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Elections-Local Voters Get Three Ballots, But Should Mark Two in Primary A3 1-Aug-2004
Dow Corning New DC Technology on Horizon for Airbags A3 1-Aug-2004
Charities & Benefits Celebration of Life: Relay for Life Collects More Than $100,000 A3 1-Aug-2004
Elections-Local Midland County Sample Ballots A6 1-Aug-2004
Biography-Midland Executive Chef from Country Club Cooks (British Open) C1 1-Aug-2004
Volunteers Woman's Heart in Right Place as She Leads 4-H Youth (Ivan) C5 1-Aug-2004
Students Bridging the Gap: Extended School Year Program Helps.. A1 2-Aug-2004
Dow Chemical Liveris CEO at Dow A1 2-Aug-2004
Charities & Benefits Cancer Relay Tops $136,000 A1 2-Aug-2004
Elections-National Bush Rally Tickets Available Tuesday A1 2-Aug-2004
Business-Midland Downtown Subway, BP Station Open After Years' Work A3 2-Aug-2004
Charities & Benefits Ready to Move In (Habitat for Humanity Blitz Build) A3 2-Aug-2004
Business Monitor, Michigan Sugar Merge A7 2-Aug-2004
Elections-Local Polls Across the County Will Remain Open Until 8 p.m. A1 3-Aug-2004
Elections-National Lining Up for Tickets (Bush-Saginaw Visit) A1 3-Aug-2004
Weather-Midland Midland Escapes Storm Damage A1 3-Aug-2004
Teachers & Teaching Lessons from the Islands A1 3-Aug-2004
Central Mich University CMU Tuition Wait May Be Over A3 3-Aug-2004
Midland Public Schools Work at Midland Schools Nears Completion A3 3-Aug-2004
Dow Corning Maintenance Causes Small Release at Dow Corning A3 3-Aug-2004
Art & Artists Exhibit Showcases young Artists (Healing Arts Gallery) A6 3-Aug-2004
Elections-Local Tie for Change: Incumbents Lose in all Midland Cty Primaries A1 4-Aug-2004
Elections-Local Nielsen Wins in Sheriff's Race A1 4-Aug-2004
Elections-Local Carpenter Gets Nod A1 4-Aug-2004
Elections-Local Enszer Defeats Downing A1 4-Aug-2004
Elections-Local Out, Out, Out, Out They Go.. A1 4-Aug-2004
Elections-Local Challenger Wins in District 2 A1 4-Aug-2004
Elections-Local Caul Defeats Chiodo, Faces Tilmann in November A3 4-Aug-2004
Delta College Construction Promises Traffic Delays Near Delta A3 4-Aug-2004
Accidents Three Hurt in Election Night Accident at Ingersoll Hall A3 4-Aug-2004
Midland View from a Canoe: Midland Hosting Sister City Visitors A3 4-Aug-2004
Music & Musicians Gladwin Teen First in Line for American Idol Auditions A3 4-Aug-2004
History-Midland Midland Remembers: The Jean Parlett Story, Part II A5 4-Aug-2004
Homer Township New Supervisor to Lead Homer Township A10 4-Aug-2004
Elections-Local Voters Approve Countywide, Township Millage Levies A10 4-Aug-2004
Elections-Local Township Turnout Averages 18 Percent A10 4-Aug-2004
Elections-National Bush Heading to Saginaw A1 5-Aug-2004
Foundations $5 Million Award Goes to Albion A1 5-Aug-2004
Downtown Midland Decorated Chairs to Pop Up Downtown A1 5-Aug-2004
Dow Corning Granholm to Attend Dow Corning's Facility Dedication A1 5-Aug-2004
Elections-National Saginaw Habitat Volunteer to Welcome Bush A1 5-Aug-2004
Elections-National Bush Speech Will Have Detractors A1 5-Aug-2004
Elections-Local Township Candidates and Supporters Get Their Results A3 5-Aug-2004
Central Mich University MU Board Approves 2.8 Percent Tuition Hike A3 5-Aug-2004
Grace A. Dow Mem Library Library Coffee Bar Open A3 5-Aug-2004
Elections-Local Republicans Unite for November Election A3 5-Aug-2004
Music & Musicians Throwing Down: The Sound B1 5-Aug-2004
Midland Center for the Arts Father of the Bride Opens Tonight at MCFTA B2 5-Aug-2004
School Back to School Inside… Insert 5-Aug-2004
Elections-National President Rallies 7600 in Saginaw A1 6-Aug-2004
Elections-National Members of Crowd Have Good Thoughts for 'W', Republicans A1 6-Aug-2004
Elections-National No. 1 Son: Auburn Man on Air Force One Crew A1 6-Aug-2004
Elections-National One Arrested During Protest After Speech A1 6-Aug-2004
Elections-National Security Tight for President's Time at MBS A3 6-Aug-2004
Elections-National Policy Made Seeing Bush's Plane Difficult A3 6-Aug-2004
Elections-National Clark Shouts Encouragement to Bush Protesters A3 6-Aug-2004
Dow Chemical Dow Cutting More than 160 W. Virginia Jobs A3 6-Aug-2004
Elections-National Presidential Visit: Labor Leader: Employees Lose B1 6-Aug-2004
Elections-National A Few Seconds with a President: Locals Tell of Meeting B1 6-Aug-2004
Elections-National Photog Up Close for Bush Visit A1 7-Aug-2004
Schools State's Public Schools Make Progress A1 7-Aug-2004
Politics Shock Values: Gruesome Pro-Life Signs Greet Motorists A1 7-Aug-2004
Charities & Benefits Holy Scripture Members Plan Benefit for Sick Member A3 7-Aug-2004
Business-Midland Brothers Plan Mongolian Barbecue in Midland A3 7-Aug-2004
Floods & Flood Control A Running Problem: Ditch Water Endangers Sanford Home A3 7-Aug-2004
Churches Lansing Native Joins MUCC (Roger Pancost) B1 7-Aug-2004
Schools Center Focused on Outside Factors of Student Success A1 8-Aug-2004
Midland County GIS System Eyed for County A1 8-Aug-2004
Downtown Midland Downtown Turns Antic-Quated A1 8-Aug-2004
Central Mich University CMU Testing Response to Smallpox Outbreak A3 8-Aug-2004
Midland Historic District's Fate on Council's Agenda A3 8-Aug-2004
Elections-National Camp Challenger Focused on Dow 'Corporate Greed' A3 8-Aug-2004
Volunteers Jack Bennett Hooked on Theater C5 8-Aug-2004
Midland County Hist Society Yesterday's Roses' Topic of Aug 17 Lecture C6 8-Aug-2004
Davenport University Midland Might Offer First Service Degree in State A3 9-Aug-2004
Dow Corning Dow Corning Chief Recognized A3 9-Aug-2004
Accidents One Injured in M-20 Accident A1 10-Aug-2004
Midland-Civic Arena New Civic Arena Unveiled A1 10-Aug-2004
Crime Bond Set at $1M for Isabella Teacher A1 10-Aug-2004
Dioxin EPA to Step in on Dioxin Controversy A1 10-Aug-2004
Lee Township Lee Flags Stolen A2 10-Aug-2004
Midland Public Schools MPS Puts New Emphasis on Career Education A3 10-Aug-2004
Midland City istoric District Stays A3 10-Aug-2004
Animals Trimmer Keeps Cows Ready to Hoof It A3 10-Aug-2004
Fire Fire Destroys Denver Township Home A1 11-Aug-2004
Dow Corning Dow Corning Dedicates New Plant for Growing Industry A1 11-Aug-2004
Midland County-Courthouse County Seeks Public Opinion on Courthouse A1 11-Aug-2004
Crime Man Faces Arraignment in Overpass Bar Brawl A2 11-Aug-2004
Delta College Delta's Search for President Moves Forward… A3 11-Aug-2004
MCESA Providing Support: Sibshops Program Gives Siblings… A3 11-Aug-2004
Charities & Benefits Arts Included to Celebrate Arts & People, Benefit ARC A3 11-Aug-2004
Jasper Township Jasper to Give Town Hall a Makeover A1 12-Aug-2004
Dow Chemical SEC Asked to Investigate Dow Filings A1 12-Aug-2004
Sports New Gym to Fill Need for Volleyball, Basketball A1 12-Aug-2004
Northwood University Northwood Expands International Department A3 12-Aug-2004
Central Mich University Professor Delegate Aims to Pique Student Interest A3 12-Aug-2004
Meridian Public Schools Meridian Board Sets Goals A3 12-Aug-2004
Music & Musicians Sound Scape: Coleman Man Using Sound Studio A3 12-Aug-2004
Music & Musicians Colieda: Good Friends, Good Music A3 12-Aug-2004
Music & Musicians Local Talent Featured Friday in Midland Music Showcase B1 12-Aug-2004
Midland Music Society Great Dancing, Music on Tap for '42nd Street' B2 12-Aug-2004
Saginaw Valley State Univ SVSU's 5.2 Percent Tuition Hike Tops List A1 13-Aug-2004
Health & Safety Area Vets Keep Eye for Cat Virus A1 13-Aug-2004
Obituaries-Midland Former Daily News Women's Editor Dies Wednesday A3 13-Aug-2004
Crime Fake Ids Challenge Retailers A3 13-Aug-2004
Sports Lawnmower Racing a Passion A3 13-Aug-2004
Midland Music Society Dancers, Singers Shine in '42nd Street' A6 13-Aug-2004
Accidents Two Midlanders Die in Saginaw County Rollover A1 14-Aug-2004
Biography-Midland A Matter of Faith: Faith, Prayer and Church (Sarah Lukens) A1 14-Aug-2004
Biography-Midland Midland Veteran's Dog Tag Returned (Walburn) A3 14-Aug-2004
Bicycles & Bicycle Trails Teens, Designer Ready for BMX Track A3 14-Aug-2004
Saginaw Valley State Univ Leading Accountant to Address SVSU Grads A3 14-Aug-2004
Midland County Fairgrounds Fair Gets New Midway B1 14-Aug-2004
Midland County Fairgrounds Rascal Flatts Stars B2 14-Aug-2004
Midland County Fairgrounds A Love Affair with the Fair: Karen Gray Has Been Working B3 14-Aug-2004
Midland County Fairgrounds Jo-Jo, Petey Pablo Will Headline Lizard Fair Aug 18 B4 14-Aug-2004
Midland County Fairgrounds Spartan Futurity Expects Its Strongest Field Yet B4 14-Aug-2004
Midland County Fairgrounds Money Problem Has Been Resolved B4 14-Aug-2004
Midland County Fairgrounds New Class for Goats Will Debut This Year B5 14-Aug-2004
Midland County Fairgrounds Pageant King Enjoys Self in Bevy of Girls A1 15-Aug-2004
Midland County Fairgrounds Q & A With Rascal Flatts' Joe Don Rooney A1 15-Aug-2004
Dow Chemical Dow Downplays Appraiser's Dioxin Comment A1 15-Aug-2004
Veterans Midlanders, Iraq War Veteran, First Female in VFW A3 15-Aug-2004
Charities & Benefits Disabled or Not, Artists Gather (Arts Included) A3 15-Aug-2004
Midland Center for the Arts Artistic Expressions: New Exhibits Open at Alden B. Dow C1 15-Aug-2004
Volunteers Van Cises Look Forward to Annual Port Tradition C5 15-Aug-2004
Midland County Fairgrounds Fair Workers Up at Sunrise A1 16-Aug-2004
Teachers & Teaching Teaching Experience in Ghana More Than Imagined A1 16-Aug-2004
Midland County Fairgrounds A Wild Ride: Fair Hosts New Midway Company A3 16-Aug-2004
Midland County Fairgrounds Unity Concern to Bring Song, Worship to Fair A3 16-Aug-2004
Midland Council Seeks Applicants for Boards, Commissions A3 16-Aug-2004
Bullock Creek Schools Teacher Contract on BC Agenda A3 16-Aug-2004
Music & Musicians Traditional Country Showcase in Freeland A7 16-Aug-2004
Midland County Fairgrounds Midland Melts: Rascal Flatts Wows Crowd at Fairgrounds A1 17-Aug-2004
Bullock Creek Schools Bullock Creek Ups Pay by 1% A1 17-Aug-2004
Clubs & Organizations McMullen Earns Eagle Scout Award A2 17-Aug-2004
Saginaw Valley State Univ SVSU Students Help Delphi with Project A3 17-Aug-2004
Midland County Fairgrounds WIOG Lizard Fair at Fairgrounds Wednesday A3 17-Aug-2004
Senior Citizens Ring of Friends: Michigan Bell Retirees Still Gather A3 17-Aug-2004
Midland County Fairgrounds Elephant Encounter: Cora and Shannon Provide Fun A5 17-Aug-2004
Health & Safety Eight County Crows Have Virus A1 18-Aug-2004
Midland County Fairgrounds Unified: Fair-Goers Attend Christian Concert A1 18-Aug-2004
Charities & Benefits United Way, Voluntary Action Center Planning to Merge A1 18-Aug-2004
Clubs & Organizations Literacy Council Wants to Expand Programs A3 18-Aug-2004
Midland County Fiber-Optic Network to Connect Midland with Other Counties A3 18-Aug-2004
History-Midland Midland Remembers: Screen Doors of Summers Past A6 18-Aug-2004
History Auburn, Township to Celebrate 150 Years A10 18-Aug-2004
Weather Couple in Midland When Hurricane Charley Hit A1 19-Aug-2004
Crime Machete-Wielding Man Arrested A1 19-Aug-2004
MidMichigan Medical Center MidMichigan Eyes Stronger Ties with Area Health System A1 19-Aug-2004
Midland County Fairgrounds Lizard Fair: More Than 1000 Attend Event at Fair A1 19-Aug-2004
Homer Township Homer Township Residents Feel Silenced at Meetings A1 19-Aug-2004
Midland County Bids for GIS Flyover Sought By County A3 19-Aug-2004
Sewage & Sanitation Rain, Rain Go Away: Sewer Project Approved in 1996… A3 19-Aug-2004
Midland County Fairgrounds Highlanders: Local Bagpipe Band to Perform Friday B1 19-Aug-2004
Charities & Benefits Hidden Harvest ot Celebrate 10 Years of Serving Area B4 19-Aug-2004
Midland County Fairgrounds A Family Affair (Cinnamon Rolls By Omar) B5 19-Aug-2004
Homer Township Silenced Homer Residents Will Have Voice Returned A1 20-Aug-2004
Midland County Fairgrounds Everything's Ducky A1 20-Aug-2004
Midland County Fairgrounds All's Fair in Love A1 20-Aug-2004
Clubs & Organizations Literacy Council Wants to Expand Programs A3 20-Aug-2004
Lee Township Lee Fire Department Millage Meeting Set A3 20-Aug-2004
Midland County Fairgrounds Woodworkers: Youths Polish Up Skills B6 20-Aug-2004
Mid-Michigan Comm College MMCC Plans Annual Fall Festival B6 20-Aug-2004
Midland Mall A' Team Kickoff Set for Monday B6 20-Aug-2004
Mid-Michigan Comm College MMCC Millage Information Available to Public B6 20-Aug-2004
Northwood University Northwood to Teach Ethics to Auto Students A1 21-Aug-2004
Dow Chemical Dow Plays Party Host in Athens A1 21-Aug-2004
Accidents Laughing Over Spilled Milk A1 21-Aug-2004
Agriculture Poor Weather Taking Bite Out of Pumpkin Crop A1 21-Aug-2004
Midland County Fairgrounds Ride 'em: Rodeo Cowgirl Says Risk is Worth the Life A3 21-Aug-2004
MidMichigan Medical Center MidMichigan's Gamma Knife Treats 100th Patient A3 21-Aug-2004
Accidents Name Relased in Deadly Gladwin Motorcycle Accident A3 21-Aug-2004
Churches-Midland Post Filled at Memorial Presbyterian Church B1 21-Aug-2004
Sports Altimore Entering Third Hall of Fame D1 21-Aug-2004
Accidents Man Dies in Crash A1 22-Aug-2004
Midland County Fairgrounds Crash, Bang, Roar, Demolition Derby Makes for a Noisy.. A3 22-Aug-2004
Midland County Fairgrounds Beginnings and Ends: Midland Couple Engaged A3 22-Aug-2004
Center for Indep. Living Midland's center for Independent Living Receives $23,500 B7 22-Aug-2004
Biography-Midland Building Dollhouses (Dorothy Oswald Costello) C1 22-Aug-2004
Accidents Deputies Investigating Accident in Jerome Twp A1 23-Aug-2004
Midland County Fairgrounds Farewell Friends A1 23-Aug-2004
Elections-Local In Midland, Libertarian Seeks Bigger Piece of Vote Pie A1 23-Aug-2004
Mackinac Center Mongolia to Midland - and Back A3 23-Aug-2004
Elections-Local State Dems' Chairman at Tilmann Fundraiser A3 23-Aug-2004
Entertainment Rubik's Champ: Gaylord Man Finds It's Hip to Be Square A7 23-Aug-2004
Michigan Board Deadlocks on Marriage Amendment A1 24-Aug-2004
Midland Public Schools MPS High School Projects Eyed for Next Year A1 24-Aug-2004
Dow Chemical Matter of Policy: Dow Pays to Have BMX Soil Removed A1 24-Aug-2004
Law Enforcement Local Seat Belt Usage to be Targeted A1 24-Aug-2004
Wildlife Wandering Whooping Cranes Linger in Gladwin County A1 24-Aug-2004
Midland-Civic Arena City Almost Has Cash in Hand for Civic Arena A3 24-Aug-2004
Saginaw Valley State Univ SVSU Builds More Student Housing for Rising Residents A3 24-Aug-2004
Crime Mt Pleasant Woman Charged with Child Abuse A3 24-Aug-2004
Health & Safety Pain Relief: New Program Offers Relief (back pain) A6 24-Aug-2004
Biography-Midland Alden B. Dow Honored at the State, City, Federal Levels B6 24-Aug-2004
Accidents Driver Charged in Fatal Accident A1 25-Aug-2004
Soccer Soccer Club Ready to Begin Work on New Fields A1 25-Aug-2004
Schools Kindergarten Prep A1 25-Aug-2004
Coleman Comm Schools Coleman Schools to Seek $2.4 Million Bond A1 25-Aug-2004
Basketball Dow Girls Cap Comebacks, Break Into Starting Lineup A1 25-Aug-2004
Dow Corning Production Increase Boosts DC Emissions for 2003 A3 25-Aug-2004
Water Drains Getting a Summer Cleaning A3 25-Aug-2004
Midland-Planning Comm Rapanos Proposes Revision to Duplex Plan A3 25-Aug-2004
Barstow Airport Family Business: Aviator's Sister Reminisces at Airport A3 25-Aug-2004
Animals Pen Lock Cut, Boars Escape A1 26-Aug-2004
Military Saginaw Soldier Dies in Iraq Crash A1 26-Aug-2004
Schools Limo Ride: Carpenter Students Arrive at School in Sytle A1 26-Aug-2004
Dioxin U-M Dioxin Study Focus of Sunday Meeting A1 26-Aug-2004
Events Festival All About Farm Life (Farm Days-Warmbier Farms) A3 26-Aug-2004
Charities & Benefits Eat Your Heart Out' Fundraiser Next Week A3 26-Aug-2004
Roads Medallions Give Face Lift to Overpass A3 26-Aug-2004
Arnold Center $26,515 Grant Awarded to the Arnold Center C4 26-Aug-2004
Crime-Midland Help Sought in Cart Thefts A1 27-Aug-2004
Employment Tri-Cities Unemployent Rises Slightly in July A1 27-Aug-2004
Midland Tower Access Requested A1 27-Aug-2004
History Scroll of History: Dead Sea Scrolls Come to Mid-Michigan A3 27-Aug-2004
Business-Midland Cobbler Ends Shoe Repair Business A3 27-Aug-2004
Shelterhouse Shelterhouse's New Director on the Job A3 27-Aug-2004
Crime-Midland Chemical Bank Robbed A1 28-Aug-2004
Roads Two-Way Change (Ashman and Rodd) A1 28-Aug-2004
Midland Public Schools Halfway to Perfection A1 28-Aug-2004
Coleman Comm Schools Coleman Approves Emergency Repair A3 28-Aug-2004
Elections-National Phone Banks Dialing Up Possible Kerry, Bush Voters A3 28-Aug-2004
Churches-Midland Aldersgate UMC Fills Positions A7 28-Aug-2004
Volleyball Down and Dirty: Volleyball Players Get Muddy A1 29-Aug-2004
Crime Two Cops Injured by Ammonia A1 29-Aug-2004
MBS Airport Dunn is Midland's New Representative on MBS Board A3 29-Aug-2004
Michigan Bay City Celebrates $100,000 Grant for 'Cool Cities' A3 29-Aug-2004
Clubs & Organizations JA to Induct Three iinto Hall of Fame A6 29-Aug-2004
Agriculture Farmers Meet to Set Policy Agenda for Coming Year A7 29-Aug-2004
Biography-Midland A Secret Shared: Midlander Discovers the Magic of Santa C1 29-Aug-2004
Volunteers Project Kindness: Young People Wash Windows… C5 29-Aug-2004
Accidents Boy Dies When Hit By Car (Maxillion Frederickson) A1 30-Aug-2004
Dioxin Scientists Explain How Dioxin Health Study Will Work A1 30-Aug-2004
Law Enforcement Under Water: Divers Practice in Brown Tittabawassee River A1 30-Aug-2004
Events Democrats Plan Concert for Youth Outreach A3 30-Aug-2004
Midland Downtown Dev Auth Wireless Internet Axccess Planned Downtown A3 30-Aug-2004
Obituaries-Midland He Was a Special Gift (Max Frederickson) A1 31-Aug-2004
Elections-National GOP Convention 'Thrilling', Midlander Says A1 31-Aug-2004
Accidents Driver Loses Control of Trailer Hauling Tons of Paper A1 31-Aug-2004
Military Granholm Orders Flag Lowered in Honor of Davis A1 31-Aug-2004
Senior Citizens Senior Services Safety Conference Planned A2 31-Aug-2004
Dioxin U-M Scientists to Begin Subject Search Effort in Mid-Sept A3 31-Aug-2004
Roads Sanford Slowdown: Work on Seven Mile Rd Bridge A3 31-Aug-2004
Dow Chemical Dow Closing Union Carbide Specialty Plant in W VA A3 31-Aug-2004
Animals Mills Township Family's Odd Feathered Friend Missing A3 31-Aug-2004
Central Mich University Police Bust CMU Welcome Weekend Gatherings A3 31-Aug-2004