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Meridian Public Schools Longer Days in Store for Meridian Students A3 1-Jul-2004
Bullock Creek Schools Creek Expects to Dip into Rainy Day Fund to Balance Budget A3 1-Jul-2004
Schools Students Were Principals for a Day A8 1-Jul-2004
Clubs & Organizations Rotary Announces New Officers A8 1-Jul-2004
Clubs & Organizations Chatland Elected to State Organization A8 1-Jul-2004
Music & Musicians FFH, NewSong in Concert at Fairgrounds D1 1-Jul-2004
Midland Symphony Banjo Player Joins MSO for Free 4th of July Concert D1 1-Jul-2004
Schools ETC Students Paint Mural D6 1-Jul-2004
Schools Davenport Executive Receives State Award D6 1-Jul-2004
Business-Midland Mural Will Ease Wait for Coffee Lovers (Expresso Coffee) A1 2-Jul-2004
Floods & Flood Control Gladwiin Residents Get 'Good' Flood News A1 2-Jul-2004
Employment Grant to Help with Jobs A1 2-Jul-2004
Saginaw Valley State Univ Cultural Immersion:Fellowship Program Gives SVSU… A3 2-Jul-2004
Holidays Maze of Holiday Hours A3 2-Jul-2004
Crime-Midland Unlocked Vehicles Targeted by Thieves A3 2-Jul-2004
Midland City's Request for More Time in Dow Appeal Rejected A3 2-Jul-2004
Midland Nominate Beautiful Landscapes: Midland Beautification Comm C1 2-Jul-2004
Softball USA! USA! Olympic Softball Team Plays Here Sunday D1 2-Jul-2004
Softball A Great Opportunity: Lady Explorers to Take on Olympians D1 2-Jul-2004
Crime Suspects Sought in Clare County Robberies A1 3-Jul-2004
Elections-Local Davis Challenging Incumbent Haines for Register of Deeds A1 3-Jul-2004
Art & Artists Soldier Latest of Family's Wooden Decorations A1 3-Jul-2004
Midland Testing Shows City Water Supply Still Very Safe A3 3-Jul-2004
Employment Job Shadow: Midlander Gets to Follow Sentator Around A3 3-Jul-2004
Veterans It Was to Your Advantage to Enlist' (Frank Bush) A3 3-Jul-2004
Awards & Prizes Doan Receives Award for Venture Capital Work A7 3-Jul-2004
Business-Midland Last Call: Decker Selling Bar After 32 Years A1 4-Jul-2004
Accidents Isabella Child Dies from Injuries in Farm Accident A1 4-Jul-2004
Grace A. Dow Mem Library Library to Build Teen Room A3 4-Jul-2004
Veterans Parades Too Emotional for Korea Veteran A3 4-Jul-2004
Business-Midland County Businesses Flock to New Sanford Plaza B1 4-Jul-2004
Sports A Day of Rest? (playing sports on Sundays) D1 4-Jul-2004
Midland County-Probate Ct Conflict Claimed for Guardian A1 5-Jul-2004
Tennis Sharapova's Win Shines Spotlight on Corning Classic A1 5-Jul-2004
Northwood University Alden B. Dow Fellows Get Creative in Northwood Program A3 5-Jul-2004
Holidays Festive Fourth: Midland Senior Sees Firewarks Anew A3 5-Jul-2004
Softball A Grand Slam: 5185 Spectoators Watch Olympic Team B1 5-Jul-2004
Elections-State Vote Likely on Marriage Amendment A1 6-Jul-2004
Health & Safety Special Delivery: Postal Workers Help Out During Coworker.. A1 6-Jul-2004
Elections-Local Democrat Wants to Bring Energy to Drain Comm Job A1 6-Jul-2004
Clubs & Organizations Commander Coomer: Legion's New District Leader.. A3 6-Jul-2004
Midland County Fairgrounds Lizard Fiar Tickets on Sale Tomorrow A1 7-Jul-2004
Events Ghosts' Learn, Perform (Tittabawassee Fife & Drum Corps) A1 7-Jul-2004
Midland Public Schools Millage Renewals Called Essential for MPS A3 7-Jul-2004
Law Enforcement Compliance Checks Give Positive News A3 7-Jul-2004
Midland County Change in Property Tax Payments Possible A3 7-Jul-2004
Accidents Man Trapped by Arm After Accident A3 7-Jul-2004
Events Cornfest Promises Bigger, Better Attractions A3 7-Jul-2004
History-Midland Midland Remembers: Sisters: Story of Mary & Goldie Gyory A6 7-Jul-2004
Awards & Prizes Teens Receive Scholarships for Programs (AICHE) B12 7-Jul-2004
Dioxin Dioxin Misperceptions A1 8-Jul-2004
Dioxin Facility' Label Out of DEQ's Hands A1 8-Jul-2004
Homer Township Homer Townshp Goes Through Books with Eyes for Issues A1 8-Jul-2004
Bicycles & Bicycle Trails Midland Criterium Continues Under New Promoter A1 8-Jul-2004
Elections-State Bush Meets with Michigan Judicial Nominees A3 8-Jul-2004
Business-Midland Coffee Talk (Coffee Chaos) A3 8-Jul-2004
Midland County Business, Accusations and Anger-and County Bd Meets A3 8-Jul-2004
Hope Township Volunteer Committee Assesses Hope Roads A3 8-Jul-2004
Midland Theatre Guild Theatre Guild Announces Season B2 8-Jul-2004
Midland Music Society Music Society Honors Actors, Volunteers B2 8-Jul-2004
Sports Meet the Champ: Local Baseballs Players Meet Ali D1 8-Jul-2004
Dioxin Dow Study: Game Meat Safe to Eat A1 9-Jul-2004
Grace A. Dow Mem Library Very Hungry Readers A1 9-Jul-2004
Employment Michigan Works Seeks Grant to Help Health Care Industry A1 9-Jul-2004
Military Former Soldiers in State Could Be Recalled A1 9-Jul-2004
Fish & Fishing Donations Sought for Sanford Fishing Platform A3 9-Jul-2004
Accidents Car Hits House, Driver Injured A3 9-Jul-2004
Central Mich University CMU Waiting on State Before Setting Tuition, Budget A3 9-Jul-2004
Schools Regional School Tax Increase is Up to Midland A3 9-Jul-2004
Business-Midland Company Sells Air Purifying Equipment (Air Ions) A7 9-Jul-2004
Crime Mt Pleasant Man Arrrested on Internet Pornography Charge A1 10-Jul-2004
MCESA A Man's Home is His Travel Trailer: New Superintendant.. A1 10-Jul-2004
Elections-National Camp's Campaign Breaks Cash-On-Hand Record A3 10-Jul-2004
Hunting Deer Blinds Damaged A3 10-Jul-2004
Clubs & Organizations Plato' Helping People to Read (Literacy Council) A3 10-Jul-2004
Military Young People Still Eager to Join Military A1 11-Jul-2004
Military Excitement, Travel Still Pull in Recruits A1 11-Jul-2004
Accidents Bay Deputies Confirm State Sen. Barcia's Brother Killed A3 11-Jul-2004
Events U.S. Air Force Band Concern Monday A3 11-Jul-2004
Chippewa Nature Center Butterfly Bonanza A3 11-Jul-2004
Volunteers Volunteers a Big Help at Operation Fun C5 11-Jul-2004
Events Midlanders Open Up Gardens for July 21 Tour C6 11-Jul-2004
Environmental Protection Soccer Club to Seek Wetlands Permit A1 12-Jul-2004
Business Bottled Water Plant Sought: Bay County Site.. A1 12-Jul-2004
Elections-State Poll: Not to Gay Marriage: Lukewarm to Unions A1 12-Jul-2004
Midland Public Schools Buell Leads Midland Board A1 13-Jul-2004
Midland Historic District to Be Decided A1 13-Jul-2004
Biography-Midland Mystery Machine (Ben Prentiss) A1 13-Jul-2004
Meridian Public Schools Meridian Workcamp Work Begins A1 13-Jul-2004
Bullock Creek Schools Chapin Resigns from BC A1 13-Jul-2004
Environmental Protection River of Controversy: Chappel Dam is Center of Debate A3 13-Jul-2004
Sports Ironman: Midland Native, Wife Complete Grueling Event B1 13-Jul-2004
Health & Safety Three Deaths Reported in City: Huffing, Drugs Involved A1 14-Jul-2004
Midland County Guardianship Issue Resulting in Costs to County A1 14-Jul-2004
Saginaw Valley State Univ SVSU Eyes Tuition Hike or Refund A1 14-Jul-2004
Business-Midland City Reviews Plan for 8 New Stores A1 14-Jul-2004
Dioxin Tittabawawwee Dioxin Resolution is Middle-of-the-Road A3 14-Jul-2004
Delta College Delta Millage Likely at November Election A3 14-Jul-2004
MCESA Bids Awarded for M.C.Net Fiber-Optic Project A3 14-Jul-2004
Delta College Delta to Reward Faculty for Announcing Early Resignations A3 14-Jul-2004
Students DHS Graduate Earns Hope College Merit Scholarship A3 14-Jul-2004
Animals A Little Dog Like You A6 14-Jul-2004
Midland Center for the Arts Pearl Exhibit at MCFTA is Closing Sunday A6 14-Jul-2004
Business-Midland Dental Center Celebrates 25 Years A9 14-Jul-2004
Charities & Benefits 3m Scientific Anglers Donates to Eagle Village B7 14-Jul-2004
Weather Outage Ties Up Northwest Flights A1 15-Jul-2004
Crime Assault Investigation Turns to Homicide A1 15-Jul-2004
Events Ready for Riverdays Reenactments A1 15-Jul-2004
Crime-Midland County Former Guardian to Appear Monday A1 15-Jul-2004
Meridian Public Schools Meridian Contracts Approved A3 15-Jul-2004
Coleman Comm Schools Coleman Elects Board Officers, Approves Special Bond A3 15-Jul-2004
Events Christmas in July will Support Crisis Pregnancies A3 15-Jul-2004
Biography Food Stand in Memory of Mom (Ramon Torres) A3 15-Jul-2004
Events McFarland Crowned New Queen at Cornfest A3 15-Jul-2004
Environmental Protection Moolenaar Votes No on Bill Shifting $50 Mil to Other Cleanup A7 15-Jul-2004
Music & Musicians Summer Music Festivals: They're Out There D1 15-Jul-2004
Saginaw Valley State Univ SVSU to Host Professional Writers Workshop Next Week D1 15-Jul-2004
Biography-Auburn Fit for Auburn's Queen: Miss Michigan Comes Home A1 16-Jul-2004
Events RockFest '04 Set for Saturday A1 16-Jul-2004
Health & Safety Possible Drug Overdose Victim Dies A1 16-Jul-2004
Midland County Signs of Trouble in County Treasurer's Race A1 16-Jul-2004
Mid-Mich Comm College Mid-Mich Community College to Request Millage A2 16-Jul-2004
Gardening Midland Blooms Planters Want Readers' Thoughts A3 16-Jul-2004
Biography-Midland What is a Connection? (Deborah Temperly - Jeopardy) A3 16-Jul-2004
Elections-National Camp Second in Campaign Funding A3 16-Jul-2004
Business-Midland Midlander Buys, Sells Vinyl Records A7 16-Jul-2004
Homer Township Former Homer Clerk Jailed A1 17-Jul-2004
Law Enforcement Gladwin Cops Face Discipline A1 17-Jul-2004
Business-Midland A Brand Apart: Souvenir Makers Do Brisk Business A1 17-Jul-2004
Central Mich University Police Quiz CMU Football Players About Beating Death A3 17-Jul-2004
Students Inventive Minds: Summer Campers Get to Show What They.. A3 17-Jul-2004
Crime Arson Charges Issued Against Man Who Help Fight Fires A3 17-Jul-2004
Dioxin Contamination Question: Dioxin Debate No Closer.. A1 18-Jul-2004
Crime-Midland County Woman Who Embezzled from Patient Sentenced to Probat.. A1 18-Jul-2004
Religion Sunday Becomes Just Another Day as American Culture.. A1 18-Jul-2004
Art & Artists Very Chairy: Artists Ready for 'Adirondack Antics' A3 18-Jul-2004
Hockey New Hockey Program Targets Girls B3 18-Jul-2004
Bowling Nowak Named MWBA Bowler of the Year B3 18-Jul-2004
Clubs & Organizations Celebrating 50 Years: Big Brothers, Big Sisters of Midland Insert 18-Jul-2004
Events Fall/Winter Bridal Spectacular-Midland Mall Insert 18-Jul-2004
Economy Recovery Slow Locally: Workers Still Discouraged A1 19-Jul-2004
Economy Through the Roof: Building Materials Cause House Prices.. A1 19-Jul-2004
Gardening Readers Positive About Flower Change A3 19-Jul-2004
Delta College Director Aims to Make Disability Services More Visible A3 19-Jul-2004
Business-Midland Former Dow Corning Staffers Building New Company A3 19-Jul-2004
Events ZZ Top Guitarist Marries Couple in Midland A6 19-Jul-2004
Dow Chemical Bhopal Payout Ordered A1 20-Jul-2004
Meridian Public Schools Meridian Millage Renewal to Face Voters Next Year A1 20-Jul-2004
Crime Police Release Sketch of Suspect (bank robberies) A1 20-Jul-2004
Elections Candidate Forums Set for Tonight A1 20-Jul-2004
Elections Hundred Request Absentee Ballots A1 20-Jul-2004
Midland New Attendance Standard Set for Commission Members A3 20-Jul-2004
Alcoholism Stores Saluted for Alcohol Compliance A3 20-Jul-2004
Crime Guardian Waives Prelim Hearing A3 20-Jul-2004
Warren Township Repainting of Warren Chapel Approved A3 20-Jul-2004
Midland County-Courthouse County Mulls How to Deal with Courthouse A1 21-Jul-2004
Elections-Local About the Aug. 3 Election A1 21-Jul-2004
Elections-Local 97 Attend Campaign Forum A1 21-Jul-2004
Elections-Local Donker Seeks Four More Years A1 21-Jul-2004
Elections-Local Carpenter Eyes Changes for Office A1 21-Jul-2004
Dow Chemical Dow Tems Up with Petrochemical Company in Oman A1 21-Jul-2004
Business-Midland CFC Earnings Rise 1.4 Percent A1 21-Jul-2004
Midland Mall Clothes for Kids campaign Kicks Off at Mall A1 21-Jul-2004
Midland-Planning Comm Planning Commission to Discuss Zoning Changes A1 21-Jul-2004
History-Midland Midland Remembers..The Jean Parlett Story, Part I B2 21-Jul-2004
Midland County Treasurer Expenses Discussed A1 22-Jul-2004
Crime Arrest Made in Area Bank Robbery A1 22-Jul-2004
Lee Township Work to Ease Flooding on Meridian Road Planned A1 22-Jul-2004
Elections-State Chiodo Declining Gifts, Wouldn't Keep Pay Raise A1 22-Jul-2004
Elections-State Caul's Primary Campaign Fund Raising is on Target A1 22-Jul-2004
Midland County Millage Renewals Await Voters A3 22-Jul-2004
Davenport University New Look, Public Access for Davenport Library A3 22-Jul-2004
Midland County Fairgrounds State Delays Money for Fair Racing A3 22-Jul-2004
Business-Midland Three Midland Groups Nearly Assured of DOD Money A3 22-Jul-2004
Events Comedy at Northern: Sanford Club to Bring Comedians B1 22-Jul-2004
Crime Only a Matter of Time: Donker Says Embezzlement Would.. A1 23-Jul-2004
Crime Mt Pleasant Bank Robbed Thursday Morning A1 23-Jul-2004
Michigan Senate Unlikely to Agree with House on Marriage Bill A1 23-Jul-2004
Delta College One Candidate Seeking Midland Seat on Delta Board A3 23-Jul-2004
Charities & Benefits Weekend Air Shows To Help Charities A3 23-Jul-2004
Charities & Benefits Hidden Harvest Receives $500,000 A3 23-Jul-2004
Elections-Local O'Neil Seeks Another Term on County Board A3 23-Jul-2004
Elections-Local Neuenfeldt Challenging Incumbent in Primary A3 23-Jul-2004
Business-Midland Defense Bill with Money for Midland Companies Goes to Bush A3 23-Jul-2004
Crime-Midland Murder Charge Issued: Schnell Charged (Maureen King) A1 24-Jul-2004
Elections-Local Signs of the Times: Accusations Fly of Sign Theft.. A1 24-Jul-2004
Events Cool Cars: Hot Music (Auburn Rock 'n' Wheels) A1 24-Jul-2004
Health & Safety Living with the Unknown: Sanford Man Stays Optimistic A3 24-Jul-2004
Dow Chemical Dow Investing in Employee Training A3 24-Jul-2004
Elections-Local Competition Heated for County Offices A1 25-Jul-2004
Midland Incentive Programs for City Workers Eliminated A3 25-Jul-2004
Charities & Benefits Brothers and Sisters Celebrate at Event A3 25-Jul-2004
Business-Midland A Salute to Midland Area Business 2004 Insert 25-Jul-2004
Business-Midland Cheers-ful' Chart Hits Has Family Feel Insert 25-Jul-2004
Business-Midland A New Dawn Rises on Midland Tomorrow Insert 25-Jul-2004
Business-Midland Members First Credit Union Helps Members Manage Money Insert 25-Jul-2004
Business-Midland Boost Odds of Gastronomical Success at GFS Marketplace Insert 25-Jul-2004
Business-Midland Heartland is in the Home Insert 25-Jul-2004
Business-Midland Waznys Put the Fun into the Paper Place Insert 25-Jul-2004
Business-Midland Custom Maids Help People Feel Good About Cleaning House Insert 25-Jul-2004
Business-Midland Pearl Store Brought Home Insert 25-Jul-2004
Midland Area Chamber Chamber Wants to Help Businesses See Opportunity Insert 25-Jul-2004
Business-Midland Antique Festival is 36 Years Old Insert 25-Jul-2004
Business-Midland Chemical Bank True to Its Roots Insert 25-Jul-2004
Business-Midland Ashman Court Marriott Gets a New Fresh Look Insert 25-Jul-2004
Creative Spirit Center Creative Spirit Center Moves to a Spacious New Home Insert 25-Jul-2004
Families Reluctant Savior (Gerri Reado) C1 25-Jul-2004
Volunteers Cain Richly Rewarded by Participation in Jaycees C4 25-Jul-2004
Business-Midland Location, Location: Midland Seen by Chains, Franchises.. F1 25-Jul-2004
Northwood University Northwood Holds Line on Tuition A1 26-Jul-2004
Biography-Midland County 50 Years with AAA (Robert Vincent) A1 26-Jul-2004
Politics Midlander Moved by Visit to Douglass Residence A1 26-Jul-2004
Health & Safety Government Has Plan to Modernize Medical Records A3 26-Jul-2004
Meridian Public Schools Meridian School Board to Set Goals A3 26-Jul-2004
MBS Airport MBS Looks to Rebuild Business A1 27-Jul-2004
Obituaries-Midland Casey Recalled as Gracious Woman of Peace A1 27-Jul-2004
Water 1700 Landowners Affected by Carroll Creek Projects A1 27-Jul-2004
Elections-National Cherry, Ferguson See Greater Democratic Enthusiasm A1 27-Jul-2004
Elections-National Midlander Calls Carter's Convention Speech 'Amazing' A1 27-Jul-2004
Bicycles & Bicycle Trails International Group of Cyclists Reaches Midland A3 27-Jul-2004
Meridian Public Schools Meridian Board Sets Goals for Next Year A3 27-Jul-2004
Dow Corning DC Release Visible, Not Harmful, Official Says A3 27-Jul-2004
Homer Township Resident Involvement Lengthening Homer Meetings A3 27-Jul-2004
Crime-Midland Thieves Make Off with $25,000 Worth of Auto Parts A3 27-Jul-2004
Crime Clare Man Killed After Being Shot by Trooper A1 28-Jul-2004
Midland County Fund Flap: Questions Raised About Treasurer's Office Fund A1 28-Jul-2004
Midland County Fairgrounds A Rolls Royce A1 28-Jul-2004
Elections-National Job for Blanchard: Teaching About Kerry A1 28-Jul-2004
Elections-National Granholm to Address Convention A1 28-Jul-2004
Students Appeals Court Says Prep Schedules Unfair to Girls A1 28-Jul-2004
Midland County Mural Moved to Its Permanent Home A2 28-Jul-2004
Clubs & Organizations MEA Uniserv Director Preparing for Retirement A3 28-Jul-2004
Coleman Coleman Senior Housing Director Honored A3 28-Jul-2004
Midland-Planning Comm Planners Examining New Rules for Parking Lots A3 28-Jul-2004
Homer Township New Playgrounds, New Web Page Point to New Era in Homer A3 28-Jul-2004
Animals Readers Write About Pets A5 28-Jul-2004
Dow Chemical Global Comeback: Dow Earnings Up A1 29-Jul-2004
Dow Chemical Dow Files Papers in High Court A1 29-Jul-2004
Dioxin Dow Files Papers in High Court A1 29-Jul-2004
Elections-National Excitement Wall to Wall' (Democratic National Convention) A1 29-Jul-2004
Elections-National Granholm Stresses Jobs A1 29-Jul-2004
Obituaries-Midland Hotchkiss, OmniTech Founder and MMI VP Dies A3 29-Jul-2004
Dow Chemical Highlights of Dow Second Quarter 2004 A2 29-Jul-2004
Accidents Two Injured in U.S. 10 Accident A3 29-Jul-2004
Charities & Benefits Midland Man Walking for Cancer Cure A3 29-Jul-2004
Crime Fourth Suspect Sought for Role in Saginaw Robbery A3 29-Jul-2004
Biography-Midland Beat of a Different Style:Midland High Teen Bucks Stereotype B1 29-Jul-2004
Authors Local Man Writes Second Father-Son Book (Molitor) B2 29-Jul-2004
Charities & Benefits Many Participated in Magic Ride B4 29-Jul-2004
Midland-Civic Arena Rink Bids in: Some Bids Lower Than Expected A1 30-Jul-2004
Crime Standoff Ends: Two Arrested in Connection with Drugs A1 30-Jul-2004
Students Making Words Count A1 30-Jul-2004
Dow Corning DC Sales, Adjusted Income Grow A1 30-Jul-2004
Elections-National Kerry Speech Boosts Local Party Morale A1 30-Jul-2004
Midland County Audit Shows Local Taxes Key to County Funding A3 30-Jul-2004
Elections-Local Absentee Ballots Available A3 30-Jul-2004
Central Mich University CMU Program will Teach About Work with Elderly A3 30-Jul-2004
Buildings Celebrating Midland's Architectural Heritage-Alden Dow Bldgs A7 30-Jul-2004
History Preserving History: Grant Allows CMU Library to Microfilm A1 31-Jul-2004
Students Good Read: Summer Literacy Program Tailored for Students A3 31-Jul-2004