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Charities & Benefits Restaurants Go All Out Raising Money for Vol Action Center A1 1-Sep-2004
Employment Grant to Help Connect Workers, Health Jobs A3 1-Sep-2004
Delta College Delta, FSU Agree on Degree Deal A3 1-Sep-2004
Charities & Benefits Saturday Bake Sale Will Benefit Edenville Anniversary Celeb.. A3 1-Sep-2004
Crime Prosecutor Wants More Accident Information A3 1-Sep-2004
Dioxin It's About Health: Dioxin Suit Plaintiffs Present Argument A1 2-Sep-2004
Dioxin Grops Back Dow's Defense A1 2-Sep-2004
Health & Safety Tips to Keep Kids Safe A1 2-Sep-2004
Elections-National Midlander Reflects on Convention A1 2-Sep-2004
Saginaw Valley State Univ SVSU Spruces Up A3 2-Sep-2004
Central Mich University CMU Says Weekend Arrest Tally Not Unusual A3 2-Sep-2004
Events Tridge Walk Returns Among Area Labor Day Activities A3 2-Sep-2004
Health & Safety Expert Says Mich Children Miss Out on Mental Health Care A3 2-Sep-2004
Business-Midland Gerace Teams with Antiterrorism Company C8 2-Sep-2004
Midland Center for the Arts Changes Under Way at MCFTA A1 3-Sep-2004
Elections-National Local Republicans Gather for Speech A1 3-Sep-2004
Charities & Benefits Students Learn About Red Cross, Make Donation A1 3-Sep-2004
Homer Township Homer Approves Upgrades to Donated Fire Truck A3 3-Sep-2004
Dioxin Brief Filed in Support of Medical Monitoring A3 3-Sep-2004
Art & Artists Clare Steps Back in Time with Depression WPA Art Tour A3 3-Sep-2004
Mid-Mich Comm College New MMCC Center Ends 8-Year Wait A3 3-Sep-2004
Homer Township Family Offers to Demolish Abandoned Homer Fire Hall A1 4-Sep-2004
Charities & Benefits Eat Your Heart Out' Ups Donations by 10 Percent A1 4-Sep-2004
Business-Midland Chemical Bank Brings Its Services to Colonial Villa A3 4-Sep-2004
Real Estate Subdivision Could Change Township's Character (Hope) A3 4-Sep-2004
Business Deadline Extended in Sale of Monitor Sugar A5 4-Sep-2004
Churches Annual Vepers Series to Begin This Month A7 4-Sep-2004
Midland County Fairgrounds Fair Memories Insert 4-Sep-2004
Economy Clare, Gladwin Counties Bear Brunt of Lagging Economy A1 5-Sep-2004
Dioxin Silence Isn't Golden, Residents Believe: Three Months Pass A1 5-Sep-2004
Saginaw Valley State Univ SVSU Race Car Team Draws Praise A3 5-Sep-2004
Art & Artists Clare Honoring WPA Artwork A3 5-Sep-2004
Dow Chemical Dow Honored for Role in Hazardous Waste Programs A7 5-Sep-2004
Health & Safety Program to Help Reduce Diabetes Risk A7 5-Sep-2004
Clubs & Organizations Sanford Lions Will Be Busy on Founders Day A8 5-Sep-2004
Charities & Benefits Midland Area Bicyclists Help Out Make-A-Wish C5 5-Sep-2004
Clubs & Organizations Sanford Lions Paint Church for Community's Hist Society B1 5-Sep-2004
Awards & Prizes Applications Sought for Spirit Awards B1 5-Sep-2004
Awards & Prizes Dow High Student is Sept Winner of A-Team Program B1 5-Sep-2004
Events Series on Poverty to Continue at Memorial Presbyterian B1 5-Sep-2004
Agriculture Micland County Residents Attend Land Use Conference B1 5-Sep-2004
Track & Field Family Runs Crim Together D7 5-Sep-2004
Military Labors Days: 1460th Soldier Returns to His Civilian Job A1 6-Sep-2004
Michigan Mobile State Office Will Help Students Register to Vote A1 6-Sep-2004
Business-Midland Circle Business Group Official A3 6-Sep-2004
Elections-National Laura Bush Coming to Saginaw Thursday A1 7-Sep-2004
Holidays Friends Gather for Annual Walk A1 7-Sep-2004
History-Midland Insurance Agency Will Celebrate Heritage (Arbury) A3 7-Sep-2004
Midland-Civic Arena City Seeks Input on Arena's Future A1 8-Sep-2004
Prisons & Prisoners-Midland Jail Talk Starting Again A1 8-Sep-2004
Midland County County Again Accepts Title X Money for Health Dept A1 8-Sep-2004
Barstow Airport Fewer Flights At Barstow Airport Seen This Summer A1 8-Sep-2004
Health & Safety Teen Overdoses: Responders Called to School A2 8-Sep-2004
Fish & Fishing Fishing Free: Determined Angler Inspires Accible Platform A3 8-Sep-2004
Elections-National Laura Bush to Tour Company with Women in Key Roles A3 8-Sep-2004
Elections-National 70 Heard Laura Bush Speak in Midland in 1999 A3 8-Sep-2004
Real Estate Auburn Pushes for Building New Subdivision A3 8-Sep-2004
Midland Center for the Arts Tiknis Leaving MCFTA A1 9-Sep-2004
Biography-Midland Judge Schuette: Midlander Striving to Balance Work.. A1 9-Sep-2004
Midland Downtown Dev Auth DDA Eyes Ways to Extend Use of Farmers Market A1 9-Sep-2004
Saginaw Valley State Univ SVSU, MSU, GVSU Get Tighter Tuition Cap A1 9-Sep-2004
Dioxin Cherry Asks for Patience from Residents Along Tittabaw.. A3 9-Sep-2004
Obituaries-Midland Bernard Bailey Dies at 84 A3 9-Sep-2004
Health & Safety In an Emergency: Area Media Take Part in HAZMAT.. A3 9-Sep-2004
Midland Theatre Guild Theatre Guild Opens Season with a Fast-Paced Farce B1 9-Sep-2004
Entertainment The Boys' Offers Audience Chance to Learn B1 9-Sep-2004
Hunting Locals Part of Bowhunting's Evolution into Major Pursuit B6 9-Sep-2004
Dioxin Group Launches Campaign for Clean Watershed A1 10-Sep-2004
Fire-Midland County They Lost Everything' (Robert Libby-Larkin Twp) A1 10-Sep-2004
Midland-Parks & Recreation Picnic Shelter Fees Under Study for 2005 A1 10-Sep-2004
Events Founder's Day Schedule Will Keep People Busy A3 10-Sep-2004
Elections-National Midlanders Meet Laura Bush A3 10-Sep-2004
Roads Bridge on 7 Mile in Sanford Reopens A3 10-Sep-2004
Teachers & Teaching Rah, Rau! (Betsy Rau, Wal-Mart Teacher of the Year) A1 11-Sep-2004
Weather Three Tell Stories of Hurricanes, Heroism A1 11-Sep-2004
Law Enforcement D.A.R.E. Officer Removed from Program A1 11-Sep-2004
Central Mich University New CMU Residence Halls to End Overcrowding A1 11-Sep-2004
Senior Citizens Seniors More Likely to Be Fraud Victims, Expert Says A3 11-Sep-2004
Obituaries-Midland People Remember Former County Magistrate (Ed Rinn) A3 11-Sep-2004
Biography-Midland Grandmother, Grandson Hand Out of Airplane (Hickman) A3 11-Sep-2004
Dow Chemical Dow Declares Dividend A7 11-Sep-2004
Churches Church to Celebrate Anniversary (Good Shepard Lutheran) A8 11-Sep-2004
Military 1460th Lauded for Call to Duty A1 12-Sep-2004
Central Mich University CMU Attempts to Spark Student Interest in Voting, Politics A1 12-Sep-2004
Midland Public Schools Board to Hear of Legacy Center's Effort A3 12-Sep-2004
Fire-Midland Family Escapes Saturday Fire (Waldo) A3 12-Sep-2004
Midland Theatre Guild Theatre Guild's 'Don't Dress for Dinner' Good Entertainment A3 12-Sep-2004
Business Planned Merger Involving Monitor Sugar Moves Forward A7 12-Sep-2004
Business-Midland Shaving Grace: A Barbershop Shave… (Ted's Barber Shop) C1 12-Sep-2004
Clubs & Organizations From Midland to Washington: 4-H Youth & Leaders Tour C5 12-Sep-2004
Charities & Benefits UW Ready to Begin: $4.2 Million Campaign Kickoff A1 13-Sep-2004
Gun Control Camp Not Among Backers of Assault Weapon Ban A1 13-Sep-2004
History-Midland County Part of Our History': Old Chapel Comes to Life A1 13-Sep-2004
Nature Emerald Borer Epidemic Could Be Bigger Than Dutch Elm A1 13-Sep-2004
Families New Program Seeks to Help Fathers A3 13-Sep-2004
Michigan Eight Michigan Lawmakers Support Overturning Overtime.. A3 13-Sep-2004
Midland Mall Video Game Display Upsets Mallgoer A3 13-Sep-2004
Delta College Delta Hosting Debate 2004 A3 13-Sep-2004
Dioxin Dioxin Warning Issued: Agencies: Eating Deer, Turkey.. A1 14-Sep-2004
Hunting Officials Ponder Lower Hunting Age A1 14-Sep-2004
Holidays Blast of Shofar, New Year for Jews A1 14-Sep-2004
Business-Midland Taco Bell Gets Its Curb Cut A1 14-Sep-2004
Roads Meridian Road Detour Can Prove Tricky A1 14-Sep-2004
Military Peace Organization Gathering to Mourn 1000 Soldier A3 14-Sep-2004
Davenport University Davenport Degree Aims to Keep Tech Jobs in Michigan A3 14-Sep-2004
Events Spiffy' Cars to Adorn Main Street A3 14-Sep-2004
Midland Public Schools MPS Board Discusses Staff's Summer Work 2004-05 Year A3 14-Sep-2004
Midland-Business Midland Company Expands Secure Wireless Service A6 14-Sep-2004
Dow Chemical Dow Taiwan Victim of Espionage A1 15-Sep-2004
Dow Chemical Saginaw Event Center Named After Dow A1 15-Sep-2004
Nature Sick Sycamores: Diseased Trees Removed by the City A1 15-Sep-2004
Prisons & Prisoners-Midland County Jail: Where Do We Go From Here A1 15-Sep-2004
Real Estate Rapanos Backs Off on Plan to Develop Condos on Saginaw A1 15-Sep-2004
Law Enforcement Police Start Program to Advise Bar Owners A3 15-Sep-2004
Whiting Forest Whiting Forest Center Opens Sept 23 A3 15-Sep-2004
Dioxin Dioxin Update Expected to be Hashed Out Today A3 15-Sep-2004
History-Midland Midland Remembers:Phillips-Burkey-Williams Family, #2 A6 15-Sep-2004
Hockey Falardeau Signs with Rangers B1 15-Sep-2004
Dow Gardens Dow Gardens Representative is Speaker B5 15-Sep-2004
Awards & Prizes Four Teens Recognized with Silver Awards (Girl Scouts) B5 15-Sep-2004
Weather These People Need a Lot of Prayers':Midlanders Helping.. A1 16-Sep-2004
Coleman Comm Schools Coleman Bond Vote Monday A1 16-Sep-2004
Dow Chemical Difficult & Delicate (glassblowers) A1 16-Sep-2004
Education Colleges Hit Record Enrollment A1 16-Sep-2004
Events Hispanic Heritage Month Begins, Area Colleges Create.. A1 16-Sep-2004
Dioxin More Time Needed for Dioxin Plan, Officials A3 16-Sep-2004
Nature Ash Tree Decline Not a Reason to Panic A3 16-Sep-2004
Homer Township Homer Drops Extra Monthly Meeting A3 16-Sep-2004
Events Grief Can Be Managed, Speaker Relates A3 16-Sep-2004
Music & Musicians Band Member: We're Ambassadors for Scottish Music B1 16-Sep-2004
Music & Musicians Tannahill Weavers Return B1 16-Sep-2004
Midland Center for the Arts Broadway Favorites a la Cabaret B1 16-Sep-2004
Events Classical Indian Program Sept 26 at Dow Library B2 16-Sep-2004
Events Sanford Eagles Help Clean Road, Plan Spaghetti Dinner C4 16-Sep-2004
MidMichigan Medical Center MidMich Med Center Honors 2004 Distinquished Supporters C5 16-Sep-2004
Midland Area Chamber Texan Hired to Lead Chamber A1 17-Sep-2004
Chippewa Nature Center CNC to Seek Public Support for New Trail A1 17-Sep-2004
Charities & Benefits Drive to Raise $4.2 Million Begins A1 17-Sep-2004
Events Balloon Fest Takes Off A1 17-Sep-2004
Art & Artists Midland Potter Among 100 Artists at Plymouth Park Fair A1 17-Sep-2004
Foundations Midland Area Community Foundation Awards $25,000 A2 17-Sep-2004
Williams Township Williams Township Celebrating 150th Anniversary A3 17-Sep-2004
Midland-Fire Department Foam with Ease: Midland's Shiny New Truck Offers.. A3 17-Sep-2004
Fish & Fishing New Snaford Fishing Platform Prompts Discussion A3 17-Sep-2004
Military Peaceful Group Protests War A3 17-Sep-2004
Crime Area Man Charged in Death of Infant A1 18-Sep-2004
Elections-National Camp, Huckleberry to Debate on Oct 21 A1 18-Sep-2004
Events Memories: Cruise 'N Car Show Continues Downtown Today A1 18-Sep-2004
Events On Cloud 9: Balloon Trips Turns into Wedding Proposal A1 18-Sep-2004
Events Balloon Pilots Visit Midland Schools A2 18-Sep-2004
Williams Township Williams Township History Traced A3 18-Sep-2004
Meridian Public Schools Meridian School Audit Clean A3 18-Sep-2004
Elections-National Theft Backfires: Kerry Sign Gets Bigger A3 18-Sep-2004
Elections-Michigan Disabled People's Votes Sought by Candidates for State.. A3 18-Sep-2004
Grace A. Dow Mem Library Grand Opening Set for Library Coffee Shop A3 18-Sep-2004
Midland-Civic Arena Groundbreaking Ceremony Set for New Civic Arena A3 18-Sep-2004
Churches Free Methodist Has New Pastors A10 18-Sep-2004
Delta College Delta College Millage Campaign Kicks Off A1 19-Sep-2004
Central Mich University Filmmaker Michael Moore to Speak at CMU A1 19-Sep-2004
West Midland Family Center West Midland Family Center Receives Grant A2 19-Sep-2004
Hope Township Speeding Cars a Concern in Hope A3 19-Sep-2004
Midland Music Society Cabaret Series Debuts with Fun, Energetic Performance A3 19-Sep-2004
Chippewa Nature Center BioBlitz Ends with Speaker A3 19-Sep-2004
Accidents Bay County Man Dies in Crash A3 19-Sep-2004
Business-Midland Midland Speedway Manager in TV Ads B1 19-Sep-2004
Grace A. Dow Mem Library This Week, Fall into the Web B1 19-Sep-2004
Art & Artists Be the Bead (Midland Beading Guild) C1 19-Sep-2004
Crime-Midland Police Seek Robber A1 20-Sep-2004
Midland County-Courthouse Courthouse Future to Be Debated A1 20-Sep-2004
Charities & Benefits Qualaity Care at Quality Time (Quality Care Daycare) A1 20-Sep-2004
Elections Youth Voter Registration surges Nationwide: Program Local A1 20-Sep-2004
Buildings Midland Developer Restoring Mt Pleasant Building A3 20-Sep-2004
Coleman Comm Schools Voters Say 'Yes' to Coleman School Bond Proposal A1 21-Sep-2004
Crime-Midland Armed Robbers Remain at Large A1 21-Sep-2004
Accidents-Midland Trail Cyclist Dies of Injuries A1 21-Sep-2004
Midland-Civic Arena Bulding Ice: Ceremonial Groundbreaking for New Arena A1 21-Sep-2004
Midland Public Schools Millage Renewal Midland Public's Top Goal A3 21-Sep-2004
Elections Students Hope to Spark Voting Interest A3 21-Sep-2004
Midland Public Schools More Parents Ferrying Students A3 21-Sep-2004
Jerome Township Jerome Township Board Seeks New Member A3 21-Sep-2004
Dow Corning Demand Jumps for Dow Corning Silicon Products A1 22-Sep-2004
Midland County Road Patrol, Parks Face Cuts? A1 22-Sep-2004
Business-Midland Outback Steakhouse Purchases Midland's Chi Chi's A1 22-Sep-2004
Clubs & Organizations Michigan Quilt Network to Hold Show, Meeting in Midland A3 22-Sep-2004
Bullock Creek Schools Bullock Creek Could Have New Superintendent in March A3 22-Sep-2004
Events Memories from Balloon Trip Will Last a Lifetime A3 22-Sep-2004
Clubs & Organizations Entry Level Amateur Radio Classes Set B5 22-Sep-2004
Business Altria Official to Address Econ Club B9 22-Sep-2004
Midland County-Courthouse More Time Sought: CourtHouse Focus Groups Has Mtg A1 23-Sep-2004
Accidents Man Dies When Hit on I-75 A1 23-Sep-2004
Michigan-Budget County Tax Shift on Way to Granholm A1 23-Sep-2004
Northwood University Northwood Univ Helps New Students Call Midland Home A1 23-Sep-2004
Soccer Midland Soccer Club Hearing Held A1 23-Sep-2004
Accidents-Midland Midland Boy Hurt When He Falls Off Car Hood A1 23-Sep-2004
Grace A. Dow Mem Library Cheerful Conversation Runneth Over (Coffee Bar Grand Open) A3 23-Sep-2004
Elections Candidates Spar Over Pay Raise A3 23-Sep-2004
Charities & Benefits Benefit Planned for Family (Keeley) A3 23-Sep-2004
Midland Conservation Dist Conservation District Staff to Dedicate New Building A3 23-Sep-2004
Events PFLAG Interim Director to Speak in Midland A5 23-Sep-2004
Art & Artists Fall Arts Insert 23-Sep-2004
Midland County-Courthouse Consensus Reached on Courthouse A1 24-Sep-2004
Fire-Midland County Starting Over: Family Thankful (Robert Libby) A1 24-Sep-2004
Sanford Lake Village Appealing Lake Board's Weed Assessment A3 24-Sep-2004
Midland Council Get GIS Overview A3 24-Sep-2004
Events Spice Up the Weekend (6th Annual Chili Taste-Off) A3 24-Sep-2004
Events Emergency Services Director Part of Auto Run for Charity A3 24-Sep-2004
Charities & Benefits Red Cross Needs Volunteers, Money (Florida-hurricanes) A1 25-Sep-2004
Economy Tri-Cities Jobless Rate Down in August, Still Above State A1 25-Sep-2004
Dow Chemical Implant Makers Will Pay $11.3M: Union Carbide Among.. A1 25-Sep-2004
Sanford Lake Lakefront Residents Asked to Ease Use of Fertilizer A1 25-Sep-2004
Midland County County Approves Agreements to Treat Criminal Offenders A3 25-Sep-2004
Senior Citizens What's THIS For? Seniors Swap Stories of Old Stuff A3 25-Sep-2004
Drunk Driving Woman Sentenced for Drunken Driving Accident A3 25-Sep-2004
Meridian Public Schools Meridian Has Spirit A12 25-Sep-2004
Dow Corning First Phase of DC Tax Appeal Decided A1 26-Sep-2004
Midland First Phase of DC Tax Appeal Decided A1 26-Sep-2004
Events Hot Time Downtown (6th Annual Chili Taste-Off) A1 26-Sep-2004
Students Seven Students Semifinalists in National Merit Competition A3 26-Sep-2004
Chippewa Nature Center Walk in the Woods: CNC Raises Money for Alzheimer's A3 26-Sep-2004
History Landmark Status Give to Roethke House A3 26-Sep-2004
Art & Artists There is a Beautiful Bowl Inside This Log' (Gordon Goulding) A6 26-Sep-2004
Foundations Zastrow Chares His Talent with Others Through Foundation C1 26-Sep-2004
Charities & Benefits Swath of Destruction: Local Red Cross Continues to Help A1 27-Sep-2004
Bicycles & Bicycle Trails BMX Power: Cyclists Working Hard to Get New Track.. A1 27-Sep-2004
Dioxin State to Check Saginaw River, Bay for Dioxin A1 27-Sep-2004
Crime Bank Robberies Booming in State A1 27-Sep-2004
Central Mich University Garrison Keillor to Spin Tales at CMU in November A3 27-Sep-2004
Midland Public Schools Improvement Projects on Midland Public Agenda A3 27-Sep-2004
Shelterhouse Safe Haven: Shelterhouse Provides Safety and Education A3 27-Sep-2004
Water Water System Failure a Concern A1 28-Sep-2004
Law Enforcement Donker a Finalist for U.S. Attorney Position A1 28-Sep-2004
Central Mich University Moore Urges CMU 'Slackers' to Vote A1 28-Sep-2004
Crime Anderson to be Sentenced Today A1 28-Sep-2004
Midland Public Schools Audit Report Puts Midland School Officials Off Balance A1 28-Sep-2004
Coleman Comm Schools Coleman Schools Settle Contracts with Teachers, Support A3 28-Sep-2004
Midland Public Schools Construction Work Approved for Midland High Schools A3 28-Sep-2004
Crime Coleman Firefighter Talks About Experience with Anderson A3 28-Sep-2004
Crime Dog Handler Sentenced to Prison A1 29-Sep-2004
Midland Council Wants Input on Money Matters A1 29-Sep-2004
Accidents-Midland County Woman in Critical Condition (Christina Joy Fisher) A1 29-Sep-2004
Saginaw Valley State Univ Panelists Largely Oppose Proposition 2 A1 29-Sep-2004
Midland County Judge Tells Board of Teen Thriving with Mentor A3 29-Sep-2004
Elections-National Former Navy Colleague Stumps for Kerry in Midland Area A3 29-Sep-2004
Elections On the Books, While Hitting the Books (Voter Registration) A3 29-Sep-2004
Obituaries-Midland Retired DC Executive Dies at 89 A3 29-Sep-2004
Crime-Midland Armed Robbery Suspects Caught A3 29-Sep-2004
Dow Corning Dow Corning, Home Builders Provide Slide at Sugnet B10 29-Sep-2004
Elections Signs Turn Up Missing: Bush, Kerry Signs Popular Targets A1 30-Sep-2004
Mid-Mich Comm College MMCC Millage Request Rejected A1 30-Sep-2004
Charities & Benefits Army's Medlock: Florida's Need is Great A1 30-Sep-2004
Clubs & Organizations Nature's Bounty: Youths Learn..Pumpkins (4-H, Arnold Ctr) A1 30-Sep-2004
Little Forks Conservancy Little Forks Buys Property Near Averill Preserve A2 30-Sep-2004
Barstow Airport Old Planes and New at Barstow Airport Saturday A3 30-Sep-2004
Charities & Benefits For 25 Years, Midlanders Has Walked for Hunger (CROP) A3 30-Sep-2004
Students Sound of Silence: Dow Student Selected (Celine Saucier) A3 30-Sep-2004
Charities & Benefits Family, Friends of Clare Deputy Killed Plan Fundraiser A3 30-Sep-2004
Music & Musicians Faith Works: Big Name Christian Acts Come to Midland B1 30-Sep-2004
Music & Musicians Chapman, Tomlin, Casting Crowns in Saginaw B1 30-Sep-2004
Clubs & Organizations Red Cross Chapter Celebrates 87 Years of Service to Area B6 30-Sep-2004
Events Youth Violence Summit Planned for Next Week B6 30-Sep-2004
Business-Midland Freeland Suzuki Dealer Opening Midland Store C8 30-Sep-2004