, Part 1 A10 4-Feb-2004
Michigan Moolenaar: Make Superintendent a Politcal Appointee A1 5-Feb-2004
Accidents Midland Man Awarded $10.7 Million (Brian Musselman) A1 5-Feb-2004
Fire-Midland County Morning Fire Destroys Home (Fredericksons-Lee Twp) A1 5-Feb-2004
Elections-National Democrats Face 15% Threshold to Earn Delegate A1 5-Feb-2004
Midland County Treasurer's Travel Still Sore Point A3 5-Feb-2004
Environment On the Job: New Forester Hired (Midland & Gladwin Counties) A3 5-Feb-2004
Midland Symphony Orchestra Takes Spotlight for Saturday MSO Concert D2 5-Feb-2004
Tennis Valet Parking Among Many Changes at Dow Corning Tourn.. A1 6-Feb-2004
Crime 3 More Churches Broken Into A1 6-Feb-2004
Fire-Midland County Good With the Bad':Lee Township Family Surviving.. A1 6-Feb-2004
Elections-National I Hope We Need More' Caucus Ballots, Dem Chairman Says A1 6-Feb-2004
Business Sugar Companies Oppose Free Trade Deal A3 6-Feb-2004
Animals Dog Show: Auburn Woman Taking Lab to Westminster Show A3 6-Feb-2004
Saginaw Valley State Univ Buschlen of SVSU Honored A8 6-Feb-2004
Biography-Midland Midlander Reunites with Japanese Friend (Paul Schultz) B1 6-Feb-2004
Crime Boy Pleads No Contest to BC Shootings A1 7-Feb-2004
Midland County-Courthouse New Report Examines Space Issues at Courthouse A1 7-Feb-2004
Midland City Asks Tribunal to Reconsider Parts of MCV Decision A3 7-Feb-2004
Business-Midland Burns, Waltz Selected for Chemical Bank Board A3 7-Feb-2004
Midland Community Center Tax: Filing Assistance Available for Seniors, Low Income A3 7-Feb-2004
Awards & Prizes Girl Scouts to Honor 10 Women of Distinction A5 7-Feb-2004
Biography-Midland Blind from Birth (Amanda McCormick) A7 7-Feb-2004
Events Dow High Students Help During Kid's Day at Midland Mall A9 7-Feb-2004
Elections-National A Big Kerry Win (Michigan Democratic Caucus) A1 8-Feb-2004
Little Forks Conservancy Good 2003 for Conservancy A1 8-Feb-2004
Midland County Hist Society Museum, Dow Home and Studio Help Area 4th Graders A3 8-Feb-2004
Bullock Creek Schools Principal Leaving for National Guard Position A3 8-Feb-2004
Clubs & Organizations Miler, Rotary Club Working to Eradicate Polio C5 8-Feb-2004
Business Independent Retailers: Many Merchants Search for Niches Insert 8-Feb-2004
Business To Survive, Focus of Many Local Businesses is Customers Insert 8-Feb-2004
Business Low-Carb Takes Off in Midland Area Insert 8-Feb-2004
Business Marketing Challenges Tackled in Different Ways Insert 8-Feb-2004
Business Preparing Students for the Workplace Insert 8-Feb-2004
Business Curves Grows as Members Get Smaller Insert 8-Feb-2004
Business Story Behind the Labels Insert 8-Feb-2004
Health & Safety When Is Too Much Enough? (Food) Insert 8-Feb-2004
Health & Safety Trust Key to Good Massage Insert 8-Feb-2004
Health & Safety New Treatment, Thinking Makes Outpatient Surgery Common Insert 8-Feb-2004
Business NAM: Level Playing Field (Made in America) Insert 8-Feb-2004
Business Plush Puppets, Customer Service Part of Bookstores' Plan Insert 8-Feb-2004
Business Local Firms Offer Variety of Benefits to Employees Insert 8-Feb-2004
Business Phone Trend: Wireless is a Cool Thing Insert 8-Feb-2004
Business Internet Pharmacies: Growing Trend or Not? Insert 8-Feb-2004
Business M-TECX Works to Open Manufacturing Doors Insert 8-Feb-2004
Events Nonviolence Weeks Nears A1 9-Feb-2004
Prisons & Prisoners-Midland County Jail Inmate Dies A1 9-Feb-2004
Charities & Benefits Diversity Champion: Midlander Takes Message to Red Cross A1 9-Feb-2004
Elections-National Four Democrats Meet Michigan Threshold A3 9-Feb-2004
Meridian Public Schools Meridian to Talk About Realignment Options A3 9-Feb-2004
Charities & Benefits Race Fans Show Loyalty: Cancer Groups Benefit A3 9-Feb-2004
Midland Public Schools MPS To Vote on Teacher Severance Package A3 9-Feb-2004
Midland Symphony MSO All-Orchestral Concert Draws Mixed Reaction A6 9-Feb-2004
Tennis Dow Corning Remaining a $75,000 Event for Now B1 9-Feb-2004
Midland Public Schools MPS to Offer Severance Pay A1 10-Feb-2004
Weather Weather Taking Its Toll on Roadways A1 10-Feb-2004
Central Mich University CMU Latest to Limit Tuition Increase to Avoid Big Cut A1 10-Feb-2004
Midland Public Schools It's Not an Ordinary Problem (Cogeneration Venture Rebate) A1 10-Feb-2004
Midland City Rejects Ice Arena Proposal A3 10-Feb-2004
Midland Audit Shows City in Good Financial Health A3 10-Feb-2004
West Midland Family Center Helping Hand:WMFC Helped Family Through Tough Times A3 10-Feb-2004
Meridian Public Schools Meridian May Delay Building Changes A3 10-Feb-2004
Dow Chemical Dow, GM Unveil Fuel Cell A1 11-Feb-2004
Dow Chemical Dow, Union Tentatively Agree to Pact A1 11-Feb-2004
Midland County-Courthouse Historical Courthouse too Small, Study Says A1 11-Feb-2004
Prisons & Prisoners-Midland Vote of No Opposition to Jail Plan Might Not Stop Project A1 11-Feb-2004
Dow Chemical U-M to Conduct Dioxin Exposure Study A3 11-Feb-2004
Crime-Midland Suspect in Loretta Lane Assault Asking to Withdraw Plea A3 11-Feb-2004
MCESA Field of MCESA Superintendent Candidates Narrowed to 6 A3 11-Feb-2004
Business New Craft Store Opens in Sanford (Sharpest Scent) A7 11-Feb-2004
Midland Public Schools One-Act Wonders to Be Presented During Festival A8 11-Feb-2004
Crime New Leads Followed in Child Porn Case A1 12-Feb-2004
Prisons & Prisoners-Midland Law, Courts Complex in County Future? A1 12-Feb-2004
Midland Downtown Dev Auth Former Midlander Returning as Downtown Coordinator A1 12-Feb-2004
MCESA MCESA Lists Names of Superintendent Candidates A3 12-Feb-2004
Baseball Hemlock Baseball Coach May Lose Job (LaJoice) A3 12-Feb-2004
Midland Senior Services Senior Review: Senior Services Director Gives Review A3 12-Feb-2004
Elections-State Moore Seeks House Seat A3 12-Feb-2004
Michigan State Senate Passes Grandparent Visitaiton Bill A5 12-Feb-2004
Delta College Special Activies at Planetarium A6 12-Feb-2004
Events Students' Art Shown at Midand Mall A6 12-Feb-2004
Northwood University Black History Program Saturday A7 12-Feb-2004
Michigan Women's Prison to Be Closed C3 12-Feb-2004
Michigan Governor: Change Felons' Sentencing Guidelines C3 12-Feb-2004
Music & Musicians Community Orchestra Concert to Feature Clarinet Soloist D1 12-Feb-2004
Midland Center for the Arts Honk! The Musical: Peanut Gallery Production D1 12-Feb-2004
Midland Center for the Arts Violinist Midori: 'I Do Because I Do' D1 12-Feb-2004
Midland Center for the Arts Handbell Festival Here: Public Concert Feb 22 at MCTFA D2 12-Feb-2004
Michigan More Money for Schools, Roads A1 13-Feb-2004
Dow Chemical Liveris Picked for Dow Board A1 13-Feb-2004
Delta College Kersploosh! Delta Unveils Pool Complex A1 13-Feb-2004
Events Ice Carnival Begins Tonight (Gladwin) A1 13-Feb-2004
Crime Sutton Appeals Decision Issued A1 13-Feb-2004
Dow Gardens Meeting Scheduled to Discuss Emerald Ash Borer A3 13-Feb-2004
Bullock Creek Schools Principal for a Day A3 13-Feb-2004
Water Bids in for M-30 Water Line A3 13-Feb-2004
Midland Center for the Arts Honk' Offers Something for Both Adults, Children B1 13-Feb-2004
Biography-Midland 61 Valentines: Couple Celebrates 61 Years (Tanks) A1 14-Feb-2004
Charities & Benefits Local Agencies Struggling to Help Needy with Heating Needs A1 14-Feb-2004
Health & Safety Shipped Out: Federal Panel Wants to End Care (Sag VA) A1 14-Feb-2004
Churches Shock Expressed at Bishop's Cancer Diagnosis A3 14-Feb-2004
Bullock Creek Schools Sounds of the Islands A3 14-Feb-2004
Churches-Midland Midland Trio to Perform at Church (Two Outlaws..) A8 14-Feb-2004
Churches-Midland Jazz Vesper Series Continues Feb 29 (First Baptist) A8 14-Feb-2004
Employment Career Horizons Insert 14-Feb-2004
Events Week of Nonviolence, Feb 16-24, 2004 Insert 14-Feb-2004
Accidents Many Wrecks on Slick Roads A1 15-Feb-2004
Dow Chemical Activist Returned from Bhopal A1 15-Feb-2004
Events Annual Sculpture Contest is Thursday A3 15-Feb-2004
Foundations Liveris, Moore Selected as Dow Foundation Trustees A3 15-Feb-2004
Events Chill Out, Flat Out (Gladwin County Ice Carnival) A3 15-Feb-2004
Midland Public Schools Schulzes Love Time Spent in the Siebert Classroom C5 15-Feb-2004
Grace A. Dow Mem Library 865,806 Books: Thousands in Midland County… Insert 15-Feb-2004
Education High Schoolers Fare Well at College Insert 15-Feb-2004
Saginaw Valley State Univ SVSU Uses CardinalDirect to Register Students Insert 15-Feb-2004
Education Mentors Help in Schools, Become Students' Friends Insert 15-Feb-2004
Recreation Couple Enjoys Quiet of Outdoor Walks (Parsons) Insert 15-Feb-2004
Music & Musicians Musicians Hope to Hit Big Time Insert 15-Feb-2004
Recreation Things Youths Can Do to Develop Minds and Bodies Insert 15-Feb-2004
Recreation Midlanders Offer Tips on Ways to Improve Walking Experience Insert 15-Feb-2004
Recreation Youth: What is There to Do in the Area? Plenty Insert 15-Feb-2004
Recreation Great Midland Escapes Insert 15-Feb-2004
Recreation From Snowshoeing to Hockey, We Do It All Insert 15-Feb-2004
Law Weird Laws: Midland, State Have a Few Unusual Statutes Insert 15-Feb-2004
Families Children Learn Responsibility Through Their Allowances Insert 15-Feb-2004
Foundations Having an Impact: Foundations Improve Local Quality of Life Insert 15-Feb-2004
Finance Some Ways You Could Invest $5000 Insert 15-Feb-2004
Families Possessions Often Cause of Family Disputes Insert 15-Feb-2004
Finance Help Available to Those Hoping to Buy a Home Insert 15-Feb-2004
Finance Buying Items on Borrowed Time Insert 15-Feb-2004
Finance Start Investing Young, Locals Say Insert 15-Feb-2004
Events Growing Up Beautiful (Young Miss Auburn-Midland Area) B4 15-Feb-2004
Fire-Midland County Fire Destroys Area Home:Loss Estimated at $450,000(Paige) A1 16-Feb-2004
Mt. Haley Township Recall Petitions Filed A1 16-Feb-2004
Crime-Midland Midland Infant's Death Investigated A1 16-Feb-2004
Business-Midland Trio Launches 'Upscale' Trade Center (Midland Trade Center) A3 16-Feb-2004
Midland County Jail Bonds on County Board's Agenda A3 16-Feb-2004
Bullock Creek Schools Elementary Principal, Driver Ed on BC Agenda A3 16-Feb-2004
Midland Center for the Arts Midori Sets Powerful Mood in Saturday's Performance A6 16-Feb-2004
Crime Thieves Break Into Postal Boxes A1 17-Feb-2004
Crime-Midland Police Await Autopsy Results on Infant Boy A1 17-Feb-2004
Environment State Tripling Landfill Regulation Fees A1 17-Feb-2004
Coleman Comm Schools Discussion Dominates Coleman Agenda A3 17-Feb-2004
MCESA Superintendent Search Tops MCESA Agenda A3 17-Feb-2004
Education Believe in Yourself': Speaker Brings Positive Message A3 17-Feb-2004
Awards & Prizes MHS Student in State Pageant A5 17-Feb-2004
Prisons & Prisoners-Midland No Vote A1 18-Feb-2004
Dow Chemical Union Says OK A1 18-Feb-2004
Crime-Midland County Watrous Waives Prelim A1 18-Feb-2004
Health & Safety Stress Free Zone: Massages on the Menu A1 18-Feb-2004
Dow Chemical Dioxin Remediation Plans Focusing in on Midland A1 18-Feb-2004
Military Soldier Comes Home from Iraq, Gets Married A3 18-Feb-2004
Bullock Creek Schools BC Offers Retirement Incentive A3 18-Feb-2004
Clubs & Organizations Coffee Talk: New Home, Same Spirit (Coffee Club) A3 18-Feb-2004
Midland Center for the Arts Center for the Arts Board Changes A5 18-Feb-2004
Biography-Midland Midland Remembers..The Skeltons of Auburn, Part 2 A6 18-Feb-2004
Business Sweet Treat:Local Man Sells Turkish Sweet on Web (Clark) A9 18-Feb-2004
Business Pat's Opens New Store A9 18-Feb-2004
Crime-Midland Midland Man Pleads No Contest to Porn Charges (Urbanawiz) A1 19-Feb-2004
Michigan Residents Have Long Wait for Paper Tax Returns A1 19-Feb-2004
Midland County Pinecrest Needs New Fire System, State Says A1 19-Feb-2004
Events Teasing,Bullying Also Focus of Nonviolence Weeks A3 19-Feb-2004
Events Dessert Party is Tuesday A3 19-Feb-2004
Business-Midland New Look: Abandoned Parcel Home of Car Business A3 19-Feb-2004
Awards & Prizes Two Midland Women Honored by Girl Scouts A3 19-Feb-2004
Delta College More Than 200 See New Delta College Complex A5 19-Feb-2004
Art & Artists Thinker' Wins Artist Guild's Best of Show (Ruggles) A6 19-Feb-2004
Midland Center for the Arts Tom Sawyer' Family Show Feb 29 at MCTFA A7 19-Feb-2004
Midland Public Schools MPS Faces Budget Shortfall A1 20-Feb-2004
Accidents Car, School Bus Collide A1 20-Feb-2004
Events Snow Surgery: Area Students Carve, Sculpt Snow A1 20-Feb-2004
Midland County County Hopes to Build Sanford Lake Spray Park A3 20-Feb-2004
Midland MCV, City at Odds on Appeal A3 20-Feb-2004
Midland Rec Fees Go to Council A3 20-Feb-2004
Events Targeted Message: Jefferson Students Focus on Gun Safety A3 20-Feb-2004
Michigan Michigan Signs Deal with HP for School Laptops A1 21-Feb-2004
Midland Public Schools Hitting the State: Drama Returns to Jefferson Middle School A1 21-Feb-2004
Families Waiting is Tough (Haitian adoptions) A1 21-Feb-2004
Obituaries-Midland Well-Known Store Greeter Remembered (Cora Isenhart) A1 21-Feb-2004
Elections-National Dems, GOP Have Big Turnouts A3 21-Feb-2004
Churches-Midland St John's Youth Helping Teens in County Foster Care A8 21-Feb-2004
Awards & Prizes Midland Morning Rotary Honors Hahn A10 21-Feb-2004
Awards & Prizes Richmond, Sprenger A-Team Winners at Mall A10 21-Feb-2004
Awards & Prizes Nominations Due March 31 for Osborn Award A10 21-Feb-2004
Families Success by 6 Insert 21-Feb-2004
Employment Hitting Home: State Cuts Will Hurt (MichiganWorks) A1 22-Feb-2004
Charities & Benefits Boppin' at the Sock Hop (Midland Academy/Shelterhouse) A1 22-Feb-2004
Crime Man Held with Possible Ties to Church Thefts A1 22-Feb-2004
Events Discussion Follows Iraq War Film A1 22-Feb-2004
Military Conference Helps Families of Guardsmen A3 22-Feb-2004
Midland City Council to Hold Two Public Hearings, Review Fee Hikes A3 22-Feb-2004
Midland County Local Domestic Violence Handbook Promotes Services A3 22-Feb-2004
Midland Public Schools Good Help:For 19 Yrs, Rogers Worked with Dow Players D1 22-Feb-2004
Midland Public Schools Olympic Gold Medalist Teaching Swim Clinic at DHS (Hyman) D3 22-Feb-2004
Business-Midland Some Stay Open 24/7 Insert 22-Feb-2004
Business-Midland Don't Make Mistakes with Your Insurance Insert 22-Feb-2004
Business-Midland Telecommuting: More People Working from Home Insert 22-Feb-2004
Business-Midland Downturn Has Hurt Some Small Businesses Insert 22-Feb-2004
Housing Slow Year for Sales of Lakefront Property Insert 22-Feb-2004
Business-Midland What to Do If You Have a Problem with a Business Insert 22-Feb-2004
Music & Musicians Live Music becoming More Popular in Area Insert 22-Feb-2004
Entertainment Nemo,Pirates Top Movies in Midland Insert 22-Feb-2004
Entertainment Hundreds Attend Matrix: Cinema Films Insert 22-Feb-2004
Entertainment Clubbing: Dancing Has Taken on Many Forms Over the Years Insert 22-Feb-2004
Law Enforcement Drinking Law Change Has Had Impact Insert 22-Feb-2004
Housing When to Remodel? Area Builders Offer Their Thoughts Insert 22-Feb-2004
Health & Safety Rodnick Helping Bring Services to China Insert 22-Feb-2004
Housing Turning in to Home Improvement Insert 22-Feb-2004
Housing First Time Home Buyers Can Take Steps to Reduce Stress Insert 22-Feb-2004
Housing Which to Choose?Condo Living or Apartments Insert 22-Feb-2004
Business-Midland Businesses Attempt to Make Sure Customer Always Right Insert 22-Feb-2004
Housing Midland Has Room to Grow Insert 22-Feb-2004
Housing Larkin, Other Townships Hot Areas Insert 22-Feb-2004
Housing As Midland's Population Ages, People Shifting to Condos Insert 22-Feb-2004
Midland Center for the Arts Spirit of Music: Southwestern Trio to Perform C1 22-Feb-2004
Charities & Benefits Word is Out: Grange Donates Dictionaries to Schools C5 22-Feb-2004
Coleman Comm Schools $300,000 in Red:Coleman District Faces Shortfall A1 23-Feb-2004
Crime Man Expected to Be Arraigned Today for Church Break-Ins A1 23-Feb-2004
Accidents Accident Closes US 10: Slick Roads Send Vehicles to Ditch A1 23-Feb-2004
Crime Mt Pleasant Man Arrested in Postal Thefts A1 23-Feb-2004
Foundations Hazletons' $75,000 Gift Establishes Eagle Village Endowment A2 23-Feb-2004
Michigan Moolenaar, Caul Disagree on Death Penalty Proposal A3 23-Feb-2004
Midland Public Schools Tech Ed, Severance Package on MPS Agenda A3 23-Feb-2004
Michigan Moolenaar Says GOP, Granholm Can Work on Jobs Pkg A3 23-Feb-2004
Accidents Slippery Roads Leave Two Dead in Clare County A1 24-Feb-2004
Crime Mt Pleasant Man Arraigned in Church B&Es A1 24-Feb-2004
Midland Public Schools MPS To Offer Severance Package to Four Employee Groups A1 24-Feb-2004
Dow Chemical DEQ: Dioxin Levels Remain High A1 24-Feb-2004
Midland Council Rezones Land for Soccer Complex A3 24-Feb-2004
Events Fast Ice State-A-Thon This Saturday A3 24-Feb-2004
Business J.E. Johnson to Renovate Mt Pleasant Landmark A8 24-Feb-2004
Business-Midland County Howl-A-Day Remodeled A8 24-Feb-2004
Entertainment Passion of Christ Oopens Today: Area Christians to Attend A1 25-Feb-2004
Events Sweet Treats Help Council (World's Greatest Dessert Party) A1 25-Feb-2004
Business-Midland Walgreens Proposed at Former Bill Knapp's Location A1 25-Feb-2004
Awards & Prizes Two Receive Gerstacker Law Enforcement Awards A3 25-Feb-2004
Accidents-Midland County Woman Injured in Accident (Joan Lorenz) A3 25-Feb-2004
Delta College Delta College Open House Insert 25-Feb-2004
Entertainment Views: 'Passion' Packs a Punch A1 26-Feb-2004
Michigan State Sex Offender Registry Upheld A1 26-Feb-2004
Awards & Prizes Thirteen Students Named National Merit Finalists A3 26-Feb-2004
Events Wild About Food (Christian Celebration Center dinner) A3 26-Feb-2004
Delta College New Campus Look: Delta Hosting Open House Sunday A3 26-Feb-2004
Awards & Prizes Junior Achievement Company Program Awards Presented A6 26-Feb-2004
Awards & Prizes Standfest Gets Civilian Police Commendation Award A6 26-Feb-2004
Sports-Speedskating Midland Sending 11 Skaters to Nationals B1 26-Feb-2004
Entertainment Douglas to Bring Comedy to Beaverton Bowl D2 26-Feb-2004
Midland Center for the Arts On Broadway in Midland: James Comes Home D2 26-Feb-2004
Entertainment Expresso Milano Hosts Artist's Series D2 26-Feb-2004
Events Youth Honors Chroal Members to Perform in Indianapolis D3 26-Feb-2004
Midland County Who's In Control? (County Treasurer, Administrator) A1 27-Feb-2004
Health & Safety Training Conducted (FlightCare) A1 27-Feb-2004
Law Enforcement Area Family Feels Violated by Police Search (Elliott) A1 27-Feb-2004
Midland Public Schools MPS Has Bleak Budget Picture A1 27-Feb-2004
Midland County County Reviews Its Homeland Security Plan A3 27-Feb-2004
Saginaw Chippewa Tribe Tribe's Ties to Lobbyists Investigated A3 27-Feb-2004
Crime Midlander Among Football Players Accused of Assault A3 27-Feb-2004
Biography-Midland Model Hobbyist (Brian Francis-Mid-Mich Model Makers) A3 27-Feb-2004
Midland Center for the Arts Actor James Earl Jones to Talk About Shakespeare A1 28-Feb-2004
Events Book Work: Students Celebrate Seuss Birthday A1 28-Feb-2004
Dow Chemical Dow Files Opposition to Class Action Status in Dioxin Case A1 28-Feb-2004
Dow Chemical 100-Year Flood Plain in Dispute A2 28-Feb-2004
Health & Safety Center for Women's Health to Expand A3 28-Feb-2004
Williams Township Township Begins Planning for Celebration fo 150 Years A3 28-Feb-2004
Entertainment A Certain Vigilance': Area Jews Express Concern (Passion) A3 28-Feb-2004
Michigan Triple Whammy: Drivers Pay Fines, Then…(Assessment) A7 28-Feb-2004
Michigan Local School Officials Meet with Granhold A1 29-Feb-2004
Midland-Civic Arena Fast Money:Skaters Make Laps for New Arena A1 29-Feb-2004
Michigan Michigan Death Penalty History Questions Answered A3 29-Feb-2004
Prisons & Prisoners-Midland Jail to Dominate Board Meeting A3 29-Feb-2004
Events Food for Thought (Wild Game Feed Night-Christian Celebra.) A3 29-Feb-2004
Business Cultural Awareness Committee Outlines Business Plan A5 29-Feb-2004
Grace A. Dow Mem Library Library, Arnold Center Sponsor Contest to Name Coffee Bar C1 29-Feb-2004
Senior Citizens Happy Director, Happy Diners (30th Anniversary) C1 29-Feb-2004
Business-Midland Owning the Business: Wolgast Succeeding.. B1 29-Feb-2004
Business-Midland Record Year for Wolverine: Loans, Deposits at New Highs B1 29-Feb-2004
Basketball-Midland State Champs! Midland Christian Wins First State Title D1 29-Feb-2004