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Holidays Memorial Day Memories A1 1-Jun-04
Holidays Everyone Loves a Parade A3 1-Jun-04
Matrix:Midland Couple Will Share Wine Experience A3 1-Jun-04
Dow Chemical Dow Announces Expansion of Middle Eastern Efforts A6 1-Jun-04
Awards & Prizes Peacemaker Award Winners Honored B5 1-Jun-04
Dioxin Judge: No More Delays: Dioxin Suit Decision Coming A1 2-Jun-04
Dioxin County Backs 1000 ppt Dioxin Standard A1 2-Jun-04
Employment Local Jobless Rate Falls A1 2-Jun-04
Matrix:Midland Lots of Belly Laughs and Fun (Mochrie and Sherwood) A1 2-Jun-04
Awards & Prizes National Merit Corporate Scholarships Awarded A3 2-Jun-04
Accidents Boy Shot with Arrow A3 2-Jun-04
Accidents Plane Down, Pilot OK A3 2-Jun-04
Accidents Delta Instructor Dies in Boating Accident (Mona White) A3 2-Jun-04
Michigan Levin Rules Out Military Draft A3 2-Jun-04
Northwood University ABC Psychologist Brings Message to Northwood A3 2-Jun-04
History-Midland Midland Remembers: Porches and Stoops Were Indispens.. A6 2-Jun-04
Awards & Prizes MHS Students Win Essay Contest B5 2-Jun-04
Dioxin Officials to Meet Saturday with Granholm A1 3-Jun-04
Michigan Midland Unsuccessful in Bid for 'Cool Cities' Money A1 3-Jun-04
Business-Midland Circling Around an Idea: Group Takes Baby Step A1 3-Jun-04
Transportation Gas Prices Jump Nearly 20 Cents A1 3-Jun-04
Midland Center for the Arts Center Receives $20,000 Grant A2 3-Jun-04
Dioxin City to Back Higher Dioxin Standard A2 3-Jun-04
Students The Write Stuff: Student Writing Winning Essays.. A3 3-Jun-04
Downtown Midland Lomas Named Year's Downtown Businessperson A3 3-Jun-04
Midland County Board Defeats PILT Resolution A3 3-Jun-04
Crime-Midland County Sanford Woman Sentenced for Embezzlement A3 3-Jun-04
Students Presentation Cited as Reason for Disinterest in News A3 3-Jun-04
History-Midland 1907 Flood Called the Greates Flood Ever in Midland C6 3-Jun-04
Business-Midland Shields Bakery Opens Midland Store C8 3-Jun-04
Grace A. Dow Mem Library Music of India Concert June 11 D2 3-Jun-04
Grace A. Dow Mem Library Ex-Midlander Writes About Life on Farm D2 3-Jun-04
Dioxin Granholm Talks: Says Everyone Needs to Slow Down A1 4-Jun-04
Michigan House Panel Votes to Cut DEQ A1 4-Jun-04
Gardening Flower Power A1 4-Jun-04
Dioxin Midland City Council Backs 1000 ppt Dioxin Legislation A1 4-Jun-04
Matrix:Midland Wine Columnists Bring Technique to Matrix Festival A3 4-Jun-04
Midland Public Schools Two Seek seats on MPS Board A3 4-Jun-04
Entertainment Just Mild About Harry Potter A3 4-Jun-04
Schools Summer Starts Early for Students at St Johns A3 4-Jun-04
Midland Center for the Arts Summer Art Fair Takes Place at MCFTA This Weekend A3 4-Jun-04
Northwood University TV, Radio Personality Urges…(Sonya Friedman) B1 4-Jun-04
Events Autism Workshop Slated B6 4-Jun-04
Biography-Midland Midlander Joins Teach for America (Wiliam Owen) B6 4-Jun-04
Michigan Granholm Blasts Lawmakers for Targeting Waste Program A1 5-Jun-04
Crime Long Prison Sentence for Child Porn Perpetrator A1 5-Jun-04
Events In the Pink (Relay for Life A1 5-Jun-04
Dioxin Supreme Court Issues Further Delay of Dioxin Suit A3 5-Jun-04
Bullock Creek Schools Two BC Board Members Run for Re-Election A3 5-Jun-04
Midland County Dog Damage Can Cost Taxpayers A3 5-Jun-04
Events Show Time: Antique Festival Gets Under Way A3 5-Jun-04
MCTV MCTV to Show Students Quizzing Politicians A3 5-Jun-04
Obituaries Mourning in America: Reagan Dies at 93 A1 6-Jun-04
Obituaries Locals React to Reagan's Death A1 6-Jun-04
Midland Center for the Arts Art Show Contines at MCFTA Today A1 6-Jun-04
Matrix:Midland Schickele's Musical Fun Entertains Matrix Audience A3 6-Jun-04
Events A Blue Sky Day in Zilwaukee A3 6-Jun-04
Matrix:Midland Virtual Touch Could Drmatically Alter Medical Training A3 6-Jun-04
Dow Chemical Dow Board Member Danforth Picked for UN Post (Iraq) A6 6-Jun-04
Business-Midland New Restaurant Opens Monday (Priests Boomerang) A8 6-Jun-04
Charities & Benefits Krusty Krab Restaurant Part of Red Cross Benefit C5 6-Jun-04
Obituaries Tributes Crossing Party Lines (Reagan) A1 7-Jun-04
Dioxin Officials, Granholm Talk A1 7-Jun-04
Crime-Midland County Ex-Homer Clerk Pleads Guilty A1 7-Jun-04
Military Graduation Surprise (Mark Kloha) A1 7-Jun-04
Crime-Midland Midland Resident Sentenced in Assault, Sex Cases (Czito) A3 7-Jun-04
Matrix:Midland Matrix Includes Decor Advice A3 7-Jun-04
Business-Midland New Midland Pizza Eatery Opens A5 7-Jun-04
Business-Midland County Coleman Radiator Shop Specializes in Classic Cars A5 7-Jun-04
Dioxin Midland Group Will Not Greet Granholm Today A1 8-Jun-04
Weather Residents Enjoy First Day of Hot Weather A1 8-Jun-04
Weather Wet Spring Has Been Tough on Region's Farmers A1 8-Jun-04
Michigan House Might Reconsider State DEQ Funding Cuts A1 8-Jun-04
Obituaries Lenders Won't Stop Working for Reagan's Funeral A1 8-Jun-04
Michigan Web Site Touts Midland A1 8-Jun-04
Matrix:Midland Matrix Gets A-Maze-Ing A3 8-Jun-04
Matrix:Midland MIT Scientist Describes Complexity of Touch A3 8-Jun-04
Bowling Striking Against Drugs:Bowling Alley Offers Students.. A3 8-Jun-04
Meridian Public Schools Write-In Candidates Make for Competitive Meridian Election A3 8-Jun-04
Crime-Midland County Charges Dropped Against Deputy A1 9-Jun-04
Michigan Granholm Talks Cool Cities on Hot Day A1 9-Jun-04
Downtown Midland Downtown Block Party Delayed A1 9-Jun-04
Obituaries Reagan, a Midland Girl, to Pay Her Respects in Washington A1 9-Jun-04
Biography-Midland Bourne Earns Eagle Rank A1 9-Jun-04
Michigan Residents Greet Governor During Ride on Rail Trail A2 9-Jun-04
Coleman Comm Schools Stremlow Wants to Bring Current & Unbiased View to Bd A3 9-Jun-04
Coleman Comm Schools Kirklin Wants to Make Learning Happen A3 9-Jun-04
Charities & Benefits Benefit Dinner, Raffle to Help Cancer Patient (Mike West) A3 9-Jun-04
Matrix:Midland Talking About More Than Design (Lynette Jennings) A3 9-Jun-04
Dow Chemical Dow Unit, Federal Lab to Collaborate on West Nile Vaccine A5 9-Jun-04
Business-Midland Stepping Stones Celebrates 20 Years A9 9-Jun-04
Gun Control Shooting Down Fear: Gun Club Pistol Class Helps Women A1 10-Jun-04
Dioxin Dioxin Health Risks Ignored? A1 10-Jun-04
Michigan State DEQ Money Restored A1 10-Jun-04
Coleman Comm Schools McCormick Wants to Bring Insider's Perspective to Board A3 10-Jun-04
Coleman Comm Schools Fox's Children Motivated Her to Run A3 10-Jun-04
Delta College Delta Board Approves 4% Salary Increase A3 10-Jun-04
Music & Musicians Instrument Swap: Northest Students Looking for Instruments A3 10-Jun-04
Midland Public Schools School Board Member Honored (Susan LaCross) A5 10-Jun-04
Business-Midland Midlander to Open Home Decorating Business (Lisa Scott) C8 10-Jun-04
Music & Musicians Shields Music Fest Marks Renewal for Midlander D1 10-Jun-04
Peanut Gallery Rap Rap Rapunzel Opens Today D1 10-Jun-04
Art & Artists Saginaw Ceramics Show Features Dow Pottery D1 10-Jun-04
Health & Safety Crows Have West Nile A1 11-Jun-04
Matrix:Midland Ixilum Enchants A1 11-Jun-04
Obituaries Nation Bids Final Farewell to Reagan A1 11-Jun-04
Obituaries Rep. Camp Attends Ceremony (Reagan) A1 11-Jun-04
Coleman Comm Schools Coleman Incumbent Wants MEAP Improvement (Jones) A3 11-Jun-04
Charities & Benefits MDA Surpasses Goal in Annual 'Lock Up' of Midlanders A3 11-Jun-04
Art & Artists Farmers Market Home to Artists' Work A3 11-Jun-04
Northwood University Speakers Set for Northwood's Annual Freedom Seminar A3 11-Jun-04
Clubs & Organizations Legion Post, Auxiliary Install New Officers A5 11-Jun-04
Foundations Dow Corning Foundation Establishes Teacher Innovation.. A5 11-Jun-04
Volunteers Medical Center Volunteers Present Scholarships A5 11-Jun-04
Employment The Interviewer's Bag of Tricks B5 11-Jun-04
Employment Dow Psychologist Designs Job Screening Tools B5 11-Jun-04
Dow Chemical Some Dow Union Workers Have Pay Slashed A1 12-Jun-04
Obituaries A Nation Says Goodbye A1 12-Jun-04
Obituaries Midlander Among First in Rotunda A1 12-Jun-04
Coleman Property Tax Vote Affects Coleman Coffers A3 12-Jun-04
Teachers & Teaching Last Day (Barb Sheill-Parkdale Elementary) A3 12-Jun-04
Events Student of Middle East to Speak Monday A3 12-Jun-04
Health & Safety When the Party's Over: Hosts Have Extra Responsibilities A1 13-Jun-04
Matrix:Midland Glassman to Speak on Economy, Politics A1 13-Jun-04
Environment Exotic Species Called Bigger Threat Than Pollution A1 13-Jun-04
Teachers & Teaching Touching Lives (Bill Grebe-Bullock Creek High School) A3 13-Jun-04
Business-Midland Couple Goes for European Touch, Taste (Pastries By T) A8 13-Jun-04
Environment Couple Compiles Guide to Michigan's Plants, Animals C1 13-Jun-04
Charities & Benefits Thursday Concert to Benefit PFLAG Tri-Cities D1 13-Jun-04
Weather Summer Storm A1 14-Jun-04
Michigan-Courts Schuette Helps Reinstate Petitioning Against Affirm Action A1 14-Jun-04
Midland Public Schools Budget Hearing on MPS Agenda Tonight A3 14-Jun-04
Employment Teens Could Work More Under Bill A3 14-Jun-04
Biography-Midland A Really Big Gift (Norma Jean Julian) A3 14-Jun-04
Events Running, Walking, Trotting (Midland Comm Dow Run Walk) B6 14-Jun-04
Roads Detour Concerns Worry Businesses (Eastman Rd) A1 15-Jun-04
Coleman Coleman Millage Passes: Jones, Fox Elected A1 15-Jun-04
Meridian Public Schools Outcome of Meridian Election to Be Known Later A1 15-Jun-04
Accidents Three People are Dead in Clare County Accident A2 15-Jun-04
Roads Hope Twp Roads Could Get Makeover A3 15-Jun-04
Midland Public Schools New Plan for MPS Cuts A3 15-Jun-04
Midland Public Schools Survivors:Jefferson Students Put Survival Skills to Test.. A3 15-Jun-04
Basketball Piston Frenzy: Fans Celebrate the Crown A1 16-Jun-04
Environmental Protection Wetlands Issue Still Plagues Soccer Club A1 16-Jun-04
Environmental Protection Camp's Clean Car Vehicle Tax Credits Part of Energy Pkg A1 16-Jun-04
Michigan State to Cut Provider Rates by 22% Without Cigarette Tax A1 16-Jun-04
Events Prof Outlines Iraq Needs A3 16-Jun-04
Matrix:Midland Commentator Says Nation's Close Division Doesn't Mean.. A3 16-Jun-04
Barstow Airport New Barstow Terminal Will Include Style Nod to Alden Dow A3 16-Jun-04
Music & Musicians No Bull: Cowboy Band Good for Music, Laughs A3 16-Jun-04
Basketball Pistons Win Title B1 16-Jun-04
History-Midland Midland Remembers:Fathers Provide Examples of Strength B6 16-Jun-04
Midland County-Sheriff Charges Against Officers Dismissed A1 17-Jun-04
Dioxin Helder Leaving Dioxin Case A1 17-Jun-04
Central Mich University Age Old Quest: 90 Year Old CMU Student Refuses to Stop.. A1 17-Jun-04
Northwood University Northwood Appoints Three to New Posts A1 17-Jun-04
Law Enforcement Click It or Ticket Results Released A1 17-Jun-04
Health & Safety Medicaid Cuts Will Hurt Patients in Local Area A2 17-Jun-04
Coleman Comm Schools Coleman Able to Balance Budget with Some Cuts A3 17-Jun-04
Midland County County Keeps Night Meetings A3 17-Jun-04
Dow Chemical Bhopal Activists Claim Dow Summoned A3 17-Jun-04
Matrix:Midland David Clayton-Thomas, BS&T Performs Friday A3 17-Jun-04
Floods & Flood Control Presentations Give Residents Tips On What Goes Into.. A3 17-Jun-04
Peanut Gallery Peanut Gallery Announces Scholarship Winners D1 17-Jun-04
Awards & Prizes 2004 Peacemaker Awards Given to Teens D8 17-Jun-04
Midland County-Sheriff Mistake' Allowed Deputies Access to Files A1 18-Jun-04
Crime-Midland Another Tricycle Stolen A1 18-Jun-04
Michigan-Budget House Nixes Tax Change A1 18-Jun-04
Business Midland-Saginaw Companies Team Up for Big Farm Scene A1 18-Jun-04
Health & Safety Task Force Provides more HIV/AIDS Test Sites A3 18-Jun-04
Michigan-Budget Sentae Rejects Tax Increases on Liquor and Casinos A3 18-Jun-04
Clubs & Organizations Scout Leader Background Checks Go Nationwide A3 18-Jun-04
Roads Residents Driven to Keep Gravel Street (Nurmi Drive) A1 19-Jun-04
Dioxin Dow, DEQ to Meet on Dioxin Issue A1 19-Jun-04
Matrix:Midland Blood Sweat & Tears Still Soulful A3 19-Jun-04
Law Enforcement Incarceration Education A3 19-Jun-04
Business Several New Team Members Named at Midland's BayValley A5 19-Jun-04
Biography-Midland Cadillac Woman (Clara Hancock) A1 20-Jun-04
Biography-Midland Journey to Fatherhood:Former Midlander Adopts (Demers) A3 20-Jun-04
Churches Following in Father's Footsteps (Dickersons-Calvary Baptist) C1 20-Jun-04
Churches Preacher's Kid' Label Never Really Goes Away C1 20-Jun-04
Churches James Cech Knows Both Sides of Life C1 20-Jun-04
Volunteers This Couple Friends to CPS (Gay and Rollin Graves) C5 20-Jun-04
Gardening Backyard: Saide's Yard Lush with Sun, Shade Plantings C6 20-Jun-04
Business-Midland Under New Management: Case Up and Running D1 20-Jun-04
Events City Recognizes Amateur Radio Week D2 20-Jun-04
Midland Mall Roses Will Be Displayed, Judged at Midland Mall D2 20-Jun-04
Northwood University Northwood Awards Scholarships to Local Students D2 20-Jun-04
Awards & Prizes Bromleys Get Rotary Fellowships D3 20-Jun-04
Awards & Prizes Eastlawn Gives Keel, Soaring Eagle Awards D3 20-Jun-04
Biography Saginaw Native Designed 50-Star Flag D4 20-Jun-04
Midland Spectrum: The Answer Book Insert 20-Jun-04
Fire Fire Destroys Meeting Place of Hate Group (Marquiss Furn) A1 21-Jun-04
Midland How Can Midland Be a Cooler City? A1 21-Jun-04
Biography Miss Michigan from Auburn (Kelli Talicska) A1 21-Jun-04
Edenville Town Reunion: Edenville School Graduates Reunite A3 21-Jun-04
Matrix:Midland Vocalist's Performance Closes Matrix Festival (Buble) A3 21-Jun-04
Dioxin Citizens Talk Dioxin with Granholm A1 22-Jun-04
Midland Dow Tax Appeal on Fast Track A1 22-Jun-04
Dow Corning Dow Corning Forecast Upbeat A1 22-Jun-04
Prisons & Prisoners-Midland Jail Repairs Could Exceed $25,000 A1 22-Jun-04
Biography-Midland Family Found: Long Search Results in Reunion of 5 Siblings A3 22-Jun-04
Dow Chemical Dow Part of Federal Price-Fix Probe A1 23-Jun-04
Michigan Lawmakers Oppose Cigarette Tax Height A1 23-Jun-04
Michigan Stamas: Let Restaurants Decide on Smoking A1 23-Jun-04
Dow Corning MMI, Dow Corning Could Get Military Defense Money A2 23-Jun-04
Business-Midland Dollar Daze Move Opposed by Residents A3 23-Jun-04
MBS Airport MBS Hire Assistant Manager A3 23-Jun-04
Saginaw Valley State Univ Not All SVSU Students Convinced by Plan to Change Look A3 23-Jun-04
Business-Midland New Best Buy Store Expected to Open in Fall A9 23-Jun-04
Dioxin Citizens Want to Be Heard A1 24-Jun-04
Dow Chemical DuPont Taking Lead, Expense in Probe Involving Dow A1 24-Jun-04
Dow Chemical Indian Government to Send No-Objection Notice A1 24-Jun-04
Michigan County Lawmakers Lose on Cigarette Tax Increase A1 24-Jun-04
Midland County-Sheriff Ex-Deputy Discusses Case A1 24-Jun-04
Water M-30 Water Work Begins A1 24-Jun-04
Health & Safety Druggists Not Sold on Requiring Doctors to Write Legibly A3 24-Jun-04
Politics Vice President to Visit Saginaw A3 24-Jun-04
Entertainment Controversial Moore Film Will Be Shown at Midland Cinemas A3 24-Jun-04
Environmental Protection Ducks Unlimited Re-Elects Tomke President B5 24-Jun-04
Dow Corning Dow Corning Midland Awards Scholarships B8 24-Jun-04
Art & Artists Teachers' Work Displayed in Library Mezzanine D1 24-Jun-04
Politics Cheney Visit Rapped A1 25-Jun-04
Dow Corning Dow Corning, MMI Might Work on Defense Projects A1 25-Jun-04
Crime Banks, Police on Alert After Robberies A1 25-Jun-04
Michigan It's Official-Cigarette Tax to Jump 75 Cents on July 1 A1 25-Jun-04
Matrix:Midland Audience Swept Along by Vocalist's Performance A3 25-Jun-04
Michigan Stamas' Park Bill Approved A3 25-Jun-04
Crime Camp Votes to Increase Penalties for Identity Theft A3 25-Jun-04
Michigan Drivers Now Required to Move Over for Tow Trucks A3 25-Jun-04
Events 100 Years Away: Log Cabin Day is Sunday C1 25-Jun-04
Art & Artists Familiar Faces Found on Walls A1 26-Jun-04
Art & Artists Museum Will Feature Visions of Childhood A1 26-Jun-04
Health & Safety Smokers Stocking Up on Cartons of Cigarettes A1 26-Jun-04
Politics Pro-Growth, Pro-Jobs: Cheney Brings Upbeat Message A3 26-Jun-04
Politics Camp Could Be Facing His Biggest Challenge This Year A3 26-Jun-04
Churches Celebration Planned for Church's 105th Anniversary (St Paul) A9 26-Jun-04
Economy Milk Prices Rise A1 27-Jun-04
Dow Chemical Danforth Leaves Dow Board: Appointed US Rep to UN A1 27-Jun-04
Midland Area Chamber Search Committee to Interview Seven for Chamber Post A1 27-Jun-04
Michigan Michigan Supreme Ct Allows Goschka to Run for Registrar A2 27-Jun-04
Business-Midland Midland Will Get Blockbuster Store A3 27-Jun-04
Midland Retiring: Longtime Fiscal Services Director Leaving City Job A3 27-Jun-04
Central Mich University CMU Suspends Admission to Three Health Programs A3 27-Jun-04
Dow Corning Dow Corning Has Role in Three Defense Projects A3 27-Jun-04
Business-Midland Ice Cream Trends and Friends C1 27-Jun-04
Volunteers Couple's Dogs Can Make People's Day C5 27-Jun-04
Midland Mall Mall Plans Food Court Family Fun Nights E3 27-Jun-04
Midland Public Schools Cook School Students Raise Money for Costa Rica E3 27-Jun-04
Politics Learning Leadership: Seminar Introduces Local Teens to Pol F1 27-Jun-04
Clubs & Organizations Ham'n' It Up: Midland Amateur Radio Club Makes Contact A1 28-Jun-04
Schools School Districts Focused on Budget Proposals A3 28-Jun-04
Environmental Protection Grop Helps Reclaim a Portion of Gladwin River A3 28-Jun-04
Midland Public Schools No Shortage of Paper Clips at Midland High A3 28-Jun-04
Military 1460th Soldier Talks About War A1 29-Jun-04
Midland Public Schools Two MPS Budgets Approved A1 29-Jun-04
Midland Public Schools Dolinski Off MPS Board, Announces Legacy Center A1 29-Jun-04
Central Mich University CMU Ranked ini Consumers Digest's Top 50 A3 29-Jun-04
Midland Public Schools Midland Schools Extends Hughes' Contract A3 29-Jun-04
Accidents Motorcycle Wrecks Keep Police Busy A3 29-Jun-04
Employment Granholm Vetoes Stamas' Bill on Teens' Work Week A3 29-Jun-04
Bullock Creek Schools BC Superintendent Up for East Lansing Job A3 29-Jun-04
Business-Midland City Approves New Dollar Daze Site A5 29-Jun-04
Sports Diamond Dominance:Freeland's Delaney Heads List of 14 B1 29-Jun-04
Crime Drug Sweep Nets 27 Arrests A1 30-Jun-04
Business-Midland Filling a Legacy: Twin Dentists Purchase Practice A1 30-Jun-04
Dow Chemical Judge Stays On A1 30-Jun-04
Dioxin Community Divided Over Dioxin Redolution Proposal A3 30-Jun-04
Crime-Midland Conviction of Man Who Urinated on Pretzels A3 30-Jun-04
Homer Township Candidates Meet, Answer Homer Twp Residents A3 30-Jun-04
Schools Making an Impact: Summer Session Acquaints Students A3 30-Jun-04
Baseball Dream Team: Creek's Schwedler Heads 2004 All-Area Team B1 30-Jun-04