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Biography-Midland County Leap Birthday (John Bornheimer) A1 1-Mar-2004
Midland-Parks & Recreation Early Birds Get the Pavilions A3 1-Mar-2004
Charities & Benefits Ex-Midlander Helps Iraqis Rebuild (McLaren-Salv Army) A3 1-Mar-2004
Midland Center for the Arts James Delights Crowd (Brian d'Arcy James) A6 1-Mar-2004
Environment Oil Spilled into Chippewa River A1 2-Mar-2004
Midland Center for the Arts Motorcycle Exhibit in NY May Journey to Midland-2006 A1 2-Mar-2004
Buildings Demolition Day (Hall of Labor-Saginaw Rd) A1 2-Mar-2004
Dow Chemical Dioxin Plaintiffs Have Not Provided Paperwork A3 2-Mar-2004
Health & Safety Weigh In for Good Health A3 2-Mar-2004
Elections-State Alwood Withdraws From House Campaign A3 2-Mar-2004
Business Expo to Be High-Flying Affair A8 2-Mar-2004
Business-Midland Eastlawn Subway Bigger, New Décor A8 2-Mar-2004
Business-Midland Bolger & Battle Celebrates 10 Years A8 2-Mar-2004
Business-Midland Midlnd Has New State Farm Agent (Scott McGregor) A8 2-Mar-2004
Midland Public Schools Dow High Junior to Dance Lead Role in 'Little Princess' A10 2-Mar-2004
Prisons & Prisoners-Midland Starting Over: Jail Site Selection Process Begins Again A1 3-Mar-2004
Dow Chemical Dow cuts Having a Midland Impact A1 3-Mar-2004
Awards & Prizes Caul Thanked for Nursing Scholarship A2 3-Mar-2004
Crime-Midland County Former Pinecrest Employee Convicted of Assault A3 3-Mar-2004
Edenville Township Edenville Eyes Federal Grant Program for New Fire Truck A3 3-Mar-2004
Charities & Benefits Friends of Cue Maker Plan Benefit Dinner, Tournament A3 3-Mar-2004
History-Midland Taste of History A3 3-Mar-2004
Prisons & Prisoners-Midland County to Seek Input on Jail Site, But Also Closed Sess A2 3-Mar-2004
Events MDA Stride'n'Ride Event Set for March 20 A2 3-Mar-2004
History-Midland County Midland Remembers..Floyd Elementary's 125 Years A6 3-Mar-2004
Homer Township Homer Clerk's Credit Card Use Questioned A1 4-Mar-2004
Midland County Counties Rarely Receive Gay Marriage Requests A1 4-Mar-2004
Crime Residents Falling for Scams More Frequently A1 4-Mar-2004
Midland Center for the Arts Egyptian Artifacts Likely to Come to Midland A3 4-Mar-2004
Central Michigan Univ Dow Corning CEO Featured at CMU Forum for Women A3 4-Mar-2004
Midland Center for the Arts Tommy' Opens Friday at MCFTA A6 4-Mar-2004
Matrix:Midland Matrix: Midland Cinema Announces 3 Screenings A6 4-Mar-2004
Events Gemini in Concert Friday (Riverside Place) A6 4-Mar-2004
Midland Symphony Winning Opens Doors for Young Pianists A7 4-Mar-2004
Awards & Prizes Calvin College Honors Midland's Brondsema D2 4-Mar-2004
Awards & Prizes Midland Christian School Does Well in Spelling Bee D2 4-Mar-2004
Animals Dog Owner Sentenced A1 5-Mar-2004
Obituaries-Midland Antique Festival Promoter Dies (Hugh Smith) A1 5-Mar-2004
Military Army Dad Surprises Son in Class (Johnathon Booth) A1 5-Mar-2004
Matrix:Midland Matrix: Midland Announces Summer Schedule A1 5-Mar-2004
Weather Rain, Melt Create a Mess A1 5-Mar-2004
Awards & Prizes Midland Academy Students Named National Merit Finalists A3 5-Mar-2004
Awards & Prizes Red Cross Honors Local Heroes A3 5-Mar-2004
Midland Public Schools MPS Budget Homework Given at Meeting A3 5-Mar-2004
Wildlife For the Birds: Cardinals Most Seen Locally in Count A3 5-Mar-2004
Emergency Services A Day's Good Work (911 Dispatcher-Angela Sweebe) A5 5-Mar-2004
Grace A. Dow Mem Library Michigan Author Uses Superhero to Tell Sci-Fi Thrillers B1 5-Mar-2004
Homer Township Material Weaknesses' Found A1 6-Mar-2004
Floods & Flood Control River Rising: Tittabawassee Could Reach Flood Stage A1 6-Mar-2004
Crime-Homer Twp Sheriff's Detectives Investigating Clerk's Use of Credit Card A1 6-Mar-2004
Dow Chemical Veurink Promoted: Don Taylor New Site Mgr for Mich Ops A1 6-Mar-2004
Dow Corning Dow Corning Retiree to Compete in Iditarod A3 6-Mar-2004
Business Passion Products: Local Stores Have Merchandise A3 6-Mar-2004
Awards & Prizes Just Common Sense' (Red Cross Heroes - Dawn Nikolai) A7 6-Mar-2004
Floods & Flood Control Under Water: Residents Evacuated as Area Rivers Flood A1 7-Mar-2004
Elections-Local Deadline to File for Election Nearing A1 7-Mar-2004
Beaverton Beaverton Voters Give Approval to New Charter A1 7-Mar-2004
Midland-City Council Historic District on City Council Agenda A3 7-Mar-2004
Grace A. Dow Mem Library Library to Celebrate Battle's 25th Anniversary A3 7-Mar-2004
Grace A. Dow Mem Library Battle Resumes A3 7-Mar-2004
Midland Theatre Guild Tommy' An Arrresting Show Despite Sound Flaws A3 7-Mar-2004
Awards & Prizes I Love Helping People' (Red Cross Heroes - Carol Pearsall) A5 7-Mar-2004
Awards & Prizes Area Women Earn Humor Honor at Trenary Outhouse Race A7 7-Mar-2004
Events Morning Rotary Sets Dinner, Auction A7 7-Mar-2004
Volunteers These (989) Teens Take Pride in Keeping Clean C5 7-Mar-2004
Floods & Flood Control River Recedes A1 8-Mar-2004
Recreation Proposed Trail Would Travel From Tridge to Nature Center A1 8-Mar-2004
Midland Public Schools MPS Has a Full Agenda A3 8-Mar-2004
Mackinac Center Reed Sees 'Sweet Irony' Under Korean DMZ A3 8-Mar-2004
Mackinac Center Reed Wants International Freedom School A3 8-Mar-2004
Meridian Public Schools Classroom Realignment Meridian Topic A3 8-Mar-2004
Awards & Prizes Man Breaks Door Down..(Red Cross Heroes-D. Schroeder) A5 8-Mar-2004
Midland Symphony MSO Delights With Near-Flawless Beethoven A6 8-Mar-2004
Midland-City Council City: 'No' to Sidewalk Snow Rule A1 9-Mar-2004
Midland Public Schools Work to Begin on Dow Pool, Midland Stadium A1 9-Mar-2004
Lee Township Lee Gets Mixed News on Water A1 9-Mar-2004
Midland-Parks & Recreation Residents Will Pay More to Play A1 9-Mar-2004
Floods & Flood Control After the Flood A1 9-Mar-2004
Midland-City Council West Main Historic District Stays-For Now A3 9-Mar-2004
MCESA Career Ed Pact Up for MCESA Vote A3 9-Mar-2004
Midland Public Schools Midland District Offers New Severance Package A3 9-Mar-2004
Accidents-Midland Three Hurt in Crash A3 9-Mar-2004
Midland Center for the Arts Midland Might Be Chinese Art's First Stop A3 9-Mar-2004
Lee Township Lee Township Going on Web A3 9-Mar-2004
Central Michigan Univ State Surgeon General Keynote of CMU Health Prof Bldg A3 9-Mar-2004
Awards & Prizes Life of Service (Red Cross Heroes - Geneva Plakke) A5 9-Mar-2004
Events Red Cross Event Saturday at Mall B6 9-Mar-2004
Charities & Benefits $27,457 Available for Emergency Aid (United Way) B6 9-Mar-2004
Military Veterans, Relatives Get Military Medals B6 9-Mar-2004
Obituaries-Midland Always a Smile' (Keith Abbe) A1 10-Mar-2004
MCESA Tech Ed Agreement Approved for County Schools A1 10-Mar-2004
MCESA Superintendent Interviews Begin Monday A1 10-Mar-2004
Elections-National Greenville Businessman (Huckleberry)..Against Camp A1 10-Mar-2004
Events Shelterhouse Plans Denim Day in County A2 10-Mar-2004
Crime-Midland Landlord Jailed for Trash at Fraternity House A3 10-Mar-2004
Meridian Public Schools Spreading the Word: Input Meets About Meridian Changes A3 10-Mar-2004
Crime-Midland County More Drunk Drivers Caught in 2003 A3 10-Mar-2004
Crime-Midland County BAYANET Seizes $3m Worth of Drugs A3 10-Mar-2004
Awards & Prizes Something Took Hold of Me (Red Cross Heroes-Naugle) A5 10-Mar-2004
Farmer's Market Farmer's Market Changes Could Help Make Midland Cool A1 11-Mar-2004
Crime-Midland Fake Bills Recovered A1 11-Mar-2004
Dow Chemical Agencies to Release Views on Dow's Dioxin Plans A1 11-Mar-2004
Dow Chemical Group Will Be Asked to Produce Literature A1 11-Mar-2004
Dow Chemical State Wants Public's Comments on Plans A2 11-Mar-2004
Dow Chemical MSU Conducting Study of Dioxin, Forums A3 11-Mar-2004
Elections-Local O'Neil Files for Election (Midland County) A3 11-Mar-2004
Delta College Delta Faculty Reappointed, Open House a Success A3 11-Mar-2004
Crime Midlander, Other GVSU Football Players Arraigned A3 11-Mar-2004
Midland-Civic Arena Fast Ice Raises $40,000 A3 11-Mar-2004
Events Flag Designer to Speak at JA Free Enterprise Breakfast A5 11-Mar-2004
Events MS Walk April 24 A5 11-Mar-2004
Business-Midland Roly Poly Doing Well Next to Competitor C8 11-Mar-2004
Midland Center for the Arts Copperfield to Grant Locals' Wishes D1 11-Mar-2004
Midland Center for the Arts Pearls: Gala Reception Saturday:Exhibit Opens Monday D1 11-Mar-2004
Midland Center for the Arts Pearls Exhibit Features Programs on Mollusks… D1 11-Mar-2004
Midland Music Society Charale Goes International in Concert March 14 D2 11-Mar-2004
Accidents Coleman Man Dies in Accident A1 12-Mar-2004
Crime Anderson Pleads Guilty A1 12-Mar-2004
Water-Midland County M-30 Water Per Unit Cost Set at $5900 A1 12-Mar-2004
Recreation Blackjack! Midlander Fcompetes on National TV (Guzior) A1 12-Mar-2004
Midland Public Schools MPS Wraps Up Community Budget Meetings A3 12-Mar-2004
Grace A. Dow Mem Library Book Battle A3 12-Mar-2004
Business-Midland AAUW Book Sale Returns to Mall A3 12-Mar-2004
Crime-Midland County Missing Midland Twp. Girl Found A1 13-Mar-2004
Crime-Midland County Scheifflee Classmate Sentence A1 13-Mar-2004
Crime-Midland County Kid Porn Suspect Sentenced in Oakland County A1 13-Mar-2004
Floods & Flood Control Swept Away: Billings Residents, Firefighters Face Long.. A1 13-Mar-2004
Dow Chemical State Comments on Dow's Proposed Dioxin Study A1 13-Mar-2004
Crime-Midland Landlord Released from Jail After Litter Cleanup Agreement A3 13-Mar-2004
Midland Center for the Arts Pearls' in Pictures and Words A3 13-Mar-2004
Midland Center for the Arts Evening of Grand Illusions Wows Crowd at MCFTA A3 13-Mar-2004
Michigan Rep. Camp Introduces Lighthouse Bill A3 13-Mar-2004
Employment Career Horizons Insert 13-Mar-2004
Fire-Midland County Four Alarms: Twp Fire Fighting an Especially Tricky Task A1 14-Mar-2004
Fire-Midland County Firefighters Troubled by Driveways A1 14-Mar-2004
Charities & Benefits Local Red Cross Chapter Available to Help After Fires A1 14-Mar-2004
Employment Michigan Works Cuts Could Be Less Severe A1 14-Mar-2004
Midland Center for the Arts Co-Curator to Give Lecture About Pearls A3 14-Mar-2004
Grace A. Dow Mem Library 25th Book Battle Celebrated A3 14-Mar-2004
Coleman Comm Schools Coleman Budget to Be Discussed A3 14-Mar-2004
Alcoholism Many Sources Available to Provide Alcohol to Minors A3 14-Mar-2004
Central Michigan Univ Clarke Library Publishes Speeches of State's Governors A3 14-Mar-2004
Senior Citizens Seniro Meal Program Started with Small Group C1 14-Mar-2004
Senior Citizens Grandma Was a Happy Diner C1 14-Mar-2004
Central Michigan Univ Native American Tribal Leaders Featured in CMU Exhibit C3 14-Mar-2004
Events Rabine Helps Students Learn to "Speak" Not "Freak" C5 14-Mar-2004
Hockey Northstars Win State Title, Advance to Nationals D1 14-Mar-2004
MBS Airport MBS searching for Solutions A1 15-Mar-2004
Crime Alma Charged in Threats Against Officials A1 15-Mar-2004
Midland Center for the Arts Pearls' Opens Today at MCFTA A1 15-Mar-2004
Events Taking Their Cue (Eagles Pool Tournament) A1 15-Mar-2004
Midland County Fairgrounds Rascall Flats Coming to Fair A1 15-Mar-2004
Bullock Creek Schools Bullock Creek Has Six Valedictorians in 2004 A2 15-Mar-2004
Bullock Creek Schools Chapin's Job Performance Revied by BC Board A3 15-Mar-2004
Michigan Michigan Constitution Getting More Attention B6 15-Mar-2004
Water-Midland County Townships Approve M-30 Water Project A1 16-Mar-2004
Obituaries-Midland Hundreds Gather to Celebrate, Mourn Keith Abbe A1 16-Mar-2004
Recreation Cards on Table: Midlander Wins First Round $10,000 A1 16-Mar-2004
Elections-Local Prosecutor Files for Fifth Term A1 16-Mar-2004
Bullock Creek Schools Good Review for BC's Chapin A3 16-Mar-2004
Crime-Midland Store Owner Reports Scam A3 16-Mar-2004
MCESA MCESA Interview First of Five Candidates A3 16-Mar-2004
Crime Loomis Boy Sentenced to Probation For Cousin's Death A3 16-Mar-2004
MidMichigan Medical Center Midland Among 70 Hospitals Statewide Working… A6 16-Mar-2004
Crime-Midland County Accounts Frozen: Guardian Suspected of Misusing Money A1 17-Mar-2004
Prisons & Prisoners-Midland Questions Raised About Jail Meeting A1 17-Mar-2004
Dow Corning Dow Corning Wins State DEQ Award A1 17-Mar-2004
Crime Owen Convicted A1 17-Mar-2004
Central Michigan Univ CMU President Wants New Funding Formula A3 17-Mar-2004
Dow Chemical Dow Lays off 22 in West Virginia A3 17-Mar-2004
MCESA MCESA Interviews Two More for Superintendent A3 17-Mar-2004
Obituaries-Midland Hoffman, Former MMI Director, CEO Dead at 81 A3 17-Mar-2004
Midland County Hist Society Excellent Eggs Program This Sunday A5 17-Mar-2004
Biography-Midland Dunford Sings in ACDA Honor Choir A5 17-Mar-2004
History-Midland Midland Remembers..The Little Church in Pleasant Valley A6 17-Mar-2004
Crime-Homer Twp Homer Township Clerk Arraigned on Felony Charge A1 18-Mar-2004
Crime-Midland County Guaridan's Hearing Postponed:Ward Accts Unfrozen A1 18-Mar-2004
Bullock Creek Schools Bullock Creek Cold Cut 14 Teachers, Other Positions A1 18-Mar-2004
Art & Artists Medallions Planned at Entrance (US 10 Overpass) A1 18-Mar-2004
Dow Chemical Some Plaintiffs Dismissed from Dioxin Suit A1 18-Mar-2004
MCESA MCESA Interviews Last Two Candidates A3 18-Mar-2004
Obituaries-Midland Builder Lerner Remembered as a Mentor A3 18-Mar-2004
MidMichigan Medical Center Hospital benefits Add Up A3 18-Mar-2004
Midland County Drain Code, Jail Discussed A3 18-Mar-2004
Events Gun Show Back in Midland (April 3-4) B5 18-Mar-2004
Music & Musicians Lady M and Mr. 6 Strings: Englishman Finds Revived.. D1 18-Mar-2004
Midland Center for the Arts Musical Tribute to Broadway Composers This Weekend D1 18-Mar-2004
Awards & Prizes Midland Students Shine at State BPA Conference D4 18-Mar-2004
Fire-Midland Duford's Burns A1 19-Mar-2004
Crime-Homer Twp No Laws Bar DuFort From Remaining in Clerk's Office A1 19-Mar-2004
Crime-Midland County Former Guardian Arraigned A1 19-Mar-2004
Crime Owen Pleads Guilty to Additional Charges as Part of Deal A1 19-Mar-2004
Michigan Get Ready to Pay More: Catastrophic Claims Cost $127 A1 19-Mar-2004
Bullock Creek Schools Incredible Kids: Students Receive Notes of Supports A1 19-Mar-2004
Events People to People Event March 27 A2 19-Mar-2004
MBS Airport MBS Manager Wants Airport Study, Federal Grant A3 19-Mar-2004
MCESA MCESA Narrows Candidate Field to Two Finalists A3 19-Mar-2004
MCTV What to See: MCTV Finishing Remodeling A3 19-Mar-2004
Crime Gladwin Business Expects No Delays from Vandals A3 19-Mar-2004
Grace A. Dow Mem Library Ideas Percolate for Coffee Bar Name A3 19-Mar-2004
Elections-Local New Democratic Campaign Group Gets 12 Volunteers A3 19-Mar-2004
Michigan Death Penalty Proposal Falls Short in House B1 19-Mar-2004
Television Midlander, FCC Commissioner Discuss Hotel TV Incident B1 19-Mar-2004
Awards & Prizes Midland High Performs Well at State (Forensics) C3 19-Mar-2004
Dow Corning Nevada Women Remove Last Appeal Over DC Implants A1 20-Mar-2004
Mackinac Center Mackinac Center Wins, Teachers Union Loses A1 20-Mar-2004
Dow Chemical Dow, Plaintiffs Researching Property Values A1 20-Mar-2004
Dow Chemical Plaintiffs: Dow's Defense Makes No Sense A3 20-Mar-2004
Churches-Midland UUF Of Midland to Mark Milestone A7 20-Mar-2004
Employment Jobless Rates Hits 8.8% A1 21-Mar-2004
Health & Safety Home Help Changes Will Have Impact on Local People A1 21-Mar-2004
Events Dressing Up: The Rock Dispenses Dresses and Advice A1 21-Mar-2004
Crime Youths Learn Hard Lesson About Guns A1 21-Mar-2004
Coleman Comm Schools Coleman Schools Numbers Looking Bleak for 2004-05 A3 21-Mar-2004
Fish & Fishing Dramatic Fish Kill Not as Bad as It Sounded A3 21-Mar-2004
Fish & Fishing Hatchery Failure was a Rare Occurrence A3 21-Mar-2004
Fish & Fishing Coho Planted When Fish Numbers Dropped in Mid-1960s A3 21-Mar-2004
Charities & Benefits Red Cross Month Being Celebrated: City Approves Procla.. B2 21-Mar-2004
Northwood University Northwood Students Awarded Scholarships B4 21-Mar-2004
Awards & Prizes Local Students Named in 'Who's Who' Amer HS Students C4 21-Mar-2004
Animals Pit Bulls Maul Boy in Midland A1 22-Mar-2004
Military A Year Gone By: Midlanders Remember Fallen Soldiers A1 22-Mar-2004
Dow Chemical Dow Ranked in Fortune 500 A3 22-Mar-2004
Midland-City Council Arena on Council Agenda A3 22-Mar-2004
Crime-Midland County Fritz Sentenced for CSC Crimes A3 22-Mar-2004
Events Gird Scouts to Offer International Food, Auction April 30 A5 22-Mar-2004
Saginaw Valley State Univ Conference at SVSU Aimed at Attracting Minority Teachers A5 22-Mar-2004
Midland Music Society Music Society Celebrates Lerner and Loewe A6 22-Mar-2004
Michigan Granholm to Acto Today to Try to Protect Mich Jobs B6 22-Mar-2004
Midland-Civic Arena Ice Arena Firming Up A1 23-Mar-2004
Midland-Civic Arena Fast Ice Well on Way to Raising $750,000 A1 23-Mar-2004
Elections-Local Sheriff Candidate Jerry Nielsen Explains Priorities A1 23-Mar-2004
Schools Calvary Baptist's Top Students Named A2 23-Mar-2004
MCESA MCESA Begins Second Round of Interviews A3 23-Mar-2004
Events Trash Friends:Performance Group's Play Shows… A3 23-Mar-2004
Health & Safety Diabetes: Prevention Easier Than Treatment A6 23-Mar-2004
Fire-Midland Fire Destroys Vehicle A1 24-Mar-2004
Animals Youth Mauled by Dogs Recovering A1 24-Mar-2004
Elections-Local Downing Announces Re-ellection Bid A1 24-Mar-2004
Business-Midland City, Designers Working on Wal-Mart Gas Station Plan A3 24-Mar-2004
MCESA MCESA Concludes Candidate Interviews A3 24-Mar-2004
Coleman Story Time: Reading Program Gives Coleman Children.. A3 24-Mar-2004
Crime Clarkston Man Sentenced in Child Sexual Assault Cases A5 24-Mar-2004
Michigan Committee Sends Wage Bill to State Senate B5 24-Mar-2004
Delta College Planet Viewing Offered Atop Delta Planetarium B6 24-Mar-2004
Dow Chemical Judge Says No Delay: Borrello Committed to Apr 6 A1 25-Mar-2004
Military 1460th Expected to Return to U.S. Monday A1 25-Mar-2004
Crime-Midland Break-Ins Occur at School, Other Locations A1 25-Mar-2004
Youth & Youth Services Reality Store Coming to Rock Youth Center A3 25-Mar-2004
Grace A. Dow Mem Library Cup and Chaucer (naming of library coffee bar) A3 25-Mar-2004
Midland Mall Easter Buny to Arrive at Mall Saturday A5 25-Mar-2004
Midland Center for the Arts Innovations in Irish Music D1 25-Mar-2004
Midland Music Society Music Society Announces Season of Entertainment D1 25-Mar-2004
Saginaw Valley State Univ Wife, Mother, Track Star (Mandie Gallier) B1 25-Mar-2004
Basketball-Midland St John's Lutheran Headed to National Tournament B1 25-Mar-2004
Awards & Prizes Dow High's Update Wins Gold Crown Award B6 25-Mar-2004
Schools After School Care Program Begins at St Brigid B6 25-Mar-2004
Accidents One Dead in M-20 Crash A1 26-Mar-2004
Military 1460th Faces More Work on Return A1 26-Mar-2004
Midland Cogeneration Ven Tribunal Acknowledges Errors in MCV Ruling A1 26-Mar-2004
Basketball-Midland MacDonald Becomes First Dow Basketball Player to Earn.. A1 26-Mar-2004
Awards & Prizes DAR Good Citizen Winners Named A2 26-Mar-2004
Figure Skating Turning Points A3 26-Mar-2004
Dow Chemical Class Action Date Delayed to June 9 A3 26-Mar-2004
Dow Chemical Dioxin Parties Praise Judge A1 27-Mar-2004
Elections-Local Enos Files for Third Term as Drain Commissioner A1 27-Mar-2004
Central Michigan Univ Dow Corning Exec Gives Students Ideas at Conference A3 27-Mar-2004
Elections-Local Starner Not Seeking Third GOP Term A3 27-Mar-2004
Obituaries Bishop Untenor Dies After Short Battle with Cancer A3 28-Mar-2004
Mt Haley Township Mount Haley Recall Election Set for May 4 A3 28-Mar-2004
Charities & Benefits Messiah Quilt Shop, Hospital a Good Match C4 28-Mar-2004
Obituaries Untener Services Thursday A1 29-Mar-2004
Military 1460th Still Expected to Arrive Today A1 29-Mar-2004
Elections-Local Reder Announces Candidacy A1 29-Mar-2004
Dow Chemical Dow Execs Get Bonuses A1 29-Mar-2004
Elections-Local Former Commissioner Files for Race A3 29-Mar-2004
MCTV Doil a Key Part of MCTV Service to Community A3 29-Mar-2004
Fish & Fishing DNR Elated Over Walleye in Saginaw Bay A3 29-Mar-2004
Northwood University Northwood Students Study Economic Systems Abroad A6 29-Mar-2004
Midland Center for the Arts Irish Bands Treat Appreciative Midland Audience A6 29-Mar-2004
Obituaries Local Parishes Plan Activities for Untener A1 30-Mar-2004
Military Relatives Prepare for 1460th Arrival A1 30-Mar-2004
Midland MCV Ruling Appealed A1 30-Mar-2004
Buildings Athletic Face Life: Remodeling of Area Sports Complexes A1 30-Mar-2004
Crime-Midland Two Charged for Child's Mauling A1 30-Mar-2004
Elections-Local Commissioner Running for Seventh Term (Wilson) A3 30-Mar-2004
Accidents Midland Man Charged in Fatal Indiana Accident (Love) A3 30-Mar-2004
Central Michigan Univ CMU Forms Coalition to Save Money A3 30-Mar-2004
Health & Safety Want to Quit Smoking? Breathe Free Program Might Help A6 30-Mar-2004
Basketball-Midland 2003-04 All-Area Dream Team B1 30-Mar-2004
Basketball-Midland Dow's MacDonald This Year's Coach of the Year B1 30-Mar-2004
Basketball-Midland MacDonald Named Daily News Player of the Year B1 30-Mar-2004
Figure Skating Turning Points Eights at Nationals B3 30-Mar-2004
Obituaries Untener Remembers: Midlanders Gather To Grieve.. A1 31-Mar-2004
Crime Clare Man Sought for Questioning in Death A1 31-Mar-2004
Military 1460th Parade Not Likely A1 31-Mar-2004
Obituaries Funeral Will Be Broadcast, Bushes to Church Available A1 31-Mar-2004
Religion Auburn Pastor to Serve as Temporary Administrator A1 31-Mar-2004
Crime-Midland Midland Man Arraigned for Child Abuse A3 31-Mar-2004
Central Michigan Univ CMU to Host Mich Finals of National Geographic Bee A3 31-Mar-2004
Hunting Stamas to Vote for Mourning Dove Hunting A3 31-Mar-2004
Volleyball-Midland MDN Volleyball Dream Team an Experienced Group B1 31-Mar-2004
Volleyball-Midland Coach of Year Discher Leads Lancers to 35 Wins B1 31-Mar-2004