Subject Article Page Date
Accidents Fatal Crash Closes M-18 A1 3-Feb-2004
Accidents Woman Dies in Crash (Tehra Partaka, Gladwin) A3 4-Feb-2004
Accidents Midland Man Awarded $10.7 Million (Brian Musselman) A1 5-Feb-2004
Accidents Many Wrecks on Slick Roads A1 15-Feb-2004
Accidents Car, School Bus Collide A1 20-Feb-2004
Accidents Accident Closes US 10: Slick Roads Send Vehicles to Ditch A1 23-Feb-2004
Accidents Slippery Roads Leave Two Dead in Clare County A1 24-Feb-2004
Accidents Coleman Man Dies in Accident A1 12-Mar-2004
Accidents One Dead in M-20 Crash A1 26-Mar-2004
Accidents Midland Man Charged in Fatal Indiana Accident (Love) A3 30-Mar-2004
Accidents Man Critical, Others Hurt as Truck Hits Amish Buggy A1 19-Apr-2004
Accidents Accident Closes Eastbound U.S. 10 (semi-truck) A1 22-Apr-2004
Accidents Four Dead in Area Accidents A3 4-May-2004
Accidents Man Dies in Lawn Mower Accident A1 10-May-2004
Accidents Man Dies After M-20 Crash (Robert Gafken) A1 18-May-2004
Accidents Man 'Critical' After Saginaw Road Accident A1 19-May-2004
Accidents Boy Shot with Arrow A3 2-Jun-04
Accidents Plane Down, Pilot OK A3 2-Jun-04
Accidents Delta Instructor Dies in Boating Accident (Mona White) A3 2-Jun-04
Accidents Three People are Dead in Clare County Accident A2 15-Jun-04
Accidents Motorcycle Wrecks Keep Police Busy A3 29-Jun-04
Accidents Isabella Child Dies from Injuries in Farm Accident A1 4-Jul-2004
Accidents Man Trapped by Arm After Accident A3 7-Jul-2004
Accidents Car Hits House, Driver Injured A3 9-Jul-2004
Accidents Bay Deputies Confirm State Sen. Barcia's Brother Killed A3 11-Jul-2004
Accidents Two Injured in U.S. 10 Accident A3 29-Jul-2004
Accidents Three Hurt in Election Night Accident at Ingersoll Hall A3 4-Aug-2004
Accidents One Injured in M-20 Accident A1 10-Aug-2004
Accidents Two Midlanders Die in Saginaw County Rollover A1 14-Aug-2004
Accidents Laughing Over Spilled Milk A1 21-Aug-2004
Accidents Name Relased in Deadly Gladwin Motorcycle Accident A3 21-Aug-2004
Accidents Man Dies in Crash A1 22-Aug-2004
Accidents Deputies Investigating Accident in Jerome Twp A1 23-Aug-2004
Accidents Driver Charged in Fatal Accident A1 25-Aug-2004
Accidents Boy Dies When Hit By Car (Maxillion Frederickson) A1 30-Aug-2004
Accidents Driver Loses Control of Trailer Hauling Tons of Paper A1 31-Aug-2004
Accidents Bay County Man Dies in Crash A3 19-Sep-2004
Accidents Man Dies When Hit on I-75 A1 23-Sep-2004
Accidents Injured Woman Dies (Christina Joy Fisher) A1 11-Oct-2004
Accidents Death Investigation Continues (Christina Joy Fisher) A1 13-Oct-2004
Accidents Motorcyclist Dies of Accident Injuries (Gaylord Stilwell) A1 14-Oct-2004
Accidents Two Men Die in Fall (Isabella County) A1 16-Oct-2004
Accidents Identities in Fall Death Released (Wiltse, Roberts) A1 17-Oct-2004
Accidents Second Bay City Teen Dies After Huffing Accident in May A1 19-Oct-2004
Accidents Woman Fights for Life: Breckenridge Resident Shocked.. A1 20-Oct-2004
Accidents Man Dies in Accident (Randy Lee Hickerson) A1 21-Oct-2004
Accidents Cr4ash Claims Area Doctor (Judith Diffenderfer) A1 21-Oct-2004
Accidents Two People Die in Weekend Accidents A1 25-Oct-2004
Accidents Crash Sends Man to Hospital (Jared Berger) A1 18-Nov-2004
Accidents Auburn Man Dies in Crash on Midland Road A1 18-Nov-2004
Accidents Man Remains in Fair Condition with Multiple Injuries(Berger) A1 19-Nov-2004
Accidents 2 Die in Separate Accidents A1 21-Nov-2004
Accidents Nasty Roads Factor in Three Deaths A1 27-Nov-2004
Accidents Truck in Lake Leads to Drunk Driving Arrest A2 6-Dec-2004
Accidents-Midland Crossing Guard Hit at Dilloway: Injuries Minor A1 19-Jan-2004
Accidents-Midland Midland Teen Dies in Crash (Ashlee Cook) A1 27-Jan-2004
Accidents-Midland Three Hurt in Crash A3 9-Mar-2004
Accidents-Midland Rockford Man Dies of Crash Injuries A1 24-May-2004
Accidents-Midland Trail Cyclist Dies of Injuries A1 21-Sep-2004
Accidents-Midland Midland Boy Hurt When He Falls Off Car Hood A1 23-Sep-2004
Accidents-Midland Hit and Run Kills Bicyclist (John Kuipers) A1 1-Nov-2004
Accidents-Midland Crash Closes U.S. 10 for 1-1/2 Hours Friday A1 6-Nov-2004
Accidents-Midland Couple Involved in July Crash Dead (Madding) A3 11-Nov-2004
Accidents-Midland Accident Takes Out Utility Pole A3 12-Nov-2004
Accidents-Midland County Woman Injured in Accident (Joan Lorenz) A3 25-Feb-2004
Accidents-Midland County Five People Injured in Mills Township Accident A3 5-Apr-2004
Accidents-Midland County Woman in Critical Condition (Christina Joy Fisher) A1 29-Sep-2004
Accidents-Midland County Four Hurt in M-30 Wreck A3 10-Dec-2004
Agriculture Poor Weather Taking Bite Out of Pumpkin Crop A1 21-Aug-2004
Agriculture Farmers Meet to Set Policy Agenda for Coming Year A7 29-Aug-2004
Agriculture Micland County Residents Attend Land Use Conference B1 5-Sep-2004
Agriculture Faces of Struggle: An In-Depth Look at Migrant Farm Worker A1 21-Nov-2004
Agriculture A Greater Hope: Family Makes Yearly Migration from Texas F1 21-Nov-2004
Alcoholism Many Sources Available to Provide Alcohol to Minors A3 14-Mar-2004
Alcoholism Stores Saluted for Alcohol Compliance A3 20-Jul-2004
Animals Man Pleads Guilty in Death of Horse A1 10-Jan-2004
Animals Pet Sounds: Group Saves Animals (SOS Animal Rescue) A1 11-Jan-2004
Animals Dog Show: Auburn Woman Taking Lab to Westminster Show A3 6-Feb-2004
Animals Dog Owner Sentenced A1 5-Mar-2004
Animals Pit Bulls Maul Boy in Midland A1 22-Mar-2004
Animals Youth Mauled by Dogs Recovering A1 24-Mar-2004
Animals Dog Safety for Children Depends on Owner.. A1 17-Apr-2004
Animals Bites Not Uncommon A1 17-Apr-2004
Animals Hope Girl Competing on World State in Germany (Benson) B1 20-Apr-2004
Animals Wild Horses, Burros Up for Adoption Next Weekend A3 9-May-2004
Animals Wild Horses, Burros Available for Auction at Fairground A3 14-May-2004
Animals Midlander Tunes Ears to Frog Sounds (Eldon Enger) A3 15-May-2004
Animals A Little Dog Like You A6 14-Jul-2004
Animals Readers Write About Pets A5 28-Jul-2004
Animals Trimmer Keeps Cows Ready to Hoof It A3 10-Aug-2004
Animals Pen Lock Cut, Boars Escape A1 26-Aug-2004
Animals Mills Township Family's Odd Feathered Friend Missing A3 31-Aug-2004
Animals Boaring Story: Escaped Boars Still Roaming Midland Cty A1 10-Oct-2004
Animals New Family Pet is 8 Ft Long & Mean as a Snake A3 14-Nov-2004
Animals Pampered Pets: Americans Set to Double Spending A3 23-Dec-2004
Arnold Center $26,515 Grant Awarded to the Arnold Center C4 26-Aug-2004
Art & Artists Relationships Inspire Midland Couple's Art Exhibit A5 15-Jan-2004
Art & Artists Former Midland Artist Wins International Award (Coates) D4 22-Jan-2004
Art & Artists Thinker' Wins Artist Guild's Best of Show (Ruggles) A6 19-Feb-2004
Art & Artists Medallions Planned at Entrance (US 10 Overpass) A1 18-Mar-2004
Art & Artists Eggs-ellent: Artist Still Teaches Ancient Czech Design C1 11-Apr-2004
Art & Artists Jewelry Fashion Show Sparkles with Excitement C1 11-Apr-2004
Art & Artists JCC Mural Celebrates Midland History A1 15-Apr-2004
Art & Artists Midland Artists Guild Members Display Work D2 15-Apr-2004
Art & Artists Midlander's Quilt in National Show A6 19-Apr-2004
Art & Artists Summer Artists' Market Planned in Town A1 20-Apr-2004
Art & Artists Quilter For All Seasons: Masley's Creations.. B1 23-Apr-2004
Art & Artists Quilts of Comfort' Show April 24-May 1 B1 23-Apr-2004
Art & Artists Make Midland Beautiful' Art Show at Mall C5 25-Apr-2004
Art & Artists Sculpture Exhibits at Marshall Fredericks Museum B1 30-Apr-2004
Art & Artists Made of Steel: Metal Artist…(Guy Sabrie) D1 20-May-2004
Art & Artists Saginaw Ceramics Show Features Dow Pottery D1 10-Jun-04
Art & Artists Farmers Market Home to Artists' Work A3 11-Jun-04
Art & Artists Teachers' Work Displayed in Library Mezzanine D1 24-Jun-04
Art & Artists Familiar Faces Found on Walls A1 26-Jun-04
Art & Artists Museum Will Feature Visions of Childhood A1 26-Jun-04
Art & Artists Soldier Latest of Family's Wooden Decorations A1 3-Jul-2004
Art & Artists Very Chairy: Artists Ready for 'Adirondack Antics' A3 18-Jul-2004
Art & Artists Exhibit Showcases young Artists (Healing Arts Gallery) A6 3-Aug-2004
Art & Artists Clare Steps Back in Time with Depression WPA Art Tour A3 3-Sep-2004
Art & Artists Clare Honoring WPA Artwork A3 5-Sep-2004
Art & Artists Midland Potter Among 100 Artists at Plymouth Park Fair A1 17-Sep-2004
Art & Artists Be the Bead (Midland Beading Guild) C1 19-Sep-2004
Art & Artists Fall Arts Insert 23-Sep-2004
Art & Artists There is a Beautiful Bowl Inside This Log' (Gordon Goulding) A6 26-Sep-2004
Art & Artists A Jewel of a Job: Goldsmith Crafts Jewelry A1 2-Oct-2004
Art & Artists Van Slyck Exhibits at NYC Gallery B1 7-Oct-2004
Art & Artists Watercolors on Exhibit B1 7-Oct-2004
Art & Artists Fuscaldo to Speak to Midland Artists Guild B5 14-Oct-2004
Art & Artists MMCC Library hosts Art Display B5 19-Oct-2004
Art & Artists Many Styles, One Photographer (Lauren Hughes) A5 2-Nov-2004
Art & Artists Artist Rotterday Shows Drawings in SVSU Show D1 4-Nov-2004
Art & Artists Paint & Palette: Student Artists Showcased at Library D1 11-Nov-2004
Art & Artists Midlander Exhibits Work in Bay City Gallery D2 11-Nov-2004
Art & Artists Reflections of the Season A1 18-Nov-2004
Art & Artists Midland Man Finds Joy in Creating Walking Sticks C6 21-Nov-2004
Art & Artists From Trash to Craft A3 27-Dec-2004
Authors Local Man Writes Second Father-Son Book (Molitor) B2 29-Jul-2004
Authors Silent Heroes Delivers (Lowell Thomas) A3 3-Oct-2004
Authors Author Launches Book of Vets' Reflections (Lowell Thomas) A6 10-Nov-2004
Authors Silent Heroes' No Longer (Lowell Thomas) A5 12-Dec-2004
Awards & Prizes Delta Professor Britto Earns MLK Spirit Award A5 15-Jan-2004
Awards & Prizes Academy Teacher Foreign Language Teacher of the Year A6 16-Jan-2004
Awards & Prizes Midland High BPA Winners Announced B8 25-Jan-2004
Awards & Prizes Nominations Sought for Gerstacker Teaching Awards A2 3-Feb-2004
Awards & Prizes McManus Strosacker Winner A1 4-Feb-2004
Awards & Prizes Girl Scouts to Honor 10 Women of Distinction A5 7-Feb-2004
Awards & Prizes MHS Student in State Pageant A5 17-Feb-2004
Awards & Prizes Two Midland Women Honored by Girl Scouts A3 19-Feb-2004
Awards & Prizes Midland Morning Rotary Honors Hahn A10 21-Feb-2004
Awards & Prizes Richmond, Sprenger A-Team Winners at Mall A10 21-Feb-2004
Awards & Prizes Nominations Due March 31 for Osborn Award A10 21-Feb-2004
Awards & Prizes Two Receive Gerstacker Law Enforcement Awards A3 25-Feb-2004
Awards & Prizes Thirteen Students Named National Merit Finalists A3 26-Feb-2004
Awards & Prizes Junior Achievement Company Program Awards Presented A6 26-Feb-2004
Awards & Prizes Standfest Gets Civilian Police Commendation Award A6 26-Feb-2004
Awards & Prizes Caul Thanked for Nursing Scholarship A2 3-Mar-2004
Awards & Prizes Calvin College Honors Midland's Brondsema D2 4-Mar-2004
Awards & Prizes Midland Christian School Does Well in Spelling Bee D2 4-Mar-2004
Awards & Prizes Midland Academy Students Named National Merit Finalists A3 5-Mar-2004
Awards & Prizes Red Cross Honors Local Heroes A3 5-Mar-2004
Awards & Prizes Just Common Sense' (Red Cross Heroes - Dawn Nikolai) A7 6-Mar-2004
Awards & Prizes I Love Helping People' (Red Cross Heroes - Carol Pearsall) A5 7-Mar-2004
Awards & Prizes Area Women Earn Humor Honor at Trenary Outhouse Race A7 7-Mar-2004
Awards & Prizes Man Breaks Door Down..(Red Cross Heroes-D. Schroeder) A5 8-Mar-2004
Awards & Prizes Life of Service (Red Cross Heroes - Geneva Plakke) A5 9-Mar-2004
Awards & Prizes Something Took Hold of Me (Red Cross Heroes-Naugle) A5 10-Mar-2004
Awards & Prizes Midland Students Shine at State BPA Conference D4 18-Mar-2004
Awards & Prizes Midland High Performs Well at State (Forensics) C3 19-Mar-2004
Awards & Prizes Local Students Named in 'Who's Who' Amer HS Students C4 21-Mar-2004
Awards & Prizes Dow High's Update Wins Gold Crown Award B6 25-Mar-2004
Awards & Prizes DAR Good Citizen Winners Named A2 26-Mar-2004
Awards & Prizes Midland Concert Band Announces Scholarship Winners D2 1-Apr-2004
Awards & Prizes Kellom Presented Rotary Award D6 15-Apr-2004
Awards & Prizes Are High School Students Honor Teachers B5 25-Apr-2004
Awards & Prizes Midland Students Receive Writing Awards B6 1-May-2004
Awards & Prizes Always Involved: Spalding Named Community Excellence A1 4-May-2004
Awards & Prizes Keyworth Wins Merit Scholarship (National Merit) A3 5-May-2004
Awards & Prizes Jefferson Team Successful at Academic Track Meets B5 5-May-2004
Awards & Prizes Dow CAD Students Earn Ribbons at Competition B5 5-May-2004
Awards & Prizes Ex-Dow Football Coach, Al Quick, Receives Osborn Award B2 6-May-2004
Awards & Prizes Ortenburger Wins Regional Social Worker of the Year B5 8-May-2004
Awards & Prizes Something for Mom: Augurn Boy's Poem Wins.. A1 8-May-2004
Awards & Prizes Salute to Mothers: Meet the 2004 Mid. Org of Mothers.. C1 9-May-2004
Awards & Prizes Lombardo Wins Midland High's Honor B6 12-May-2004
Awards & Prizes Meitler Named Dow High's Saginaw Valley Teacher of Year B6 12-May-2004
Awards & Prizes Four MPS Teachers Receiver Gerstacker Awards A3 14-May-2004
Awards & Prizes Midland BPA Students Receive National Awards B5 14-May-2004
Awards & Prizes Windover Student, Teacher to Get Peace Awards A3 15-May-2004
Awards & Prizes Department of Labor Recognizes Students B5 30-May-2004
Awards & Prizes Peacemaker Award Winners Honored B5 1-Jun-04
Awards & Prizes National Merit Corporate Scholarships Awarded A3 2-Jun-04
Awards & Prizes MHS Students Win Essay Contest B5 2-Jun-04
Awards & Prizes 2004 Peacemaker Awards Given to Teens D8 17-Jun-04
Awards & Prizes Bromleys Get Rotary Fellowships D3 20-Jun-04
Awards & Prizes Eastlawn Gives Keel, Soaring Eagle Awards D3 20-Jun-04
Awards & Prizes Doan Receives Award for Venture Capital Work A7 3-Jul-2004
Awards & Prizes Teens Receive Scholarships for Programs (AICHE) B12 7-Jul-2004
Awards & Prizes Applications Sought for Spirit Awards B1 5-Sep-2004
Awards & Prizes Dow High Student is Sept Winner of A-Team Program B1 5-Sep-2004
Awards & Prizes Four Teens Recognized with Silver Awards (Girl Scouts) B5 15-Sep-2004
Awards & Prizes Bay Women's Center Receives Quality of Life Award A5 2-Oct-2004
Awards & Prizes Midland Tomorrow Honors Yehle, Nine Others A3 5-Oct-2004
Awards & Prizes Three Midland High Seniors Earn Honors in Writing Comp C7 8-Oct-2004
Awards & Prizes Ladenburger Named DAR Good Citizen C7 28-Oct-2004
Awards & Prizes Zondlak-White Inducted into Hall (Special Olympics) B2 5-Dec-2004
Awards & Prizes Chemical Society Awards Presented to Three People A5 11-Dec-2004
Awards & Prizes Arc Honors Stamas, Others A2 14-Dec-2004
Awards & Prizes Standfest Elected to Keep Michigan Beautiful Bd of Direct A8 15-Dec-2004
Awards & Prizes Oreffice Honored (Franca Oreffice) A2 29-Dec-2004
Barstow Airport New Barstow Terminal Will Include Style Nod to Alden Dow A3 16-Jun-04
Barstow Airport Family Business: Aviator's Sister Reminisces at Airport A3 25-Aug-2004
Barstow Airport Fewer Flights At Barstow Airport Seen This Summer A1 8-Sep-2004
Barstow Airport Old Planes and New at Barstow Airport Saturday A3 30-Sep-2004
Barstow Airport Friendly Skies: 90 Year Old Pilot Air Tourist at Barstow A1 4-Oct-2004
Baseball Ex-Players Still Able to Charm Fans (Tigers at Tendercare) B1 28-Jan-2004
Baseball Hemlock Baseball Coach May Lose Job (LaJoice) A3 12-Feb-2004
Baseball Dream Team: Creek's Schwedler Heads 2004 All-Area Team B1 30-Jun-04
Basketball Piston Frenzy: Fans Celebrate the Crown A1 16-Jun-04
Basketball Pistons Win Title B1 16-Jun-04
Basketball Dow Girls Cap Comebacks, Break Into Starting Lineup A1 25-Aug-2004
Basketball Hardwood Heroines:  (All-Area Dream Team) D1 26-Dec-2004
Basketball-Midland State Champs! Midland Christian Wins First State Title D1 29-Feb-2004
Basketball-Midland St John's Lutheran Headed to National Tournament B1 25-Mar-2004
Basketball-Midland MacDonald Becomes First Dow Basketball Player to Earn.. A1 26-Mar-2004
Basketball-Midland 2003-04 All-Area Dream Team B1 30-Mar-2004
Basketball-Midland Dow's MacDonald This Year's Coach of the Year B1 30-Mar-2004
Basketball-Midland MacDonald Named Daily News Player of the Year B1 30-Mar-2004
Beaverton Beaverton Hires New Superintendent A3 15-Jan-2004
Beaverton Beaverton Voters Give Approval to New Charter A1 7-Mar-2004
Bicycles & Bicycle Trails Bicyclists Ride inito '04 on Rail-Trail A3 2-Jan-2004
Bicycles & Bicycle Trails STARPAC Hopes to Encourage People to Bike or Walk A1 11-Jan-2004
Bicycles & Bicycle Trails Bicycle Enthusiasts Readying for BMX Track A3 30-May-2004
Bicycles & Bicycle Trails Midland Criterium Continues Under New Promoter A1 8-Jul-2004
Bicycles & Bicycle Trails International Group of Cyclists Reaches Midland A3 27-Jul-2004
Bicycles & Bicycle Trails Teens, Designer Ready for BMX Track A3 14-Aug-2004
Bicycles & Bicycle Trails BMX Power: Cyclists Working Hard to Get New Track.. A1 27-Sep-2004
Biography Saginaw Native Designed 50-Star Flag D4 20-Jun-04
Biography Miss Michigan from Auburn (Kelli Talicska) A1 21-Jun-04
Biography Food Stand in Memory of Mom (Ramon Torres) A3 15-Jul-2004
Biography Woman Says Broken Hip Won't Deter Skydiving (Anita Chase) A3 2-Nov-2004
Biography Area Innovator: Bay Farmer Wins Award for Corn-Picking.. A3 6-Dec-2004
Biography-Auburn Fit for Auburn's Queen: Miss Michigan Comes Home A1 16-Jul-2004
Biography-Midland 100 Years: Quality of Life: The Influence of Alden B. Dow Insert 1-Jan-2004
Biography-Midland Starner,Lansing Boy to See State Quarter's First Strike A1 7-Jan-2004
Biography-Midland Starner Must Wait for Special Quarter A3 9-Jan-2004
Biography-Midland If We Had Known Then: Midland Newlyweds Advice (Green) C1 11-Jan-2004
Biography-Midland Grandma Hahn: A Special Lady to Young & Old C5 25-Jan-2004
Biography-Midland Midland Remembers..The Skeltons of Auburn, Part 1 A10 4-Feb-2004
Biography-Midland Midlander Reunites with Japanese Friend (Paul Schultz) B1 6-Feb-2004
Biography-Midland Blind from Birth (Amanda McCormick) A7 7-Feb-2004
Biography-Midland 61 Valentines: Couple Celebrates 61 Years (Tanks) A1 14-Feb-2004
Biography-Midland Midland Remembers..The Skeltons of Auburn, Part 2 A6 18-Feb-2004
Biography-Midland Model Hobbyist (Brian Francis-Mid-Mich Model Makers) A3 27-Feb-2004
Biography-Midland Dunford Sings in ACDA Honor Choir A5 17-Mar-2004
Biography-Midland Midland Remembers..The Story of Eva Hitsman Rowe A6 7-Apr-2004
Biography-Midland Lifelong Fan Still Watches Tiger Baseball (Oliver Tank) A3 9-Apr-2004
Biography-Midland Man and Modern Architecture': Alden B. Dow's Look A1 10-Apr-2004
Biography-Midland Activist Feature:Local Marijuana Activist to Be in Document.. A3 1-May-2004
Biography-Midland Alden B. Dow Story: Of Architecture, Philosophy, Individual A5 2-May-2004
Biography-Midland Midland Remembers..Mary Winter Leigeb A6 5-May-2004
Biography-Midland Lucky Dog: Teacher Publishes Book (Marla Nicoll) A1 8-May-2004
Biography-Midland A Passionate Concern (Judge Donna Morris) E1 9-May-2004
Biography-Midland Giving It Up for God:Families Leaving Area for Mission A1 14-May-2004
Biography-Midland Bakke Receives Eagle Scout Award A2 16-May-2004
Biography-Midland Woman of Justice (Rose Marie McQuaid) B5 16-May-2004
Biography-Midland Making a Difference (Rachel Ransom - Liberia) C1 16-May-2004
Biography-Midland Midland Remembers..The Don Beckwith Story A6 19-May-2004
Biography-Midland Improving the Quality of a Child's Life (Dick Dolinski) D9 23-May-2004
Biography-Midland Midland High Grad on Broadway (Ginifer King) A1 30-May-2004
Biography-Midland Midlander Joins Teach for America (Wiliam Owen) B6 4-Jun-04
Biography-Midland Bourne Earns Eagle Rank A1 9-Jun-04
Biography-Midland A Really Big Gift (Norma Jean Julian) A3 14-Jun-04
Biography-Midland Cadillac Woman (Clara Hancock) A1 20-Jun-04
Biography-Midland Journey to Fatherhood:Former Midlander Adopts (Demers) A3 20-Jun-04
Biography-Midland Family Found: Long Search Results in Reunion of 5 Siblings A3 22-Jun-04
Biography-Midland Mystery Machine (Ben Prentiss) A1 13-Jul-2004
Biography-Midland What is a Connection? (Deborah Temperly - Jeopardy) A3 16-Jul-2004
Biography-Midland Beat of a Different Style:Midland High Teen Bucks Stereotype B1 29-Jul-2004
Biography-Midland Executive Chef from Country Club Cooks (British Open) C1 1-Aug-2004
Biography-Midland A Matter of Faith: Faith, Prayer and Church (Sarah Lukens) A1 14-Aug-2004
Biography-Midland Midland Veteran's Dog Tag Returned (Walburn) A3 14-Aug-2004
Biography-Midland Building Dollhouses (Dorothy Oswald Costello) C1 22-Aug-2004
Biography-Midland Alden B. Dow Honored at the State, City, Federal Levels B6 24-Aug-2004
Biography-Midland A Secret Shared: Midlander Discovers the Magic of Santa C1 29-Aug-2004
Biography-Midland Judge Schuette: Midlander Striving to Balance Work.. A1 9-Sep-2004
Biography-Midland Grandmother, Grandson Hand Out of Airplane (Hickman) A3 11-Sep-2004
Biography-Midland Douglass Earns Rank of Eagle Scout A2 4-Oct-2004
Biography-Midland Magazine Features Midlander Nelson Tisdale A3 20-Nov-2004
Biography-Midland Reaching Out: He Fought & Beat One Brain Tumor (Wagner) A1 5-Dec-2004
Biography-Midland Siddall Works to Give Back to World (Zachary Sidall) C5 4-Apr-2004
Biography-Midland County Midland Remembers: Geneva and Beyond, Part 1 (Yeakles) A8 7-Jan-2004
Biography-Midland County Sanford Man Wins $175,000 A3 10-Jan-2004
Biography-Midland County Sanford Residents Witness Wright Brothers Celebration A10 10-Jan-2004
Biography-Midland County Leap Birthday (John Bornheimer) A1 1-Mar-2004
Biography-Midland County Sanford Woman Travels to Iraq to Teach Kurdish (Wharton) C1 4-Apr-2004
Biography-Midland County 50 Years with AAA (Robert Vincent) A1 26-Jul-2004
Biography-Midland County Healing Bond: BC Bush Mechanic Recovering (Waskevich) A1 4-Dec-2004
Births-Midland New Year, New Baby A1 2-Jan-2004
Boating On the Water Insert 23-May-2004
Bowling Striking Against Drugs:Bowling Alley Offers Students.. A3 8-Jun-04
Bowling Nowak Named MWBA Bowler of the Year B3 18-Jul-2004
Bowling Three Inducted to Bowling Hall (King, King, Rebant) B2 16-Nov-2004
Buildings Demolition Day (Hall of Labor-Saginaw Rd) A1 2-Mar-2004
Buildings Athletic Face Life: Remodeling of Area Sports Complexes A1 30-Mar-2004
Buildings Celebrating Midland's Architectural Heritage-Alden Dow Bldgs A7 30-Jul-2004
Buildings Midland Developer Restoring Mt Pleasant Building A3 20-Sep-2004
Bullock Creek Schools On the Catwalk (Spanish class) A1 17-Jan-2004
Bullock Creek Schools Adjustments to Budget on BC Agenca A3 19-Jan-2004
Bullock Creek Schools Bullock Creek Officials Mull Driver's Education A1 20-Jan-2004
Bullock Creek Schools Bullock Creek Forced to Use Fund Balance A1 20-Jan-2004
Bullock Creek Schools Principal Leaving for National Guard Position A3 8-Feb-2004
Bullock Creek Schools Principal for a Day A3 13-Feb-2004
Bullock Creek Schools Sounds of the Islands A3 14-Feb-2004
Bullock Creek Schools Elementary Principal, Driver Ed on BC Agenda A3 16-Feb-2004
Bullock Creek Schools BC Offers Retirement Incentive A3 18-Feb-2004
Bullock Creek Schools Bullock Creek Has Six Valedictorians in 2004 A2 15-Mar-2004
Bullock Creek Schools Chapin's Job Performance Revied by BC Board A3 15-Mar-2004
Bullock Creek Schools Good Review for BC's Chapin A3 16-Mar-2004
Bullock Creek Schools Bullock Creek Cold Cut 14 Teachers, Other Positions A1 18-Mar-2004
Bullock Creek Schools Incredible Kids: Students Receive Notes of Supports A1 19-Mar-2004
Bullock Creek Schools Bullock Creek Teachers Accept Retirement Deal.. A3 10-Apr-2004
Bullock Creek Schools No Laughing Matter (Steve Seskin) A1 15-Apr-2004
Bullock Creek Schools BC To Review Its Budget A3 19-Apr-2004
Bullock Creek Schools Finances Still Tight at BC, Could Result in 3 Layoffs A3 20-Apr-2004
Bullock Creek Schools BC Students Complete at CMU's Foreign Lanuage Day A2 21-Apr-2004
Bullock Creek Schools BC Shuffles Staff for Building Realignment A3 18-May-2004
Bullock Creek Schools Race Complaint: Matter Involving BC Students Settled A1 20-May-2004
Bullock Creek Schools Two BC Board Members Run for Re-Election A3 5-Jun-04
Bullock Creek Schools BC Superintendent Up for East Lansing Job A3 29-Jun-04
Bullock Creek Schools Creek Expects to Dip into Rainy Day Fund to Balance Budget A3 1-Jul-2004
Bullock Creek Schools Chapin Resigns from BC A1 13-Jul-2004
Bullock Creek Schools Teacher Contract on BC Agenda A3 16-Aug-2004
Bullock Creek Schools Bullock Creek Ups Pay by 1% A1 17-Aug-2004
Bullock Creek Schools Bullock Creek Could Have New Superintendent in March A3 22-Sep-2004
Bullock Creek Schools Bullock Creek to Freeze 2004-2005 Spending A1 15-Oct-2004
Bullock Creek Schools Budget Freeze Causes Confusion A1 19-Oct-2004
Bullock Creek Schools Superintendent Traits Shared at Bullock Creek Meeting A1 28-Oct-2004
Bullock Creek Schools Pumpkins Away! Pumpkin Trebuchets Help BC Students.. A3 30-Oct-2004
Bullock Creek Schools Bullock Creek Lists What It Wants in a Superintendent A3 4-Nov-2004
Bullock Creek Schools Going to the 'Dome A1 21-Nov-2004
Bullock Creek Schools Off to the Dome: Lancers Top Nouvel 21-20 in OT D1 21-Nov-2004
Bullock Creek Schools Creek Backers: BC Community Pours Out Love A1 24-Nov-2004
Bullock Creek Schools It's 'Dome Sweet Some' Mania A1 25-Nov-2004
Bullock Creek Schools Football Players Inspire Younger Students A3 25-Nov-2004
Bullock Creek Schools BC's Kalina is the MDN Coach of the Year C1 25-Nov-2004
Bullock Creek Schools Creek Spirit Abounds A1 26-Nov-2004
Bullock Creek Schools Creek Enjoys the Moment A1 26-Nov-2004
Bullock Creek Schools Tough Battle, Tough Loss: 13-0 Game Ends BC Season A1 28-Nov-2004
Bullock Creek Schools Lumen Christi Tops BC 13-0 in Div 5 State Champ Game B1 28-Nov-2004
Bullock Creek Schools At the Dome: Jackson Lumen Christi 13, Bullock Creek 0 B3 28-Nov-2004
Bullock Creek Schools Creekers Come Home: Fans Help Cover Loss with Love A1 29-Nov-2004
Bullock Creek Schools Lighting It Up (lanterns for Dow Gardens Christmas Walk) A3 30-Nov-2004
Bullock Creek Schools Balancing Act: BC Committee Seeking Way to Stabilize.. A3 1-Dec-2004
Bullock Creek Schools Bullock Creek Plans Special Budget Meeting A1 6-Dec-2004
Bullock Creek Schools BC Cuts Impact Staff A1 7-Dec-2004
Bullock Creek Schools Creek's Kalina Voted Coach of the Year By His Peers B1 14-Dec-2004
Bullock Creek Schools Updated BC Website Has More for Parents A3 17-Dec-2004
Bullock Creek Schools BC Music Program Gets Gerstacker Grant A3 21-Dec-2004
Busines Learning the Business (Harsh's Pro Hardware) A3 25-Jan-2004
Business Lumber Company Sells Exotic Wood (Barn Door) A3 3-Jan-2004
Business Java and Java (Expresso Milano) A3 13-Jan-2004
Business Beef Businesses Booming: Concerns Over Mad Cow.. A1 21-Jan-2004
Business Meijer to Announce Restructuring Changes Today A5 24-Jan-2004
Business Meijer Trims 1900 Management Positions A1 25-Jan-2004
Business Florida Company Buys Local Railroad (CMR) A3 27-Jan-2004
Business Former Dow Engineer Selected to Lead MITECH+ A3 30-Jan-2004
Business Cost of Business: Soft Dollar Makes Harder (Eastman Party) A1 1-Feb-2004
Business Better Cooker: Bay City Man Invests Poultry Pal A3 3-Feb-2004
Business Sugar Companies Oppose Free Trade Deal A3 6-Feb-2004
Business Independent Retailers: Many Merchants Search for Niches Insert 8-Feb-2004
Business To Survive, Focus of Many Local Businesses is Customers Insert 8-Feb-2004
Business Low-Carb Takes Off in Midland Area Insert 8-Feb-2004
Business Marketing Challenges Tackled in Different Ways Insert 8-Feb-2004
Business Preparing Students for the Workplace Insert 8-Feb-2004
Business Curves Grows as Members Get Smaller Insert 8-Feb-2004
Business Story Behind the Labels Insert 8-Feb-2004
Business NAM: Level Playing Field (Made in America) Insert 8-Feb-2004
Business Plush Puppets, Customer Service Part of Bookstores' Plan Insert 8-Feb-2004
Business Local Firms Offer Variety of Benefits to Employees Insert 8-Feb-2004
Business Phone Trend: Wireless is a Cool Thing Insert 8-Feb-2004
Business Internet Pharmacies: Growing Trend or Not? Insert 8-Feb-2004
Business M-TECX Works to Open Manufacturing Doors Insert 8-Feb-2004
Business New Craft Store Opens in Sanford (Sharpest Scent) A7 11-Feb-2004
Business Sweet Treat:Local Man Sells Turkish Sweet on Web (Clark) A9 18-Feb-2004
Business Pat's Opens New Store A9 18-Feb-2004
Business J.E. Johnson to Renovate Mt Pleasant Landmark A8 24-Feb-2004
Business Cultural Awareness Committee Outlines Business Plan A5 29-Feb-2004
Business Expo to Be High-Flying Affair A8 2-Mar-2004
Business Passion Products: Local Stores Have Merchandise A3 6-Mar-2004
Business Freeland Businesses Attempting to Revive Chamber A3 12-Apr-2004
Business Michael's Closing: Flat Grocery Business.. A1 13-Apr-2004
Business Businesswoman Sought for New Empowerment Effort A6 11-May-2004
Business Gladwin's Riverwalk Place to Open for Business on Monday A1 12-May-2004
Business A Good Notion…(Rooms Full of Noations - Diane Lopez) B6 16-May-2004
Business Midland-Saginaw Companies Team Up for Big Farm Scene A1 18-Jun-04
Business Several New Team Members Named at Midland's BayValley A5 19-Jun-04
Business Bottled Water Plant Sought: Bay County Site.. A1 12-Jul-2004
Business Monitor, Michigan Sugar Merge A7 2-Aug-2004
Business Deadline Extended in Sale of Monitor Sugar A5 4-Sep-2004
Business Planned Merger Involving Monitor Sugar Moves Forward A7 12-Sep-2004
Business Altria Official to Address Econ Club B9 22-Sep-2004
Business Bay City Firm Helps Space Effort A1 4-Oct-2004
Business Merger Finalized Between Mich Sugar, Monitor Sugar A1 9-Oct-2004
Business Saginaw Iron Plant Targeted for Closure A1 16-Oct-2004
Business Saginaw Expects Sting from GM's Plant Closing A1 17-Oct-2004
Business New Health Store Opens in Auburn C8 21-Oct-2004
Business Economist Optimistic, But Warns Against 'Mine Fields' B5 5-Nov-2004
Business Inc. Magazine Names LocalNet to Fastest-Growing List B6 5-Nov-2004
Business State Director Encourages Vision for Small Business D7 7-Nov-2004
Business Camp, Commerce Official Link Company with World Bank C7 11-Nov-2004
Business Local Credit Unions Merging (Comm Family/Midland Area) A1 12-Nov-2004
Business More Than Just Satisfied: Customer Loyalty Requires TLC A3 14-Nov-2004
Business Hemlock Project to Create Over 100 New Jobs A1 17-Nov-2004
Business Coleman Business Recycles Tires A1 20-Nov-2004
Business Bay City Residents, Michigan Sugar Settle on Complaints A1 26-Nov-2004
Business Delphi Corp to Cut 8500 Jobs Globally A1 10-Dec-2004
Business Chemical Financial Announces 5 Percent Stock Divident A2 14-Dec-2004
Business-Midland New Year, New Owners (Lapelle's Flowers) A1 1-Jan-2004
Business-Midland Bank to Build on Union Hall Site A3 14-Jan-2004
Business-Midland Ashcraft's Name Changing C8 29-Jan-2004
Business-Midland Burns, Waltz Selected for Chemical Bank Board A3 7-Feb-2004
Business-Midland Trio Launches 'Upscale' Trade Center (Midland Trade Center) A3 16-Feb-2004
Business-Midland New Look: Abandoned Parcel Home of Car Business A3 19-Feb-2004
Business-Midland Some Stay Open 24/7 Insert 22-Feb-2004
Business-Midland Don't Make Mistakes with Your Insurance Insert 22-Feb-2004
Business-Midland Telecommuting: More People Working from Home Insert 22-Feb-2004
Business-Midland Downturn Has Hurt Some Small Businesses Insert 22-Feb-2004
Business-Midland What to Do If You Have a Problem with a Business Insert 22-Feb-2004
Business-Midland Businesses Attempt to Make Sure Customer Always Right Insert 22-Feb-2004
Business-Midland Walgreens Proposed at Former Bill Knapp's Location A1 25-Feb-2004
Business-Midland Owning the Business: Wolgast Succeeding.. B1 29-Feb-2004
Business-Midland Record Year for Wolverine: Loans, Deposits at New Highs B1 29-Feb-2004
Business-Midland Eastlawn Subway Bigger, New Décor A8 2-Mar-2004
Business-Midland Bolger & Battle Celebrates 10 Years A8 2-Mar-2004
Business-Midland Midlnd Has New State Farm Agent (Scott McGregor) A8 2-Mar-2004
Business-Midland Roly Poly Doing Well Next to Competitor C8 11-Mar-2004
Business-Midland AAUW Book Sale Returns to Mall A3 12-Mar-2004
Business-Midland City, Designers Working on Wal-Mart Gas Station Plan A3 24-Mar-2004
Business-Midland Forshee Concrete Selling Stamped Concrete A9 14-Apr-2004
Business-Midland Bamboo Garden Closes After 24 Years A3 24-Apr-2004
Business-Midland Antiques Gallery Opens on Wackerly E2 25-Apr-2004
Business-Midland Popoff to Succeed Oliver as CFC Chairperson B5 26-Apr-2004
Business-Midland Anderson Daily News Publisher A1 27-Apr-2004
Business-Midland Change in Walgreens Site Plan Surprises Neighbors A3 28-Apr-2004
Business-Midland Midland Shop Has Smashing Ice Cream Treat A9 28-Apr-2004
Business-Midland City soon to Say 'hola' to Mexican Eatery A9 5-May-2004
Business-Midland More Superstores Coming to State, Including Midland A1 6-May-2004
Business-Midland Cabinet Maker Gets City Tax Break (Case System) A3 8-May-2004
Business-Midland Safety Award Given to Case Systems A6 11-May-2004
Business-Midland Chemical Bank Open House Set for Monday C8 13-May-2004
Business-Midland Dow-Howell-Gilmore Planning New Bldg on Northwood Land A3 22-May-2004
Business-Midland Circling Around an Idea: Group Takes Baby Step A1 3-Jun-04
Business-Midland Shields Bakery Opens Midland Store C8 3-Jun-04
Business-Midland New Restaurant Opens Monday (Priests Boomerang) A8 6-Jun-04
Business-Midland New Midland Pizza Eatery Opens A5 7-Jun-04
Business-Midland Stepping Stones Celebrates 20 Years A9 9-Jun-04
Business-Midland Midlander to Open Home Decorating Business (Lisa Scott) C8 10-Jun-04
Business-Midland Couple Goes for European Touch, Taste (Pastries By T) A8 13-Jun-04
Business-Midland Under New Management: Case Up and Running D1 20-Jun-04
Business-Midland Dollar Daze Move Opposed by Residents A3 23-Jun-04
Business-Midland New Best Buy Store Expected to Open in Fall A9 23-Jun-04
Business-Midland Midland Will Get Blockbuster Store A3 27-Jun-04
Business-Midland Ice Cream Trends and Friends C1 27-Jun-04
Business-Midland City Approves New Dollar Daze Site A5 29-Jun-04
Business-Midland Filling a Legacy: Twin Dentists Purchase Practice A1 30-Jun-04
Business-Midland Mural Will Ease Wait for Coffee Lovers (Expresso Coffee) A1 2-Jul-2004
Business-Midland Last Call: Decker Selling Bar After 32 Years A1 4-Jul-2004
Business-Midland Coffee Talk (Coffee Chaos) A3 8-Jul-2004
Business-Midland Company Sells Air Purifying Equipment (Air Ions) A7 9-Jul-2004
Business-Midland City Reviews Plan for 8 New Stores A1 14-Jul-2004
Business-Midland Dental Center Celebrates 25 Years A9 14-Jul-2004
Business-Midland Midlander Buys, Sells Vinyl Records A7 16-Jul-2004
Business-Midland A Brand Apart: Souvenir Makers Do Brisk Business A1 17-Jul-2004
Business-Midland Former Dow Corning Staffers Building New Company A3 19-Jul-2004
Business-Midland CFC Earnings Rise 1.4 Percent A1 21-Jul-2004
Business-Midland Three Midland Groups Nearly Assured of DOD Money A3 22-Jul-2004
Business-Midland Defense Bill with Money for Midland Companies Goes to Bush A3 23-Jul-2004
Business-Midland A Salute to Midland Area Business 2004 Insert 25-Jul-2004
Business-Midland Cheers-ful' Chart Hits Has Family Feel Insert 25-Jul-2004
Business-Midland A New Dawn Rises on Midland Tomorrow Insert 25-Jul-2004
Business-Midland Members First Credit Union Helps Members Manage Money Insert 25-Jul-2004
Business-Midland Boost Odds of Gastronomical Success at GFS Marketplace Insert 25-Jul-2004
Business-Midland Heartland is in the Home Insert 25-Jul-2004
Business-Midland Waznys Put the Fun into the Paper Place Insert 25-Jul-2004
Business-Midland Custom Maids Help People Feel Good About Cleaning House Insert 25-Jul-2004
Business-Midland Pearl Store Brought Home Insert 25-Jul-2004
Business-Midland Antique Festival is 36 Years Old Insert 25-Jul-2004
Business-Midland Chemical Bank True to Its Roots Insert 25-Jul-2004
Business-Midland Ashman Court Marriott Gets a New Fresh Look Insert 25-Jul-2004
Business-Midland Location, Location: Midland Seen by Chains, Franchises.. F1 25-Jul-2004
Business-Midland Downtown Subway, BP Station Open After Years' Work A3 2-Aug-2004
Business-Midland Brothers Plan Mongolian Barbecue in Midland A3 7-Aug-2004
Business-Midland Cobbler Ends Shoe Repair Business A3 27-Aug-2004
Business-Midland Gerace Teams with Antiterrorism Company C8 2-Sep-2004
Business-Midland Chemical Bank Brings Its Services to Colonial Villa A3 4-Sep-2004
Business-Midland Circle Business Group Official A3 6-Sep-2004
Business-Midland Shaving Grace: A Barbershop Shave… (Ted's Barber Shop) C1 12-Sep-2004
Business-Midland Taco Bell Gets Its Curb Cut A1 14-Sep-2004
Business-Midland Midland Speedway Manager in TV Ads B1 19-Sep-2004
Business-Midland Outback Steakhouse Purchases Midland's Chi Chi's A1 22-Sep-2004
Business-Midland Freeland Suzuki Dealer Opening Midland Store C8 30-Sep-2004
Business-Midland Best Buy Opens Friday A3 5-Oct-2004
Business-Midland Small Business Day Set for Oct 27 A8 6-Oct-2004
Business-Midland Downtown Bistro Getting New Look (Bistro 101) E2 10-Oct-2004
Business-Midland Eastman Businesses Plan New Expansion A3 13-Oct-2004
Business-Midland Changing Mortgage Climate Pushes CFC Net Income Down A3 19-Oct-2004
Business-Midland A Salute to Midland Area Business 2004 Insert 24-Oct-2004
Business-Midland J.E. Johnson has Wide Involvement Insert 24-Oct-2004
Business-Midland Bennett Construction Still Helping Community Grow Insert 24-Oct-2004
Business-Midland Over 30 Years of Cleaning Cars (Firehouse) Insert 24-Oct-2004
Business-Midland Celebrate the Holidays at Ashman Court Insert 24-Oct-2004
Business-Midland Simmons Specific Chiropractic Adds Three to Team Insert 24-Oct-2004
Business-Midland MP Firm to Design New Look for Ashman A3 2-Nov-2004
Business-Midland Congratualtions Leadership Midland Class of 2004 A5 2-Nov-2004
Business-Midland Technology and Service Keeps CMB Services on Top A5 2-Nov-2004
Business-Midland Local Entrepreneurs Learn from Each Other at Sm Bus Day A5 2-Nov-2004
Business-Midland Grand Opening: Creative Spirit Center A5 2-Nov-2004
Business-Midland Grand Opening: Midland Conservation District A5 2-Nov-2004
Business-Midland OB/GYN Office Announces Move, Welcomes New Staff B6 5-Nov-2004
Business-Midland New Midland Postal Machine Works Like ATM A3 16-Nov-2004
Business-Midland Midlander Says House Cleaning is a JEM of a Job B1 25-Nov-2004
Business-Midland New Chropractic Business Opens B1 25-Nov-2004
Business-Midland Tasty Treats: Midland Firm Has New Treats for Dogs, People B9 28-Nov-2004
Business-Midland Pizza Hut Italian Bistro to Open Dec 13 E1 5-Dec-2004
Business-Midland Guy's Work Out (Blitz 20-Minute Total Fitness) A1 7-Dec-2004
Business-Midland Cellular One: New Name in Town A5 7-Dec-2004
Business-Midland ChiroMed Chiropractic of Midland A5 7-Dec-2004
Business-Midland QuadSil, Inc. Grand Opening A5 7-Dec-2004
Business-Midland Bamboo Garden Returns A2 15-Dec-2004
Business-Midland Science Sleuths: No Simple Solutions at MMI Division A3 19-Dec-2004
Business-Midland Midland Company Helps to Make Tough Plastic A3 26-Dec-2004
Business-Midland County Howl-A-Day Remodeled A8 24-Feb-2004
Business-Midland County Coleman Radiator Shop Specializes in Classic Cars A5 7-Jun-04
Business-Midland County Businesses Flock to New Sanford Plaza B1 4-Jul-2004
Center for Indep. Living Midland's center for Independent Living Receives $23,500 B7 22-Aug-2004
Central Mich University CMU Selected for National Teacher Project A3 2-Jan-2004
Central Mich University Rao Receives Good Review A3 16-Jan-2004
Central Mich University CMU Latest to Limit Tuition Increase to Avoid Big Cut A1 10-Feb-2004
Central Mich University Dow Corning CEO Featured at CMU Forum for Women A3 4-Mar-2004
Central Mich University State Surgeon General Keynote of CMU Health Prof Bldg A3 9-Mar-2004
Central Mich University Clarke Library Publishes Speeches of State's Governors A3 14-Mar-2004
Central Mich University Native American Tribal Leaders Featured in CMU Exhibit C3 14-Mar-2004
Central Mich University CMU President Wants New Funding Formula A3 17-Mar-2004
Central Mich University Dow Corning Exec Gives Students Ideas at Conference A3 27-Mar-2004
Central Mich University CMU Forms Coalition to Save Money A3 30-Mar-2004
Central Mich University CMU to Host Mich Finals of National Geographic Bee A3 31-Mar-2004
Central Mich University CMU, Verizon,Americorps Partner to Promote Literacy C5 25-Apr-2004
Central Mich University Informal Layoff Notices Sent to CMU Employees A3 28-Apr-2004
Central Mich University CMU Health Programs Get High Scores in US News Ranks A3 9-May-2004
Central Mich University CMU Makes Deep Cuts for '04-05' A3 24-May-2004
Central Mich University Age Old Quest: 90 Year Old CMU Student Refuses to Stop.. A1 17-Jun-04
Central Mich University CMU Suspends Admission to Three Health Programs A3 27-Jun-04
Central Mich University CMU Ranked ini Consumers Digest's Top 50 A3 29-Jun-04
Central Mich University CMU Waiting on State Before Setting Tuition, Budget A3 9-Jul-2004
Central Mich University Police Quiz CMU Football Players About Beating Death A3 17-Jul-2004
Central Mich University CMU Program will Teach About Work with Elderly A3 30-Jul-2004
Central Mich University CMU Tuition Wait May Be Over A3 3-Aug-2004
Central Mich University MU Board Approves 2.8 Percent Tuition Hike A3 5-Aug-2004
Central Mich University CMU Testing Response to Smallpox Outbreak A3 8-Aug-2004
Central Mich University Professor Delegate Aims to Pique Student Interest A3 12-Aug-2004
Central Mich University Police Bust CMU Welcome Weekend Gatherings A3 31-Aug-2004
Central Mich University CMU Says Weekend Arrest Tally Not Unusual A3 2-Sep-2004
Central Mich University New CMU Residence Halls to End Overcrowding A1 11-Sep-2004
Central Mich University CMU Attempts to Spark Student Interest in Voting, Politics A1 12-Sep-2004
Central Mich University Filmmaker Michael Moore to Speak at CMU A1 19-Sep-2004
Central Mich University Garrison Keillor to Spin Tales at CMU in November A3 27-Sep-2004
Central Mich University Moore Urges CMU 'Slackers' to Vote A1 28-Sep-2004
Central Mich University CMU Research Team Places in Competition A3 2-Oct-2004
Central Mich University CMU Group to Perform National Anthem B4 14-Oct-2004
Central Mich University CMU Research to Grow with Lab Expansion A1 20-Oct-2004
Central Mich University Clarke Historical Library Celebrates Anniversary B1 21-Oct-2004
Central Mich University CMU to Host Civil Rights Leaders Talk About Brown Decision A3 22-Oct-2004
Central Mich University CMU Hosting Dendrimer Tech Symposium A3 23-Oct-2004
Central Mich University Civil Rights Leaders Say Play, Dollars Needed A3 28-Oct-2004
Central Mich University CMU Symphony Orchestra to Perform Premiere of Work C4 31-Oct-2004
Central Mich University Barstow Artist-in-Residence to Display Work (Cushman) C5 31-Oct-2004
Central Mich University Central Michigan Prepares for Unsure Financial Future A3 1-Nov-2004
Central Mich University Native American Indian Heritage Month Starts at CMU A3 4-Nov-2004
Central Mich University Ditka to Speak at CMU B3 5-Nov-2004
Central Mich University International Education Week to Be Celebrated at CMU A3 6-Nov-2004
Central Mich University CMU Public Radio Raises $173,000 in Pledges A3 7-Nov-2004
Central Mich University Middle East's Future Precarious, Says Local Expert A3 8-Nov-2004
Central Mich University CMU Studying Flu Vaccine Effectiveness A1 9-Nov-2004
Central Mich University CMU to Address College Cheating A3 11-Nov-2004
Central Mich University CMU Faculty Organist Egler to Salute Holidays D1 11-Nov-2004
Central Mich University New CMU Research Company to Detect Biological Threats A3 23-Nov-2004
Central Mich University New CMU Record Label Realses Wheatland Music Fest CD C4 28-Nov-2004
Central Mich University School House is Back in Action (Bohannon School, Jasper) A3 29-Nov-2004
Central Mich University Keillor Enthralls a Full House at CMU A1 1-Dec-2004
Central Mich University CMU Asks State for Per-Student Funding Hike A3 3-Dec-2004
Central Mich University CMU Blends Fabric Design with Nanotech A3 3-Dec-2004
Central Mich University More Participants Needed for CMU Flu Vaccine Study A1 8-Dec-2004
Central Mich University House Approves $40 Million CMU Renovation Project A3 8-Dec-2004
Charities & Benefits Hidden Harvest Plans to Build Central Facility A3 9-Jan-2004
Charities & Benefits Red Cross Seeking Everyday Heroes A3 13-Jan-2004
Charities & Benefits Opening Doors (Open Door) A1 25-Jan-2004
Charities & Benefits Catholic Family Service Closes Midland Office A3 3-Feb-2004
Charities & Benefits United Way Announces New Leaders A1 4-Feb-2004
Charities & Benefits 2004 Agency Allocations A2 4-Feb-2004
Charities & Benefits Diversity Champion: Midlander Takes Message to Red Cross A1 9-Feb-2004
Charities & Benefits Race Fans Show Loyalty: Cancer Groups Benefit A3 9-Feb-2004
Charities & Benefits Local Agencies Struggling to Help Needy with Heating Needs A1 14-Feb-2004
Charities & Benefits Boppin' at the Sock Hop (Midland Academy/Shelterhouse) A1 22-Feb-2004
Charities & Benefits Word is Out: Grange Donates Dictionaries to Schools C5 22-Feb-2004
Charities & Benefits Ex-Midlander Helps Iraqis Rebuild (McLaren-Salv Army) A3 1-Mar-2004
Charities & Benefits Friends of Cue Maker Plan Benefit Dinner, Tournament A3 3-Mar-2004
Charities & Benefits $27,457 Available for Emergency Aid (United Way) B6 9-Mar-2004
Charities & Benefits Local Red Cross Chapter Available to Help After Fires A1 14-Mar-2004
Charities & Benefits Red Cross Month Being Celebrated: City Approves Procla.. B2 21-Mar-2004
Charities & Benefits Messiah Quilt Shop, Hospital a Good Match C4 28-Mar-2004
Charities & Benefits Increased Donations (Hidden Harvest) A3 6-Apr-2004
Charities & Benefits Red Cross Director Triumphs Over Cancer A1 28-Apr-2004
Charities & Benefits Team Helps Boy Realize Dream A10 4-May-2004
Charities & Benefits Car Club Donates to Open Door D4 13-May-2004
Charities & Benefits We Can: Area Students Respond to Call to Iraqi Children A3 22-May-2004
Charities & Benefits Krusty Krab Restaurant Part of Red Cross Benefit C5 6-Jun-04
Charities & Benefits Benefit Dinner, Raffle to Help Cancer Patient (Mike West) A3 9-Jun-04
Charities & Benefits MDA Surpasses Goal in Annual 'Lock Up' of Midlanders A3 11-Jun-04
Charities & Benefits Thursday Concert to Benefit PFLAG Tri-Cities D1 13-Jun-04
Charities & Benefits 3m Scientific Anglers Donates to Eagle Village B7 14-Jul-2004
Charities & Benefits Weekend Air Shows To Help Charities A3 23-Jul-2004
Charities & Benefits Hidden Harvest Receives $500,000 A3 23-Jul-2004
Charities & Benefits Brothers and Sisters Celebrate at Event A3 25-Jul-2004
Charities & Benefits Midland Man Walking for Cancer Cure A3 29-Jul-2004
Charities & Benefits Many Participated in Magic Ride B4 29-Jul-2004
Charities & Benefits Celebration of Life: Relay for Life Collects More Than $100,000 A3 1-Aug-2004
Charities & Benefits Cancer Relay Tops $136,000 A1 2-Aug-2004
Charities & Benefits Ready to Move In (Habitat for Humanity Blitz Build) A3 2-Aug-2004
Charities & Benefits Holy Scripture Members Plan Benefit for Sick Member A3 7-Aug-2004
Charities & Benefits Arts Included to Celebrate Arts & People, Benefit ARC A3 11-Aug-2004
Charities & Benefits Disabled or Not, Artists Gather (Arts Included) A3 15-Aug-2004
Charities & Benefits United Way, Voluntary Action Center Planning to Merge A1 18-Aug-2004
Charities & Benefits Hidden Harvest ot Celebrate 10 Years of Serving Area B4 19-Aug-2004
Charities & Benefits Eat Your Heart Out' Fundraiser Next Week A3 26-Aug-2004
Charities & Benefits Big Hearts: Hot Dog! Cinnamon Wins by a Daschund Nose A1 1-Sep-2004
Charities & Benefits Restaurants Go All Out Raising Money for Vol Action Center A1 1-Sep-2004
Charities & Benefits Saturday Bake Sale Will Benefit Edenville Anniversary Celeb.. A3 1-Sep-2004
Charities & Benefits Students Learn About Red Cross, Make Donation A1 3-Sep-2004
Charities & Benefits Eat Your Heart Out' Ups Donations by 10 Percent A1 4-Sep-2004
Charities & Benefits Midland Area Bicyclists Help Out Make-A-Wish C5 5-Sep-2004
Charities & Benefits UW Ready to Begin: $4.2 Million Campaign Kickoff A1 13-Sep-2004
Charities & Benefits Drive to Raise $4.2 Million Begins A1 17-Sep-2004
Charities & Benefits Qualaity Care at Quality Time (Quality Care Daycare) A1 20-Sep-2004
Charities & Benefits Benefit Planned for Family (Keeley) A3 23-Sep-2004
Charities & Benefits Red Cross Needs Volunteers, Money (Florida-hurricanes) A1 25-Sep-2004
Charities & Benefits Swath of Destruction: Local Red Cross Continues to Help A1 27-Sep-2004
Charities & Benefits Army's Medlock: Florida's Need is Great A1 30-Sep-2004
Charities & Benefits For 25 Years, Midlanders Has Walked for Hunger (CROP) A3 30-Sep-2004
Charities & Benefits Family, Friends of Clare Deputy Killed Plan Fundraiser A3 30-Sep-2004
Charities & Benefits Cash in the Hat: Fund-Raiser to Auction Hats C1 3-Oct-2004
Charities & Benefits Lunch with a Smile (Midland County Council on Aging) A3 4-Oct-2004
Charities & Benefits T-Cups Begins to Roll A3 11-Oct-2004
Charities & Benefits MidMichigan Again Participates in Mich Harvest Gathering A8 12-Oct-2004
Charities & Benefits Hats for Defeating Cancer A1 14-Oct-2004
Charities & Benefits October Declared a Month for UNICEF Locally A3 16-Oct-2004
Charities & Benefits United Way on Track, But Challenge Remains A1 22-Oct-2004
Charities & Benefits First Call Helping People in Need A3 26-Oct-2004
Charities & Benefits Lunsford Student Ambassador; Fundraiser Set for Saturday A2 27-Oct-2004
Charities & Benefits MidMichigan Gathers Harvest for the Needy A2 1-Nov-2004
Charities & Benefits Agency Offers a Wide Variety of Upport, Prevention Services A1 2-Nov-2004
Charities & Benefits UW Falls Just Short A1 4-Nov-2004
Charities & Benefits Loaned Executives Big Part of UW Campaign A1 4-Nov-2004
Charities & Benefits Midland Scout Aids Bay City 'Army' Food Bank A2 4-Nov-2004
Charities & Benefits Preparations Under Way, Trees Appearing This Week A3 8-Nov-2004
Charities & Benefits Benefit/Auction Set for Nov 20 (Tina Murray) A10 9-Nov-2004
Charities & Benefits Stars in the Gardens Fund-Raiser Approaching A6 11-Nov-2004
Charities & Benefits Farmer Jack Awards $50,000 to Local Schools E5 14-Nov-2004
Charities & Benefits Salvation Army Bell-Ringing Begins Friday A1 18-Nov-2004
Charities & Benefits Habitat for Humanity Taking Applications D4 18-Nov-2004
Charities & Benefits Red Cross Looking for 'Everyday Heroes' C6 18-Nov-2004
Charities & Benefits Students Turn $5 into Donation for Make-A-Wish C7 21-Nov-2004
Charities & Benefits Community Gives Needy a Thanksgiving A1 23-Nov-2004
Charities & Benefits Family and Friends Provide Strength to Main with Brain Can.. A8 23-Nov-2004
Charities & Benefits Feeny Helps Raise Money for Schools B5 30-Nov-2004
Charities & Benefits Feeny Gives Books, Materials to Siebert Elementary B5 30-Nov-2004
Charities & Benefits Fund-Raiser Set for David Family A3 1-Dec-2004
Charities & Benefits Benevolent Blankets: Students Provide Extra Warmth A1 9-Dec-2004
Charities & Benefits Benefit Dinner Raises Funds for BC Bus Mechanic A3 9-Dec-2004
Charities & Benefits Barley Fund Still Taking Appeals, Donations A1 11-Dec-2004
Charities & Benefits Outpouring Overwhelming (Sharing Tree) A1 14-Dec-2004
Charities & Benefits Sharing Tree Gifts Need to Be Returned A1 16-Dec-2004
Charities & Benefits Firefighters, Parkdale Kids Shop at Wal-Mart A3 16-Dec-2004
Charities & Benefits Wal-Mart Matching Kettle Gifts A3 18-Dec-2004
Charities & Benefits Steelworker Santas: First Time in New Home (Steelworkers) A1 19-Dec-2004
Charities & Benefits Midland Goodwill Store to Open in Northwest Plaza A3 23-Dec-2004
Charities & Benefits Sanford Eagles Reach Out to Needy A6 23-Dec-2004
Charities & Benefits Students Learn Value of Giving A1 24-Dec-2004
Charities & Benefits Midlanders Contribute $11,475 to Barley Fund A1 25-Dec-2004
Charities & Benefits Cold, Hard Cash: Families Compete at Bell Ringing A3 25-Dec-2004
Charities & Benefits Midland Shows Its Compassion (Chacon) A1 26-Dec-2004
Charities & Benefits Miracle Happened! Bell Ringing Families Help Salv Army A1 27-Dec-2004
Charities & Benefits Grops Fill Holiday Goody Bags for Hospice Patients A8 30-Dec-2004
Chippewa Nature Center Butterfly Bonanza A3 11-Jul-2004
Chippewa Nature Center CNC to Seek Public Support for New Trail A1 17-Sep-2004
Chippewa Nature Center BioBlitz Ends with Speaker A3 19-Sep-2004
Chippewa Nature Center Walk in the Woods: CNC Raises Money for Alzheimer's A3 26-Sep-2004
Chippewa Nature Center Pioneer Spirit was Cooking at CNC A3 15-Nov-2004
Chippewa Nature Center Chippewa Nature Center to Host Art Sow and Sale A12 28-Nov-2004
Churches Shock Expressed at Bishop's Cancer Diagnosis A3 14-Feb-2004
Churches Following in Father's Footsteps (Dickersons-Calvary Baptist) C1 20-Jun-04
Churches Preacher's Kid' Label Never Really Goes Away C1 20-Jun-04
Churches James Cech Knows Both Sides of Life C1 20-Jun-04
Churches Celebration Planned for Church's 105th Anniversary (St Paul) A9 26-Jun-04
Churches Lansing Native Joins MUCC (Roger Pancost) B1 7-Aug-2004
Churches Annual Vepers Series to Begin This Month A7 4-Sep-2004
Churches Church to Celebrate Anniversary (Good Shepard Lutheran) A8 11-Sep-2004
Churches Free Methodist Has New Pastors A10 18-Sep-2004
Churches International Children's Choir Concert at Messiah Lutheran E5 14-Nov-2004
Churches Advent Recitals Planned at First United Methodist A10 20-Nov-2004
Churches Seasonal Programs to Begin A10 20-Nov-2004
Churches Message in Music:…Singing Christmas Tree Production C1 21-Nov-2004
Churches Grateful Church Gives Pastor a Cadillac (Calvary Baptist) A1 22-Nov-2004
Churches-Midland New Bulding to Be Dedicated (Eagle Ridge Church of God) A8 10-Jan-2004
Churches-Midland Men Serve to Keep Church Together (Church of the Brethren) A3 2-Feb-2004
Churches-Midland Midland Trio to Perform at Church (Two Outlaws..) A8 14-Feb-2004
Churches-Midland Jazz Vesper Series Continues Feb 29 (First Baptist) A8 14-Feb-2004
Churches-Midland St John's Youth Helping Teens in County Foster Care A8 21-Feb-2004
Churches-Midland UUF Of Midland to Mark Milestone A7 20-Mar-2004
Churches-Midland Acting on Historic Pact: Presbyterian Minister at Lutheran.. A3 30-Apr-2004
Churches-Midland Blessed Sacrament Donates Art Supplies A7 1-May-2004
Churches-Midland All Invited to Take Part in Day of Prayer Events A7 1-May-2004
Churches-Midland Post Filled at Memorial Presbyterian Church B1 21-Aug-2004
Churches-Midland Aldersgate UMC Fills Positions A7 28-Aug-2004
Churches-Midland Blooming Tree Seen as Example of Message of Church A3 1-Oct-2004
Churches-Midland Church to Honor Pastor, Family (Jefferson Church of God) A10 9-Oct-2004
Clubs & Organizations Amateur Radio Class Planned A2 7-Jan-2004
Clubs & Organizations Right to Life Offers Petition Training A3 13-Jan-2004
Clubs & Organizations Pajama Party: Ladies Just Dandy in Red and Purple A1 22-Jan-2004
Clubs & Organizations Honoring 'The King' (Lioness Club & Nick Fitrakis) C1 25-Jan-2004
Clubs & Organizations Miler, Rotary Club Working to Eradicate Polio C5 8-Feb-2004
Clubs & Organizations Coffee Talk: New Home, Same Spirit (Coffee Club) A3 18-Feb-2004
Clubs & Organizations Local Organization Looking to Honor Area Mothers A3 4-Apr-2004
Clubs & Organizations Dutot, Wolfe Honored by AAUW C4 4-Apr-2004
Clubs & Organizations Community Action Agency Looks to Merge Ops A1 16-Apr-2004
Clubs & Organizations Kiwanians Build for Salvation Army's Future-Its Kids A3 19-Apr-2004
Clubs & Organizations New Gun Club Holding Grand Opening, Offering Courses B5 29-Apr-2004
Clubs & Organizations New Lions Charter Coming to Sanford B5 4-May-2004
Clubs & Organizations JA Campaigns Get Boost from Dow Foundation Grant A3 11-May-2004
Clubs & Organizations Sanford Lions Club Receives Charter B6 12-May-2004
Clubs & Organizations Artists Guild Meeting Set for Wednesday A6 16-May-2004
Clubs & Organizations Gunsmoke and Spurs (Saginaw Six Shooters Club) A10 29-May-2004
Clubs & Organizations Zonta Club Presents Scholarships to Six Women B4 30-May-2004
Clubs & Organizations Legion Post, Auxiliary Install New Officers A5 11-Jun-04
Clubs & Organizations Scout Leader Background Checks Go Nationwide A3 18-Jun-04
Clubs & Organizations Ham'n' It Up: Midland Amateur Radio Club Makes Contact A1 28-Jun-04
Clubs & Organizations Rotary Announces New Officers A8 1-Jul-2004
Clubs & Organizations Chatland Elected to State Organization A8 1-Jul-2004
Clubs & Organizations Commander Coomer: Legion's New District Leader.. A3 6-Jul-2004
Clubs & Organizations Plato' Helping People to Read (Literacy Council) A3 10-Jul-2004
Clubs & Organizations Celebrating 50 Years: Big Brothers, Big Sisters of Midland Insert 18-Jul-2004
Clubs & Organizations MEA Uniserv Director Preparing for Retirement A3 28-Jul-2004
Clubs & Organizations McMullen Earns Eagle Scout Award A2 17-Aug-2004
Clubs & Organizations Literacy Council Wants to Expand Programs A3 18-Aug-2004
Clubs & Organizations Literacy Council Wants to Expand Programs A3 20-Aug-2004
Clubs & Organizations JA to Induct Three iinto Hall of Fame A6 29-Aug-2004
Clubs & Organizations Sanford Lions Will Be Busy on Founders Day A8 5-Sep-2004
Clubs & Organizations Sanford Lions Paint Church for Community's Hist Society B1 5-Sep-2004
Clubs & Organizations From Midland to Washington: 4-H Youth & Leaders Tour C5 12-Sep-2004
Clubs & Organizations Michigan Quilt Network to Hold Show, Meeting in Midland A3 22-Sep-2004
Clubs & Organizations Entry Level Amateur Radio Classes Set B5 22-Sep-2004
Clubs & Organizations Nature's Bounty: Youths Learn..Pumpkins (4-H, Arnold Ctr) A1 30-Sep-2004
Clubs & Organizations Red Cross Chapter Celebrates 87 Years of Service to Area B6 30-Sep-2004
Clubs & Organizations Nature-Riffic' Magazines Donated to Longview (Kiwanis) A3 1-Oct-2004
Clubs & Organizations Kiwassee Kiwanis Installs New Officers C3 14-Oct-2004
Clubs & Organizations Peace Pole a Beacon (Center for Nonviolence) A1 18-Oct-2004
Clubs & Organizations Girl Scouts to Sell Ogemaw Camp A1 21-Oct-2004
Clubs & Organizations JA Names 3 to Hall of Fame C8 21-Oct-2004
Clubs & Organizations Red Cross to Train Youth to Care for Children A8 22-Oct-2004
Clubs & Organizations Four Sanford Scouts Achieve Eagle Award A1 5-Nov-2004
Clubs & Organizations Zonta Club Grows to More Than 80 Members B3 5-Nov-2004
Clubs & Organizations New Officers Elected to the Michigan State Grange B3 5-Nov-2004
Clubs & Organizations Moeller Earns Rank of Eagle Scout A2 11-Nov-2004
Clubs & Organizations Beech Honored by DAR A6 11-Nov-2004
Clubs & Organizations Celebration of Service: Wagner to be Honored (Red Cross) A1 16-Nov-2004
Clubs & Organizations Outstanding Area Youth Honored by Elks A9 28-Nov-2004
Clubs & Organizations Gundlach Achieves Eagle Scout Award A2 7-Dec-2004
Clubs & Organizations Community Pays Tribute to Wagner (American Red Cross) A1 12-Dec-2004
Clubs & Organizations Elks' Student of the Month Winners Named B5 14-Dec-2004
Clubs & Organizations Girl Scouts in Troop 349 Receive Silver Award B1 19-Dec-2004
Clubs & Organizations Rings Earns Rank of Eagle Scout B1 19-Dec-2004
Clubs & Organizations Girl Scouts of Mitten Bay Honor "Women of Distinction" B5 22-Dec-2004
Clubs & Organizations Officers and Members Elected to JA Board B5 22-Dec-2004
Clubs & Organizations Legacy Center Elects New Trustees A5 23-Dec-2004
Coleman Story Time: Reading Program Gives Coleman Children.. A3 24-Mar-2004
Coleman Property Tax Vote Affects Coleman Coffers A3 12-Jun-04
Coleman Coleman Millage Passes: Jones, Fox Elected A1 15-Jun-04
Coleman Coleman Senior Housing Director Honored A3 28-Jul-2004
Coleman Coleman Fire Truck Up to First Test A3 10-Nov-2004
Coleman Comm Schools Discussion Dominates Coleman Agenda A3 17-Feb-2004
Coleman Comm Schools $300,000 in Red:Coleman District Faces Shortfall A1 23-Feb-2004
Coleman Comm Schools Coleman Budget to Be Discussed A3 14-Mar-2004
Coleman Comm Schools Coleman Schools Numbers Looking Bleak for 2004-05 A3 21-Mar-2004
Coleman Comm Schools Coleman Only District with Competition for Board Seats A3 15-Apr-2004
Coleman Comm Schools Coleman to Review Evaluation This Week A3 19-Apr-2004
Coleman Comm Schools Repairs Needed in Coleman A3 26-Apr-2004
Coleman Comm Schools Coleman Middle School Students Honored at Science Fair A8 13-May-2004
Coleman Comm Schools Spalding, Crosswhite Tops for Coleman A2 16-May-2004
Coleman Comm Schools Coleman District Again Faces Deficit A1 27-May-2004
Coleman Comm Schools Stremlow Wants to Bring Current & Unbiased View to Bd A3 9-Jun-04
Coleman Comm Schools Kirklin Wants to Make Learning Happen A3 9-Jun-04
Coleman Comm Schools McCormick Wants to Bring Insider's Perspective to Board A3 10-Jun-04
Coleman Comm Schools Fox's Children Motivated Her to Run A3 10-Jun-04
Coleman Comm Schools Coleman Incumbent Wants MEAP Improvement (Jones) A3 11-Jun-04
Coleman Comm Schools Coleman Able to Balance Budget with Some Cuts A3 17-Jun-04
Coleman Comm Schools Coleman Elects Board Officers, Approves Special Bond A3 15-Jul-2004
Coleman Comm Schools Coleman Schools to Seek $2.4 Million Bond A1 25-Aug-2004
Coleman Comm Schools Coleman Approves Emergency Repair A3 28-Aug-2004
Coleman Comm Schools Coleman Bond Vote Monday A1 16-Sep-2004
Coleman Comm Schools Voters Say 'Yes' to Coleman School Bond Proposal A1 21-Sep-2004
Coleman Comm Schools Coleman Schools Settle Contracts with Teachers, Support A3 28-Sep-2004
Coleman Comm Schools Comets Tradition: Cheering on the Comets A12 2-Oct-2004
Coleman Comm Schools Coleman Community Schools Sells Bonds, Plans Repairs A3 29-Oct-2004
Consumers Energy Consumers Plan Helps Lower Appliance Bills A3 11-Jan-2004
Consumers Energy Cost of Heating Going Up Fast A1 17-Jan-2004
Consumers Energy Consumers Surcharge Approved A3 15-Oct-2004
Consumers Energy Consumers Announces Major Drop in Emissions A3 22-Oct-2004
Creative Spirit Center Creative Spirit Center Moves to a Spacious New Home Insert 25-Jul-2004
Creative Spirit Center Jazz Trumpet Legend to Play Two Midland Concerts B4 14-Oct-2004
Crime Brawl at Tri-City Motor Speedway A1 2-Jan-2004
Crime Woman Gets Probation for Abandonment A1 4-Jan-2004
Crime Owen Says No to Plea Deal: Case Might Go To Trial A1 9-Jan-2004
Crime Girl Testifies About Alleged Child Care Molestation A1 13-Jan-2004
Crime Defense Attorney Raises Questions (Molestation) A1 14-Jan-2004
Crime Jury Begins Deliberation in Alleged Day Care Molestation A1 15-Jan-2004
Crime Loomis Boy Pleads No Contest in Shooting A3 15-Jan-2004
Crime Sanford Man Not Guilty: Verdict in Alleged Molestation A1 16-Jan-2004
Crime Gladwin County Man's Death Investigated A1 18-Jan-2004
Crime Name of Slain Gladwin County Man Released A1 19-Jan-2004
Crime Bloody Mass' Found in SVSU Bathroom A1 21-Jan-2004
Crime Gladwin Investigation Continues (Gladwin murder) A1 22-Jan-2004
Crime Material at SVSU Not Yet Identified A1 22-Jan-2004
Crime Trial Date Set in Shooting Death (James Scheifflee) A1 23-Jan-2004
Crime Material at SVSU Identified (Early Term Miscarriage) A1 23-Jan-2004
Crime Meth Lab Found in Harrison A3 28-Jan-2004
Crime Child Porn Suspects Heads to Circuit Court A3 29-Jan-2004
Crime Dog Handler's Trial Set for March 23 A1 31-Jan-2004
Crime Police Rule Mills Man's Death a Drug Overdose A3 31-Jan-2004
Crime Woman Sentenced for Arson (Terrie Ann Letts) A1 2-Feb-2004
Crime Woman Must Repay $60,000 (Sarah Martin-Pardee Cancer) A1 2-Feb-2004
Crime 3 More Churches Broken Into A1 6-Feb-2004
Crime Boy Pleads No Contest to BC Shootings A1 7-Feb-2004
Crime New Leads Followed in Child Porn Case A1 12-Feb-2004
Crime Sutton Appeals Decision Issued A1 13-Feb-2004
Crime Thieves Break Into Postal Boxes A1 17-Feb-2004
Crime Man Held with Possible Ties to Church Thefts A1 22-Feb-2004
Crime Man Expected to Be Arraigned Today for Church Break-Ins A1 23-Feb-2004
Crime Mt Pleasant Man Arrested in Postal Thefts A1 23-Feb-2004
Crime Mt Pleasant Man Arraigned in Church B&Es A1 24-Feb-2004
Crime Midlander Among Football Players Accused of Assault A3 27-Feb-2004
Crime Residents Falling for Scams More Frequently A1 4-Mar-2004
Crime Midlander, Other GVSU Football Players Arraigned A3 11-Mar-2004
Crime Anderson Pleads Guilty A1 12-Mar-2004
Crime Alma Charged in Threats Against Officials A1 15-Mar-2004
Crime Loomis Boy Sentenced to Probation For Cousin's Death A3 16-Mar-2004
Crime Owen Convicted A1 17-Mar-2004
Crime Owen Pleads Guilty to Additional Charges as Part of Deal A1 19-Mar-2004
Crime Gladwin Business Expects No Delays from Vandals A3 19-Mar-2004
Crime Youths Learn Hard Lesson About Guns A1 21-Mar-2004
Crime Clarkston Man Sentenced in Child Sexual Assault Cases A5 24-Mar-2004
Crime Clare Man Sought for Questioning in Death A1 31-Mar-2004
Crime Man Wanted for Question Still Sought By Authorities (Clare) A2 1-Apr-2004
Crime 90 Days in Jail for Paint Gun Shootings A3 1-Apr-2004
Crime Police Capture Man Sought in Death (Waterson) A1 2-Apr-2004
Crime Clare Resident Charged in Killing A2 8-Apr-2004
Crime Bust Nets Money, Drugs A1 16-Apr-2004
Crime Courthouse Shooter's Conviction Upheld A3 16-Apr-2004
Crime Appeals Court Upholds Conviction in Child's Death A3 24-Apr-2004
Crime Farwell Teacher Charged with Possession of Child Porn A3 29-Apr-2004
Crime Restitutin Ordered in Scheifflee Shooting A3 1-May-2004
Crime Police Search for Bank Robber A1 5-May-2004
Crime Mistrial Declared in Pump & Pour Armed Robbery Case A3 5-May-2004
Crime Despite Indictment, Barcia Keeping Busy Schedule A1 15-May-2004
Crime Bay City Teen Accued by Police of Shooting Mom… A1 26-May-2004
Crime Long Prison Sentence for Child Porn Perpetrator A1 5-Jun-04
Crime Banks, Police on Alert After Robberies A1 25-Jun-04
Crime Camp Votes to Increase Penalties for Identity Theft A3 25-Jun-04
Crime Drug Sweep Nets 27 Arrests A1 30-Jun-04
Crime Suspects Sought in Clare County Robberies A1 3-Jul-2004
Crime Mt Pleasant Man Arrrested on Internet Pornography Charge A1 10-Jul-2004
Crime Assault Investigation Turns to Homicide A1 15-Jul-2004
Crime Arson Charges Issued Against Man Who Help Fight Fires A3 17-Jul-2004
Crime Police Release Sketch of Suspect (bank robberies) A1 20-Jul-2004
Crime Guardian Waives Prelim Hearing A3 20-Jul-2004
Crime Arrest Made in Area Bank Robbery A1 22-Jul-2004
Crime Only a Matter of Time: Donker Says Embezzlement Would.. A1 23-Jul-2004
Crime Mt Pleasant Bank Robbed Thursday Morning A1 23-Jul-2004
Crime Clare Man Killed After Being Shot by Trooper A1 28-Jul-2004
Crime Fourth Suspect Sought for Role in Saginaw Robbery A3 29-Jul-2004
Crime Standoff Ends: Two Arrested in Connection with Drugs A1 30-Jul-2004
Crime Bond Set at $1M for Isabella Teacher A1 10-Aug-2004
Crime Man Faces Arraignment in Overpass Bar Brawl A2 11-Aug-2004
Crime Fake Ids Challenge Retailers A3 13-Aug-2004
Crime Machete-Wielding Man Arrested A1 19-Aug-2004
Crime Mt Pleasant Woman Charged with Child Abuse A3 24-Aug-2004
Crime Two Cops Injured by Ammonia A1 29-Aug-2004
Crime Prosecutor Wants More Accident Information A3 1-Sep-2004
Crime Area Man Charged in Death of Infant A1 18-Sep-2004
Crime Bank Robberies Booming in State A1 27-Sep-2004
Crime Anderson to be Sentenced Today A1 28-Sep-2004
Crime Coleman Firefighter Talks About Experience with Anderson A3 28-Sep-2004
Crime Dog Handler Sentenced to Prison A1 29-Sep-2004
Crime FIA Wants Day Care License Revoked A1 5-Oct-2004
Crime Judge Refuses Prosecution Request in Frederickson Case A3 22-Oct-2004
Crime Michigan Violent Crime Dropped in 2003 B3 22-Oct-2004
Crime Predators Lurk on the Internet A1 5-Nov-2004
Crime Anderson Caught Lying, Sent to Prison A1 10-Nov-2004
Crime Berg Embezzlement Trial Dec 13 A1 11-Nov-2004
Crime Man's Family Adjusting to Crime He Committed (Schnell) A3 17-Nov-2004
Crime Man Goes on Trial a 2nd Time for 1987 Death of Harrison.. A1 29-Nov-2004
Crime FBI Warns of Phoen Scam A1 9-Dec-2004
Crime Court Rejects Withdrawal of Porn Pleas A3 21-Dec-2004
Crime Scammers Don't Take a Vacation A3 25-Dec-2004
Crime-Homer Twp Sheriff's Detectives Investigating Clerk's Use of Credit Card A1 6-Mar-2004
Crime-Homer Twp Homer Township Clerk Arraigned on Felony Charge A1 18-Mar-2004
Crime-Homer Twp No Laws Bar DuFort From Remaining in Clerk's Office A1 19-Mar-2004
Crime-Midland Woman Killed: Boyfriend to Face Open Murder Charge A1 7-Jan-2004
Crime-Midland Arraigned in Death (Timothy Schnell) A1 8-Jan-2004
Crime-Midland Splat! Paintball a Growing Problem in City A1 11-Jan-2004
Crime-Midland Sentencing Delayed in Attempted Murder Case (Czito) A1 17-Jan-2004
Crime-Midland Man Arraigned in Church Break-In A1 21-Jan-2004
Crime-Midland Plea Not Accepted: March Trial Date (David Edward Owen) A1 22-Jan-2004
Crime-Midland Suspect in B & Es Caught (Andrew Hohmeyer) A2 28-Jan-2004
Crime-Midland Suspect in Loretta Lane Assault Asking to Withdraw Plea A3 11-Feb-2004
Crime-Midland Midland Infant's Death Investigated A1 16-Feb-2004
Crime-Midland Police Await Autopsy Results on Infant Boy A1 17-Feb-2004
Crime-Midland Midland Man Pleads No Contest to Porn Charges (Urbanawiz) A1 19-Feb-2004
Crime-Midland Landlord Jailed for Trash at Fraternity House A3 10-Mar-2004
Crime-Midland Fake Bills Recovered A1 11-Mar-2004
Crime-Midland Landlord Released from Jail After Litter Cleanup Agreement A3 13-Mar-2004
Crime-Midland Store Owner Reports Scam A3 16-Mar-2004
Crime-Midland Break-Ins Occur at School, Other Locations A1 25-Mar-2004
Crime-Midland Two Charged for Child's Mauling A1 30-Mar-2004
Crime-Midland Midland Man Arraigned for Child Abuse A3 31-Mar-2004
Crime-Midland Woman Avoids Lottery Scam A3 2-Apr-2004
Crime-Midland Midland Police Target Drivers Speeding in Neighborhoods A1 3-Apr-2004
Crime-Midland Judge Denies Motion to Withdraw Guilty Plea (Hulce) A3 6-Apr-2004
Crime-Midland Warned, Then Caught: Drivers Still Speeding A3 7-Apr-2004
Crime-Midland Midland Man Pleads Guilty to Abusing His Children A1 27-Apr-2004
Crime-Midland Church Burglar Sentenced A3 2-May-2004
Crime-Midland Mack Appeal Denied A1 6-May-2004
Crime-Midland Man Accused of Stealing Panties Pleads Guilty Again A3 7-May-2004
Crime-Midland Comerica Branch Robbed Again A1 8-May-2004
Crime-Midland Police Searching for Bank Robber A1 11-May-2004
Crime-Midland Jury Convicts Midland Man of Sexual Assault A3 25-May-2004
Crime-Midland Larceny Cases Solved A3 25-May-2004
Crime-Midland Midland Resident Sentenced in Assault, Sex Cases (Czito) A3 7-Jun-04
Crime-Midland Another Tricycle Stolen A1 18-Jun-04
Crime-Midland Conviction of Man Who Urinated on Pretzels A3 30-Jun-04
Crime-Midland Unlocked Vehicles Targeted by Thieves A3 2-Jul-2004
Crime-Midland Murder Charge Issued: Schnell Charged (Maureen King) A1 24-Jul-2004
Crime-Midland Thieves Make Off with $25,000 Worth of Auto Parts A3 27-Jul-2004
Crime-Midland Help Sought in Cart Thefts A1 27-Aug-2004
Crime-Midland Chemical Bank Robbed A1 28-Aug-2004
Crime-Midland Police Seek Robber A1 20-Sep-2004
Crime-Midland Armed Robbers Remain at Large A1 21-Sep-2004
Crime-Midland Armed Robbery Suspects Caught A3 29-Sep-2004
Crime-Midland Civil Suit Filed in Shooting Death (Scheifflee) A1 1-Oct-2004
Crime-Midland Judge Lowers Bond in Frederickson Case A1 1-Oct-2004
Crime-Midland Man Pleads Guilty in Woman's Slaying A1 22-Oct-2004
Crime-Midland Armed Robbery Charges Dropped (Mark Wayne Stevens) A1 30-Oct-2004
Crime-Midland Man Bound Over in Connection with Accident (Dawson) A1 4-Nov-2004
Crime-Midland Judge Lowers Bond in Drunken Driving Causing Death Case A2 4-Nov-2004
Crime-Midland Brave Burglars: Stores Hit While Open for Business A1 16-Nov-2004
Crime-Midland Schnell Gets Life A1 19-Nov-2004
Crime-Midland Police Still Looking for Suspect in Fatal Hit-and-Run A3 21-Nov-2004
Crime-Midland Safe Stolen from Church (Jefferson Ave Church of God) A1 3-Dec-2004
Crime-Midland Three More Churches Hit A1 8-Dec-2004
Crime-Midland Former Guardian to Enter Plea in Embezzlement Case A1 9-Dec-2004
Crime-Midland Former Guardian Berg Pleads Guilty A3 11-Dec-2004
Crime-Midland Warrant Issued in Woman's Death (Christina Fisher) A1 15-Dec-2004
Crime-Midland Midland Man Arraigned in Death (Christina Fisher) A1 16-Dec-2004
Crime-Midland Two Teens Arrested in Church Break-Ins A1 27-Dec-2004
Crime-Midland Two Teens in Custody Awaiting Arraignment A1 31-Dec-2004
Crime-Midland County Coleman Youth Arrested for Break-Ins A1 26-Jan-2004
Crime-Midland County Watrous Waives Prelim A1 18-Feb-2004
Crime-Midland County Former Pinecrest Employee Convicted of Assault A3 3-Mar-2004
Crime-Midland County More Drunk Drivers Caught in 2003 A3 10-Mar-2004
Crime-Midland County BAYANET Seizes $3m Worth of Drugs A3 10-Mar-2004
Crime-Midland County Missing Midland Twp. Girl Found A1 13-Mar-2004
Crime-Midland County Scheifflee Classmate Sentence A1 13-Mar-2004
Crime-Midland County Kid Porn Suspect Sentenced in Oakland County A1 13-Mar-2004
Crime-Midland County Accounts Frozen: Guardian Suspected of Misusing Money A1 17-Mar-2004
Crime-Midland County Guaridan's Hearing Postponed:Ward Accts Unfrozen A1 18-Mar-2004
Crime-Midland County Former Guardian Arraigned A1 19-Mar-2004
Crime-Midland County Fritz Sentenced for CSC Crimes A3 22-Mar-2004
Crime-Midland County Sanford Woman Sentenced for Embezzlement A3 3-Jun-04
Crime-Midland County Ex-Homer Clerk Pleads Guilty A1 7-Jun-04
Crime-Midland County Charges Dropped Against Deputy A1 9-Jun-04
Crime-Midland County Former Guardian to Appear Monday A1 15-Jul-2004
Crime-Midland County Woman Who Embezzled from Patient Sentenced to Probat.. A1 18-Jul-2004
Crime-Midland County Edenville Bank Robbed A1 7-Oct-2004
Crime-Midland County M-20 Gas Station Robbed by Gunman A1 24-Nov-2004
Crime-Midland County Teenager Charged with Child Abuse (Brian Parsons) A1 24-Nov-2004
Crime-Midland County Three Guns Stolen from Shop A3 6-Dec-2004
Crime-Midland County Station Robbed Again (M-20 Sunoco) A1 9-Dec-2004
Crime-Midland County Shearer Standoff: Deputy Suffers Minor Injury from Gunshots A1 12-Dec-2004
Crime-Midland County Suspect Could Face Arraignment Today A1 13-Dec-2004
Crime-Midland County Bond Set at $1.5 Million in Deputy Shooting Case A1 14-Dec-2004
Davenport University New Look, Public Access for Davenport Library A3 22-Jul-2004
Davenport University Midland Might Offer First Service Degree in State A3 9-Aug-2004
Davenport University Davenport Degree Aims to Keep Tech Jobs in Michigan A3 14-Sep-2004
Davenport University GM Exec, Former Detroit Lion Join Davenport Board A3 8-Oct-2004
Davenport University Davenport Gala Honors Tri-Cities Neurosurgeon A3 15-Oct-2004
Davenport University Islam History Lecture Sparks Cultural Education A3 16-Oct-2004
Davenport University Davenport Serves as Model for Merging Universities A1 27-Nov-2004
Davenport University DU Main Campus Expected to Boost Reputation A3 9-Dec-2004
Delta College Former Delta Coach Ordered to Repay Embezzeled Funds A3 17-Jan-2004
Delta College Delta College Trustees Met This Week A3 17-Jan-2004
Delta College Class Work: Habitat Home First Built by Delta Class A3 18-Jan-2004
Delta College Explore Outer Space and Inner Space at Planetarium A2 30-Jan-2004
Delta College Special Events at Delta Planetarium A8 4-Feb-2004
Delta College Special Activies at Planetarium A6 12-Feb-2004
Delta College Kersploosh! Delta Unveils Pool Complex A1 13-Feb-2004
Delta College More Than 200 See New Delta College Complex A5 19-Feb-2004
Delta College Delta College Open House Insert 25-Feb-2004
Delta College New Campus Look: Delta Hosting Open House Sunday A3 26-Feb-2004
Delta College Delta College Opens Its Doors to Tri-Counties A1 1-Mar-2004
Delta College Delta Faculty Reappointed, Open House a Success A3 11-Mar-2004
Delta College Planet Viewing Offered Atop Delta Planetarium B6 24-Mar-2004
Delta College Delta's Q-TV Completes Spring Fest C4 4-Apr-2004
Delta College Boyse Plans to Retire from Delta College in 2005 A1 15-Apr-2004
Delta College Crawford, Robertson Win Delta's Top Teaching Honor A3 17-Apr-2004
Delta College Young Author's Day at Delta College May 7 B2 25-Apr-2004
Delta College Delta Hosts Business & Info Tech Skill Day May 14 B4 25-Apr-2004
Delta College Delta Commencement Thursday A2 28-Apr-2004
Delta College Delta Eyes 2.3 Percent Tuition Hike A1 12-May-2004
Delta College Delta Board Approves 4% Salary Increase A3 10-Jun-04
Delta College Delta Millage Likely at November Election A3 14-Jul-2004
Delta College Delta to Reward Faculty for Announcing Early Resignations A3 14-Jul-2004
Delta College Director Aims to Make Disability Services More Visible A3 19-Jul-2004
Delta College One Candidate Seeking Midland Seat on Delta Board A3 23-Jul-2004
Delta College Construction Promises Traffic Delays Near Delta A3 4-Aug-2004
Delta College Delta's Search for President Moves Forward… A3 11-Aug-2004
Delta College Delta, FSU Agree on Degree Deal A3 1-Sep-2004
Delta College Delta Hosting Debate 2004 A3 13-Sep-2004
Delta College Delta College Millage Campaign Kicks Off A1 19-Sep-2004
Delta College Delta Board Approves Budget That Includes Pay Raises.. A3 13-Oct-2004
Delta College Delta President to Receive SVSU Honorary Degree A3 18-Oct-2004
Delta College Delta College Officials Seeking Votes for Millage Renewal A1 19-Oct-2004
Delta College Laser Shows a First for Delta B8 20-Oct-2004
Delta College Planetarium is Perfect Place to View Lunar Eclipse A8 22-Oct-2004
Delta College Delta Accepts Audit Results A3 10-Nov-2004
Delta College Record Night for Delta Fund-Raiser A3 13-Nov-2004
Delta College Santa and Mrs. Claus Will Visit Delta Planetarium B11 24-Nov-2004
Dioxin Some Lawmakers Seek to Constrain DEQ A1 3-May-2004
Dioxin DEQ Won't Back Down on Dioxin A1 8-May-2004
Dioxin Dioxin Exposure Study Begins A1 22-May-2004
Dioxin City Urging Midlanders to Participate in Dialogue A3 23-May-2004
Dioxin Resident Wants Citizens Involved in Dioxin Dispute A1 24-May-2004
Dioxin Midlanders to Take Message to Granholm A1 26-May-2004
Dioxin Full House:Residents Pack MCFTA to Hear Dioxin Answer A1 27-May-2004
Dioxin Dioxin Questions Fill the Air During City Meeting A1 27-May-2004
Dioxin Bill Would Hike Dioxin Level to 1000 ppt A1 28-May-2004
Dioxin Survey Finds Residents Want Study of Dioxin Exposure A1 30-May-2004
Dioxin DEQ Close to Approving Dow's Dioxin Remediation Plans A1 31-May-2004
Dioxin Message Sent to Granholm: Officials Seek Involvement A1 1-Jun-04
Dioxin Judge: No More Delays: Dioxin Suit Decision Coming A1 2-Jun-04
Dioxin County Backs 1000 ppt Dioxin Standard A1 2-Jun-04
Dioxin Officials to Meet Saturday with Granholm A1 3-Jun-04
Dioxin City to Back Higher Dioxin Standard A2 3-Jun-04
Dioxin Granholm Talks: Says Everyone Needs to Slow Down A1 4-Jun-04
Dioxin Midland City Council Backs 1000 ppt Dioxin Legislation A1 4-Jun-04
Dioxin Supreme Court Issues Further Delay of Dioxin Suit A3 5-Jun-04
Dioxin Officials, Granholm Talk A1 7-Jun-04
Dioxin Midland Group Will Not Greet Granholm Today A1 8-Jun-04
Dioxin Dioxin Health Risks Ignored? A1 10-Jun-04
Dioxin Helder Leaving Dioxin Case A1 17-Jun-04
Dioxin Dow, DEQ to Meet on Dioxin Issue A1 19-Jun-04
Dioxin Citizens Talk Dioxin with Granholm A1 22-Jun-04
Dioxin Citizens Want to Be Heard A1 24-Jun-04
Dioxin Community Divided Over Dioxin Redolution Proposal A3 30-Jun-04
Dioxin Dioxin Misperceptions A1 8-Jul-2004
Dioxin Facility' Label Out of DEQ's Hands A1 8-Jul-2004
Dioxin Dow Study: Game Meat Safe to Eat A1 9-Jul-2004
Dioxin Tittabawawwee Dioxin Resolution is Middle-of-the-Road A3 14-Jul-2004
Dioxin Contamination Question: Dioxin Debate No Closer.. A1 18-Jul-2004
Dioxin Dow Files Papers in High Court A1 29-Jul-2004
Dioxin EPA to Step in on Dioxin Controversy A1 10-Aug-2004
Dioxin U-M Dioxin Study Focus of Sunday Meeting A1 26-Aug-2004
Dioxin Scientists Explain How Dioxin Health Study Will Work A1 30-Aug-2004
Dioxin U-M Scientists to Begin Subject Search Effort in Mid-Sept A3 31-Aug-2004
Dioxin It's About Health: Dioxin Suit Plaintiffs Present Argument A1 2-Sep-2004
Dioxin Grops Back Dow's Defense A1 2-Sep-2004
Dioxin Brief Filed in Support of Medical Monitoring A3 3-Sep-2004
Dioxin Silence Isn't Golden, Residents Believe: Three Months Pass A1 5-Sep-2004
Dioxin Cherry Asks for Patience from Residents Along Tittabaw.. A3 9-Sep-2004
Dioxin Group Launches Campaign for Clean Watershed A1 10-Sep-2004
Dioxin Dioxin Warning Issued: Agencies: Eating Deer, Turkey.. A1 14-Sep-2004
Dioxin Dioxin Update Expected to be Hashed Out Today A3 15-Sep-2004
Dioxin More Time Needed for Dioxin Plan, Officials A3 16-Sep-2004
Dioxin State to Check Saginaw River, Bay for Dioxin A1 27-Sep-2004
Dioxin State Won't Fund Dioxin Study A1 1-Oct-2004
Dioxin Supreme Court to Hear Dioxin Claim Wednesday A3 5-Oct-2004
Dioxin Court Weighs Dioxin Issues A1 7-Oct-2004
Dioxin DEQ Approves Dow's Dioxin Info Campaign A1 14-Oct-2004
Dioxin Results Back from Pilot Study of Dioxin Exposure A1 17-Oct-2004
Dioxin Residents, State Officials Talk Dioxin A3 20-Oct-2004
Dioxin Dow Dioxin Talks with DEQ Ongoing A1 1-Nov-2004
Dioxin No Deal Yet in Dow, DEQ Talks A1 5-Nov-2004
Dioxin Dow Worker Study Examines Dioxin Levels in Blood A1 10-Nov-2004
Dioxin Dioxin Meeting Schedulled in Freeland Cancelled A1 15-Nov-2004
Dioxin Real Estate Agents Say Home Sales Not Affected by Dioxin A1 4-Dec-2004
Dioxin High Dioxin Levels Found in Saginaw River A1 7-Dec-2004
Dioxin Dioxin Researchers to Host Meeting Thursday A3 8-Dec-2004
Dioxin Dioxin Research Meeting Tonight A3 9-Dec-2004
Dioxin Dioxin Study Making Progress A1 10-Dec-2004
Dioxin Dioxin Compensation for Vietnam Vets Costing Billions A1 19-Dec-2004
Dioxin Some Want Dioxin Muck Taken to Midland A1 20-Dec-2004
Dioxin Public Not Welcome at Meeting About Latest Dioxin Dev A1 23-Dec-2004
Dioxin Groups Offer Suggestions for Cleanup Plan A3 27-Dec-2004
Disasters Midland Mission Team Might Be Delayed (Evang Free) A1 27-Dec-2004
Disasters Toll at 44,000 A1 27-Dec-2004
Disasters International Red Cross Seeking $6.5 Million A1 27-Dec-2004
Disasters Officials Fear Toll Could Top 100,000 A1 29-Dec-2004
Disasters Aid Agencies Accepting Contributions A9 29-Dec-2004
Disasters Disaster Response Being Called 'Unbelievable' (tsunami) A1 30-Dec-2004
Disasters Tsunami Deaths Exceed 114,000 A1 30-Dec-2004
Dow Chemical Dow to Pay $2 Million Fine for Labeling Violations A3 5-Jan-2004
Dow Chemical Defense Attorneys Group Wants Monitoring Claim Out A3 6-Jan-2004
Dow Chemical Pilot Investigation into Dioxin Exposure Readied A3 7-Jan-2004
Dow Chemical Dow Product Used in Transit Buses A1 12-Jan-2004
Dow Chemical Dow Unveils Deal to Develop Plant-Based Vaccine A2 14-Jan-2004
Dow Chemical Dow Says No to Jail Proposal A2 15-Jan-2004
Dow Chemical Continued Wait in Dow Announcement A3 16-Jan-2004
Dow Chemical Dow Achieves Key Safety Milestone A3 18-Jan-2004
Dow Chemical Disturbing' Things Surfacing in Suit, Say Dow Lawyers A3 19-Jan-2004
Dow Chemical Dow Changes Announced: Positions to Be Eliminated A1 20-Jan-2004
Dow Chemical Hearing on Dow Concerns Set for Monday A3 25-Jan-2004
Dow Chemical Class-Action Status Hearing in Suit Against Dow Delayed A1 27-Jan-2004
Dow Chemical Bader to Lead Cargill Dow A1 28-Jan-2004
Dow Chemical Dow Hits Record for Sales in 2003 A1 29-Jan-2004
Dow Chemical Dow Fourth Quarter Earnings $929 Million A2 29-Jan-2004
Dow Chemical Extension Granted for Dow Dioxin Plan A3 29-Jan-2004
Dow Chemical Dow Funding Dioxin Study A1 30-Jan-2004
Dow Chemical Dow, GM Unveil Fuel Cell A1 11-Feb-2004
Dow Chemical Dow, Union Tentatively Agree to Pact A1 11-Feb-2004
Dow Chemical U-M to Conduct Dioxin Exposure Study A3 11-Feb-2004
Dow Chemical Liveris Picked for Dow Board A1 13-Feb-2004
Dow Chemical Activist Returned from Bhopal A1 15-Feb-2004
Dow Chemical Union Says OK A1 18-Feb-2004
Dow Chemical Dioxin Remediation Plans Focusing in on Midland A1 18-Feb-2004
Dow Chemical DEQ: Dioxin Levels Remain High A1 24-Feb-2004
Dow Chemical Dow Files Opposition to Class Action Status in Dioxin Case A1 28-Feb-2004
Dow Chemical 100-Year Flood Plain in Dispute A2 28-Feb-2004
Dow Chemical Dioxin Plaintiffs Have Not Provided Paperwork A3 2-Mar-2004
Dow Chemical Dow cuts Having a Midland Impact A1 3-Mar-2004
Dow Chemical Veurink Promoted: Don Taylor New Site Mgr for Mich Ops A1 6-Mar-2004
Dow Chemical Agencies to Release Views on Dow's Dioxin Plans A1 11-Mar-2004
Dow Chemical Group Will Be Asked to Produce Literature A1 11-Mar-2004
Dow Chemical State Wants Public's Comments on Plans A2 11-Mar-2004
Dow Chemical MSU Conducting Study of Dioxin, Forums A3 11-Mar-2004
Dow Chemical State Comments on Dow's Proposed Dioxin Study A1 13-Mar-2004
Dow Chemical Dow Lays off 22 in West Virginia A3 17-Mar-2004
Dow Chemical Some Plaintiffs Dismissed from Dioxin Suit A1 18-Mar-2004
Dow Chemical Dow, Plaintiffs Researching Property Values A1 20-Mar-2004
Dow Chemical Plaintiffs: Dow's Defense Makes No Sense A3 20-Mar-2004
Dow Chemical Dow Ranked in Fortune 500 A3 22-Mar-2004
Dow Chemical Judge Says No Delay: Borrello Committed to Apr 6 A1 25-Mar-2004
Dow Chemical Class Action Date Delayed to June 9 A3 26-Mar-2004
Dow Chemical Dioxin Parties Praise Judge A1 27-Mar-2004
Dow Chemical Dow Execs Get Bonuses A1 29-Mar-2004
Dow Chemical Michigan Ops Given New Emissions Permit.. A1 10-Apr-2004
Dow Chemical New Leadership in 2 Dow Departments A3 11-Apr-2004
Dow Chemical Asbestos on Agenda A1 19-Apr-2004
Dow Chemical Dow Says Restructuring Effort Nearly Completed A1 23-Apr-2004
Dow Chemical Dow Called Risky Investment A1 24-Apr-2004
Dow Chemical Dow Cites an Improving Economy for Good Quarter A1 29-Apr-2004
Dow Chemical Dow to Cut 3000 More People A1 30-Apr-2004
Dow Chemical Bhopal Victims Return: Survivors & Activists Seek Comp.. A1 13-May-2004
Dow Chemical A Rewarding Year for Dow A1 14-May-2004
Dow Chemical Bhopal, Dioxin Issues Raised A1 14-May-2004
Dow Chemical Dow Subsidiary Drops Dispute: Dow AgroSciences.. B1 14-May-2004
Dow Chemical Leakless Technology: Dow Chem Piping Product Promising A1 16-May-2004
Dow Chemical Dow Announces Expansion of Middle Eastern Efforts A6 1-Jun-04
Dow Chemical Dow Board Member Danforth Picked for UN Post (Iraq) A6 6-Jun-04
Dow Chemical Dow Unit, Federal Lab to Collaborate on West Nile Vaccine A5 9-Jun-04
Dow Chemical Some Dow Union Workers Have Pay Slashed A1 12-Jun-04
Dow Chemical Bhopal Activists Claim Dow Summoned A3 17-Jun-04
Dow Chemical Dow Part of Federal Price-Fix Probe A1 23-Jun-04
Dow Chemical DuPont Taking Lead, Expense in Probe Involving Dow A1 24-Jun-04
Dow Chemical Indian Government to Send No-Objection Notice A1 24-Jun-04
Dow Chemical Danforth Leaves Dow Board: Appointed US Rep to UN A1 27-Jun-04
Dow Chemical Judge Stays On A1 30-Jun-04
Dow Chemical Bhopal Payout Ordered A1 20-Jul-2004
Dow Chemical Dow Tems Up with Petrochemical Company in Oman A1 21-Jul-2004
Dow Chemical Dow Investing in Employee Training A3 24-Jul-2004
Dow Chemical Global Comeback: Dow Earnings Up A1 29-Jul-2004
Dow Chemical Dow Files Papers in High Court A1 29-Jul-2004
Dow Chemical Highlights of Dow Second Quarter 2004 A2 29-Jul-2004
Dow Chemical Liveris CEO at Dow A1 2-Aug-2004
Dow Chemical Dow Cutting More than 160 W. Virginia Jobs A3 6-Aug-2004
Dow Chemical SEC Asked to Investigate Dow Filings A1 12-Aug-2004
Dow Chemical Dow Downplays Appraiser's Dioxin Comment A1 15-Aug-2004
Dow Chemical Dow Plays Party Host in Athens A1 21-Aug-2004
Dow Chemical Matter of Policy: Dow Pays to Have BMX Soil Removed A1 24-Aug-2004
Dow Chemical Dow Closing Union Carbide Specialty Plant in W VA A3 31-Aug-2004
Dow Chemical Dow Honored for Role in Hazardous Waste Programs A7 5-Sep-2004
Dow Chemical Dow Declares Dividend A7 11-Sep-2004
Dow Chemical Dow Taiwan Victim of Espionage A1 15-Sep-2004
Dow Chemical Saginaw Event Center Named After Dow A1 15-Sep-2004
Dow Chemical Difficult & Delicate (glassblowers) A1 16-Sep-2004
Dow Chemical Implant Makers Will Pay $11.3M: Union Carbide Among.. A1 25-Sep-2004
Dow Chemical Economic Uncertainty Nixes Planned Dow Project A3 3-Oct-2004
Dow Chemical Dow AgroSciences Product is a Solution to Fat A3 9-Oct-2004
Dow Chemical DEQ Approves Dow's Dioxin Info Campaign A1 14-Oct-2004
Dow Chemical Saran Plan to Get Makeover A1 26-Oct-2004
Dow Chemical Dow Sees Record Sales, Major Growth A1 28-Oct-2004
Dow Chemical New Era at Dow (Andrew Liveris becomes CEO) A1 31-Oct-2004
Dow Chemical Dow Dioxin Talks with DEQ Ongoing A1 1-Nov-2004
Dow Chemical A 'New Era': Liveris Takes Over Job of CEO at Dow Today A1 1-Nov-2004
Dow Chemical No Deal Yet in Dow, DEQ Talks A1 5-Nov-2004
Dow Chemical Dow Says Farewell to Stavropoulos A1 7-Nov-2004
Dow Chemical Dow Names New General Counsel A3 8-Nov-2004
Dow Chemical Dow Worker Study Examines Dioxin Levels in Blood A1 10-Nov-2004
Dow Chemical Dow Considering New Investment at Michigan Ops A3 13-Nov-2004
Dow Chemical Former Dow Chemist on ACS Board A7 30-Nov-2004
Dow Chemical Dow to Create 109 New Midland Positions A1 1-Dec-2004
Dow Chemical Dow Moving 70 Jobs to Midland A1 1-Dec-2004
Dow Chemical Book Critical of Dow Debuts (Re: Bhopal) A1 2-Dec-2004
Dow Chemical Activists and 50 U.S. Colleges Pleading for Justice in Bhopal A1 2-Dec-2004
Dow Chemical Hoax Spread About Dow A1 3-Dec-2004
Dow Chemical Dow Building Could Become Opportunity Center for Business A1 3-Dec-2004
Dow Chemical Good News: Dow Project to Create Spinoff Jobs A1 7-Dec-2004
Dow Chemical State Says 'Yes' to Dow Tax Incentives A1 15-Dec-2004
Dow Chemical Dow Looks to Speed Up Research in $120 Million Deal A1 17-Dec-2004
Dow Corning China Gives Dow Corning Approval to Make Sealants A3 20-Jan-2004
Dow Corning Dow Corning Income, Sales for 2003 Stronger A1 30-Jan-2004
Dow Corning Dow Corning Retiree to Compete in Iditarod A3 6-Mar-2004
Dow Corning Dow Corning Wins State DEQ Award A1 17-Mar-2004
Dow Corning Nevada Women Remove Last Appeal Over DC Implants A1 20-Mar-2004
Dow Corning Out of Bankruptcy:Timeline Set for DC To Emerge.. A1 3-Apr-2004
Dow Corning DC To Cut 250 Jobs: Less Than 75 Affected in Tri-Cities A1 6-Apr-2004
Dow Corning Dow Corning Income Jumps 45% A1 30-Apr-2004
Dow Corning Dow Corning, Creditors, Haggle Over Interest Rates A1 30-Apr-2004
Dow Corning Money for Dow Corning, MMI in Defense Bill A3 8-May-2004
Dow Corning Building a Better Bandage: DC's Super-Sticky Bandages.. E2 9-May-2004
Dow Corning Houston Facility Ready to Pay Dow Corning Claims D8 23-May-2004
Dow Corning DC Looks to Future of Silicon After 9 Years in Bankruptcy A1 29-May-2004
Dow Corning Settlement Payments Coming to Those with Implant Claims A1 29-May-2004
Dow Corning Wait is Over: Dow Corning Emerges from Bankruptcy A1 1-Jun-04
Dow Corning Dow Corning Forecast Upbeat A1 22-Jun-04
Dow Corning MMI, Dow Corning Could Get Military Defense Money A2 23-Jun-04
Dow Corning Dow Corning Midland Awards Scholarships B8 24-Jun-04
Dow Corning Dow Corning, MMI Might Work on Defense Projects A1 25-Jun-04
Dow Corning Dow Corning Has Role in Three Defense Projects A3 27-Jun-04
Dow Corning DC Release Visible, Not Harmful, Official Says A3 27-Jul-2004
Dow Corning DC Sales, Adjusted Income Grow A1 30-Jul-2004
Dow Corning New DC Technology on Horizon for Airbags A3 1-Aug-2004
Dow Corning Maintenance Causes Small Release at Dow Corning A3 3-Aug-2004
Dow Corning Granholm to Attend Dow Corning's Facility Dedication A1 5-Aug-2004
Dow Corning Dow Corning Chief Recognized A3 9-Aug-2004
Dow Corning Dow Corning Dedicates New Plant for Growing Industry A1 11-Aug-2004
Dow Corning Production Increase Boosts DC Emissions for 2003 A3 25-Aug-2004
Dow Corning Demand Jumps for Dow Corning Silicon Products A1 22-Sep-2004
Dow Corning First Phase of DC Tax Appeal Decided A1 26-Sep-2004
Dow Corning Dow Corning, Home Builders Provide Slide at Sugnet B10 29-Sep-2004
Dow Corning City, Dow Corning Settle Tax Appeal A1 2-Oct-2004
Dow Corning Tax Appeal Deal Spells Relief for Districts A1 5-Oct-2004
Dow Corning Tribunal Approves Tax Appeal Settlement A1 14-Oct-2004
Dow Corning DC Net Income, Sales Up A1 12-Nov-2004
Dow Corning Dow Corning Invests in New Facilities to Support Asia Grow.. B6 15-Nov-2004
Dow Corning New DC Material a Breakthrough for Auto Electronics Market B6 15-Nov-2004
Dow Gardens Meeting Scheduled to Discuss Emerald Ash Borer A3 13-Feb-2004
Dow Gardens Dow Gardens Representative is Speaker B5 15-Sep-2004
Downtown Midland Designs Made of Blocks to Decorate Downtown A1 26-Apr-2004
Downtown Midland Midland Blooms Will Be Changing A3 26-Apr-2004
Downtown Midland DDA, Regional Business Center Hosts Workshops A3 16-May-2004
Downtown Midland Downtown Block Sculpture Project Changes A1 21-May-2004
Downtown Midland Lomas Named Year's Downtown Businessperson A3 3-Jun-04
Downtown Midland Downtown Block Party Delayed A1 9-Jun-04
Downtown Midland Decorated Chairs to Pop Up Downtown A1 5-Aug-2004
Downtown Midland Downtown Turns Antic-Quated A1 8-Aug-2004
Downtown Midland DDA Will Host Review Session on Ashman Streetscape A3 26-Nov-2004
Downtown Midland Carriage Rides Begin Tonight Through Downtown Midland A1 8-Dec-2004
Downtown Midland Making Downtown Distinctive A1 9-Dec-2004
Downtown Midland True Fairy Tale: Carriage Ride Makes Girls Feel Like.. A3 11-Dec-2004
Drunk Driving Drunken Drivers to Get Intense Supervision in County A1 15-Apr-2004
Drunk Driving Event SLAMs Students A1 23-Apr-2004
Drunk Driving Woman Sentenced for Drunken Driving Accident A3 25-Sep-2004
Economy Economic Leaders to Focus on Area's Image A3 5-Jan-2004
Economy Area Jobless Rates Up Slightly A1 1-Feb-2004
Economy Gas Price Spike Strikes Midland A1 5-May-2004
Economy Gas Prices Up Despite More Imports A1 22-May-2004
Economy Milk Prices Rise A1 27-Jun-04
Economy Recovery Slow Locally: Workers Still Discouraged A1 19-Jul-2004
Economy Through the Roof: Building Materials Cause House Prices.. A1 19-Jul-2004
Economy Clare, Gladwin Counties Bear Brunt of Lagging Economy A1 5-Sep-2004
Economy Tri-Cities Jobless Rate Down in August, Still Above State A1 25-Sep-2004
Economy Midland Tomorrow to Honor Leaders in Economic Dev A3 2-Oct-2004
Economy Health Costs Focus of Tri-County Economics Club Meeting C1 18-Nov-2004
Edenville Town Reunion: Edenville School Graduates Reunite A3 21-Jun-04
Edenville Township The Lake in Winter Still Hot Topic in Edenville A3 14-Jan-2004
Edenville Township Edenville Eyes Federal Grant Program for New Fire Truck A3 3-Mar-2004
Edenville Township Edenville Has New Rep on Lake Boards A3 7-Apr-2004
Edenville Township Flashing Light Likely for Edenville A3 11-Apr-2004
Edenville Township Cost of Trash Collectin Going Up in Edenville A3 6-Oct-2004
Education Back to the Routine: Students Return to Classroom A1 6-Jan-2004
Education Midlanders Second at Homeschool Debate Tourney B5 12-Jan-2004
Education Area Schools Appeal Grades (Education Yes Program) A1 18-Jan-2004
Education Nearly 900 Schools Fall Short A1 30-Jan-2004
Education First Report Card: Most Schools Make Grade A1 31-Jan-2004
Education High Schoolers Fare Well at College Insert 15-Feb-2004
Education Mentors Help in Schools, Become Students' Friends Insert 15-Feb-2004
Education Believe in Yourself': Speaker Brings Positive Message A3 17-Feb-2004
Education Collin New President of Local Teacher Union A1 23-May-2004
Education Colleges Hit Record Enrollment A1 16-Sep-2004
Education Eye-Opener: Research Seeks to Find Factors That Impair.. A1 17-Nov-2004
Education Course in Sign Language Teaches How to Talk with Hands A3 23-Nov-2004
Education Bruchhof, Volz Elected to MITECH+ Board B2 15-Dec-2004
Education Science Made Playful A3 16-Dec-2004
Education & Training Center ETC Continues to Expand A3 27-Oct-2004
Elections Candidate Forums Set for Tonight A1 20-Jul-2004
Elections Hundred Request Absentee Ballots A1 20-Jul-2004
Elections Youth Voter Registration surges Nationwide: Program Local A1 20-Sep-2004
Elections Students Hope to Spark Voting Interest A3 21-Sep-2004
Elections Candidates Spar Over Pay Raise A3 23-Sep-2004
Elections On the Books, While Hitting the Books (Voter Registration) A3 29-Sep-2004
Elections Signs Turn Up Missing: Bush, Kerry Signs Popular Targets A1 30-Sep-2004
Elections LWV Warns of Voter Registration Phone Scam A1 2-Oct-2004
Elections Voter Sign Up Surge Monday A1 5-Oct-2004
Elections Hundreds of Presidential Signs Reported Missing A1 9-Oct-2004
Elections Magazine Has Political Memories from Midland, Saginaw A3 11-Oct-2004
Elections No State House Candidates at Forums A1 12-Oct-2004
Elections Answer Time for Candidates (Camp, Huckleberry) A1 22-Oct-2004
Elections Seniors Weigh Options A1 24-Oct-2004
Elections Jobs, War Top Student Issues A1 24-Oct-2004
Elections New Citizens Share Pre-Election Insights A1 24-Oct-2004
Elections Tilmann Defends Spending Record A3 25-Oct-2004
Elections Campaigns Making Last-Ditch Efforts in Michigan A1 27-Oct-2004
Elections Democrat Seeking Vote on Camp's Turf After Poll A2 30-Oct-2004
Elections Elkins, Moore Predict Victory, Bigger Vote Margin A3 30-Oct-2004
Elections Tilmann, Caul Pledge Action on Deer A3 31-Oct-2004
Elections Activists Vow to Protest Questionable Results A3 31-Oct-2004
Elections Sample Ballot E1 31-Oct-2004
Elections Midland County Voters Line Up Early A1 2-Nov-2004
Elections Northeast Students Research, Vote for Presidential Choices A1 2-Nov-2004
Elections Siebert Students Blur Party Lines A3 3-Nov-2004
Elections Election Night Event Brings Midland High Upperclassman A3 3-Nov-2004
Elections Straight Ticket Voting: Advantage GOP A1 6-Nov-2004
Elections-Local Deadline to File for Election Nearing A1 7-Mar-2004
Elections-Local O'Neil Files for Election (Midland County) A3 11-Mar-2004
Elections-Local Prosecutor Files for Fifth Term A1 16-Mar-2004
Elections-Local New Democratic Campaign Group Gets 12 Volunteers A3 19-Mar-2004
Elections-Local Sheriff Candidate Jerry Nielsen Explains Priorities A1 23-Mar-2004
Elections-Local Downing Announces Re-ellection Bid A1 24-Mar-2004
Elections-Local Enos Files for Third Term as Drain Commissioner A1 27-Mar-2004
Elections-Local Starner Not Seeking Third GOP Term A3 27-Mar-2004
Elections-Local Reder Announces Candidacy A1 29-Mar-2004
Elections-Local Former Commissioner Files for Race A3 29-Mar-2004
Elections-Local Commissioner Running for Seventh Term (Wilson) A3 30-Mar-2004
Elections-Local Chambers Running for Sheriff A1 6-Apr-2004
Elections-Local Haines Announces Plans to Seek Reg of Deeds Reelection A1 21-Apr-2004
Elections-Local Carpenter Seeks Prosecuting Attorney Job A1 22-Apr-2004
Elections-Local Holcomb to Run for Final Term A1 29-Apr-2004
Elections-Local McQuaid Will Seek 12th Term A3 3-May-2004
Elections-Local Midland Twp Stamas Enters Commissioner Race A3 6-May-2004
Elections-Local Weaver Running for 14th County Commission Term A3 7-May-2004
Elections-Local Seven Candidates Enter County Races A3 12-May-2004
Elections-Local Candidate Wants Less Legal Expenses (Enszer) A1 16-May-2004
Elections-Local Busy Election Season Looming in Townships A3 19-May-2004
Elections-Local Wood Wants to Represent Working Man A3 20-May-2004
Elections-Local Davis Challenging Incumbent Haines for Register of Deeds A1 3-Jul-2004
Elections-Local Democrat Wants to Bring Energy to Drain Comm Job A1 6-Jul-2004
Elections-Local About the Aug. 3 Election A1 21-Jul-2004
Elections-Local 97 Attend Campaign Forum A1 21-Jul-2004
Elections-Local Donker Seeks Four More Years A1 21-Jul-2004
Elections-Local Carpenter Eyes Changes for Office A1 21-Jul-2004
Elections-Local O'Neil Seeks Another Term on County Board A3 23-Jul-2004
Elections-Local Neuenfeldt Challenging Incumbent in Primary A3 23-Jul-2004
Elections-Local Signs of the Times: Accusations Fly of Sign Theft.. A1 24-Jul-2004
Elections-Local Competition Heated for County Offices A1 25-Jul-2004
Elections-Local Absentee Ballots Available A3 30-Jul-2004
Elections-Local Treasurer's Homestead Exemptions Permitted A1 1-Aug-2004
Elections-Local Voters Get Three Ballots, But Should Mark Two in Primary A3 1-Aug-2004
Elections-Local Midland County Sample Ballots A6 1-Aug-2004
Elections-Local Polls Across the County Will Remain Open Until 8 p.m. A1 3-Aug-2004
Elections-Local Tie for Change: Incumbents Lose in all Midland Cty Primaries A1 4-Aug-2004
Elections-Local Nielsen Wins in Sheriff's Race A1 4-Aug-2004
Elections-Local Carpenter Gets Nod A1 4-Aug-2004
Elections-Local Enszer Defeats Downing A1 4-Aug-2004
Elections-Local Out, Out, Out, Out They Go.. A1 4-Aug-2004
Elections-Local Challenger Wins in District 2 A1 4-Aug-2004
Elections-Local Caul Defeats Chiodo, Faces Tilmann in November A3 4-Aug-2004
Elections-Local Voters Approve Countywide, Township Millage Levies A10 4-Aug-2004
Elections-Local Township Turnout Averages 18 Percent A10 4-Aug-2004
Elections-Local Township Candidates and Supporters Get Their Results A3 5-Aug-2004
Elections-Local Republicans Unite for November Election A3 5-Aug-2004
Elections-Local In Midland, Libertarian Seeks Bigger Piece of Vote Pie A1 23-Aug-2004
Elections-Local State Dems' Chairman at Tilmann Fundraiser A3 23-Aug-2004
Elections-Local Election Law Catches Township Candidates A3 5-Oct-2004
Elections-Local Haines Seeks Re-Election as Register A1 20-Oct-2004
Elections-Local Daivs Challenges for Deeds Position A1 20-Oct-2004
Elections-Local At Forum, Tilmann Denies Raisig Her Salary A3 21-Oct-2004
Elections-Local Treasurer Candidates Clash at League Forum A1 22-Oct-2004
Elections-Local Enszer to Make Changes if Elected County Treasurer A1 25-Oct-2004
Elections-Local DeVito Ran to Give Voters Choice in Treasurer Race A1 25-Oct-2004
Elections-Local Incumbent Wants to Continue Drain Work (Enos) A1 26-Oct-2004
Elections-Local Challenger Says He's 'A Very Good Choice' (Donovan) A1 26-Oct-2004
Elections-Local Stamas Wants to Continue Family Tradition A3 26-Oct-2004
Elections-Local Wood Seeking District 4 Commission Seat A3 26-Oct-2004
Elections-Local Nielsen Focusing on Leadership, Education A1 27-Oct-2004
Elections-Local Chambers: Complete Change in Office Needed A1 27-Oct-2004
Elections-Local District 7 Challenger Says 'Always Something to Do' A3 27-Oct-2004
Elections-Local District 7 Commissioner Wants to Continue Service A3 27-Oct-2004
Elections-Local Township Election Guide C4 28-Oct-2004
Elections-Local Coleman May Candidte Asks Voters Overlook Felony A1 29-Oct-2004
Elections-Local One Last Look at Midland County Races A1 31-Oct-2004
Elections-Local Voters 'Pick Rick' for Treasurer A1 3-Nov-2004
Elections-Local Nielsen Elected Sheriff A1 3-Nov-2004
Elections-Local Camp Returning for Eighth Term A1 3-Nov-2004
Elections-Local Republicans Moolenaar, Caul, Moore Win Seats A3 3-Nov-2004
Elections-Local Robinson Re-Elected in Coleman A3 3-Nov-2004
Elections-Local Township Elections at a Glance A5 3-Nov-2004
Elections-Local Midland's Turnout a Record A12 3-Nov-2004
Elections-Local Late Night, Last Night A12 3-Nov-2004
Elections-Local County Officers Re-Elected, Millage Passes A12 3-Nov-2004
Elections-Local McQuaid, Stamas Win Board Seats A12 3-Nov-2004
Elections-Local Problems Minor, Few A12 3-Nov-2004
Elections-Local Reount Sought in Sanford Election A3 12-Nov-2004
Elections-Local New State Moore Tries for House Slots A3 13-Nov-2004
Elections-National Feed the Donkey': Local Dems Gather to Watch A3 28-Jan-2004
Elections-National Three Dean Staffers Work in Bay, Saginaw Counties A3 28-Jan-2004
Elections-National Dean Campaigning in Michigan Today B6 29-Jan-2004
Elections-National Michigan Dems' Caucuses Unlike Iowa's A3 1-Feb-2004
Elections-National Where They Stand on Issues B1 1-Feb-2004
Elections-National Dem Candidates Rolling Into Michigan A1 4-Feb-2004
Elections-National Michigan Democrats Help Voters Find Caucus Sites A3 4-Feb-2004
Elections-National Democrats Face 15% Threshold to Earn Delegate A1 5-Feb-2004
Elections-National I Hope We Need More' Caucus Ballots, Dem Chairman Says A1 6-Feb-2004
Elections-National A Big Kerry Win (Michigan Democratic Caucus) A1 8-Feb-2004
Elections-National Four Democrats Meet Michigan Threshold A3 9-Feb-2004
Elections-National Dems, GOP Have Big Turnouts A3 21-Feb-2004
Elections-National Greenville Businessman (Huckleberry)..Against Camp A1 10-Mar-2004
Elections-National Camp's Campaign Cash Grows A1 17-Apr-2004
Elections-National GOP Gets Call from Cheney A3 30-Apr-2004
Elections-National Camp Plans to Seek Re-Election, Calls for Tax Reform A1 10-May-2004
Elections-National Camp Faces Opposition A1 12-May-2004
Elections-National Camp's Campaign Breaks Cash-On-Hand Record A3 10-Jul-2004
Elections-National Camp Second in Campaign Funding A3 16-Jul-2004
Elections-National Cherry, Ferguson See Greater Democratic Enthusiasm A1 27-Jul-2004
Elections-National Midlander Calls Carter's Convention Speech 'Amazing' A1 27-Jul-2004
Elections-National Job for Blanchard: Teaching About Kerry A1 28-Jul-2004
Elections-National Granholm to Address Convention A1 28-Jul-2004
Elections-National Excitement Wall to Wall' (Democratic National Convention) A1 29-Jul-2004
Elections-National Granholm Stresses Jobs A1 29-Jul-2004
Elections-National Kerry Speech Boosts Local Party Morale A1 30-Jul-2004
Elections-National Bush to Make Saginaw Stop A1 1-Aug-2004
Elections-National Bush Rally Tickets Available Tuesday A1 2-Aug-2004
Elections-National Lining Up for Tickets (Bush-Saginaw Visit) A1 3-Aug-2004
Elections-National Bush Heading to Saginaw A1 5-Aug-2004
Elections-National Saginaw Habitat Volunteer to Welcome Bush A1 5-Aug-2004
Elections-National Bush Speech Will Have Detractors A1 5-Aug-2004
Elections-National President Rallies 7600 in Saginaw A1 6-Aug-2004
Elections-National Members of Crowd Have Good Thoughts for 'W', Republicans A1 6-Aug-2004
Elections-National No. 1 Son: Auburn Man on Air Force One Crew A1 6-Aug-2004
Elections-National One Arrested During Protest After Speech A1 6-Aug-2004
Elections-National Security Tight for President's Time at MBS A3 6-Aug-2004
Elections-National Policy Made Seeing Bush's Plane Difficult A3 6-Aug-2004
Elections-National Clark Shouts Encouragement to Bush Protesters A3 6-Aug-2004
Elections-National Presidential Visit: Labor Leader: Employees Lose B1 6-Aug-2004
Elections-National A Few Seconds with a President: Locals Tell of Meeting B1 6-Aug-2004
Elections-National Photog Up Close for Bush Visit A1 7-Aug-2004
Elections-National Camp Challenger Focused on Dow 'Corporate Greed' A3 8-Aug-2004
Elections-National Phone Banks Dialing Up Possible Kerry, Bush Voters A3 28-Aug-2004
Elections-National GOP Convention 'Thrilling', Midlander Says A1 31-Aug-2004
Elections-National Midlander Reflects on Convention A1 2-Sep-2004
Elections-National Local Republicans Gather for Speech A1 3-Sep-2004
Elections-National Laura Bush Coming to Saginaw Thursday A1 7-Sep-2004
Elections-National Laura Bush to Tour Company with Women in Key Roles A3 8-Sep-2004
Elections-National 70 Heard Laura Bush Speak in Midland in 1999 A3 8-Sep-2004
Elections-National Midlanders Meet Laura Bush A3 10-Sep-2004
Elections-National Camp, Huckleberry to Debate on Oct 21 A1 18-Sep-2004
Elections-National Theft Backfires: Kerry Sign Gets Bigger A3 18-Sep-2004
Elections-National Former Navy Colleague Stumps for Kerry in Midland Area A3 29-Sep-2004
Elections-National Edwards to Attend Saginaw Rally A1 7-Oct-2004
Elections-National Miller to Speak at GOP Rally in Saginaw A1 8-Oct-2004
Elections-National 20 Year Old Midlnd Volunteer, Bush Meet Again A3 8-Oct-2004
Elections-National Thousands Gather to Hear Edwards (Saginaw) A1 10-Oct-2004
Elections-National Candidates Tweak Messages Before Michigan Audiences A1 16-Oct-2004
Elections-National Bush Making Return Visit to Saginaw A1 23-Oct-2004
Elections-National Bush Tickets Available Monday A3 24-Oct-2004
Elections-National Early Birds Line Up for Tickets to President's Saginaw Visit A2 25-Oct-2004
Elections-National Bush in Saginaw A1 28-Oct-2004
Elections-National Bush Backers Fill Center A1 29-Oct-2004
Elections-National Supporters Wait for Hours for Chance ot See Bush A1 29-Oct-2004
Elections-National The Great Divide A1 29-Oct-2004
Elections-National Bush Wins: Kerry Concedes in Phone Call to Bush A1 3-Nov-2004
Elections-State Democrat Accounces Candicacy for 99th State House A3 30-Jan-2004
Elections-State Moore Seeks House Seat A3 12-Feb-2004
Elections-State Alwood Withdraws From House Campaign A3 2-Mar-2004
Elections-State Goschka Eyes Early Departure from Senate A3 15-Apr-2004
Elections-State Moolenaar Announces Plans to Seek Second Term A1 3-May-2004
Elections-State Two Midlanders to Run in 98th District Race A1 12-May-2004
Elections-State Three from Isabella, None from Midland County Running A1 12-May-2004
Elections-State Moore Challenges Elkins in 97th District A3 12-May-2004
Elections-State Vote Likely on Marriage Amendment A1 6-Jul-2004
Elections-State Bush Meets with Michigan Judicial Nominees A3 8-Jul-2004
Elections-State Poll: Not to Gay Marriage: Lukewarm to Unions A1 12-Jul-2004
Elections-State Chiodo Declining Gifts, Wouldn't Keep Pay Raise A1 22-Jul-2004
Elections-State Caul's Primary Campaign Fund Raising is on Target A1 22-Jul-2004
Elections-State Disabled People's Votes Sought by Candidates for State.. A3 18-Sep-2004
Elections-State Candidates for 99th District Explain Positions A1 18-Oct-2004
Elections-State Huckleberry Supporters Turn Out at Rally A3 18-Oct-2004
Elections-State Apology Demanded by Campaign A3 20-Oct-2004
Elections-State Caul Disavows State GOP Mailings A3 27-Oct-2004
Emergency Services A Day's Good Work (911 Dispatcher-Angela Sweebe) A5 5-Mar-2004
Employment Small Decline in Tri-Cities' Jobless Rate A3 10-Jan-2004
Employment Career Horizons Insert 14-Feb-2004
Employment Hitting Home: State Cuts Will Hurt (MichiganWorks) A1 22-Feb-2004
Employment Career Horizons Insert 13-Mar-2004
Employment Michigan Works Cuts Could Be Less Severe A1 14-Mar-2004
Employment Jobless Rates Hits 8.8% A1 21-Mar-2004
Employment Job Seekers Express Disappointment at Job Fair A3 16-Apr-2004
Employment Jobless Rate Edges UP in Local Area A1 27-Apr-2004
Employment SBC Workers Picket in Midland A1 22-May-2004
Employment Local Jobless Rate Falls A1 2-Jun-04
Employment The Interviewer's Bag of Tricks B5 11-Jun-04
Employment Dow Psychologist Designs Job Screening Tools B5 11-Jun-04
Employment Teens Could Work More Under Bill A3 14-Jun-04
Employment Granholm Vetoes Stamas' Bill on Teens' Work Week A3 29-Jun-04
Employment Grant to Help with Jobs A1 2-Jul-2004
Employment Job Shadow: Midlander Gets to Follow Sentator Around A3 3-Jul-2004
Employment Michigan Works Seeks Grant to Help Health Care Industry A1 9-Jul-2004
Employment Tri-Cities Unemployent Rises Slightly in July A1 27-Aug-2004
Employment Grant to Help Connect Workers, Health Jobs A3 1-Sep-2004
Employment Jobless Rate Edges Up in Tri-Cities B1 31-Oct-2004
Employment Career Horizons Insert 20-Nov-2004
Employment Tri-Cities Jobless Rate Up in November A3 23-Dec-2004
Entertainment Nemo,Pirates Top Movies in Midland Insert 22-Feb-2004
Entertainment Hundreds Attend Matrix: Cinema Films Insert 22-Feb-2004
Entertainment Clubbing: Dancing Has Taken on Many Forms Over the Years Insert 22-Feb-2004
Entertainment Passion of Christ Oopens Today: Area Christians to Attend A1 25-Feb-2004
Entertainment Views: 'Passion' Packs a Punch A1 26-Feb-2004
Entertainment Douglas to Bring Comedy to Beaverton Bowl D2 26-Feb-2004
Entertainment Expresso Milano Hosts Artist's Series D2 26-Feb-2004
Entertainment A Certain Vigilance': Area Jews Express Concern (Passion) A3 28-Feb-2004
Entertainment Just Mild About Harry Potter A3 4-Jun-04
Entertainment Controversial Moore Film Will Be Shown at Midland Cinemas A3 24-Jun-04
Entertainment Rubik's Champ: Gaylord Man Finds It's Hip to Be Square A7 23-Aug-2004
Entertainment The Boys' Offers Audience Chance to Learn B1 9-Sep-2004
Entertainment Former Midlanders Featured on Jane Pauley A1 17-Oct-2004
Entertainment Midland Child Features in 'Funniest Home Videos' Episode A3 24-Oct-2004
Entertainment Round the Outside: Couple Finds…(square dancing) A3 16-Nov-2004
Environment On the Job: New Forester Hired (Midland & Gladwin Counties) A3 5-Feb-2004
Environment State Tripling Landfill Regulation Fees A1 17-Feb-2004
Environment Oil Spilled into Chippewa River A1 2-Mar-2004
Environment Exotic Species Called Bigger Threat Than Pollution A1 13-Jun-04
Environment Couple Compiles Guide to Michigan's Plants, Animals C1 13-Jun-04
Environment Midlander Behind Push to Expand Wind Power B1 31-Oct-2004
Environmental Protection Natural Gas Release at Dow Facility A3 11-Jan-2004
Environmental Protection Super Cleanup: Environmental Activist RFK, Jr. (Pine River) A3 2-Apr-2004
Environmental Protection Court Sidesteps Rapanos Wetlands Dispute A1 6-Apr-2004
Environmental Protection Energy Expo Extravaganza Insert 22-Apr-2004
Environmental Protection Permit Meeting Tonight A2 28-Apr-2004
Environmental Protection City, DEQ in Standoff Over Soil Sampling A3 29-Apr-2004
Environmental Protection All Wet? After Long Battle, Rapanos May Be Imprisoned A1 1-May-2004
Environmental Protection Congress, Courts, Regulators Grapple With Wetlands A5 1-May-2004
Environmental Protection Leaking Underground Tanks Threaten Saginaw Bay Area A3 9-May-2004
Environmental Protection DEQ Halts Soccer Project A1 25-May-2004
Environmental Protection Wetlands Issue Still Plagues Soccer Club A1 16-Jun-04
Environmental Protection Camp's Clean Car Vehicle Tax Credits Part of Energy Pkg A1 16-Jun-04
Environmental Protection Ducks Unlimited Re-Elects Tomke President B5 24-Jun-04
Environmental Protection Grop Helps Reclaim a Portion of Gladwin River A3 28-Jun-04
Environmental Protection Soccer Club to Seek Wetlands Permit A1 12-Jul-2004
Environmental Protection River of Controversy: Chappel Dam is Center of Debate A3 13-Jul-2004
Environmental Protection Moolenaar Votes No on Bill Shifting $50 Mil to Other Cleanup A7 15-Jul-2004
Environmental Protection WIN Grant of $20,000 Will Help Create Outdoor Classrooms A3 2-Oct-2004
Environmental Protection Decision on Soccer Club's DEQ Permit Expected This Month A1 5-Dec-2004
Events Back to Basics' Cooking School Coming to Midland A8 26-Jan-2004
Events Dow High Students Help During Kid's Day at Midland Mall A9 7-Feb-2004
Events Nonviolence Weeks Nears A1 9-Feb-2004
Events Students' Art Shown at Midand Mall A6 12-Feb-2004
Events Ice Carnival Begins Tonight (Gladwin) A1 13-Feb-2004
Events Week of Nonviolence, Feb 16-24, 2004 Insert 14-Feb-2004
Events Annual Sculpture Contest is Thursday A3 15-Feb-2004
Events Chill Out, Flat Out (Gladwin County Ice Carnival) A3 15-Feb-2004
Events Growing Up Beautiful (Young Miss Auburn-Midland Area) B4 15-Feb-2004
Events Teasing,Bullying Also Focus of Nonviolence Weeks A3 19-Feb-2004
Events Dessert Party is Tuesday A3 19-Feb-2004
Events Snow Surgery: Area Students Carve, Sculpt Snow A1 20-Feb-2004
Events Targeted Message: Jefferson Students Focus on Gun Safety A3 20-Feb-2004
Events Discussion Follows Iraq War Film A1 22-Feb-2004
Events Fast Ice State-A-Thon This Saturday A3 24-Feb-2004
Events Sweet Treats Help Council (World's Greatest Dessert Party) A1 25-Feb-2004
Events Wild About Food (Christian Celebration Center dinner) A3 26-Feb-2004
Events Youth Honors Chroal Members to Perform in Indianapolis D3 26-Feb-2004
Events Book Work: Students Celebrate Seuss Birthday A1 28-Feb-2004
Events Fast Money:Skaters Make Laps for New Arena A1 29-Feb-2004
Events Food for Thought (Wild Game Feed Night-Christian Celebra.) A3 29-Feb-2004
Events MDA Stride'n'Ride Event Set for March 20 A2 3-Mar-2004
Events Gemini in Concert Friday (Riverside Place) A6 4-Mar-2004
Events Morning Rotary Sets Dinner, Auction A7 7-Mar-2004
Events Red Cross Event Saturday at Mall B6 9-Mar-2004
Events Shelterhouse Plans Denim Day in County A2 10-Mar-2004
Events Flag Designer to Speak at JA Free Enterprise Breakfast A5 11-Mar-2004
Events MS Walk April 24 A5 11-Mar-2004
Events Rabine Helps Students Learn to "Speak" Not "Freak" C5 14-Mar-2004
Events Taking Their Cue (Eagles Pool Tournament) A1 15-Mar-2004
Events Gun Show Back in Midland (April 3-4) B5 18-Mar-2004
Events People to People Event March 27 A2 19-Mar-2004
Events Dressing Up: The Rock Dispenses Dresses and Advice A1 21-Mar-2004
Events Gird Scouts to Offer International Food, Auction April 30 A5 22-Mar-2004
Events Trash Friends:Performance Group's Play Shows… A3 23-Mar-2004
Events Dahlia Hill Society Events Planned A2 12-Apr-2004
Events Author to Sharee Holistic Healing Experience (Holbrook) A6 13-Apr-2004
Events Mardi Gras Monday Event Set for May 3 A2 14-Apr-2004
Events Gun Show's Return a Success A3 14-Apr-2004
Events Decorator Diva to Speak at Home and Garden Show A3 15-Apr-2004
Events Saginaw Poet Seeks 'Language That Paints a Picture' D1 15-Apr-2004
Events Carnegie Mellon Professor to Lecture at MMI In May B6 18-Apr-2004
Events Midland Mall to Host Pinewood Derby April 25 A2 21-Apr-2004
Events Camp Fire USA Pancake Breakfast Saturday B5 21-Apr-2004
Events Midland, Freeland Events Kick Off Walleye Season A3 22-Apr-2004
Events MS Walk is Saturday A3 23-Apr-2004
Events National Chairman to Speak at Local Republicans.. A2 25-Apr-2004
Events Taste of Home is Wednesday A8 26-Apr-2004
Events Closer to Home: Mars Mission Manager to Visit Midland A1 1-May-2004
Events Midlanders Take Part in Washington Abortion Rights March A3 1-May-2004
Events Orphan Train Researchers, TV Show Producers to Speak B6 1-May-2004
Events Dow Studio to Offer Lecture, Slide Show May 22 B5 2-May-2004
Events Law Day Luncheon Focuses on Brown V Board at 50 B5 4-May-2004
Events Laws That Govern Flight Topic of Program B5 4-May-2004
Events State's Head of Economic Development Visits Midland A3 5-May-2004
Events Day of Prayer: Gathering Focuses on US War Concerns A1 7-May-2004
Events Civil Rights History Part of Law Day Presentation A3 7-May-2004
Events Last Run for Old Line (Oldsmobile) A3 7-May-2004
Events Trip Marred with Challenges-Mars (Jennifer Trosper) A3 8-May-2004
Events Group Honors Child Care Professionals E6 9-May-2004
Events Anti-War Activists Talk Iraq A3 13-May-2004
Events Grove Street Festival Set for May 21-23 D1 13-May-2004
Events Ryder Wheels Into Midland for Night of Rock 'n Roll D1 13-May-2004
Events MidMichigan Hospice Hosts Annual Quilt Show B1 16-May-2004
Events Granholm to Ride on Rail-Trail in June A1 20-May-2004
Events Children's Zoo: 75th Anniversary Insert 22-May-2004
Events In Bloom: Eastman Corridor Brightened by Midland Blooms A1 23-May-2004
Events And the Winner Is…(Garber Chevrolet) A3 24-May-2004
Events Preventing Child Abuse is Goal of 2004 Magic Ride A8 25-May-2004
Events Treasured Friends: 25 Years of Rummage Sales A1 30-May-2004
Events Autism Workshop Slated B6 4-Jun-04
Events In the Pink (Relay for Life A1 5-Jun-04
Events Show Time: Antique Festival Gets Under Way A3 5-Jun-04
Events A Blue Sky Day in Zilwaukee A3 6-Jun-04
Events Student of Middle East to Speak Monday A3 12-Jun-04
Events Running, Walking, Trotting (Midland Comm Dow Run Walk) B6 14-Jun-04
Events Prof Outlines Iraq Needs A3 16-Jun-04
Events City Recognizes Amateur Radio Week D2 20-Jun-04
Events 100 Years Away: Log Cabin Day is Sunday C1 25-Jun-04
Events Ghosts' Learn, Perform (Tittabawassee Fife & Drum Corps) A1 7-Jul-2004
Events Cornfest Promises Bigger, Better Attractions A3 7-Jul-2004
Events U.S. Air Force Band Concern Monday A3 11-Jul-2004
Events Midlanders Open Up Gardens for July 21 Tour C6 11-Jul-2004
Events Ready for Riverdays Reenactments A1 15-Jul-2004
Events Christmas in July will Support Crisis Pregnancies A3 15-Jul-2004
Events McFarland Crowned New Queen at Cornfest A3 15-Jul-2004
Events RockFest '04 Set for Saturday A1 16-Jul-2004
Events Fall/Winter Bridal Spectacular-Midland Mall Insert 18-Jul-2004
Events ZZ Top Guitarist Marries Couple in Midland A6 19-Jul-2004
Events Comedy at Northern: Sanford Club to Bring Comedians B1 22-Jul-2004
Events Cool Cars: Hot Music (Auburn Rock 'n' Wheels) A1 24-Jul-2004
Events Festival All About Farm Life (Farm Days-Warmbier Farms) A3 26-Aug-2004
Events Democrats Plan Concert for Youth Outreach A3 30-Aug-2004
Events Tridge Walk Returns Among Area Labor Day Activities A3 2-Sep-2004
Events Series on Poverty to Continue at Memorial Presbyterian B1 5-Sep-2004
Events Founder's Day Schedule Will Keep People Busy A3 10-Sep-2004
Events Spiffy' Cars to Adorn Main Street A3 14-Sep-2004
Events Hispanic Heritage Month Begins, Area Colleges Create.. A1 16-Sep-2004
Events Grief Can Be Managed, Speaker Relates A3 16-Sep-2004
Events Classical Indian Program Sept 26 at Dow Library B2 16-Sep-2004
Events Sanford Eagles Help Clean Road, Plan Spaghetti Dinner C4 16-Sep-2004
Events Balloon Fest Takes Off A1 17-Sep-2004
Events Memories: Cruise 'N Car Show Continues Downtown Today A1 18-Sep-2004
Events On Cloud 9: Balloon Trips Turns into Wedding Proposal A1 18-Sep-2004
Events Balloon Pilots Visit Midland Schools A2 18-Sep-2004
Events Memories from Balloon Trip Will Last a Lifetime A3 22-Sep-2004
Events PFLAG Interim Director to Speak in Midland A5 23-Sep-2004
Events Spice Up the Weekend (6th Annual Chili Taste-Off) A3 24-Sep-2004
Events Emergency Services Director Part of Auto Run for Charity A3 24-Sep-2004
Events Hot Time Downtown (6th Annual Chili Taste-Off) A1 26-Sep-2004
Events Youth Violence Summit Planned for Next Week B6 30-Sep-2004
Events Events Planned as Part of Breast Cancer Awareness Month A5 2-Oct-2004
Events Walk Aims to Help Fight Breast Cancer A8 5-Oct-2004
Events Oriental Rug Show and Sale Planned B5 5-Oct-2004
Events Students Voice Fears During Workshops A1 7-Oct-2004
Events Students Speak Their Minds at Nonviolence Summit A3 7-Oct-2004
Events Open House Will Bring End to Fire Prevention Week A3 7-Oct-2004
Events Fun Times Await at Log & Machine Days B5 7-Oct-2004
Events Helping Children Grieve" Topic of Hospice Program C7 8-Oct-2004
Events Everything Pumpkin: Downtown Pumpkin Festival is Thurs A3 20-Oct-2004
Events 13th Annual Halloween Party at Midland Community Center B8 20-Oct-2004
Events No Trick, Just a Treat (Pumpkin Festival) A3 22-Oct-2004
Events A Helping Hand ('Make a Difference Day') A3 24-Oct-2004
Events People to People Dinner Monday A2 28-Oct-2004
Events Cousteau to Present 'Seas the Day' Nov 5 A2 28-Oct-2004
Events Scarecrows (Midland Daily News contest) C1 31-Oct-2004
Events Aviation Seminar Slated for Thursday A2 1-Nov-2004
Events Rock & Mineral Show Slated for This Weekend A7 4-Nov-2004
Events Mid Michigan Couples Club Sponsoring Fall Dinner Party A7 4-Nov-2004
Events Disability Mentoring Day Held in October D6 4-Nov-2004
Events A Night of Worldwide Storytelling A8 9-Nov-2004
Events Great Lakes Shipwreck Survivor Featured Speaker A10 9-Nov-2004
Events Group to Join in Celebration of Skywarn Day E5 14-Nov-2004
Events Holiday Art Fair This Weekend A1 18-Nov-2004
Events Dow Granddaughter's Home Featured by Zonta (Home Walk) A3 26-Nov-2004
Events 24th Annual Zonta Homewalk C1 26-Nov-2004
Events Cancers Services Fashion Show a Success A8 28-Nov-2004
Events Conference in Midland Today Focuses on Life Sciences A1 2-Dec-2004
Events Great Bake: Cookie House Winners A3 5-Dec-2004
Events Coleman to Honor Those in the Military on Dec 11 B4 5-Dec-2004
Events Wheel Deal: National Champion Wheelchair B'Ball.. A3 8-Dec-2004
Families Children Learn Responsibility Through Their Allowances Insert 15-Feb-2004
Families Possessions Often Cause of Family Disputes Insert 15-Feb-2004
Families Waiting is Tough (Haitian adoptions) A1 21-Feb-2004
Families Success by 6 Insert 21-Feb-2004
Families Reluctant Savior (Gerri Reado) C1 25-Jul-2004
Families New Program Seeks to Help Fathers A3 13-Sep-2004
Families Searching for a Family (Larry Adams) A1 3-Oct-2004
Families Lost Son: A Lifelong Journey A1 3-Oct-2004
Families Leaping Before Looking? Local Couples Say Counseling.. C1 17-Oct-2004
Families Area Pastors Divided on Issue (counseling before marriage) C1 17-Oct-2004
Families Success by 6 Insert 20-Nov-2004
Families Forever Families' (Adoption Day-Midland Circuit Court) A1 25-Nov-2004
Families High School Students Create Remembrance (Adoption Day) A2 25-Nov-2004
Families One Heart, One Home (Kym Burgess) A1 29-Dec-2004
Families Uncle Roy: Niece Finds Long Lost Uncle, Friendship A3 31-Dec-2004
Farmer's Market Farmer's Market Changes Could Help Make Midland Cool A1 11-Mar-2004
Farmer's Market Tis the Season: Farmers Market Opens Saturday A3 6-May-2004
Figure Skating Turning Points A3 26-Mar-2004
Figure Skating Turning Points Eighth at Nationals B3 30-Mar-2004
Finance Some Ways You Could Invest $5000 Insert 15-Feb-2004
Finance Help Available to Those Hoping to Buy a Home Insert 15-Feb-2004
Finance Buying Items on Borrowed Time Insert 15-Feb-2004
Finance Start Investing Young, Locals Say Insert 15-Feb-2004
Fire Fire Levels Business (Eudicii's Pizza; Coffee Gallery) A1 14-Jan-2004
Fire Worker Saves Girl from Burning Home (Bay County) A1 14-Jan-2004
Fire Merchant Offers Help for Burned-Out Pizza Store A1 16-Jan-2004
Fire Fire Destroys Meeting Place of Hate Group (Marquiss Furn) A1 21-Jun-04
Fire Fire Destroys Denver Township Home A1 11-Aug-2004
Fire Fire Destroys Amish Sawmill A1 30-Dec-2004
Fire A Family Changed (Patricia Barnes) A1 31-Dec-2004
Fire-Midland Duford's Burns A1 19-Mar-2004
Fire-Midland Fire Destroys Vehicle A1 24-Mar-2004
Fire-Midland Fund Set Up too Help Family Affected By Charter Sq Fire A3 13-May-2004
Fire-Midland Family Escapes Saturday Fire (Waldo) A3 12-Sep-2004
Fire-Midland Fire Destroys Home (Pondview Drive) A1 23-Oct-2004
Fire-Midland Firefighters Battle Weekend Fires: Causes Investigated A3 25-Oct-2004
Fire-Midland Fire's Cause Remains Unknown (Pondview Drive) A3 23-Nov-2004
Fire-Midland Interrupted Dream: Fire Victim Determined to Start Agaiin A1 24-Dec-2004
Fire-Midland County Homeowners Take Stock After Fire (Stinsons) A3 1-Jan-2004
Fire-Midland County Home Destroyed (Mills Twp-Randall) A1 10-Jan-2004
Fire-Midland County Township Fire Departments Receive Federal Grants A3 28-Jan-2004
Fire-Midland County Morning Fire Destroys Home (Fredericksons-Lee Twp) A1 5-Feb-2004
Fire-Midland County Good With the Bad':Lee Township Family Surviving.. A1 6-Feb-2004
Fire-Midland County Fire Destroys Area Home:Loss Estimated at $450,000(Paige) A1 16-Feb-2004
Fire-Midland County Four Alarms: Twp Fire Fighting an Especially Tricky Task A1 14-Mar-2004
Fire-Midland County Firefighters Troubled by Driveways A1 14-Mar-2004
Fire-Midland County Fire Destroys Mills Twp Mobile Home Sunday A1 5-Apr-2004
Fire-Midland County Fire Destroys Vacant Building A3 16-Apr-2004
Fire-Midland County They Lost Everything' (Robert Libby-Larkin Twp) A1 10-Sep-2004
Fire-Midland County Starting Over: Family Thankful (Robert Libby) A1 24-Sep-2004
Fire-Midland County Fire Destroys Area Home (3272 W. Curtis) A1 5-Nov-2004
Fire-Midland County Home Destroyed: Family Suffers Loss Second Year (Lee) A1 1-Dec-2004
Fire-Midland County Fire Destroys Coleman Home (Dana) A3 12-Dec-2004
Fish & Fishing Dramatic Fish Kill Not as Bad as It Sounded A3 21-Mar-2004
Fish & Fishing Hatchery Failure was a Rare Occurrence A3 21-Mar-2004
Fish & Fishing Coho Planted When Fish Numbers Dropped in Mid-1960s A3 21-Mar-2004
Fish & Fishing DNR Elated Over Walleye in Saginaw Bay A3 29-Mar-2004
Fish & Fishing Anglers' Delight (Walleye) A3 25-Apr-2004
Fish & Fishing Sanford Hosts Annual Fishing Tourney B5 13-May-2004
Fish & Fishing Donations Sought for Sanford Fishing Platform A3 9-Jul-2004
Fish & Fishing Fishing Free: Determined Angler Inspires Accible Platform A3 8-Sep-2004
Fish & Fishing New Snaford Fishing Platform Prompts Discussion A3 17-Sep-2004
Floods & Flood Control River Rising: Tittabawassee Could Reach Flood Stage A1 6-Mar-2004
Floods & Flood Control Under Water: Residents Evacuated as Area Rivers Flood A1 7-Mar-2004
Floods & Flood Control River Recedes A1 8-Mar-2004
Floods & Flood Control After the Flood A1 9-Mar-2004
Floods & Flood Control Swept Away: Billings Residents, Firefighters Face Long.. A1 13-Mar-2004
Floods & Flood Control First the Rain, Now the Flooding A1 10-May-2004
Floods & Flood Control Flood Areas Could Get Relief A1 21-May-2004
Floods & Flood Control Storms, Flooding Hit State Again A1 23-May-2004
Floods & Flood Control River Nears Flood Stage A1 24-May-2004
Floods & Flood Control How Wet IS It? A1 25-May-2004
Floods & Flood Control Floods a Real Drain: Residents of Mobile Home Park A1 29-May-2004
Floods & Flood Control Presentations Give Residents Tips On What Goes Into.. A3 17-Jun-04
Floods & Flood Control Gladwiin Residents Get 'Good' Flood News A1 2-Jul-2004
Floods & Flood Control A Running Problem: Ditch Water Endangers Sanford Home A3 7-Aug-2004
Football Midland Sacks Dow B1 23-Oct-2004
Football 2004 All-Area Football Dream Team: Three of a Kind C1 25-Nov-2004
Football Football Dream Team (roster and pictures) C3 25-Nov-2004
Foundations Two Dow Kin to Serve on Board (Dow Foundation) A3 22-Jan-2004
Foundations Liveris, Moore Selected as Dow Foundation Trustees A3 15-Feb-2004
Foundations Having an Impact: Foundations Improve Local Quality of Life Insert 15-Feb-2004
Foundations Hazletons' $75,000 Gift Establishes Eagle Village Endowment A2 23-Feb-2004
Foundations Midland Area Community Foundation Evergreen Insert 22-May-2004
Foundations Dow Corning Foundation Establishes Teacher Innovation.. A5 11-Jun-04
Foundations $5 Million Award Goes to Albion A1 5-Aug-2004
Foundations Midland Area Community Foundation Awards $25,000 A2 17-Sep-2004
Foundations Zastrow Chares His Talent with Others Through Foundation C1 26-Sep-2004
Foundations N. Midland Family Center Gets Grant for Children's Program A7 13-Oct-2004
Foundations Alden and Vada Dow Foundation Awards $10,000 Grant A7 4-Nov-2004
Foundations Foundation Presents Honor to Salvation Army of Midland A8 4-Nov-2004
Foundations Evergreen (Midland Area Community Foundation) Insert 20-Nov-2004
Foundations Three New Associates Named at Dow Foundation A3 24-Nov-2004
Foundations Local Foundation Buys, Clears Property A1 30-Nov-2004
Foundations Foundation Names Arnold President (Strosacker Foundation) A8 9-Dec-2004
Foundations Annual Gerstacker Mini-Grant Awards A2 15-Dec-2004
Games Check It Out: Upcoming Chess Competition..SVSU Prof A3 14-Oct-2004
Games Hyped Over Halo A1 10-Nov-2004
Gardening Gardening with Arthritis A8 18-May-2004
Gardening Trilliums: Midlander Creates Woodland Escape in the City C6 23-May-2004
Gardening Sunflowers: Classroom Project Produces Summer Growth C1 30-May-2004
Gardening Flower Power A1 4-Jun-04
Gardening Backyard: Saide's Yard Lush with Sun, Shade Plantings C6 20-Jun-04
Gardening Midland Blooms Planters Want Readers' Thoughts A3 16-Jul-2004
Gardening Readers Positive About Flower Change A3 19-Jul-2004
Geneva Township Retiring Geneva Officials Honored A3 10-Nov-2004
Golf Currie in Full Swing A1 1-Apr-2004
Golf Under thw Weather: Rain & Flooding No Help to Currie A3 20-May-2004
Grace A. Dow Mem Library 865,806 Books: Thousands in Midland County… Insert 15-Feb-2004
Grace A. Dow Mem Library Library, Arnold Center Sponsor Contest to Name Coffee Bar C1 29-Feb-2004
Grace A. Dow Mem Library Michigan Author Uses Superhero to Tell Sci-Fi Thrillers B1 5-Mar-2004
Grace A. Dow Mem Library Library to Celebrate Battle's 25th Anniversary A3 7-Mar-2004
Grace A. Dow Mem Library Battle Resumes A3 7-Mar-2004
Grace A. Dow Mem Library Book Battle A3 12-Mar-2004
Grace A. Dow Mem Library 25th Book Battle Celebrated A3 14-Mar-2004
Grace A. Dow Mem Library Ideas Percolate for Coffee Bar Name A3 19-Mar-2004
Grace A. Dow Mem Library Cup and Chaucer (naming of library coffee bar) A3 25-Mar-2004
Grace A. Dow Mem Library Chewy Dewey: Library Week Celebration to Include.. A3 10-Apr-2004
Grace A. Dow Mem Library Music of India Concert June 11 D2 3-Jun-04
Grace A. Dow Mem Library Ex-Midlander Writes About Life on Farm D2 3-Jun-04
Grace A. Dow Mem Library Library to Build Teen Room A3 4-Jul-2004
Grace A. Dow Mem Library Very Hungry Readers A1 9-Jul-2004
Grace A. Dow Mem Library Library Coffee Bar Open A3 5-Aug-2004
Grace A. Dow Mem Library Grand Opening Set for Library Coffee Shop A3 18-Sep-2004
Grace A. Dow Mem Library This Week, Fall into the Web B1 19-Sep-2004
Grace A. Dow Mem Library Cheerful Conversation Runneth Over (Coffee Bar Grand Open) A3 23-Sep-2004
Greendale Township Greendale Board Approves Big Hike in Trash Fees A3 13-Oct-2004
Greendale Township Greendale Needs Volunteers for New Pavilion A3 15-Oct-2004
Gun Control Shooting Down Fear: Gun Club Pistol Class Helps Women A1 10-Jun-04
Gun Control Camp Not Among Backers of Assault Weapon Ban A1 13-Sep-2004
Gun Control Toy Guns Can Be Trouble A3 2-Dec-2004
Gymnastics Ready for Regionals D7 4-Apr-2004
Health & Safety Privacy Act a Headache for Cops A1 3-Jan-2004
Health & Safety Area Continues to Fight Flu A1 8-Jan-2004
Health & Safety Parent Concerned About Lice, Despite Decline in Cases A1 10-Jan-2004
Health & Safety Blood Banks Issue Appeal for Donations A1 14-Jan-2004
Health & Safety Project Peanut Butter: Dow High Graduate Saving Lives A8 17-Jan-2004
Health & Safety Head Start Gets Harness Reprieve A1 20-Jan-2004
Health & Safety When Is Too Much Enough? (Food) Insert 8-Feb-2004
Health & Safety Trust Key to Good Massage Insert 8-Feb-2004
Health & Safety New Treatment, Thinking Makes Outpatient Surgery Common Insert 8-Feb-2004
Health & Safety Shipped Out: Federal Panel Wants to End Care (Sag VA) A1 14-Feb-2004
Health & Safety Stress Free Zone: Massages on the Menu A1 18-Feb-2004
Health & Safety Rodnick Helping Bring Services to China Insert 22-Feb-2004
Health & Safety Training Conducted (FlightCare) A1 27-Feb-2004
Health & Safety Center for Women's Health to Expand A3 28-Feb-2004
Health & Safety Weigh In for Good Health A3 2-Mar-2004
Health & Safety Home Help Changes Will Have Impact on Local People A1 21-Mar-2004
Health & Safety Diabetes: Prevention Easier Than Treatment A6 23-Mar-2004
Health & Safety Want to Quit Smoking? Breathe Free Program Might Help A6 30-Mar-2004
Health & Safety Carbon Monoxide Sends Six to Hospital A1 1-Apr-2004
Health & Safety Suit is a Good Fit (Noelle Ludwig) A1 4-Apr-2004
Health & Safety Hospital, City to Join Forces for Fitness A1 12-Apr-2004
Health & Safety A World of Their Own: Hollie's Story (Autism) A1 25-Apr-2004
Health & Safety A World of Their Own: Faces of the Puzzling Disorder A1 25-Apr-2004
Health & Safety Camp Holds Seminar on Prescription Drug Cards A1 27-Apr-2004
Health & Safety How to Get Help With Drug Discount Card Selection A2 27-Apr-2004
Health & Safety Saginaw Mother Walking Last Few Miles with ALS A1 1-May-2004
Health & Safety Huffing Victim Broke Promise A1 6-May-2004
Health & Safety Vets' Care to Be Cut? A1 7-May-2004
Health & Safety VA Plans to Close Some Hospitals, Build Others A1 7-May-2004
Health & Safety State's First West Nile Case of 2004 Found Near Saginaw A10 12-May-2004
Health & Safety Saginaw Health Dept Issues Warning About E.coli A1 14-May-2004
Health & Safety Mt Pleasant Hospital Opening Cancer Center A3 16-May-2004
Health & Safety You Can Go in the Water (Tittabawassee - E.coli) A1 18-May-2004
Health & Safety Mosquito Battle Under Way A1 20-May-2004
Health & Safety Emergency Response Units to Conduct Bioterror Exercise A3 25-May-2004
Health & Safety Selecting a Walking Aid Requires Professional Help A8 25-May-2004
Health & Safety Smallpox Drill Gives Local Health, Emergency Insights A3 27-May-2004
Health & Safety Crows Have West Nile A1 11-Jun-04
Health & Safety When the Party's Over: Hosts Have Extra Responsibilities A1 13-Jun-04
Health & Safety Medicaid Cuts Will Hurt Patients in Local Area A2 17-Jun-04
Health & Safety Task Force Provides more HIV/AIDS Test Sites A3 18-Jun-04
Health & Safety Druggists Not Sold on Requiring Doctors to Write Legibly A3 24-Jun-04
Health & Safety Smokers Stocking Up on Cartons of Cigarettes A1 26-Jun-04
Health & Safety Special Delivery: Postal Workers Help Out During Coworker.. A1 6-Jul-2004
Health & Safety Three Deaths Reported in City: Huffing, Drugs Involved A1 14-Jul-2004
Health & Safety Possible Drug Overdose Victim Dies A1 16-Jul-2004
Health & Safety Living with the Unknown: Sanford Man Stays Optimistic A3 24-Jul-2004
Health & Safety Government Has Plan to Modernize Medical Records A3 26-Jul-2004
Health & Safety Area Vets Keep Eye for Cat Virus A1 13-Aug-2004
Health & Safety Eight County Crows Have Virus A1 18-Aug-2004
Health & Safety Pain Relief: New Program Offers Relief (back pain) A6 24-Aug-2004
Health & Safety Tips to Keep Kids Safe A1 2-Sep-2004
Health & Safety Expert Says Mich Children Miss Out on Mental Health Care A3 2-Sep-2004
Health & Safety Program to Help Reduce Diabetes Risk A7 5-Sep-2004
Health & Safety Teen Overdoses: Responders Called to School A2 8-Sep-2004
Health & Safety In an Emergency: Area Media Take Part in HAZMAT.. A3 9-Sep-2004
Health & Safety Your Health Insert 3-Oct-2004
Health & Safety Midland Area to Get First Drive-Through Flu Shot Clinic A8 5-Oct-2004
Health & Safety Many Area Flu Immunization Clinics Offered A8 5-Oct-2004
Health & Safety Free Program to Help Woman Undergoing Cancer Treatment A8 5-Oct-2004
Health & Safety Flu Shots Available Locally A3 7-Oct-2004
Health & Safety Conquering Cancer (Deb Mox) A3 8-Oct-2004
Health & Safety Soaring Malpractice Insurance Rates Send Midland Doctor.. A3 10-Oct-2004
Health & Safety Teaching Safety A3 10-Oct-2004
Health & Safety Making Each Breath Count A1 15-Oct-2004
Health & Safety Safety Officals Say Reactor Concern Unfounded A3 19-Oct-2004
Health & Safety Flu Shot Shortage has Area Seniors Concerned A1 23-Oct-2004
Health & Safety Visiting Nurses Receive Grant A3 30-Oct-2004
Health & Safety Health Insurance Switch Could Save Auburn Thousands A3 16-Nov-2004
Health & Safety Thursday is a Day for Quitters (Great Amer Smokeout) A3 17-Nov-2004
Health & Safety Doctor: We Must Rethink Health Care Expectations A1 23-Nov-2004
Health & Safety Play It Safe': Students Get Lesson In Snowplow Safety A3 23-Nov-2004
Health & Safety Midland Can Shre in Life Science Push E1 5-Dec-2004
Health & Safety Company Founder Tells Story of Lifesaving Kidney Technique E1 5-Dec-2004
Health & Safety Helping Hands: New Volunteer Dental Clinic Serves… A1 17-Dec-2004
Health & Safety County to Eye Procedures for Family Planning A3 22-Dec-2004
Health & Safety Family Watches Over Lightning Victim for Nearly 20 Years A3 25-Dec-2004
Health & Safety Mother's Instinct: Mom Knew Infection…(Thompson) A3 29-Dec-2004
History New Indian Cultural Center Completed (Mt. Pleasant) A3 20-May-2004
History New Cultural Center Tells Story of Area's Amer Indians A3 23-May-2004
History Veterans of War on Terror, Others Honored in Museum A3 26-May-2004
History Preserving History: Grant Allows CMU Library to Microfilm A1 31-Jul-2004
History Auburn, Township to Celebrate 150 Years A10 18-Aug-2004
History Scroll of History: Dead Sea Scrolls Come to Mid-Michigan A3 27-Aug-2004
History Landmark Status Give to Roethke House A3 26-Sep-2004
History-Midland Alden B. Dow Home and Studio in National Calendar A10 18-Jan-2004
History-Midland Midland Remembers: Geneva and Beyond, Part 2 A8 21-Jan-2004
History-Midland Taste of History A3 3-Mar-2004
History-Midland Midland Remembers..The Little Church in Pleasant Valley A6 17-Mar-2004
History-Midland Nelb Succeeds Brandt as Archives Director (Post Street) D3 8-Apr-2004
History-Midland Midland Remembers..The Story of Eva Hitsman Rowe, Pt2 A6 21-Apr-2004
History-Midland Midland Remembers: Porches and Stoops Were Indispens.. A6 2-Jun-04
History-Midland 1907 Flood Called the Greates Flood Ever in Midland C6 3-Jun-04
History-Midland Midland Remembers:Fathers Provide Examples of Strength B6 16-Jun-04
History-Midland Midland Remembers: Sisters: Story of Mary & Goldie Gyory A6 7-Jul-2004
History-Midland Midland Remembers..The Jean Parlett Story, Part I B2 21-Jul-2004
History-Midland Midland Remembers: The Jean Parlett Story, Part II A5 4-Aug-2004
History-Midland Midland Remembers: Screen Doors of Summers Past A6 18-Aug-2004
History-Midland Insurance Agency Will Celebrate Heritage (Arbury) A3 7-Sep-2004
History-Midland Midland Remembers:Phillips-Burkey-Williams Family, #2 A6 15-Sep-2004
History-Midland Midland Remembers..The Alan D. Groom Award A6 6-Oct-2004
History-Midland Midland Remembers..The Haebler/Larsen Story, Part 1 A10 20-Oct-2004
History-Midland Midland Remembers..The Haebler/Larsen Story, Part II A6 3-Nov-2004
History-Midland Midland Remembers..Ammi Wright: Titan of His Times A10 17-Nov-2004
History-Midland Midland Remembers: Titan of Finance: Ammi Wright, Pt 2 A9 1-Dec-2004
History-Midland Midland Remembers: A Blue Willow Christmas A6 15-Dec-2004
History-Midland County Midland Remembers: Geneva and Beyond, Part 1 A8 7-Jan-2004
History-Midland County Midland Remembers..Floyd Elementary's 125 Years A6 3-Mar-2004
History-Midland County Part of Our History': Old Chapel Comes to Life A1 13-Sep-2004
History-Sanford Property Ownership Deeded to Sanford Historical Society A3 10-Dec-2004
Hockey Spirit Fire General Manager B1 3-Jan-2004
Hockey Northstars Win State Title, Advance to Nationals D1 14-Mar-2004
Hockey Midland Northstars Fall in 6th OT at National Tourney D1 9-Apr-2004
Hockey New Hockey Program Targets Girls B3 18-Jul-2004
Hockey Falardeau Signs with Rangers B1 15-Sep-2004
Holidays Adams Students Plan MLK Day Activies A2 14-Jan-2004
Holidays University President Will Speak at MCFTA for King Birthday A3 15-Jan-2004
Holidays Wilson, Lewis Headline King Celebration A5 15-Jan-2004
Holidays King's Son to Speak at CMU as Part of MLK Events A5 15-Jan-2004
Holidays Local Celebrations Planned (Chinese New Year) C1 18-Jan-2004
Holidays Jazz Masters Lewis and Wilson Spark King Day Concert A1 19-Jan-2004
Holidays King Day Speaker Tells of Lessons Learned from Mother A3 20-Jan-2004
Holidays A Dream Deferred: King Awes CMU Audience Thursday A3 23-Jan-2004
Holidays Mom's Day: Students Celebrate Their Mothers A1 5-May-2004
Holidays Memorial Day Events Planned Around Area A3 29-May-2004
Holidays Memorial Day Memories A1 1-Jun-04
Holidays Everyone Loves a Parade A3 1-Jun-04
Holidays It's a Celebration: Sanford Fireworks Set for Saturday A1 1-Jul-2004
Holidays Maze of Holiday Hours A3 2-Jul-2004
Holidays Festive Fourth: Midland Senior Sees Firewarks Anew A3 5-Jul-2004
Holidays Friends Gather for Annual Walk A1 7-Sep-2004
Holidays Blast of Shofar, New Year for Jews A1 14-Sep-2004
Holidays Costume Crazy: Stores Keep Up with Trends A1 27-Oct-2004
Holidays Vets Gather, Remember A1 12-Nov-2004
Holidays Ringing in the Season: Rainy Day Doesn't Cloud Santa Par.. A3 21-Nov-2004
Holidays Santa House to Open Tuesday After Courthouse Lighting A1 24-Nov-2004
Holidays Auburn Christmas Concert Dec 5 B12 24-Nov-2004
Holidays Dow Gardens Christmas Walk Set B12 24-Nov-2004
Holidays Gladwin Festival of Lights Parade Dec 4 B12 24-Nov-2004
Holidays Bradley Home Open House Dec 11 B12 24-Nov-2004
Holidays Mean" at Holy Walk: Living Nativity (Homer United Meth) A3 28-Nov-2004
Holidays New Children's Book to Greet Santa House Visitors This Yr A1 29-Nov-2004
Holidays Anna Excited A3 1-Dec-2004
Holidays Blue Period: Holidays Not a Time of Joy for Everyone C1 5-Dec-2004
Holidays Blessed by a Hero: Local Youths Spend Gift Cards at Meijer A1 8-Dec-2004
Holidays Coleman Prepares for Holiday Parade A3 9-Dec-2004
Holidays Devonshire Group Celebrates 49 Years of Caroling A3 13-Dec-2004
Holidays Here Are Some Favorite Light Displays in Area A3 13-Dec-2004
Holidays Freeland Parents Concerned About 'Christmas Ban' A1 14-Dec-2004
Holidays Seasons Spirit: Rodnicks Celebrate Hanukkah.. A3 14-Dec-2004
Holidays Christmas at Washington Woods A8 15-Dec-2004
Holidays Festival of Light A3 22-Dec-2004
Holidays Holiday Traditions, Memories & Greetings Insert 24-Dec-2004
Holidays All Ages Can Party on New Year's Eve A1 30-Dec-2004
Holidays New Year's Day Bike Ride Forecast; 30s and Cookies A3 30-Dec-2004
Holidays A New Year's Eve Night Out in Midland A3 31-Dec-2004
Homer Township Homer Clerk's Credit Card Use Questioned A1 4-Mar-2004
Homer Township Material Weaknesses' Found A1 6-Mar-2004
Homer Township Homer Township Board to Discuss Clerk's Post A1 2-Apr-2004
Homer Township Clerk Resigns (DuFort) A1 3-Apr-2004
Homer Township Homer Audits Showed Problems A1 4-Apr-2004
Homer Township Homer Supervisor Recommends Changes A3 5-Apr-2004
Homer Township Missing Homer Twp Man Found, Is in Critical Condition A3 11-Apr-2004
Homer Township Homer Twp Could Appoint Interim Clerk A3 21-Apr-2004
Homer Township Homer Names Clerk (Schlafley) A1 22-Apr-2004
Homer Township Homer Board Burns Midnight Oil Addressing Finance A3 23-Apr-2004
Homer Township Homer Board Takes Crack at New Bill System A3 6-May-2004
Homer Township Candidates Meet, Answer Homer Twp Residents A3 30-Jun-04
Homer Township Homer Townshp Goes Through Books with Eyes for Issues A1 8-Jul-2004
Homer Township Former Homer Clerk Jailed A1 17-Jul-2004
Homer Township Resident Involvement Lengthening Homer Meetings A3 27-Jul-2004
Homer Township New Playgrounds, New Web Page Point to New Era in Homer A3 28-Jul-2004
Homer Township New Supervisor to Lead Homer Township A10 4-Aug-2004
Homer Township Homer Township Residents Feel Silenced at Meetings A1 19-Aug-2004
Homer Township Silenced Homer Residents Will Have Voice Returned A1 20-Aug-2004
Homer Township Homer Approves Upgrades to Donated Fire Truck A3 3-Sep-2004
Homer Township Family Offers to Demolish Abandoned Homer Fire Hall A1 4-Sep-2004
Homer Township Homer Drops Extra Monthly Meeting A3 16-Sep-2004
Homer Township Homer Trustee Candidate Says Don't Vote for Him A3 8-Oct-2004
Homer Township Homer Trustee-Elect Threatened Resignation, Now Says.. A3 6-Nov-2004
Homer Township New Homer Clerk Will Face Issues of Trust A3 9-Nov-2004
Homer Township Homer Supervisor Finishes Term, Promises to Stay Involved A3 19-Nov-2004
Homer Township Homer Board Approves $10,000 Settlement A3 20-Nov-2004
Homer Township Homer Twp Approves Boost in Road Maintenance A3 20-Nov-2004
Homer Township Homer Twp Holds Off Seeking Bids to Repair Hall Roof A3 17-Dec-2004
Homer Township New Homer Supervisor Committed to Township A1 19-Dec-2004
Homer Township Homer Looks to Improve Township Hall A3 27-Dec-2004
Hope Township Interim Supervisor Named in Hope Twp A1 14-Apr-2004
Hope Township Hope Township Wants Hall Renters to Get in Touch A3 15-Apr-2004
Hope Township Safe Play: Hope Has to Change Playground Equipment A1 16-Apr-2004
Hope Township Volunteer Committee Assesses Hope Roads A3 8-Jul-2004
Hope Township Speeding Cars a Concern in Hope A3 19-Sep-2004
Housing Slow Year for Sales of Lakefront Property Insert 22-Feb-2004
Housing When to Remodel? Area Builders Offer Their Thoughts Insert 22-Feb-2004
Housing Turning in to Home Improvement Insert 22-Feb-2004
Housing First Time Home Buyers Can Take Steps to Reduce Stress Insert 22-Feb-2004
Housing Which to Choose?Condo Living or Apartments Insert 22-Feb-2004
Housing Midland Has Room to Grow Insert 22-Feb-2004
Housing Larkin, Other Townships Hot Areas Insert 22-Feb-2004
Housing As Midland's Population Ages, People Shifting to Condos Insert 22-Feb-2004
Housing Assisted Living Company Proposing 46-Unit Facility A3 29-Oct-2004
Housing Change is Wonderful' Midland Family Comes Home.. C1 7-Nov-2004
Housing Wright Named Builder of the Year (Rob Wright) B6 17-Nov-2004
Housing Dream Comes True A1 15-Dec-2004
Housing Funding is Available, But Finding It May Take Work A1 16-Dec-2004
Housing With Funding in Hand, Next Comes Picking an Agent A1 17-Dec-2004
Hunting Stamas to Vote for Mourning Dove Hunting A3 31-Mar-2004
Hunting Michigan Senate Approves Hunting of Mourning Doves A3 1-Apr-2004
Hunting Hunter Safety Course Coming Soon to Midland B5 1-Apr-2004
Hunting Deer Blinds Damaged A3 10-Jul-2004
Hunting Locals Part of Bowhunting's Evolution into Major Pursuit B6 9-Sep-2004
Hunting Officials Ponder Lower Hunting Age A1 14-Sep-2004
Hunting Deer Tales: Firearm Deer Season Begins Monday C2 11-Nov-2004
Hunting DNR Predicts Another Big Deer Harvest C2 11-Nov-2004
Hunting U.P. Buck Population Focus of Debate A1 14-Nov-2004
Ingersoll Township Ingersoll Tax Break Transferred A3 30-Jan-2004
Jasper Township Jasper to Give Town Hall a Makeover A1 12-Aug-2004
Jerome Township Jerome Looking to Form Rec Committee A3 15-Apr-2004
Jerome Township Jerome Township Board Seeks New Member A3 21-Sep-2004
Jerome Township Jerome Increases Trash Fees A3 19-Oct-2004
Jerome Township Jerome Supervisor Target of Civil Suit A3 2-Nov-2004
Jerome Township Jerome Supervisor Ordered to Remove Barriers on E Harry A1 29-Dec-2004
Larkin Township Chief to Step Down (Art Atton-Fire Chief) A1 27-Dec-2004
Law Weird Laws: Midland, State Have a Few Unusual Statutes Insert 15-Feb-2004
Law Enforcement Drinking Law Change Has Had Impact Insert 22-Feb-2004
Law Enforcement Area Family Feels Violated by Police Search (Elliott) A1 27-Feb-2004
Law Enforcement Young CSI: Midland Explorers Ready for Alpena Compet.. A1 10-Apr-2004
Law Enforcement Enforcement Effort Results in Many Tickets A1 1-May-2004
Law Enforcement Youths Learn ABCs of CSC A1 6-May-2004
Law Enforcement Vigil Sunday for Officers of the Law A1 6-May-2004
Law Enforcement Salute to Officers A1 10-May-2004
Law Enforcement Explorers Do Better at Law Enforcement Training A3 11-May-2004
Law Enforcement DNA Kits Coming to Area A1 21-May-2004
Law Enforcement Click It or Ticket" Effort Cracking Down on Seat Belts A3 25-May-2004
Law Enforcement Ticket Program Out in Force A3 27-May-2004
Law Enforcement Click It or Ticket Results Released A1 17-Jun-04
Law Enforcement Incarceration Education A3 19-Jun-04
Law Enforcement Compliance Checks Give Positive News A3 7-Jul-2004
Law Enforcement Gladwin Cops Face Discipline A1 17-Jul-2004
Law Enforcement Local Seat Belt Usage to be Targeted A1 24-Aug-2004
Law Enforcement Under Water: Divers Practice in Brown Tittabawassee River A1 30-Aug-2004
Law Enforcement D.A.R.E. Officer Removed from Program A1 11-Sep-2004
Law Enforcement Police Start Program to Advise Bar Owners A3 15-Sep-2004
Law Enforcement Donker a Finalist for U.S. Attorney Position A1 28-Sep-2004
Law Enforcement Parents Interested in DNA Kits A1 6-Oct-2004
Law Enforcement Residents Get Training in Neighborhood Watch A3 28-Oct-2004
Law Enforcement A Different Kind of Police Academy: This One for Midland.. A3 27-Nov-2004
Law Enforcement Thinking Blue: Mother of Fallen Deputy Keeps Memory Alive A3 7-Dec-2004
Lee Township Lee Board Votes to Pay Bills Despite Lack of Information A3 13-Jan-2004
Lee Township Lee Gets Mixed News on Water A1 9-Mar-2004
Lee Township Lee Township Going on Web A3 9-Mar-2004
Lee Township Lee Residents Asked to Help Circulate Water Petitions A1 13-Apr-2004
Lee Township Auditor Notes Progress in Lee Bookkeeping A3 13-Apr-2004
Lee Township Report Clears Jail Staff in Lee Man's Suicide A3 14-Apr-2004
Lee Township Plans for Lee Water Progress A3 28-Apr-2004
Lee Township Lee Gears for Water Petition Circulation A1 4-May-2004
Lee Township Absentee Lee Clerk Means Candidates Must File.. A1 19-May-2004
Lee Township Work to Ease Flooding on Meridian Road Planned A1 22-Jul-2004
Lee Township Lee Flags Stolen A2 10-Aug-2004
Lee Township Lee Fire Department Millage Meeting Set A3 20-Aug-2004
Libraries Branching Out (Auburn Area Branch Library-Bay County) A1 16-Jan-2004
Libraries Clare Library Fundraising Campaign Launched Wednesday A3 2-Dec-2004
Libraries Car Dealer Donates $15,000 Toward Library Fund (Clare) B5 14-Dec-2004
Lincoln Township End of an Era' (demolition of township hall) A1 26-Oct-2004
Lincoln Township Lincoln Twp Supervisor Says Good-Bye After 34 Years A1 14-Nov-2004
Little Forks Conservancy Little Forks Receives Grant A3 8-Jan-2004
Little Forks Conservancy Good 2003 for Conservancy A1 8-Feb-2004
Little Forks Conservancy Little Forks Buys Property Near Averill Preserve A2 30-Sep-2004
Little Forks Conservancy Little Forks Conservancy Welcomes New Board Members B5 5-Oct-2004
Little Forks Conservancy Little Forks Completes Easement Purchase in Midland Cty C7 8-Oct-2004
Little Forks Conservancy Funding Awarded to Land Conservancy B5 14-Dec-2004
Mackinac Center Mackinac Center Hires Former DEQ Director A3 15-Jan-2004
Mackinac Center Reed Sees 'Sweet Irony' Under Korean DMZ A3 8-Mar-2004
Mackinac Center Reed Wants International Freedom School A3 8-Mar-2004
Mackinac Center Mackinac Center Wins, Teachers Union Loses A1 20-Mar-2004
Mackinac Center International Conference at Mackinac Center A5 20-Apr-2004
Mackinac Center Mongolia to Midland - and Back A3 23-Aug-2004
Mackinac Center John and Ranny Riecker Honored by Mackinac Center C3 14-Oct-2004
Matrix:Midland Disney 'Teacher of the Year' to Speak at Matrix Event A1 17-Jan-2004
Matrix:Midland Matrix: Midland Cinema Announces 3 Screenings A6 4-Mar-2004
Matrix:Midland Matrix: Midland Announces Summer Schedule A1 5-Mar-2004
Matrix:Midland Author Hamill to Speak Friday as Part of Matrix A3 11-May-2004
Matrix:Midland Writer and Journalist Kicks Off Matrix:Midland A3 15-May-2004
Matrix:Midland Whose Matrix Is It Anyway? A3 29-May-2004
Matrix:Midland Schickele Show Promises to Amuse Music Lovers A3 30-May-2004
Matrix:Midland Couple Will Share Wine Experience A3 1-Jun-04
Matrix:Midland Lots of Belly Laughs and Fun (Mochrie and Sherwood) A1 2-Jun-04
Matrix:Midland Wine Columnists Bring Technique to Matrix Festival A3 4-Jun-04
Matrix:Midland Schickele's Musical Fun Entertains Matrix Audience A3 6-Jun-04
Matrix:Midland Virtual Touch Could Drmatically Alter Medical Training A3 6-Jun-04
Matrix:Midland Matrix Includes Decor Advice A3 7-Jun-04
Matrix:Midland Matrix Gets A-Maze-Ing A3 8-Jun-04
Matrix:Midland MIT Scientist Describes Complexity of Touch A3 8-Jun-04
Matrix:Midland Talking About More Than Design (Lynette Jennings) A3 9-Jun-04
Matrix:Midland Ixilum Enchants A1 11-Jun-04
Matrix:Midland Glassman to Speak on Economy, Politics A1 13-Jun-04
Matrix:Midland Commentator Says Nation's Close Division Doesn't Mean.. A3 16-Jun-04
Matrix:Midland David Clayton-Thomas, BS&T Performs Friday A3 17-Jun-04
Matrix:Midland Blood Sweat & Tears Still Soulful A3 19-Jun-04
Matrix:Midland Vocalist's Performance Closes Matrix Festival (Buble) A3 21-Jun-04
Matrix:Midland Audience Swept Along by Vocalist's Performance A3 25-Jun-04
Matrix:Midland Matrix: Midland Cinema Continues Fall Screenings D1 28-Oct-2004
MBS Airport Deal Reached with Mesaba Pilots A1 12-Jan-2004
MBS Airport Clear for Takeoff: MBS Crews Busy Keeping Runways Clear A3 15-Jan-2004
MBS Airport Airline to Pull Out of MBS (Continental) A1 16-Jan-2004
MBS Airport MBS Numbers Down A1 29-Jan-2004
MBS Airport MBS searching for Solutions A1 15-Mar-2004
MBS Airport MBS Manager Wants Airport Study, Federal Grant A3 19-Mar-2004
MBS Airport MBS to Lose Four Security Screeners A3 18-May-2004
MBS Airport MBS Hire Assistant Manager A3 23-Jun-04
MBS Airport MBS Looks to Rebuild Business A1 27-Jul-2004
MBS Airport Dunn is Midland's New Representative on MBS Board A3 29-Aug-2004
MBS Airport MBS Passenger Numbers Up Slightly A1 27-Oct-2004
MBS Airport MBS Considering New Terminal A1 19-Nov-2004
MBS Airport Pat-Downs Part of Small Airport Security A1 28-Nov-2004
MBS Airport Camp: Report on Airport Pat-Down Policies A3 2-Dec-2004
MBS Airport Renovation, Studies Could Get Funds for MBS A3 18-Dec-2004
MBS Airport Friendlier Skies (Don Weaver) A1 27-Dec-2004
MCESA Field of MCESA Superintendent Candidates Narrowed to 6 A3 11-Feb-2004
MCESA MCESA Lists Names of Superintendent Candidates A3 12-Feb-2004
MCESA Superintendent Search Tops MCESA Agenda A3 17-Feb-2004
MCESA Career Ed Pact Up for MCESA Vote A3 9-Mar-2004
MCESA Tech Ed Agreement Approved for County Schools A1 10-Mar-2004
MCESA Superintendent Interviews Begin Monday A1 10-Mar-2004
MCESA MCESA Interview First of Five Candidates A3 16-Mar-2004
MCESA MCESA Interviews Two More for Superintendent A3 17-Mar-2004
MCESA MCESA Interviews Last Two Candidates A3 18-Mar-2004
MCESA MCESA Narrows Candidate Field to Two Finalists A3 19-Mar-2004
MCESA MCESA Begins Second Round of Interviews A3 23-Mar-2004
MCESA MCESA Concludes Candidate Interviews A3 24-Mar-2004
MCESA MCESA Selects Maple Valley Superintendent for Position A3 8-Apr-2004
MCESA MCESA Board Votes Tonight on Contract for New Superin. A3 20-Apr-2004
MCESA Proposed County ESA Budget Falls 10 Percent A1 21-Apr-2004
MCESA Home Sweet School A1 22-Apr-2004
MCESA Budget, Strategic Goals on MCESA Agenda Today A3 18-May-2004
MCESA MCESA Lays Off Four Coaches A3 19-May-2004
MCESA A Man's Home is His Travel Trailer: New Superintendant.. A1 10-Jul-2004
MCESA Bids Awarded for M.C.Net Fiber-Optic Project A3 14-Jul-2004
MCESA Providing Support: Sibshops Program Gives Siblings… A3 11-Aug-2004
MCESA MCESA Board Staying Neurtral on Proposal 1 A3 20-Oct-2004
MCESA MCESA Given Clean Audit A3 18-Nov-2004
MCESA MCESA Approves May Election Date, City Summer Tax A2 15-Dec-2004
MCTV What to See: MCTV Finishing Remodeling A3 19-Mar-2004
MCTV Doil a Key Part of MCTV Service to Community A3 29-Mar-2004
MCTV MCTV to Show Students Quizzing Politicians A3 5-Jun-04
MCTV Reachiing Out Through MCTV A1 14-Oct-2004
Meridian Public Schools Budget, Veteran Diplomas on Meridian Agenda A3 12-Jan-2004
Meridian Public Schools Newkirk Outlines Meridian Finances A3 16-Jan-2004
Meridian Public Schools Meridian to Talk About Realignment Options A3 9-Feb-2004
Meridian Public Schools Meridian May Delay Building Changes A3 10-Feb-2004
Meridian Public Schools Classroom Realignment Meridian Topic A3 8-Mar-2004
Meridian Public Schools Spreading the Word: Input Meets About Meridian Changes A3 10-Mar-2004
Meridian Public Schools Newkirk Receives Good Grades from Board A3 14-Apr-2004
Meridian Public Schools Out in the Open:Meridian Students Witness Open Heart.. A1 29-Apr-2004
Meridian Public Schools Meridian Valedictorian, Salutatorian Announced A2 3-May-2004
Meridian Public Schools Meridian Board to Vote on Building Proposal A3 10-May-2004
Meridian Public Schools Meridian Board Approves Planned Realignment of Schools A3 14-May-2004
Meridian Public Schools Community Group Giving Meridian School District Ideas A3 28-May-2004
Meridian Public Schools Write-In Candidates Make for Competitive Meridian Election A3 8-Jun-04
Meridian Public Schools Outcome of Meridian Election to Be Known Later A1 15-Jun-04
Meridian Public Schools Longer Days in Store for Meridian Students A3 1-Jul-2004
Meridian Public Schools Meridian Workcamp Work Begins A1 13-Jul-2004
Meridian Public Schools Meridian Contracts Approved A3 15-Jul-2004
Meridian Public Schools Meridian Millage Renewal to Face Voters Next Year A1 20-Jul-2004
Meridian Public Schools Meridian School Board to Set Goals A3 26-Jul-2004
Meridian Public Schools Meridian Board Sets Goals for Next Year A3 27-Jul-2004
Meridian Public Schools Meridian Board Sets Goals A3 12-Aug-2004
Meridian Public Schools Meridian School Audit Clean A3 18-Sep-2004
Meridian Public Schools Meridian Has Spirit A12 25-Sep-2004
Meridian Public Schools High SchoolL Renovation on Meridian Agenda A3 11-Oct-2004
Meridian Public Schools Meridian Adopts May Election Date A3 13-Oct-2004
Meridian Public Schools Renovations to High School on Meridian Agenda A3 7-Nov-2004
Meridian Public Schools Cramped Quarters at Meridian A1 9-Nov-2004
Meridian Public Schools Meridian Students Present During Tech Showcase B6 18-Nov-2004
Meridian Public Schools Meridian Open House Planned to Show Needed Work A1 5-Dec-2004
Meridian Public Schools Meridian Realignment Won't Happen Next Year A2 15-Dec-2004
Michigan Granholm Signs Election Bills A5 9-Jan-2004
Michigan Economy Focus of Granholm (State of the State Address) A1 28-Jan-2004
Michigan Stamas Among Co-Sponsors of Bill on Gasoline Prices A1 1-Feb-2004
Michigan Moolenaar: Make Superintendent a Politcal Appointee A1 5-Feb-2004
Michigan State Senate Passes Grandparent Visitaiton Bill A5 12-Feb-2004
Michigan Women's Prison to Be Closed C3 12-Feb-2004
Michigan Governor: Change Felons' Sentencing Guidelines C3 12-Feb-2004
Michigan More Money for Schools, Roads A1 13-Feb-2004
Michigan Residents Have Long Wait for Paper Tax Returns A1 19-Feb-2004
Michigan Michigan Signs Deal with HP for School Laptops A1 21-Feb-2004
Michigan Moolenaar, Caul Disagree on Death Penalty Proposal A3 23-Feb-2004
Michigan Moolenaar Says GOP, Granholm Can Work on Jobs Pkg A3 23-Feb-2004
Michigan State Sex Offender Registry Upheld A1 26-Feb-2004
Michigan Triple Whammy: Drivers Pay Fines, Then…(Assessment) A7 28-Feb-2004
Michigan Local School Officials Meet with Granhold A1 29-Feb-2004
Michigan Michigan Death Penalty History Questions Answered A3 29-Feb-2004
Michigan Rep. Camp Introduces Lighthouse Bill A3 13-Mar-2004
Michigan Michigan Constitution Getting More Attention B6 15-Mar-2004
Michigan Get Ready to Pay More: Catastrophic Claims Cost $127 A1 19-Mar-2004
Michigan Death Penalty Proposal Falls Short in House B1 19-Mar-2004
Michigan Granholm to Acto Today to Try to Protect Mich Jobs B6 22-Mar-2004
Michigan Committee Sends Wage Bill to State Senate B5 24-Mar-2004
Michigan State Repeals Proof of Insurance Fine A3 3-Apr-2004
Michigan Camp Backs Highway Bill Bush Might Veto A3 3-Apr-2004
Michigan Camp, Others Back New Pension Funding Formula A3 3-Apr-2004
Michigan Moolenaar Wetlands Bill Among Package Proposed A3 21-Apr-2004
Michigan Barcia Indicted A1 23-Apr-2004
Michigan Barcia Says He Did Nothing to Discredit Senate A1 28-Apr-2004
Michigan Barcia Arraigned A1 8-May-2004
Michigan Granholm Signs Moolenaar's Bill A3 26-May-2004
Michigan Levin Takes New Terror Warning Seriously A3 27-May-2004
Michigan House Speaker Fires Up Area Republicans A3 27-May-2004
Michigan Levin Comments on Superfund, Dioxin, Prescription Drugs A3 30-May-2004
Michigan Levin Rules Out Military Draft A3 2-Jun-04
Michigan Midland Unsuccessful in Bid for 'Cool Cities' Money A1 3-Jun-04
Michigan House Panel Votes to Cut DEQ A1 4-Jun-04
Michigan Granholm Blasts Lawmakers for Targeting Waste Program A1 5-Jun-04
Michigan House Might Reconsider State DEQ Funding Cuts A1 8-Jun-04
Michigan Web Site Touts Midland A1 8-Jun-04
Michigan Granholm Talks Cool Cities on Hot Day A1 9-Jun-04
Michigan Residents Greet Governor During Ride on Rail Trail A2 9-Jun-04
Michigan State DEQ Money Restored A1 10-Jun-04
Michigan State to Cut Provider Rates by 22% Without Cigarette Tax A1 16-Jun-04
Michigan Lawmakers Oppose Cigarette Tax Height A1 23-Jun-04
Michigan Stamas: Let Restaurants Decide on Smoking A1 23-Jun-04
Michigan County Lawmakers Lose on Cigarette Tax Increase A1 24-Jun-04
Michigan It's Official-Cigarette Tax to Jump 75 Cents on July 1 A1 25-Jun-04
Michigan Stamas' Park Bill Approved A3 25-Jun-04
Michigan Drivers Now Required to Move Over for Tow Trucks A3 25-Jun-04
Michigan Michigan Supreme Ct Allows Goschka to Run for Registrar A2 27-Jun-04
Michigan Senate Unlikely to Agree with House on Marriage Bill A1 23-Jul-2004
Michigan Board Deadlocks on Marriage Amendment A1 24-Aug-2004
Michigan Bay City Celebrates $100,000 Grant for 'Cool Cities' A3 29-Aug-2004
Michigan Mobile State Office Will Help Students Register to Vote A1 6-Sep-2004
Michigan Eight Michigan Lawmakers Support Overturning Overtime.. A3 13-Sep-2004
Michigan Parenting Plan Veto Disappoints Moolenaar A3 29-Dec-2004
Michigan Molecular Inst MMI Research Could Control Zebra Mussels A3 1-Oct-2004
Michigan-Budget Caul Says State Budget Shortfall Could Reach $700 Million A3 10-Jan-2004
Michigan-Budget House Nixes Tax Change A1 18-Jun-04
Michigan-Budget Senate Rejects Tax Increases on Liquor and Casinos A3 18-Jun-04
Michigan-Budget County Tax Shift on Way to Granholm A1 23-Sep-2004
Michigan-Courts Schuette Helps Reinstate Petitioning Against Affirm Action A1 14-Jun-04
Midland Alcohol Sales at Currie Mulled A1 7-Jan-2004
Midland Council Supports Allowing Liquor License at Roll Arena A1 13-Jan-2004
Midland RV Rules in City Likely to Remain Unchanged A3 17-Jan-2004
Midland What It Cost City to Defend Case A1 24-Jan-2004
Midland MCV Ruling Issued:Taxing United Order to Refund $36 Mil A1 24-Jan-2004
Midland It's Not Over; It's Not Cheap A1 24-Jan-2004
Midland City Council to Meet in Closed Session to Discuss MCV A3 25-Jan-2004
Midland Midland Residents Might Get Tax Break Next Year A1 27-Jan-2004
Midland Council Offers Praise, Raises (Tomion, Branson) A1 27-Jan-2004
Midland City Tax Infor Going Online Later A2 30-Jan-2004
Midland City Plans Appeal and Talks A1 3-Feb-2004
Midland City: Tribunal Ruling Had Errors A1 3-Feb-2004
Midland Power Contracts Accepted in Other Tax Appeal A3 3-Feb-2004
Midland City Asks Tribunal to Reconsider Parts of MCV Decision A3 7-Feb-2004
Midland City Rejects Ice Arena Proposal A3 10-Feb-2004
Midland Audit Shows City in Good Financial Health A3 10-Feb-2004
Midland MCV, City at Odds on Appeal A3 20-Feb-2004
Midland Rec Fees Go to Council A3 20-Feb-2004
Midland City Council to Hold Two Public Hearings, Review Fee Hikes A3 22-Feb-2004
Midland Council Rezones Land for Soccer Complex A3 24-Feb-2004
Midland MCV Ruling Appealed A1 30-Mar-2004
Midland Website Visitors Rate Midland in Top 100 of Places to Live A3 1-Apr-2004
Midland Midland's Taxes Going Down: Water, Sewer Going Up A1 13-Apr-2004
Midland Tax Ruling Corrected Again A1 16-Apr-2004
Midland CDBG Plan in Place A1 18-Apr-2004
Midland Rund Two of Tax Appeals Slated A1 18-Apr-2004
Midland Some Seeking Flat City Budget A1 20-Apr-2004
Midland Tribunal Errors Bite Into Proposed City Tax Cut A3 20-Apr-2004
Midland City's Investment Declines Hit Taxpapers A3 22-Apr-2004
Midland Midland Development Council Makes a Name Change A3 23-Apr-2004
Midland Public Hearing on City Budget Monday A3 25-Apr-2004
Midland City of Midland Once Again Needs an Assessor A1 26-Apr-2004
Midland Midland Council Members Continuing Push to Trim Expense A3 27-Apr-2004
Midland Residents Support Walgreen Site Plan: Council Approval A3 18-May-2004
Midland Spectrum: The Answer Book Insert 20-Jun-04
Midland How Can Midland Be a Cooler City? A1 21-Jun-04
Midland Dow Tax Appeal on Fast Track A1 22-Jun-04
Midland Retiring: Longtime Fiscal Services Director Leaving City Job A3 27-Jun-04
Midland Suit Against City Waits for Others (Cable TV) A3 1-Jul-2004
Midland City's Request for More Time in Dow Appeal Rejected A3 2-Jul-2004
Midland Nominate Beautiful Landscapes: Midland Beautification Comm C1 2-Jul-2004
Midland Testing Shows City Water Supply Still Very Safe A3 3-Jul-2004
Midland New Attendance Standard Set for Commission Members A3 20-Jul-2004
Midland Incentive Programs for City Workers Eliminated A3 25-Jul-2004
Midland View from a Canoe: Midland Hosting Sister City Visitors A3 4-Aug-2004
Midland Historic District's Fate on Council's Agenda A3 8-Aug-2004
Midland City istoric District Stays A3 10-Aug-2004
Midland Council Seeks Applicants for Boards, Commissions A3 16-Aug-2004
Midland Tower Access Requested A1 27-Aug-2004
Midland Council Get GIS Overview A3 24-Sep-2004
Midland First Phase of DC Tax Appeal Decided A1 26-Sep-2004
Midland Council Wants Input on Money Matters A1 29-Sep-2004
Midland City, Dow Corning Settle Tax Appeal A1 2-Oct-2004
Midland City Names New Building Inspector A3 3-Oct-2004
Midland Tax Appeal Deal Spells Relief for Districts A1 5-Oct-2004
Midland Tribunal Approves Tax Appeal Settlement A1 14-Oct-2004
Midland City Sued for Mold Problem A1 21-Oct-2004
Midland Parking Provision Tangles Revised Zoning Ordinance A1 31-Oct-2004
Midland Midland City Council Approves New Zoning Ordinance A3 9-Nov-2004
Midland House Work Pays Off for Family (Beautification Award) A3 9-Nov-2004
Midland State Grant Will Help City with Property Tax Auditing A3 12-Nov-2004
Midland City Wants Mold Suit Dismissed A3 21-Nov-2004
Midland City Changes Discussion Dates A1 23-Nov-2004
Midland City of Midland Board of Review to Consider Exemptions A3 26-Nov-2004
Midland Midland City Council Debating Shelter Fees A1 29-Nov-2004
Midland Policy Tweak Could Help Area Contractors A3 17-Dec-2004
Midland City Needs 90 More Volunteers to Have Roundtable Disc. A1 21-Dec-2004
Midland Historic District to Be Decided A1 13-Jul-2004
Midland Area Chamber Chamber's Leader of the Year is Go-Getter(Fuce-Hobohm) A3 22-Jan-2004
Midland Area Chamber Emmendorfer No Longer Leads Chamber A3 9-Apr-2004
Midland Area Chamber New Committee to Begin Search for Chamber Head A9 28-Apr-2004
Midland Area Chamber Search Committee to Interview Seven for Chamber Post A1 27-Jun-04
Midland Area Chamber Chamber Wants to Help Businesses See Opportunity Insert 25-Jul-2004
Midland Area Chamber Texan Hired to Lead Chamber A1 17-Sep-2004
Midland Area Chamber Midland Business Focus A5 5-Oct-2004
Midland Area Chamber Small Business Day Back by Popular Demand A5 5-Oct-2004
Midland Area Chamber Speakers for Leadership Midland B1 14-Oct-2004
Midland Area Chamber Leadership Midland 2004 Participants B2 14-Oct-2004
Midland Area Chamber Candidates Nominated for Midland Area Chamber Board A5 2-Nov-2004
Midland Area Chamber New Chamber Head Says He's a Communicator F5 21-Nov-2004
Midland Area Chamber Last Call for Chamber Award Nominations A5 7-Dec-2004
Midland Area Chamber Program Organizers: Stellar Examples of Leadership A5 7-Dec-2004
Midland Center for the Arts Visa Blues:Immigration Issue Forces Program Change A1 6-Jan-2004
Midland Center for the Arts Labeque Sisters Embrace Wide Range of Music A6 8-Jan-2004
Midland Center for the Arts Practice, Practice: Midland Area Piano Students to Perform A1 9-Jan-2004
Midland Center for the Arts New Museum Announced at MCFTA A1 9-Jan-2004
Midland Center for the Arts Rockwell Exhibit Opens Jan. 24 B1 9-Jan-2004
Midland Center for the Arts Three New Exhibits Open Sunday at Alden Dow Museum B1 9-Jan-2004
Midland Center for the Arts Wilson, Lewis Headline King Celebration A5 15-Jan-2004
Midland Center for the Arts Lithographs Approved by Rockwell (exhibit) A6 15-Jan-2004
Midland Center for the Arts Jazz and More on Tap for Saturday Show D3 22-Jan-2004
Midland Center for the Arts A Chorus Line: Professional Choreographer.. D1 29-Jan-2004
Midland Center for the Arts Sky Designs: Exhibit Celebrates 100 Years of Flight D2 29-Jan-2004
Midland Center for the Arts Strong Performers Carry 'Chorus Line' Production A3 1-Feb-2004
Midland Center for the Arts Singular Sensation ("A Chorus Line") A10 3-Feb-2004
Midland Center for the Arts Honk! The Musical: Peanut Gallery Production D1 12-Feb-2004
Midland Center for the Arts Violinist Midori: 'I Do Because I Do' D1 12-Feb-2004
Midland Center for the Arts Handbell Festival Here: Public Concert Feb 22 at MCTFA D2 12-Feb-2004
Midland Center for the Arts Honk' Offers Something for Both Adults, Children B1 13-Feb-2004
Midland Center for the Arts Midori Sets Powerful Mood in Saturday's Performance A6 16-Feb-2004
Midland Center for the Arts Center for the Arts Board Changes A5 18-Feb-2004
Midland Center for the Arts Tom Sawyer' Family Show Feb 29 at MCTFA A7 19-Feb-2004
Midland Center for the Arts Spirit of Music: Southwestern Trio to Perform C1 22-Feb-2004
Midland Center for the Arts On Broadway in Midland: James Comes Home D2 26-Feb-2004
Midland Center for the Arts Actor James Earl Jones to Talk About Shakespeare A1 28-Feb-2004
Midland Center for the Arts James Delights Crowd (Brian d'Arcy James) A6 1-Mar-2004
Midland Center for the Arts Motorcycle Exhibit in NY May Journey to Midland-2006 A1 2-Mar-2004
Midland Center for the Arts Egyptian Artifacts Likely to Come to Midland A3 4-Mar-2004
Midland Center for the Arts Tommy' Opens Friday at MCFTA A6 4-Mar-2004
Midland Center for the Arts Midland Might Be Chinese Art's First Stop A3 9-Mar-2004
Midland Center for the Arts Copperfield to Grant Locals' Wishes D1 11-Mar-2004
Midland Center for the Arts Pearls: Gala Reception Saturday:Exhibit Opens Monday D1 11-Mar-2004
Midland Center for the Arts Pearls Exhibit Features Programs on Mollusks… D1 11-Mar-2004
Midland Center for the Arts Pearls' in Pictures and Words A3 13-Mar-2004
Midland Center for the Arts Evening of Grand Illusions Wows Crowd at MCFTA A3 13-Mar-2004
Midland Center for the Arts Co-Curator to Give Lecture About Pearls A3 14-Mar-2004
Midland Center for the Arts Pearls' Opens Today at MCFTA A1 15-Mar-2004
Midland Center for the Arts Musical Tribute to Broadway Composers This Weekend D1 18-Mar-2004
Midland Center for the Arts Innovations in Irish Music D1 25-Mar-2004
Midland Center for the Arts Irish Bands Treat Appreciative Midland Audience A6 29-Mar-2004
Midland Center for the Arts Magic in the Spoken Word: Actor James Earl Jones Shares A3 3-Apr-2004
Midland Center for the Arts Trio, Audience Journey (R. Carlos Nakai) A6 6-Apr-2004
Midland Center for the Arts Pearls' Exhibit Open Free to Public Saturday A2 9-Apr-2004
Midland Center for the Arts Pearl History Program Planned at MCFTA B5 14-Apr-2004
Midland Center for the Arts Actor Jones Shares Wit and Wisdom A1 24-Apr-2004
Midland Center for the Arts Orchestra Gives Appreciative Audience Exciting Concert A6 28-Apr-2004
Midland Center for the Arts Landmark Display of Pulitzer Photos to Open at MCFTA A1 30-Apr-2004
Midland Center for the Arts Cash' Delivers Laughs All the Way Through A3 2-May-2004
Midland Center for the Arts Secret Garden' Opens Friday D1 6-May-2004
Midland Center for the Arts Secret Garden' production as Good as Book, Film A3 9-May-2004
Midland Center for the Arts Meet the 'Queen of Gems': Favorite Items From Pearls C1 23-May-2004
Midland Center for the Arts Center Receives $20,000 Grant A2 3-Jun-04
Midland Center for the Arts Summer Art Fair Takes Place at MCFTA This Weekend A3 4-Jun-04
Midland Center for the Arts Art Show Contines at MCFTA Today A1 6-Jun-04
Midland Center for the Arts Pearl Exhibit at MCFTA is Closing Sunday A6 14-Jul-2004
Midland Center for the Arts Father of the Bride Opens Tonight at MCFTA B2 5-Aug-2004
Midland Center for the Arts Artistic Expressions: New Exhibits Open at Alden B. Dow C1 15-Aug-2004
Midland Center for the Arts Changes Under Way at MCFTA A1 3-Sep-2004
Midland Center for the Arts Tiknis Leaving MCFTA A1 9-Sep-2004
Midland Center for the Arts Broadway Favorites a la Cabaret B1 16-Sep-2004
Midland Center for the Arts Island Fun: 'South Pacific' Opens Friday at MCFTA B1 7-Oct-2004
Midland Center for the Arts Curtain Call: Tiknis Bids MCFTA Farewell A1 16-Oct-2004
Midland Center for the Arts Egypt Exhibit Opening A3 21-Oct-2004
Midland Center for the Arts Cowboy Christmas: Riders in the Sky Concert Saturday D1 25-Nov-2004
Midland Center for the Arts Riders in the Sky Charm Midlanders with Cowboy Christmas A6 29-Nov-2004
Midland Center for the Arts Ruhle, Atton Honored at MCTA Dinner A3 4-Dec-2004
Midland Center for the Arts John Davidson, Chorale, Men of Music in Concert D1 16-Dec-2004
Midland Cogeneration Ven MCV Ruling Issued:Taxing United Order to Refund $36 Mil A1 24-Jan-2004
Midland Cogeneration Ven It's Not Over; It's Not Cheap A1 24-Jan-2004
Midland Cogeneration Ven Local Educators Will Wait and See on Tax Appeal Decision A1 24-Jan-2004
Midland Cogeneration Ven Business Owners Offer Thoughts on MCV Ruling A3 24-Jan-2004
Midland Cogeneration Ven County Officials Pleased with Tribunal Ruling A3 24-Jan-2004
Midland Cogeneration Ven Power Contracts Accepted in Other Tax Appeal A3 3-Feb-2004
Midland Cogeneration Ven Tribunal Acknowledges Errors in MCV Ruling A1 26-Mar-2004
Midland Cogeneration Ven MCV Bill Up $5.6 Million A1 1-Apr-2004
Midland Community Center Tax: Filing Assistance Available for Seniors, Low Income A3 7-Feb-2004
Midland Community Center Tointon, Staff Make Things Happen at MCC A3 16-May-2004
Midland Community Center In the Deep C1 10-Oct-2004
Midland Community Center Mr. Z to Perform at Senior Dance Dec 15 B4 5-Dec-2004
Midland Conservation Dist Conservation District Staff to Dedicate New Building A3 23-Sep-2004
Midland Conservation Dist New Home for Conservation District Cause for Celebration A3 21-Oct-2004
Midland Conservation Dist Conservation District Gave and Received at Meeting A3 29-Oct-2004
Midland County County Board Reorganization Set for Tuesday A3 5-Jan-2004
Midland County Wilson Re-elected Board Chairman A1 7-Jan-2004
Midland County Register of Deeds Haines to Run Again A3 17-Jan-2004
Midland County Treasurer, County Board Clashing Again A1 18-Jan-2004
Midland County Tension at Board's First Night Meeting A3 21-Jan-2004
Midland County County Officials Pleased with Tribunal Ruling A3 24-Jan-2004
Midland County Tax Information Online A1 29-Jan-2004
Midland County County Website Draws Lots of Traffic A1 30-Jan-2004
Midland County County Meeting Agenda Light A3 2-Feb-2004
Midland County County to Vote on Bond Resolution in Two Weeks A1 4-Feb-2004
Midland County Treasurer's Travel Still Sore Point A3 5-Feb-2004
Midland County Jail Bonds on County Board's Agenda A3 16-Feb-2004
Midland County Pinecrest Needs New Fire System, State Says A1 19-Feb-2004
Midland County County Hopes to Build Sanford Lake Spray Park A3 20-Feb-2004
Midland County Local Domestic Violence Handbook Promotes Services A3 22-Feb-2004
Midland County Who's In Control? (County Treasurer, Administrator) A1 27-Feb-2004
Midland County County Reviews Its Homeland Security Plan A3 27-Feb-2004
Midland County Counties Rarely Receive Gay Marriage Requests A1 4-Mar-2004
Midland County Drain Code, Jail Discussed A3 18-Mar-2004
Midland County JCC Fees, Guardianship on Board Agenda A3 19-Apr-2004
Midland County Benda Rated by County Board A1 21-Apr-2004
Midland County MEDC Hires Economic Development Manager A9 21-Apr-2004
Midland County County's Taxable Values Up 2.45 Percent A3 22-Apr-2004
Midland County County GOP Activists Get Campaign News A3 28-Apr-2004
Midland County Public Criticism of Administrator Marks Board Meeting A3 19-May-2004
Midland County County Seeking Money from State A1 24-May-2004
Midland County Board Defeats PILT Resolution A3 3-Jun-04
Midland County Dog Damage Can Cost Taxpayers A3 5-Jun-04
Midland County County Keeps Night Meetings A3 17-Jun-04
Midland County Change in Property Tax Payments Possible A3 7-Jul-2004
Midland County Business, Accusations and Anger-and County Bd Meets A3 8-Jul-2004
Midland County Guardianship Issue Resulting in Costs to County A1 14-Jul-2004
Midland County Signs of Trouble in County Treasurer's Race A1 16-Jul-2004
Midland County Treasurer Expenses Discussed A1 22-Jul-2004
Midland County Millage Renewals Await Voters A3 22-Jul-2004
Midland County Fund Flap: Questions Raised About Treasurer's Office Fund A1 28-Jul-2004
Midland County Mural Moved to Its Permanent Home A2 28-Jul-2004
Midland County Audit Shows Local Taxes Key to County Funding A3 30-Jul-2004
Midland County GIS System Eyed for County A1 8-Aug-2004
Midland County Fiber-Optic Network to Connect Midland with Other Counties A3 18-Aug-2004
Midland County Bids for GIS Flyover Sought By County A3 19-Aug-2004
Midland County County Again Accepts Title X Money for Health Dept A1 8-Sep-2004
Midland County Road Patrol, Parks Face Cuts? A1 22-Sep-2004
Midland County County Approves Agreements to Treat Criminal Offenders A3 25-Sep-2004
Midland County Judge Tells Board of Teen Thriving with Mentor A3 29-Sep-2004
Midland County County Board Meets Tuesday A3 4-Oct-2004
Midland County County Partially Pays for Forester Position A3 6-Oct-2004
Midland County Garner: Media Reports Wrong on Homeland Security Money A1 8-Oct-2004
Midland County Homeland Security Cash for County Tops $250k A1 9-Oct-2004
Midland County Townships Want Money Back from County A1 11-Oct-2004
Midland County County Adding 3 New Positions A1 13-Oct-2004
Midland County Public Gets Chance to Comment on County Budget Tuesday A3 17-Oct-2004
Midland County Little Comment About Proposed County Budget A3 20-Oct-2004
Midland County County Board to Vote on Budget A3 29-Oct-2004
Midland County Board to Vote on Budget, Other Items A3 1-Nov-2004
Midland County County Board Approves Budget, Discusses Dioxin A3 4-Nov-2004
Midland County County Approves Seeking Bids for GIS Flyover A3 17-Nov-2004
Midland County County Approves Planning Services; Jail Not Included A3 22-Nov-2004
Midland County Ash Borer Find Hastens Search for New Forester A1 26-Nov-2004
Midland County Township Infor Can Be Found Online A1 29-Nov-2004
Midland County Eight Townships Have Web Sites for the Public A3 29-Nov-2004
Midland County Treasurer Fires Chief Deputy A1 14-Dec-2004
Midland County Midland County's Elected Officials Sworn into Office A1 22-Dec-2004
Midland County County Might Have New Chairman A1 31-Dec-2004
Midland County Fairgrounds Rascall Flats Coming to Fair A1 15-Mar-2004
Midland County Fairgrounds City, Fairgrounds Near Agreement on Barstow Parcel A3 6-May-2004
Midland County Fairgrounds Lizard Fiar Tickets on Sale Tomorrow A1 7-Jul-2004
Midland County Fairgrounds State Delays Money for Fair Racing A3 22-Jul-2004
Midland County Fairgrounds A Rolls Royce A1 28-Jul-2004
Midland County Fairgrounds Fair Gets New Midway B1 14-Aug-2004
Midland County Fairgrounds Rascal Flatts Stars B2 14-Aug-2004
Midland County Fairgrounds A Love Affair with the Fair: Karen Gray Has Been Working B3 14-Aug-2004
Midland County Fairgrounds Jo-Jo, Petey Pablo Will Headline Lizard Fair Aug 18 B4 14-Aug-2004
Midland County Fairgrounds Spartan Futurity Expects Its Strongest Field Yet B4 14-Aug-2004
Midland County Fairgrounds Money Problem Has Been Resolved B4 14-Aug-2004
Midland County Fairgrounds New Class for Goats Will Debut This Year B5 14-Aug-2004
Midland County Fairgrounds Pageant King Enjoys Self in Bevy of Girls A1 15-Aug-2004
Midland County Fairgrounds Q & A With Rascal Flatts' Joe Don Rooney A1 15-Aug-2004
Midland County Fairgrounds Fair Workers Up at Sunrise A1 16-Aug-2004
Midland County Fairgrounds A Wild Ride: Fair Hosts New Midway Company A3 16-Aug-2004
Midland County Fairgrounds Unity Concern to Bring Song, Worship to Fair A3 16-Aug-2004
Midland County Fairgrounds Midland Melts: Rascal Flatts Wows Crowd at Fairgrounds A1 17-Aug-2004
Midland County Fairgrounds WIOG Lizard Fair at Fairgrounds Wednesday A3 17-Aug-2004
Midland County Fairgrounds Elephant Encounter: Cora and Shannon Provide Fun A5 17-Aug-2004
Midland County Fairgrounds Unified: Fair-Goers Attend Christian Concert A1 18-Aug-2004
Midland County Fairgrounds Lizard Fair: More Than 1000 Attend Event at Fair A1 19-Aug-2004
Midland County Fairgrounds Highlanders: Local Bagpipe Band to Perform Friday B1 19-Aug-2004
Midland County Fairgrounds A Family Affair (Cinnamon Rolls By Omar) B5 19-Aug-2004
Midland County Fairgrounds Everything's Ducky A1 20-Aug-2004
Midland County Fairgrounds All's Fair in Love A1 20-Aug-2004
Midland County Fairgrounds Woodworkers: Youths Polish Up Skills B6 20-Aug-2004
Midland County Fairgrounds Ride 'em: Rodeo Cowgirl Says Risk is Worth the Life A3 21-Aug-2004
Midland County Fairgrounds Crash, Bang, Roar, Demolition Derby Makes for a Noisy.. A3 22-Aug-2004
Midland County Fairgrounds Beginnings and Ends: Midland Couple Engaged A3 22-Aug-2004
Midland County Fairgrounds Farewell Friends A1 23-Aug-2004
Midland County Fairgrounds Fair Memories Insert 4-Sep-2004
Midland County Fairgrounds Horse of a Different Color: Riders, Parents Say Equestrian.. A3 16-Oct-2004
Midland County Hist Society Storyteller to Share Story of Rosa Parks B8 25-Jan-2004
Midland County Hist Society Valentine Program Slated (Victorian Valentines) B5 27-Jan-2004
Midland County Hist Society Museum, Dow Home and Studio Help Area 4th Graders A3 8-Feb-2004
Midland County Hist Society Excellent Eggs Program This Sunday A5 17-Mar-2004
Midland County Hist Society Bridge to Historical Sites to Be Installed Monday A1 17-Apr-2004
Midland County Hist Society Yesterday's Roses' Topic of Aug 17 Lecture C6 8-Aug-2004
Midland County Hist Society They Like Green Eggs and Ham (Read & Feed) A3 12-Oct-2004
Midland County Hist Society Historical Society Building Named for Doan A1 17-Dec-2004
Midland County-Budget County Faces New Revenue Cuts A3 14-Apr-2004
Midland County-Budget County Budget Adjustments Show Increase Expenses A3 6-May-2004
Midland County-Courthouse New Report Examines Space Issues at Courthouse A1 7-Feb-2004
Midland County-Courthouse Historical Courthouse too Small, Study Says A1 11-Feb-2004
Midland County-Courthouse County Mulls How to Deal with Courthouse A1 21-Jul-2004
Midland County-Courthouse County Seeks Public Opinion on Courthouse A1 11-Aug-2004
Midland County-Courthouse Courthouse Future to Be Debated A1 20-Sep-2004
Midland County-Courthouse More Time Sought: CourtHouse Focus Groups Has Mtg A1 23-Sep-2004
Midland County-Courthouse Consensus Reached on Courthouse A1 24-Sep-2004
Midland County-Courthouse Combined County Jail, Courthouse Backed A1 8-Dec-2004
Midland County-Courts Fraser Back in Judge's Seat A1 1-Mar-2004
Midland County-Courts Have a Hart: Judge Returns to Courtroom After Absence A3 20-Apr-2004
Midland County-Probate Ct Conflict Claimed for Guardian A1 5-Jul-2004
Midland County-Sheriff Nielsen Pondering Sheriff Run A1 4-Feb-2004
Midland County-Sheriff Charges Against Officers Dismissed A1 17-Jun-04
Midland County-Sheriff Mistake' Allowed Deputies Access to Files A1 18-Jun-04
Midland County-Sheriff Ex-Deputy Discusses Case A1 24-Jun-04
Midland County-Sheriff New Faces Part of D.A.R.E. A3 17-Oct-2004
Midland County-Sheriff Nielsen Receives Training for Job as Sheriff A3 27-Dec-2004
Midland Downtown Dev Auth Former Midlander Returning as Downtown Coordinator A1 12-Feb-2004
Midland Downtown Dev Auth Wireless Internet Axccess Planned Downtown A3 30-Aug-2004
Midland Downtown Dev Auth DDA Eyes Ways to Extend Use of Farmers Market A1 9-Sep-2004
Midland Mall Easter Bunny to Arrive at Mall Saturday A5 25-Mar-2004
Midland Mall Cifuentes Named Midland Mall April A-Team Winner B5 21-Apr-2004
Midland Mall Senior Craft Show Set at Mall B5 4-May-2004
Midland Mall Mall to Celebrate New Store Opening E6 9-May-2004
Midland Mall Roses Will Be Displayed, Judged at Midland Mall D2 20-Jun-04
Midland Mall Mall Plans Food Court Family Fun Nights E3 27-Jun-04
Midland Mall Clothes for Kids campaign Kicks Off at Mall A1 21-Jul-2004
Midland Mall A' Team Kickoff Set for Monday B6 20-Aug-2004
Midland Mall Video Game Display Upsets Mallgoer A3 13-Sep-2004
Midland Mall New Stores Open in Mall A3 19-Nov-2004
Midland Music Society Charale Goes International in Concert March 14 D2 11-Mar-2004
Midland Music Society Music Society Celebrates Lerner and Loewe A6 22-Mar-2004
Midland Music Society Music Society Announces Season of Entertainment D1 25-Mar-2004
Midland Music Society Musical Tour of the Past: Men of Music Show D1 1-Apr-2004
Midland Music Society Music Society Honors Actors, Volunteers B2 8-Jul-2004
Midland Music Society Great Dancing, Music on Tap for '42nd Street' B2 12-Aug-2004
Midland Music Society Dancers, Singers Shine in '42nd Street' A6 13-Aug-2004
Midland Music Society Cabaret Series Debuts with Fun, Energetic Performance A3 19-Sep-2004
Midland Music Society South Pacific' Puts Song in Audience Heart A5 10-Oct-2004
Midland Public Schools Hughes: Played Golf, But Not During Conference A1 7-Jan-2004
Midland Public Schools Dow High Paper a Finalist in National Contest A2 9-Jan-2004
Midland Public Schools Board Members to Be Honored A3 12-Jan-2004
Midland Public Schools MPS to Seek Budget Feedback A1 13-Jan-2004
Midland Public Schools Sour Note Sounded About Building Plans A3 13-Jan-2004
Midland Public Schools MPS Board Waits to Vote on Teachers' Deal A3 27-Jan-2004
Midland Public Schools MPS To Vote on Teacher Severance Package A3 9-Feb-2004
Midland Public Schools MPS to Offer Severance Pay A1 10-Feb-2004
Midland Public Schools It's Not an Ordinary Problem (Cogeneration Venture Rebate) A1 10-Feb-2004
Midland Public Schools One-Act Wonders to Be Presented During Festival A8 11-Feb-2004
Midland Public Schools Schulzes Love Time Spent in the Siebert Classroom C5 15-Feb-2004
Midland Public Schools MPS Faces Budget Shortfall A1 20-Feb-2004
Midland Public Schools Hitting the State: Drama Returns to Jefferson Middle School A1 21-Feb-2004
Midland Public Schools Good Help:For 19 Yrs, Rogers Worked with Dow Players D1 22-Feb-2004
Midland Public Schools Olympic Gold Medalist Teaching Swim Clinic at DHS (Hyman) D3 22-Feb-2004
Midland Public Schools Tech Ed, Severance Package on MPS Agenda A3 23-Feb-2004
Midland Public Schools MPS To Offer Severance Package to Four Employee Groups A1 24-Feb-2004
Midland Public Schools MPS Has Bleak Budget Picture A1 27-Feb-2004
Midland Public Schools Dow High Junior to Dance Lead Role in 'Little Princess' A10 2-Mar-2004
Midland Public Schools MPS Budget Homework Given at Meeting A3 5-Mar-2004
Midland Public Schools MPS Has a Full Agenda A3 8-Mar-2004
Midland Public Schools Work to Begin on Dow Pool, Midland Stadium A1 9-Mar-2004
Midland Public Schools Midland District Offers New Severance Package A3 9-Mar-2004
Midland Public Schools MPS Wraps Up Community Budget Meetings A3 12-Mar-2004
Midland Public Schools Woodcrest Elementary to Host Invention Summer Camp A5 1-Apr-2004
Midland Public Schools Cook Hosts Author for Reading Month A5 3-Apr-2004
Midland Public Schools Dow Students Compete at DECA Event (Dow HS & MHS) A5 3-Apr-2004
Midland Public Schools Dow High Valedictorian, Saluatorians Announced A2 5-Apr-2004
Midland Public Schools Midland High Announces Valedictorian, Salutatorian A2 7-Apr-2004
Midland Public Schools 60 MPS Teachers Accept Retirement Incentive A3 10-Apr-2004
Midland Public Schools MPS To Look at Tech Openings A3 12-Apr-2004
Midland Public Schools 60 Teachers Accept MPS Retirement Proposal A1 13-Apr-2004
Midland Public Schools Young People Learn Life Lessons at Reality Store A3 17-Apr-2004
Midland Public Schools Living History:Re-Enactment at Northeast Gives Students.. A3 21-Apr-2004
Midland Public Schools Sound of Silence: MPS Votes to Ban Cell Phones A1 27-Apr-2004
Midland Public Schools 1000+ Apply for MPS Jobs A1 4-May-2004
Midland Public Schools MPS Continues Trimming Budget A3 4-May-2004
Midland Public Schools Midland/Dow Prom Planned for May 15 B5 8-May-2004
Midland Public Schools Computer Lab Improvements Proposed for Midland Schools A3 10-May-2004
Midland Public Schools Teacher Worries Cuts Will Impact Education A1 11-May-2004
Midland Public Schools Principals, Others to Retire from MPS A1 11-May-2004
Midland Public Schools Mrs. Smith…Goes Into Retirement A1 15-May-2004
Midland Public Schools School Election Absentee Ballots Are Available A3 15-May-2004
Midland Public Schools New Process Eyed to Lessen Contract Acrimony A1 23-May-2004
Midland Public Schools Athletes on the Right Track A1 24-May-2004
Midland Public Schools Vacancies on MPS Agenda A3 24-May-2004
Midland Public Schools MPS Cuts Creating Concern A1 25-May-2004
Midland Public Schools Two Seek seats on MPS Board A3 4-Jun-04
Midland Public Schools School Board Member Honored (Susan LaCross) A5 10-Jun-04
Midland Public Schools Budget Hearing on MPS Agenda Tonight A3 14-Jun-04
Midland Public Schools New Plan for MPS Cuts A3 15-Jun-04
Midland Public Schools Survivors:Jefferson Students Put Survival Skills to Test.. A3 15-Jun-04
Midland Public Schools Cook School Students Raise Money for Costa Rica E3 27-Jun-04
Midland Public Schools No Shortage of Paper Clips at Midland High A3 28-Jun-04
Midland Public Schools Two MPS Budgets Approved A1 29-Jun-04
Midland Public Schools Dolinski Off MPS Board, Announces Legacy Center A1 29-Jun-04
Midland Public Schools Midland Schools Extends Hughes' Contract A3 29-Jun-04
Midland Public Schools Millage Renewals Called Essential for MPS A3 7-Jul-2004
Midland Public Schools Buell Leads Midland Board A1 13-Jul-2004
Midland Public Schools Work at Midland Schools Nears Completion A3 3-Aug-2004
Midland Public Schools MPS Puts New Emphasis on Career Education A3 10-Aug-2004
Midland Public Schools MPS High School Projects Eyed for Next Year A1 24-Aug-2004
Midland Public Schools Halfway to Perfection A1 28-Aug-2004
Midland Public Schools Board to Hear of Legacy Center's Effort A3 12-Sep-2004
Midland Public Schools MPS Board Discusses Staff's Summer Work 2004-05 Year A3 14-Sep-2004
Midland Public Schools Millage Renewal Midland Public's Top Goal A3 21-Sep-2004
Midland Public Schools More Parents Ferrying Students A3 21-Sep-2004
Midland Public Schools Improvement Projects on Midland Public Agenda A3 27-Sep-2004
Midland Public Schools Audit Report Puts Midland School Officials Off Balance A1 28-Sep-2004
Midland Public Schools Construction Work Approved for Midland High Schools A3 28-Sep-2004
Midland Public Schools Election Date Vote on MPS Agenda A3 11-Oct-2004
Midland Public Schools Phone Contracts Mean Big Savings for MPS A3 12-Oct-2004
Midland Public Schools MHS Stages Play: Romeo and Juliet B5 14-Oct-2004
Midland Public Schools Dow Spirit (DHS) A12 16-Oct-2004
Midland Public Schools Decking Halls with Chemic Pride A1 21-Oct-2004
Midland Public Schools This Trash Talk is Positive A1 22-Oct-2004
Midland Public Schools Floyd Staffer Wins State Award A3 23-Oct-2004
Midland Public Schools Annual Report Gives MPS Reason to Brag A3 26-Oct-2004
Midland Public Schools Dow High Construction Bids on MPS Agenda A3 6-Nov-2004
Midland Public Schools MPS Board Gets Primer on Co-Op Program A3 9-Nov-2004
Midland Public Schools Playground Equipment Dedicated at Parkdale A10 9-Nov-2004
Midland Public Schools Drawn Together: Unconventional Drawing Club at MHS A3 11-Nov-2004
Midland Public Schools MPS 2003-04 Annual Report Highlights Insert 13-Nov-2004
Midland Public Schools Rhapsody in Blue and Gold: Annual MHS Talent Show A3 18-Nov-2004
Midland Public Schools She's the Heart of the School (Rhonda Krotzer) A1 19-Nov-2004
Midland Public Schools School Spirit Focus of New Club A3 19-Nov-2004
Midland Public Schools Taxes, Finances on MPS Agenda A3 20-Nov-2004
Midland Public Schools Scholarship Created in Memory of Soccer Player A1 30-Nov-2004
Midland Public Schools Dow Students Earn AP Scholar Designation B6 9-Dec-2004
Midland Public Schools Magnet Mania A1 10-Dec-2004
Midland Public Schools MPS Gets $2.6M from Dow Corning For Tax Appeals A3 14-Dec-2004
Midland Senior Services Senior Review: Senior Services Director Gives Review A3 12-Feb-2004
Midland Symphony Orchestra Takes Spotlight for Saturday MSO Concert D2 5-Feb-2004
Midland Symphony MSO All-Orchestral Concert Draws Mixed Reaction A6 9-Feb-2004
Midland Symphony Winning Opens Doors for Young Pianists A7 4-Mar-2004
Midland Symphony MSO Delights With Near-Flawless Beethoven A6 8-Mar-2004
Midland Symphony Midland Symphony Orchestra Announces New Season C2 8-Apr-2004
Midland Symphony MSO Concludes Season with 'Tales of Tosca' D1 15-Apr-2004
Midland Symphony MSO's Production of 'Tosca' A Treat for Audience A6 19-Apr-2004
Midland Symphony Banjo Player Joins MSO for Free 4th of July Concert D1 1-Jul-2004
Midland Symphony Howling Good Tim' Promised for MSO Halloween Concert D1 28-Oct-2004
Midland Symphony Amazing Young Pianist Accompanies MSO in Saturday Con.. D2 4-Nov-2004
Midland Symphony Paremski, MSO in Fine Form in 'Americas' Concert A7 8-Nov-2004
Midland Symphony MSO Soloist Says Solo Career…(Kondonassis) D1 2-Dec-2004
Midland Symphony Harpist Kondonassis Shows Versatility During MSO Concert A3 6-Dec-2004
Midland Theatre Guild Theater Guild Opens Female Version of 'Odd Couple' A5 8-Jan-2004
Midland Theatre Guild Female 'Odd Couple' Well Played, Fun A3 11-Jan-2004
Midland Theatre Guild Tommy' An Arrresting Show Despite Sound Flaws A3 7-Mar-2004
Midland Theatre Guild Cash on Delivery' Opens Friday D1 29-Apr-2004
Midland Theatre Guild Theatre Guild Announces Season B2 8-Jul-2004
Midland Theatre Guild Theatre Guild Opens Season with a Fast-Paced Farce B1 9-Sep-2004
Midland Theatre Guild Theatre Guild's 'Don't Dress for Dinner' Good Entertainment A3 12-Sep-2004
Midland Theatre Guild Theatre Guild Part of 'Vignettes from the Valley' A1 20-Oct-2004
Midland Theatre Guild Nutcracker's Nuts Opens Friday D1 4-Nov-2004
Midland Theatre Guild Nutcracker's Nuts Entertaining But Could Be So Much More D2 11-Nov-2004
Midland Township Some Residents Face Water Disconnection in Mid Twp A1 11-Nov-2004
Midland Township Midland Township Pays $77,000 Tax Refund for Overcharge A3 11-Nov-2004
Midland-Budget City Finds Possible Cuts of About $1 Million A1 2-May-2004
Midland-Budget Council Members Disagree on Budget Cuts A3 4-May-2004
Midland-Budget Chop, Chop: Budget Cuts Move Ahead A1 11-May-2004
Midland-Budget City Council to Vote on Budget Tonight A1 17-May-2004
Midland-Budget Cuts Approved: City Millage Set at 9.87 A1 18-May-2004
Midland-Business Midland Company Expands Secure Wireless Service A6 14-Sep-2004
Midland-City Council City Says Yes to Ice Arena A1 13-Jan-2004
Midland-City Council Historic District on City Council Agenda A3 7-Mar-2004
Midland-City Council City: 'No' to Sidewalk Snow Rule A1 9-Mar-2004
Midland-City Council West Main Historic District Stays-For Now A3 9-Mar-2004
Midland-City Council Arena on Council Agenda A3 22-Mar-2004
Midland-City Council Council Refuses to Rezone Bill Knapp's Site A3 13-Apr-2004
Midland-Civic Arena Fast Ice Raises $40,000 A3 11-Mar-2004
Midland-Civic Arena Ice Arena Firming Up A1 23-Mar-2004
Midland-Civic Arena Fast Ice Well on Way to Raising $750,000 A1 23-Mar-2004
Midland-Civic Arena Heading for Goal:Options Considered to Keep Arena.. A3 21-May-2004
Midland-Civic Arena Rink Bids in: Some Bids Lower Than Expected A1 30-Jul-2004
Midland-Civic Arena New Civic Arena Unveiled A1 10-Aug-2004
Midland-Civic Arena City Almost Has Cash in Hand for Civic Arena A3 24-Aug-2004
Midland-Civic Arena City Seeks Input on Arena's Future A1 8-Sep-2004
Midland-Civic Arena Groundbreaking Ceremony Set for New Civic Arena A3 18-Sep-2004
Midland-Civic Arena Bulding Ice: Ceremonial Groundbreaking for New Arena A1 21-Sep-2004
Midland-Civic Arena Time Running Out for Midland Civic Arena A3 5-Nov-2004
Midland-Civil Arena City Prepares to Sell Bonds for New Civic Arena A1 14-Apr-2004
Midland-Fire Department Foam with Ease: Midland's Shiny New Truck Offers.. A3 17-Sep-2004
Midland-Fire Department Midland Girl Wins Bicycle in Drawing A3 15-Oct-2004
Midland-Fire Department Top Firefighter (Tim Longlet) A1 24-Nov-2004
Midland-Fire Department Somebody Has to Work': Police, Firefighters Realize… A3 26-Dec-2004
Midland-Parks & Recreation Forest Art: City Forest: A Year's Photos A3 6-Jan-2004
Midland-Parks & Recreation Ice Arena Before Public Hearing A3 11-Jan-2004
Midland-Parks & Recreation Picnic Shelter Charge Pondered A1 13-Jan-2004
Midland-Parks & Recreation Park Access, Pool Study Goals for Master Plan A3 18-Jan-2004
Midland-Parks & Recreation Fast Ice Receives $50,00 A5 29-Jan-2004
Midland-Parks & Recreation Golf, Ice, Some Softball Fees to Increase A3 4-Feb-2004
Midland-Parks & Recreation Early Birds Get the Pavilions A3 1-Mar-2004
Midland-Parks & Recreation Residents Will Pay More to Play A1 9-Mar-2004
Midland-Parks & Recreation Beer at Currie? City Considering Possibility A3 12-Apr-2004
Midland-Parks & Recreation Picnic Shelter Fees Under Study for 2005 A1 10-Sep-2004
Midland-Parks & Recreation Track, Stakepark Suggested for Midland Civic Arena A1 6-Oct-2004
Midland-Parks & Recreation Park Shelter Fees Focus of Election Day Public Hearing A3 20-Oct-2004
Midland-Parks & Recreation Schools Could Get Break on Park Shelter Fees A3 5-Nov-2004
Midland-Parks & Recreation Next Fall Eyed for Repairs to Plymouth Pool A3 9-Dec-2004
Midland-Parks & Recreation Currie Struggles to Keep Finances Out of Rough A3 11-Dec-2004
Midland-Parks & Recreation City to Charge for Picnic Shelters A3 14-Dec-2004
Midland-Parks & Recreation City Council Seeks Teen to Serve on Parks Commission A3 16-Dec-2004
Midland-Planning Comm City Planners Give Approval to Walgreen Plan A3 12-May-2004
Midland-Planning Comm Planning Commission to Discuss Zoning Changes A1 21-Jul-2004
Midland-Planning Comm Planners Examining New Rules for Parking Lots A3 28-Jul-2004
Midland-Planning Comm Rapanos Proposes Revision to Duplex Plan A3 25-Aug-2004
Midland-Police Department A Really Cool Position to Retire From' (Capt. Larry Quinn) A3 7-Jan-2004
Mid-Mich Comm College MMCC Receives Grants for Library D4 29-Jan-2004
Mid-Mich Comm College MMCC Receives Grant for Library Renovation B5 2-May-2004
Mid-Mich Comm College Event Raises $66,000 for MMCC Foundation E3 9-May-2004
Mid-Mich Comm College Mid-Mich Community College to Request Millage A2 16-Jul-2004
Mid-Mich Comm College MMCC Plans Annual Fall Festival B6 20-Aug-2004
Mid-Mich Comm College MMCC Millage Information Available to Public B6 20-Aug-2004
Mid-Mich Comm College New MMCC Center Ends 8-Year Wait A3 3-Sep-2004
Mid-Mich Comm College MMCC Millage Request Rejected A1 30-Sep-2004
Mid-Mich Comm College M-TEC Working with Area Industry C7 28-Oct-2004
Mid-Mich Comm College Election Law Change Affects MMCC A3 10-Nov-2004
MidMichigan Medical Center Midland Among 70 Hospitals Statewide Working… A6 16-Mar-2004
MidMichigan Medical Center Hospital benefits Add Up A3 18-Mar-2004
MidMichigan Medical Center MidMichigan Health Gets New VP of Human Resources C10 8-Apr-2004
MidMichigan Medical Center Reece to Retire as Hospital President, Reynolds Promoted A1 14-Apr-2004
MidMichigan Medical Center Colorful Service: MidMich Volunteer Groups Merge A1 24-Apr-2004
MidMichigan Medical Center MidMIch's Center for Women's Health Breaks Ground A1 7-May-2004
MidMichigan Medical Center PET Scan Coming to Midland A1 21-May-2004
MidMichigan Medical Center Hospital Cuts 70 Positions A1 26-May-2004
MidMichigan Medical Center MidMichigan Eyes Stronger Ties with Area Health System A1 19-Aug-2004
MidMichigan Medical Center MidMichigan's Gamma Knife Treats 100th Patient A3 21-Aug-2004
MidMichigan Medical Center MidMich Med Center Honors 2004 Distinquished Supporters C5 16-Sep-2004
MidMichigan Medical Center Center for Women's Health Opens A1 21-Oct-2004
MidMichigan Medical Center Specialist Joins Gastroenterology & Hepatology Associates D6 19-Nov-2004
MidMichigan Medical Center MidMichigan, Gratiot Health to Join Forces A1 17-Dec-2004
Military Michigan Soldiers Asks for School Supplies for Iraqis A1 2-Jan-2004
Military Two More State National Guard Units Deployed to Iraq A3 2-Jan-2004
Military St Brigid Students Hear About Soldiers A3 16-Jan-2004
Military 1460th Deployed One Year Ago Today A1 26-Jan-2004
Military Back Home: Mother, National Guard Member on Leave A3 27-Jan-2004
Military Soldier Comes Home from Iraq, Gets Married A3 18-Feb-2004
Military Conference Helps Families of Guardsmen A3 22-Feb-2004
Military Army Dad Surprises Son in Class (Johnathon Booth) A1 5-Mar-2004
Military Veterans, Relatives Get Military Medals B6 9-Mar-2004
Military A Year Gone By: Midlanders Remember Fallen Soldiers A1 22-Mar-2004
Military 1460th Expected to Return to U.S. Monday A1 25-Mar-2004
Military 1460th Faces More Work on Return A1 26-Mar-2004
Military 1460th Still Expected to Arrive Today A1 29-Mar-2004
Military Relatives Prepare for 1460th Arrival A1 30-Mar-2004
Military 1460th Parade Not Likely A1 31-Mar-2004
Military Return of Some 1460th Members Delayed A3 2-Apr-2004
Military Preparing for Trip to Wisconsin (1460th Return) A1 4-Apr-2004
Military Pure Patriotism: Support for Troops is Unwavering A1 5-Apr-2004
Military Coming Home: Soldier's Families Hang Words of Support A3 5-Apr-2004
Military Loss and Caring: 1460th Experienced Both in Iraq A1 6-Apr-2004
Military Homecoming Anxiety A1 6-Apr-2004
Military Midland Will Have Parada: 1460th Planning to Walk… A1 6-Apr-2004
Military Troops Could Be Called Back to Duty A1 7-Apr-2004
Military Families Found Ways to Cope A1 7-Apr-2004
Military Friendships Formed A1 7-Apr-2004
Military Welcome Home! 1460th Returns to Midland A1 8-Apr-2004
Military Businesses Celebrate Return of Soldiers A1 8-Apr-2004
Military Companies Decorte for Homecoming A1 8-Apr-2004
Military Families Looking Forward to Getting Reacquainted A1 8-Apr-2004
Military 1460th Children Anxious For Parents to Return A3 8-Apr-2004
Military Second Homecoming: Midland Firefighter Welcomed Back A3 8-Apr-2004
Military Her Boyfriend's Back After Delay (Alan Bradley) A7 8-Apr-2004
Military Welcome Home - pictures of 1460th soldiers B5 8-Apr-2004
Military Welcome Home - pictures of 1460th soldiers B7 8-Apr-2004
Military A Nation's Soldier: A Soldier's Daughter (Falkowski) C1 8-Apr-2004
Military A Soldier's Mother (Taylor) C1 8-Apr-2004
Military Pride in Our Red, White and Blue (Wormer) C1 8-Apr-2004
Military Wecome Home - pictures of 1460th soldiers C9 8-Apr-2004
Military Welcome Home - pictures of 1460th soldiers D5 8-Apr-2004
Military Thousands Pay Tribute to 1460th at Parade A1 9-Apr-2004
Military 1460th Soldier: It's More Than I Expected A1 9-Apr-2004
Military Goward Remembered at Service A1 9-Apr-2004
Military She Was Perfect. She Was Beautiful' A1 9-Apr-2004
Military Long Trip Home A3 9-Apr-2004
Military Firefighters Salute Their Own as Troops Return A5 9-Apr-2004
Military Some Workers Got Time Off to Great Soldiers A5 9-Apr-2004
Military Parade of Reunions B1 9-Apr-2004
Military Midland Senior Ponders Soldiers' Welcome B1 9-Apr-2004
Military Celebration: Family, Friends Welcome Home 1460th A1 11-Apr-2004
Military Vets of Previous Wars Recall Homecomings A1 11-Apr-2004
Military Eleven 1460th Soldiers Could Be Home By Week's End A1 12-Apr-2004
Military More 1460th Guard Members Return Home A1 15-Apr-2004
Military War at Home: Not Alll Members of 1460th Went to Mideast A3 16-Apr-2004
Military Another Warm Welcome A3 18-Apr-2004
Military Granholm: No Indication 1460th Will Be Recalled A1 20-Apr-2004
Military Bill Would Aid Some Guard, Reserve Members A3 22-Apr-2004
Military Home Again (Gerald Smith) A3 24-Apr-2004
Military Soldier Hopes Midland Will Help Iraqi Children A1 28-Apr-2004
Military Over There: Coleman Mothers Waits for Return of Son A1 2-May-2004
Military Called to Duty (Marty Wazbinski) A1 3-May-2004
Military A Star in Service:Midland Native Wins Bronze Star A3 10-May-2004
Military 1460th Honored By Local Group A1 12-May-2004
Military Help Coming to Slain Soldier's Family (Richard Rosas) A1 28-May-2004
Military Graduation Surprise (Mark Kloha) A1 7-Jun-04
Military 1460th Soldier Talks About War A1 29-Jun-04
Military Former Soldiers in State Could Be Recalled A1 9-Jul-2004
Military Young People Still Eager to Join Military A1 11-Jul-2004
Military Excitement, Travel Still Pull in Recruits A1 11-Jul-2004
Military Saginaw Soldier Dies in Iraq Crash A1 26-Aug-2004
Military Granholm Orders Flag Lowered in Honor of Davis A1 31-Aug-2004
Military Labors Days: 1460th Soldier Returns to His Civilian Job A1 6-Sep-2004
Military 1460th Lauded for Call to Duty A1 12-Sep-2004
Military Peace Organization Gathering to Mourn 1000 Soldier A3 14-Sep-2004
Military Peaceful Group Protests War A3 17-Sep-2004
Military Michigan Guard Troops Called to Duty in Iraq A1 5-Oct-2004
Military I'm Terrified Every Day': Sanford Mother Depends on Faith D6 7-Oct-2004
Military Marines, Including Midlander, Stage Raids in Iraq D6 7-Oct-2004
Military Michigan National Guard Deployments Continue A1 8-Oct-2004
Military New 1460th Commander Wants 'To Do Something…" A1 12-Oct-2004
Military More State Guard Members Heading to Iraq A3 13-Oct-2004
Military Sanford Man Aboard the Aircraft Carrier USS G Washington A2 20-Oct-2004
Military Freedom Salute Campaign Honors 1460th A1 8-Nov-2004
Military More Than 100 Troops Leave from Muskegon A3 8-Nov-2004
Military Hemlock Man Dies in Iraq (Justin Reppuhn) A1 12-Nov-2004
Military Fallen Hero: Marine Remembered with Pride (Reppuhn) A1 13-Nov-2004
Military Area Marine Killed in Iraq (Justin M. Ellsworth) A1 15-Nov-2004
Military Marine from Mount Pleasant Who Died "Was Not Afraid.." A1 16-Nov-2004
Military Paying the Price (Michael Driver) A1 16-Nov-2004
Military Flags at Half Staff to Honor Fallen Marines, Soldier A1 17-Nov-2004
Military Beaverton Soldier Remembered for Patriotism (Lucas Mason) A1 20-Nov-2004
Military Friends, Family Pay Respects to Fallen Marine A3 21-Nov-2004
Military Community Grieves with Family of Fallen Marine (Reppuhn) A1 22-Nov-2004
Military 1460th Soldiers Say Equipment was a Concern A1 11-Dec-2004
Military Hunting Trip is a Thank-You Gift to Soldiers C1 12-Dec-2004
Military Midlander Back After Activation (Rob Gallagher) A1 18-Dec-2004
Military War Hits Home for Sanford Grandmother (Benson) A1 18-Dec-2004
Military A Civilian Once More (Steve Kissinger) A1 21-Dec-2004
Military Freeland Soldier Isn't Home for the Holidays (Averill) A1 25-Dec-2004
Military 1460th Soldier Happy to be Home for Christmas (Gage) A1 26-Dec-2004
Mt Haley Township Recall Petitions Filed A1 16-Feb-2004
Mt Haley Township Mount Haley Recall Election Set for May 4 A3 28-Mar-2004
Mt Haley Township Mt Haley Officials Tell Their Story A1 30-Apr-2004
Mt Haley Township Mt Haley Recall Election Tuesday A1 3-May-2004
Mt Haley Township Voters Cast Ballots in Recall Today A1 4-May-2004
Mt Haley Township Voters: No to Recall A1 5-May-2004
Music &  Musicians John Kruse's CD a 'Fly Away' at Alma College D1 29-Jan-2004
Music & Musicians Midland Homecoming: Kuhlman Brothers Return D3 22-Jan-2004
Music & Musicians Community Orchestra Concert to Feature Clarinet Soloist D1 12-Feb-2004
Music & Musicians Musicians Hope to Hit Big Time Insert 15-Feb-2004
Music & Musicians Live Music becoming More Popular in Area Insert 22-Feb-2004
Music & Musicians Lady M and Mr. 6 Strings: Englishman Finds Revived.. D1 18-Mar-2004
Music & Musicians Review Magazine to Honor Area Musicians D1 22-Apr-2004
Music & Musicians Everett Wagner Featured Soloists: Community Orchestra D2 29-Apr-2004
Music & Musicians Instrument Swap: Northest Students Looking for Instruments A3 10-Jun-04
Music & Musicians Shields Music Fest Marks Renewal for Midlander D1 10-Jun-04
Music & Musicians No Bull: Cowboy Band Good for Music, Laughs A3 16-Jun-04
Music & Musicians FFH, NewSong in Concert at Fairgrounds D1 1-Jul-2004
Music & Musicians Summer Music Festivals: They're Out There D1 15-Jul-2004
Music & Musicians Gladwin Teen First in Line for American Idol Auditions A3 4-Aug-2004
Music & Musicians Throwing Down: The Sound B1 5-Aug-2004
Music & Musicians Sound Scape: Coleman Man Using Sound Studio A3 12-Aug-2004
Music & Musicians Colieda: Good Friends, Good Music A3 12-Aug-2004
Music & Musicians Local Talent Featured Friday in Midland Music Showcase B1 12-Aug-2004
Music & Musicians Traditional Country Showcase in Freeland A7 16-Aug-2004
Music & Musicians Band Member: We're Ambassadors for Scottish Music B1 16-Sep-2004
Music & Musicians Tannahill Weavers Return B1 16-Sep-2004
Music & Musicians Faith Works: Big Name Christian Acts Come to Midland B1 30-Sep-2004
Music & Musicians Chapman, Tomlin, Casting Crowns in Saginaw B1 30-Sep-2004
Music & Musicians Verve Pipe in Concert Nov. 5 in Saginaw B1 7-Oct-2004
Music & Musicians Siger Chris Rice Anything But Silly About His Message B2 7-Oct-2004
Music & Musicians Pianist Lang Lang's Playfulness Charms Audience A5 2-Nov-2004
Music & Musicians Empty Pockets Releases 2nd CD D1 4-Nov-2004
Music & Musicians Community Orchestra Opens Season Nov 21 D1 11-Nov-2004
Music & Musicians Jazz on Grove Street Returns D1 11-Nov-2004
Music & Musicians Enszer to Solo at Orchestra Concert D2 18-Nov-2004
Music & Musicians Von Walds Named 2004 Musicians of the Year A3 5-Dec-2004
Music & Musicians BeBe Wiinans to Perform Jan 16 A1 8-Dec-2004
Nature Emerald Borer Epidemic Could Be Bigger Than Dutch Elm A1 13-Sep-2004
Nature Sick Sycamores: Diseased Trees Removed by the City A1 15-Sep-2004
Nature Ash Tree Decline Not a Reason to Panic A3 16-Sep-2004
Nature Midlanders Won't Need Pesticides for Ash Borer A3 22-Oct-2004
Nature Ash Borer Found in County Township A1 24-Nov-2004
Nature Surprise from China in Saginaw Twp (Asian Beetles) A3 28-Nov-2004
Nature Ash Borer Crews in County Wednesday A1 30-Nov-2004
Nature Ash Borer Work Delayed Until Today A1 2-Dec-2004
Nature Ash Borer Infestation Heavy A3 3-Dec-2004
Nature Ash Borer Funding Renewal Needed A3 12-Dec-2004
North Midland Family Center NMFC Grows and Grows A3 18-Oct-2004
Northwood University Travelling the World: Northwood VP Goes to Great Lengths A3 14-Jan-2004
Northwood University Ordover Photo Exhibit at Northwood A6 19-Jan-2004
Northwood University Black History Program Planned D4 29-Jan-2004
Northwood University Black History Program Saturday A7 12-Feb-2004
Northwood University Northwood Students Awarded Scholarships B4 21-Mar-2004
Northwood University Northwood Students Study Economic Systems Abroad A6 29-Mar-2004
Northwood University Williams Resigns as NU Volleyball Coach B1 13-Apr-2004
Northwood University Northwood's Firenze Named to Who's Who… D6 15-Apr-2004
Northwood University Students Apply Class Lessons to Dow Corning Tennis B5 18-Apr-2004
Northwood University Northwood Students Prepare for Annual Fashion Show A3 21-Apr-2004
Northwood University Fashion Kaleidoscope (Northwood Fashion Show) A3 23-Apr-2004
Northwood University NU Tennis Hosting Two Rounds of NCAA Tourney B1 6-May-2004
Northwood University Northwood Announces Creativity Fellow D1 6-May-2004
Northwood University Little Man on Campus (Noah Olenchek) A1 17-May-2004
Northwood University ABC Psychologist Brings Message to Northwood A3 2-Jun-04
Northwood University TV, Radio Personality Urges…(Sonya Friedman) B1 4-Jun-04
Northwood University Speakers Set for Northwood's Annual Freedom Seminar A3 11-Jun-04
Northwood University Northwood Appoints Three to New Posts A1 17-Jun-04
Northwood University Northwood Awards Scholarships to Local Students D2 20-Jun-04
Northwood University Alden B. Dow Fellows Get Creative in Northwood Program A3 5-Jul-2004
Northwood University Northwood Holds Line on Tuition A1 26-Jul-2004
Northwood University Northwood Expands International Department A3 12-Aug-2004
Northwood University Northwood to Teach Ethics to Auto Students A1 21-Aug-2004
Northwood University Northwood Univ Helps New Students Call Midland Home A1 23-Sep-2004
Northwood University Auto Show Keeps Growing C6 7-Oct-2004
Northwood University Auto Panelists Bring Years of Experience to Show C7 7-Oct-2004
Northwood University Students Organize Northwood's Annual Show C8 7-Oct-2004
Northwood University Shop Talk: Northwood Opens 41st Annual Auto Show A3 9-Oct-2004
Northwood University Panel to Discuss College Alcohol Abuse A3 17-Oct-2004
Northwood University Students Discuss College Drinking A3 19-Oct-2004
Northwood University Contemporary Pianist to Perform Oct 28 at Northwood B1 21-Oct-2004
Northwood University Give 'em a Rake: Northwood Students Rake Yards A3 4-Nov-2004
Northwood University Northwood Gears for Annual Cookie House Competition A2 12-Nov-2004
Northwood University International Athletes Breaking (Language) Barriers B1 6-Dec-2004
Northwood University Foreign Flavor: International Students Welcomed at NU A1 11-Dec-2004
Northwood University Northwood Automotive Supply Program Graduates First.. A3 24-Dec-2004
Northwood University Northwood Offers Classes in Sri Lanka A1 27-Dec-2004
Obituaries Bishop Untenor Dies After Short Battle with Cancer A3 28-Mar-2004
Obituaries Untener Services Thursday A1 29-Mar-2004
Obituaries Local Parishes Plan Activities for Untener A1 30-Mar-2004
Obituaries Untener Remembers: Midlanders Gather To Grieve.. A1 31-Mar-2004
Obituaries Funeral Will Be Broadcast, Bushes to Church Available A1 31-Mar-2004
Obituaries Mourners Gather Today to Lay Bishop Untener to Rest A1 1-Apr-2004
Obituaries Man of Faith (Untener) A1 2-Apr-2004
Obituaries Striking Images, Statements at Funeral (Untener) A8 2-Apr-2004
Obituaries He Meant So Much to the Community' (Untener) A8 2-Apr-2004
Obituaries Township Supervisor Wendt Dies (Theodore Wendt) A1 3-Apr-2004
Obituaries Freeland Woman Was a Doer (Beverly Craig) A3 14-Apr-2004
Obituaries Mourning in America: Reagan Dies at 93 A1 6-Jun-04
Obituaries Locals React to Reagan's Death A1 6-Jun-04
Obituaries Tributes Crossing Party Lines (Reagan) A1 7-Jun-04
Obituaries Lenders Won't Stop Working for Reagan's Funeral A1 8-Jun-04
Obituaries Reagan, a Midland Girl, to Pay Her Respects in Washington A1 9-Jun-04
Obituaries Nation Bids Final Farewell to Reagan A1 11-Jun-04
Obituaries Rep. Camp Attends Ceremony (Reagan) A1 11-Jun-04
Obituaries A Nation Says Goodbye A1 12-Jun-04
Obituaries Midlander Among First in Rotunda A1 12-Jun-04
Obituaries Former Coleman School Board President Dies (Loose) A3 5-Oct-2004
Obituaries Superman Star & Research Advocate Reeve Dies:Midland.. A1 11-Oct-2004
Obituaries Family Has Special Memories of Hickey A6 27-Oct-2004
Obituaries Hickey's Funeral Requests A6 27-Oct-2004
Obituaries Cardinal Stayed Linked to Hometown & Parish A6 27-Oct-2004
Obituaries-Midland Well-Known Store Greeter Remembered (Cora Isenhart) A1 21-Feb-2004
Obituaries-Midland Antique Festival Promoter Dies (Hugh Smith) A1 5-Mar-2004
Obituaries-Midland Always a Smile' (Keith Abbe) A1 10-Mar-2004
Obituaries-Midland Hundreds Gather to Celebrate, Mourn Keith Abbe A1 16-Mar-2004
Obituaries-Midland Hoffman, Former MMI Director, CEO Dead at 81 A3 17-Mar-2004
Obituaries-Midland Builder Lerner Remembered as a Mentor A3 18-Mar-2004
Obituaries-Midland Former Midland Fire Chief, 79 Dies (Robert Fisher) A1 11-May-2004
Obituaries-Midland Midland Fire Chief Laid to Rest (Fisher) A1 16-May-2004
Obituaries-Midland Casey Recalled as Gracious Woman of Peace A1 27-Jul-2004
Obituaries-Midland Hotchkiss, OmniTech Founder and MMI VP Dies A3 29-Jul-2004
Obituaries-Midland Former Daily News Women's Editor Dies Wednesday A3 13-Aug-2004
Obituaries-Midland He Was a Special Gift (Max Frederickson) A1 31-Aug-2004
Obituaries-Midland Bernard Bailey Dies at 84 A3 9-Sep-2004
Obituaries-Midland People Remember Former County Magistrate (Ed Rinn) A3 11-Sep-2004
Obituaries-Midland Retired DC Executive Dies at 89 A3 29-Sep-2004
Obituaries-Midland House Library at Eagle Village Dedicated A3 21-Oct-2004
Obituaries-Midland Fallen Son: Cardinal Hickey Fondly Remembered A1 25-Oct-2004
Obituaries-Midland About 2000 Bid Farewell to Midland-Native Cardinal (Hickey) A1 31-Oct-2004
Obituaries-Midland School Mourns Loss of Classmate (Brent Romain) A1 22-Nov-2004
Obituaries-Midland Community Mourns Loss of Brooks A1 6-Dec-2004
Obituaries-Midland Judge Van Dam Dies A1 13-Dec-2004
Obituaries-Midland Van Dam Missed by Midlanders A1 14-Dec-2004
Obituaries-Midland Van Dam Remembered A1 16-Dec-2004
Peanut Gallery Rap Rap Rapunzel Opens Today D1 10-Jun-04
Peanut Gallery Peanut Gallery Announces Scholarship Winners D1 17-Jun-04
Peanut Gallery Hercules' Gets an Update B4 14-Oct-2004
Politics Speech Gets Local Praise, Criticism (State of the Union) A1 21-Jan-2004
Politics Some of Your Neighbors' Political Gifts Are Revealed A3 18-Apr-2004
Politics Camp in Position to Gain Panel Chair? A1 7-May-2004
Politics From Parking Lot Attendant to GOP Chair (Ed Gillespie) A3 21-May-2004
Politics Midland's Camp Subs for Stranded GOP Chairman A1 24-May-2004
Politics Vice President to Visit Saginaw A3 24-Jun-04
Politics Cheney Visit Rapped A1 25-Jun-04
Politics Pro-Growth, Pro-Jobs: Cheney Brings Upbeat Message A3 26-Jun-04
Politics Camp Could Be Facing His Biggest Challenge This Year A3 26-Jun-04
Politics Learning Leadership: Seminar Introduces Local Teens to Pol F1 27-Jun-04
Politics Midlander Moved by Visit to Douglass Residence A1 26-Jul-2004
Politics Shock Values: Gruesome Pro-Life Signs Greet Motorists A1 7-Aug-2004
Politics Marriage Amendment Fails: Activists Protest at Camp's Office A1 1-Oct-2004
Politics Rock for Democracy' Inspires Youth A1 17-Oct-2004
Politics Camp Again on Steering Committee A3 18-Nov-2004
Politics Camp: Remove Leader if Indicted on Legitimate Charge A3 19-Nov-2004
Politics County Parties Will Soon Have New Leaders A3 30-Nov-2004
Politics GP Taking Sides n Chairmanship Race A3 2-Dec-2004
Politics County Dems' New Leader: Keep Spirit, Move Meetings A3 5-Dec-2004
Politics Rocky' Throws in Towel, Backs Newcomer to Race (Trott) A2 15-Dec-2004
Politics O'Neil Plans to Stay Involved After Leaving Office A3 16-Dec-2004
Politics Bristol Picked to Lead County Republicans A2 19-Dec-2004
Politics Stamas Plans Snowy Trip A1 20-Dec-2004
Politics Republicans Rallying to Candidate for State Party Chair A3 20-Dec-2004
Prisons & Prisoners-Midland Jail Passes Inspection: County to Approach Dow A2 7-Jan-2004
Prisons & Prisoners-Midland Dow Says No to Jail Proposal A2 15-Jan-2004
Prisons & Prisoners-Midland Jail Debate Still Dominates County Meetings A3 22-Jan-2004
Prisons & Prisoners-Midland County Jail Inmate Dies A1 9-Feb-2004
Prisons & Prisoners-Midland Vote of No Opposition to Jail Plan Might Not Stop Project A1 11-Feb-2004
Prisons & Prisoners-Midland Law, Courts Complex in County Future? A1 12-Feb-2004
Prisons & Prisoners-Midland No Vote A1 18-Feb-2004
Prisons & Prisoners-Midland Jail to Dominate Board Meeting A3 29-Feb-2004
Prisons & Prisoners-Midland Starting Over: Jail Site Selection Process Begins Again A1 3-Mar-2004
Prisons & Prisoners-Midland County to Seek Input on Jail Site, But Also Closed Sess A2 3-Mar-2004
Prisons & Prisoners-Midland Questions Raised About Jail Meeting A1 17-Mar-2004
Prisons & Prisoners-Midland County Jail Process Starting Over A1 7-Apr-2004
Prisons & Prisoners-Midland JCC Has Shortfall as Bed Rentals Decline A1 14-Apr-2004
Prisons & Prisoners-Midland JCC Rental Problems Prompt Concerns A1 21-Apr-2004
Prisons & Prisoners-Midland Officials Explain JCC Operations A1 28-Apr-2004
Prisons & Prisoners-Midland First Jail Hearing Draws Comments A1 30-Apr-2004
Prisons & Prisoners-Midland Jail's Future Now in Limbo A1 5-May-2004
Prisons & Prisoners-Midland County Overspends on Jail Project A1 13-May-2004
Prisons & Prisoners-Midland Zoning Complicates Downtown Jail Effort A3 18-May-2004
Prisons & Prisoners-Midland Jail Repairs Could Exceed $25,000 A1 22-Jun-04
Prisons & Prisoners-Midland Jail Talk Starting Again A1 8-Sep-2004
Prisons & Prisoners-Midland County Jail: Where Do We Go From Here A1 15-Sep-2004
Prisons & Prisoners-Midland Inmate Crowding Plagues County A1 13-Oct-2004
Prisons & Prisoners-Midland International Model Could Help Midland County Corrections A3 14-Oct-2004
Prisons & Prisoners-Midland Court Running Efficiently, Official Says A1 15-Oct-2004
Prisons & Prisonsers-Midland Packed Jail Costing County A1 15-Dec-2004
Real Estate Pukl is Realtor of the Year E2 2-May-2004
Real Estate Subdivision Could Change Township's Character (Hope) A3 4-Sep-2004
Real Estate Auburn Pushes for Building New Subdivision A3 8-Sep-2004
Real Estate Rapanos Backs Off on Plan to Develop Condos on Saginaw A1 15-Sep-2004
Real Estate Home Ownership Not an Impossible Dream A1 7-Dec-2004
Recreation Midlander Completes in Game Show Network Blackjack A1 25-Jan-2004
Recreation Couple Enjoys Quiet of Outdoor Walks (Parsons) Insert 15-Feb-2004
Recreation Things Youths Can Do to Develop Minds and Bodies Insert 15-Feb-2004
Recreation Midlanders Offer Tips on Ways to Improve Walking Experience Insert 15-Feb-2004
Recreation Youth: What is There to Do in the Area? Plenty Insert 15-Feb-2004
Recreation Great Midland Escapes Insert 15-Feb-2004
Recreation From Snowshoeing to Hockey, We Do It All Insert 15-Feb-2004
Recreation Proposed Trail Would Travel From Tridge to Nature Center A1 8-Mar-2004
Recreation Blackjack! Midlander Competes on National TV (Guzior) A1 12-Mar-2004
Recreation Cards on Table: Midlander Wins First Round $10,000 A1 16-Mar-2004
Recreation Train Excursion Planned from Midland to Durand A1 12-Apr-2004
Recreation $100,000 Night? (Regina Guzior-Blackjack Tournament) A1 26-Apr-2004
Recreation Iditarod Man Shares His Story A3 26-Apr-2004
Recreation Guzior Finishes Fifth A1 27-Apr-2004
Religion A Hymn and a Prayer: Tiny Church Presses on A1 5-Jan-2004
Religion Ruth Graham to Speak at Christian Celebration Center A3 8-Jan-2004
Religion Billy Graham's Daughter (Christian Celebration Center) A3 12-Jan-2004
Religion Auburn Pastor to Serve as Temporary Administrator A1 31-Mar-2004
Religion Searching for God: Sanford Man's Journey Leads to Judaism A6 26-May-2004
Religion Sunday Becomes Just Another Day as American Culture.. A1 18-Jul-2004
Religion Students Gather for Christian Meetings A10 9-Oct-2004
Religion New Faith: Young Muslim Begins First Observance.. A1 18-Oct-2004
Religion Peer Perception: Yuth Learns That 'People are Just People" A3 25-Oct-2004
Religion One Boy's Experience: Life as Muslims in Christian Household A3 1-Nov-2004
Religion A Month of Changes A1 8-Nov-2004
Religion St Brigid Bids Farewell to a Beloved Figure (Hickey) A10 13-Nov-2004
Religion Muslims Go to Prayer Service A1 15-Nov-2004
Religion Community Feast A3 22-Nov-2004
Religion Diocese Waits for Successor to Bishop Untener A3 6-Dec-2004
Religion Saginaw Diocese Has New Bishop A1 29-Dec-2004
Religion New Saginaw Diocese Bishop Described as Charismatic A3 30-Dec-2004
Religion Area Catholics Hopeful, Wary About Carlson A1 31-Dec-2004
Roads Road Projects Are Set A3 3-May-2004
Roads Circular Movement: Merchants Get First Look at Traffic Plan A3 13-May-2004
Roads Detour Concerns Worry Businesses (Eastman Rd) A1 15-Jun-04
Roads Hope Twp Roads Could Get Makeover A3 15-Jun-04
Roads Residents Driven to Keep Gravel Street (Nurmi Drive) A1 19-Jun-04
Roads Medallions Give Face Lift to Overpass A3 26-Aug-2004
Roads Two-Way Change (Ashman and Rodd) A1 28-Aug-2004
Roads Sanford Slowdown: Work on Seven Mile Rd Bridge A3 31-Aug-2004
Roads Bridge on 7 Mile in Sanford Reopens A3 10-Sep-2004
Roads Meridian Road Detour Can Prove Tricky A1 14-Sep-2004
Roads Highway Dedicated in Name of Fallen Deputy A3 9-Oct-2004
Roads-Midland Nurmi Drive Among Possible City Projects A3 20-Jan-2004
Roads-Midland Four High-Traffic Areas in Construction Plans A3 21-Jan-2004
Saginaw Chippewa Tribe Tribe's Ties to Lobbyists Investigated A3 27-Feb-2004
Saginaw Valley State Univ Renowned Minister to Spak at SVSU for MLK Celebration A3 6-Jan-2004
Saginaw Valley State Univ Buschlen of SVSU Honored A8 6-Feb-2004
Saginaw Valley State Univ SVSU Uses CardinalDirect to Register Students Insert 15-Feb-2004
Saginaw Valley State Univ Conference at SVSU Aimed at Attracting Minority Teachers A5 22-Mar-2004
Saginaw Valley State Univ Wife, Mother, Track Star (Mandie Gallier) B1 25-Mar-2004
Saginaw Valley State Univ SVSU Literary Journal Publishes Second Issue D1 1-Apr-2004
Saginaw Valley State Univ SVSU Names Matthews New Men's Backstball Coach B1 13-Apr-2004
Saginaw Valley State Univ SVSU Students Honored for Service A3 17-Apr-2004
Saginaw Valley State Univ Hundreds Attend Same-Sex Marriage Discussion at SVSU B5 21-Apr-2004
Saginaw Valley State Univ Lt. Gov. to Address SVSu Graduates (Cherry) A3 27-Apr-2004
Saginaw Valley State Univ SVSu Board Approves Building Projects B5 2-May-2004
Saginaw Valley State Univ Keinath Honored by University A6 16-May-2004
Saginaw Valley State Univ Motors Running (Cardinal Formula Racing Team) A3 19-May-2004
Saginaw Valley State Univ Starting Line: SVSU Follows Up Silverdome Race.. A3 25-May-2004
Saginaw Valley State Univ Not All SVSU Students Convinced by Plan to Change Look A3 23-Jun-04
Saginaw Valley State Univ Cultural Immersion:Fellowship Program Gives SVSU… A3 2-Jul-2004
Saginaw Valley State Univ SVSU Eyes Tuition Hike or Refund A1 14-Jul-2004
Saginaw Valley State Univ SVSU to Host Professional Writers Workshop Next Week D1 15-Jul-2004
Saginaw Valley State Univ SVSU's 5.2 Percent Tuition Hike Tops List A1 13-Aug-2004
Saginaw Valley State Univ Leading Accountant to Address SVSU Grads A3 14-Aug-2004
Saginaw Valley State Univ SVSU Students Help Delphi with Project A3 17-Aug-2004
Saginaw Valley State Univ SVSU Builds More Student Housing for Rising Residents A3 24-Aug-2004
Saginaw Valley State Univ SVSU Spruces Up A3 2-Sep-2004
Saginaw Valley State Univ SVSU Race Car Team Draws Praise A3 5-Sep-2004
Saginaw Valley State Univ SVSU, MSU, GVSU Get Tighter Tuition Cap A1 9-Sep-2004
Saginaw Valley State Univ Panelists Largely Oppose Proposition 2 A1 29-Sep-2004
Saginaw Valley State Univ Dow Lecture Series at SVSu Begins Tuesday A2 2-Oct-2004
Saginaw Valley State Univ TV Newsman Sees Shallow Reporting, Possible Repeat.. A3 6-Oct-2004
Saginaw Valley State Univ Checks in the Mail for SVSU Students A1 12-Oct-2004
Saginaw Valley State Univ Novelist Sees Identity as Fluid (Cristina Garcia) A3 26-Oct-2004
Saginaw Valley State Univ Links to Lottery Could Defeat State Gambling Proposal A3 28-Oct-2004
Saginaw Valley State Univ Maya Angelou to Boost Diversity Awareness at SVSU A3 29-Oct-2004
Saginaw Valley State Univ Controversial Hoops Coach to Teach Life Lessons at SVSU A3 31-Oct-2004
Saginaw Valley State Univ Ken Follett Archives Will Be Dedicated at SVSU A1 6-Nov-2004
Saginaw Valley State Univ SVSU Staffer Represents State in Initiative to Improve.. A3 8-Nov-2004
Saginaw Valley State Univ Angelou: We are More Alike Than Unalike D1 18-Nov-2004
Saginaw Valley State Univ Fall Issue of Cardinalis Available F6 21-Nov-2004
Saginaw Valley State Univ Thriller Author Follett at SVSU Today A3 7-Dec-2004
Saginaw Valley State Univ SVSU Holiday Concert to Feature Midlanders as Soloists A3 8-Dec-2004
Saginaw Valley State Univ SVSU Board Sets Housing Rates for '06 A3 18-Dec-2004
Saginaw Valley State Univ Improvements Made to SVSU Literary Publication A11 18-Dec-2004
Saginaw Valley State Univ SVSU Board Extends Gilbertson's Contract A3 21-Dec-2004
Sanford Sanford Planning Board Recommends Rezoning A3 5-Nov-2004
Sanford Sanford Resident Seeks Annexation, Asks Board to Resign A1 9-Nov-2004
Sanford A New President Takes Over in Sanford A1 15-Dec-2004
Sanford Lake Village Appealing Lake Board's Weed Assessment A3 24-Sep-2004
Sanford Lake Lakefront Residents Asked to Ease Use of Fertilizer A1 25-Sep-2004
Schools Calvary Baptist's Top Students Named A2 23-Mar-2004
Schools After School Care Program Begins at St Brigid B6 25-Mar-2004
Schools Midland Christian School Announces Top Students A2 13-Apr-2004
Schools Prom Night: Academy Celebrates Several Firsts A1 26-Apr-2004
Schools Hemlock High Announces Valedictorian, Saluatorian A2 28-Apr-2004
Schools Midland Academy Announces Valedictorian,Saluatorian A2 14-May-2004
Schools Schools Need Parents' Help with Alcohol Education A3 14-May-2004
Schools High School Graduations Taking Place A3 21-May-2004
Schools Beauty & Sisterhood (Cosmetology University) A6 22-May-2004
Schools Careers Horizons (MiTech) Insert 22-May-2004
Schools St Brigid Tops the MEAPs and Enrollment Grows A10 26-May-2004
Schools Summer Starts Early for Students at St Johns A3 4-Jun-04
Schools School Districts Focused on Budget Proposals A3 28-Jun-04
Schools Making an Impact: Summer Session Acquaints Students A3 30-Jun-04
Schools Students Were Principals for a Day A8 1-Jul-2004
Schools ETC Students Paint Mural D6 1-Jul-2004
Schools Davenport Executive Receives State Award D6 1-Jul-2004
Schools Regional School Tax Increase is Up to Midland A3 9-Jul-2004
Schools Back to School Inside… Insert 5-Aug-2004
Schools State's Public Schools Make Progress A1 7-Aug-2004
Schools Center Focused on Outside Factors of Student Success A1 8-Aug-2004
Schools Kindergarten Prep A1 25-Aug-2004
Schools Limo Ride: Carpenter Students Arrive at School in Sytle A1 26-Aug-2004
Schools School Districts Facing Election Decision A1 1-Sep-2004
Schools Marching Band Showcase 2004 Insert 2-Oct-2004
Schools Erractic Enrollment a Concern A3 6-Oct-2004
Schools Lancer Country: BC Band to Perform in Disney World A12 9-Oct-2004
Schools Early Independence: School Lets Toddlers Set the Pace A1 13-Oct-2004
Schools Learning the Montessori Way A1 13-Oct-2004
Schools Midland County Schools Make Progress on Report Cards A1 5-Nov-2004
Schools Area Students to View Videotape on the U.S. Congress B3 5-Nov-2004
Schools Something Special (First United Methodist Preschool) A3 13-Dec-2004
Senior Citizens Happy Director, Happy Diners (30th Anniversary) C1 29-Feb-2004
Senior Citizens Seniro Meal Program Started with Small Group C1 14-Mar-2004
Senior Citizens Grandma Was a Happy Diner C1 14-Mar-2004
Senior Citizens Season's Work: Spirituality Program Brings Ministers A3 12-May-2004
Senior Citizens Ring of Friends: Michigan Bell Retirees Still Gather A3 17-Aug-2004
Senior Citizens Senior Services Safety Conference Planned A2 31-Aug-2004
Senior Citizens Seniors More Likely to Be Fraud Victims, Expert Says A3 11-Sep-2004
Senior Citizens What's THIS For? Seniors Swap Stories of Old Stuff A3 25-Sep-2004
Senior Citizens Senior Expo, Wednesday Oct 6, 2004 Insert 3-Oct-2004
Senior Citizens Finding Answers: New Program Provides Forum for Seniors A8 7-Dec-2004
Sewage & Sanitation Rain, Rain Go Away: Sewer Project Approved in 1996… A3 19-Aug-2004
Shelterhouse Domestic Violence Numbers Up in Area A1 8-Jan-2004
Shelterhouse Director Departing (Bernadine Lasher) A3 27-Apr-2004
Shelterhouse Bay City's Jen Cass to Perform Benefit Concert D1 29-Apr-2004
Shelterhouse Silver Screen Inspires Annual Shelterhouse Fundraiser A3 2-May-2004
Shelterhouse Shelterhouse's Lash Says Good-Bye A1 25-May-2004
Shelterhouse Shelterhouse's New Director on the Job A3 27-Aug-2004
Shelterhouse Safe Haven: Shelterhouse Provides Safety and Education A3 27-Sep-2004
Shelterhouse Survivor Art' on Display: Shelterhouse Planning Workshop F7 17-Oct-2004
Shelterhouse Shelterhouse Elects New Board Members D4 16-Dec-2004
Shelterhouse Stocking Contest Winner Gives Gifts to Shelterhouse A1 22-Dec-2004
Soccer Soccer  Club Begins Raising Money for Expansion A3 7-Apr-2004
Soccer Midland Tournament Attracts 140 Soccer Teams B1 5-May-2004
Soccer Soccer Club Ready to Begin Work on New Fields A1 25-Aug-2004
Soccer Midland Soccer Club Hearing Held A1 23-Sep-2004
Soccer Ex-Midlander Officates in U.S. National Game D3 21-Oct-2004
Softball USA! USA! Olympic Softball Team Plays Here Sunday D1 2-Jul-2004
Softball A Great Opportunity: Lady Explorers to Take on Olympians D1 2-Jul-2004
Softball A Grand Slam: 5185 Spectoators Watch Olympic Team B1 5-Jul-2004
Speedskating Midland Speed Skaters Headed to Jr Championships E7 5-Dec-2004
Sports Home on the Ice (Midland Cty Sport Fishing Assn) A10 13-Jan-2004
Sports California Dreamin: A Trip to the Rose Bowl, Parade C6 18-Jan-2004
Sports Marathon Man: Midland Man Nears Goal of 5 Marathons A1 3-Apr-2004
Sports Diamond Dominance:Freeland's Delaney Heads List of 14 B1 29-Jun-04
Sports A Day of Rest? (playing sports on Sundays) D1 4-Jul-2004
Sports Meet the Champ: Local Baseballs Players Meet Ali D1 8-Jul-2004
Sports Ironman: Midland Native, Wife Complete Grueling Event B1 13-Jul-2004
Sports New Gym to Fill Need for Volleyball, Basketball A1 12-Aug-2004
Sports Lawnmower Racing a Passion A3 13-Aug-2004
Sports Altimore Entering Third Hall of Fame D1 21-Aug-2004
Sports-Midland A Year to Remember: Northeast Little League Leads Top 10 A5 1-Jan-2004
Sports-Midland Midland Hall Grows Again (Batch, Bojcun, Carter & Juday) B1 25-Oct-2004
Sports-Speedskating Midland Sending 11 Skaters to Nationals B1 26-Feb-2004
Students Dow Student Achieves 36 on ACT Test (Nicholas Ahn) B5 27-Apr-2004
Students Pair of Aces: Friends Both Score Perfect 36 on ACT A3 31-May-2004
Students The Write Stuff: Student Writing Winning Essays.. A3 3-Jun-04
Students Presentation Cited as Reason for Disinterest in News A3 3-Jun-04
Students DHS Graduate Earns Hope College Merit Scholarship A3 14-Jul-2004
Students Inventive Minds: Summer Campers Get to Show What They.. A3 17-Jul-2004
Students Appeals Court Says Prep Schedules Unfair to Girls A1 28-Jul-2004
Students Making Words Count A1 30-Jul-2004
Students Good Read: Summer Literacy Program Tailored for Students A3 31-Jul-2004
Students Bridging the Gap: Extended School Year Program Helps.. A1 2-Aug-2004
Students Seven Students Semifinalists in National Merit Competition A3 26-Sep-2004
Students Sound of Silence: Dow Student Selected (Celine Saucier) A3 30-Sep-2004
Students Student Involvement Key in Reducing Cheating on Campuses A3 12-Nov-2004
Students Floyd Class Serves Dinner A3 24-Nov-2004
Teachers & Teaching Last Day (Barb Sheill-Parkdale Elementary) A3 12-Jun-04
Teachers & Teaching Touching Lives (Bill Grebe-Bullock Creek High School) A3 13-Jun-04
Teachers & Teaching Lessons from the Islands A1 3-Aug-2004
Teachers & Teaching Teaching Experience in Ghana More Than Imagined A1 16-Aug-2004
Teachers & Teaching Rah, Rau! (Betsy Rau, Wal-Mart Teacher of the Year) A1 11-Sep-2004
Teachers & Teaching Dow, Midland Equally Represented Among New Teachers A3 12-Oct-2004
Teachers & Teaching Academy Teacher Named State's Best (Bonnie Brock) A3 10-Nov-2004
Television Midlander, FCC Commissioner Discuss Hotel TV Incident B1 19-Mar-2004
Tennis California Kid Coming to Corning Classic (Angela Haynes) D1 30-Jan-2004
Tennis Valet Parking Among Many Changes at Dow Corning Tourn.. A1 6-Feb-2004
Tennis Dow Corning Remaining a $75,000 Event for Now B1 9-Feb-2004
Tennis Sharapova's Win Shines Spotlight on Corning Classic A1 5-Jul-2004
Track & Field Bound for Boston: These Local Runners to Compete D3 18-Apr-2004
Track & Field Track and Field Day in Midland B1 24-Apr-2004
Track & Field After Nearly 20 Years, MDN Sportswriter Gets Back.. D1 9-May-2004
Track & Field Midland Native Competing at Olympic Long Jump Trials B1 24-May-2004
Track & Field Lofty Goals: National Olympic Trials for Midland's Gallier D1 28-May-2004
Track & Field Family Runs Crim Together D7 5-Sep-2004
Track & Field Inspirational Journey: Local Ma Overcomes Brain Tumor E1 17-Oct-2004
Transportation Going Places? Agency Asks About Interest in Tri-County.. A1 19-Jan-2004
Transportation Bikers Continue Repeal Push: ABATE Members Rally A3 23-May-2004
Transportation Gas Prices Jump Nearly 20 Cents A1 3-Jun-04
Transportation New Rules for Bus Drivers: State Requires Additional Lic.. A3 27-Oct-2004
Veterans Two WWII Veterans in Washington for Ceremony A1 28-May-2004
Veterans County Has Long Honored Veterans, Those Who Fell A1 28-May-2004
Veterans Long Search: Auburn Vet Find's Pal's Grave After 50 Yrs A3 28-May-2004
Veterans State's WWII Vets Go to Washington A1 29-May-2004
Veterans Plane Truth: Ex-Paratroopers Recall D-Day Jump A1 31-May-2004
Veterans Midlander Survived Harrowing Crash Landing on B-25 A3 31-May-2004
Veterans It Was to Your Advantage to Enlist' (Frank Bush) A3 3-Jul-2004
Veterans Parades Too Emotional for Korea Veteran A3 4-Jul-2004
Veterans Midlanders, Iraq War Veteran, First Female in VFW A3 15-Aug-2004
Veterans Bob Baringer, Blimp Rigger A3 7-Nov-2004
Veterans A Vietnam Veteran, and a Daughter Who Understands A3 11-Nov-2004
Veterans Merchant Marine Veteran Had Several Close Calls A3 19-Dec-2004
Veterans Crossing Into Another Blue: Meridian Grad Leaves Air For.. A3 24-Dec-2004
Volleyball Down and Dirty: Volleyball Players Get Muddy A1 29-Aug-2004
Volleyball-Midland MDN Volleyball Dream Team an Experienced Group B1 31-Mar-2004
Volleyball-Midland Coach of Year Discher Leads Lancers to 35 Wins B1 31-Mar-2004
Volunteers Chuck McDonald 'Always There with a Smile' C5 4-Jan-2004
Volunteers These (989) Teens Take Pride in Keeping Clean C5 7-Mar-2004
Volunteers Zimmerman Shows True Commitment A1 18-Apr-2004
Volunteers Green Thumbs (Ben Franklin) A1 18-Apr-2004
Volunteers MidMichigan Health Salutes Its Volunteers B4 18-Apr-2004
Volunteers National Volunteer Week Insert Insert 18-Apr-2004
Volunteers Family Night, Sports Auction Help Raise Money for VAC A3 20-Apr-2004
Volunteers Helping at Center Part of Her Routine (Anna Wirsing) C5 2-May-2004
Volunteers Grassroots Effort: Central Students Among Many A3 5-May-2004
Volunteers Nelson a Friend to Pinecrest Farms (Lee Nelson) C5 9-May-2004
Volunteers Volunteers Honored at Community Cancer Services B7 12-May-2004
Volunteers Make-a-Wish Volunteer Helps Dreams…(Ashmore) C5 16-May-2004
Volunteers Mom Spends Plenty of Time in Classroom (Tammy Vajener) C5 23-May-2004
Volunteers Couple 'Not Just Old Fogies' to Students (Briggs) C5 30-May-2004
Volunteers Medical Center Volunteers Present Scholarships A5 11-Jun-04
Volunteers This Couple Friends to CPS (Gay and Rollin Graves) C5 20-Jun-04
Volunteers Couple's Dogs Can Make People's Day C5 27-Jun-04
Volunteers Volunteers a Big Help at Operation Fun C5 11-Jul-2004
Volunteers Cain Richly Rewarded by Participation in Jaycees C4 25-Jul-2004
Volunteers Woman's Heart in Right Place as She Leads 4-H Youth (Ivan) C5 1-Aug-2004
Volunteers Jack Bennett Hooked on Theater C5 8-Aug-2004
Volunteers Van Cises Look Forward to Annual Port Tradition C5 15-Aug-2004
Volunteers Project Kindness: Young People Wash Windows… C5 29-Aug-2004
Volunteers Volunteer Curtis at Home with Upcoming Homewalk C5 3-Oct-2004
Volunteers Volunteering Brings Joy to New Resident (Karen Petros) C5 17-Oct-2004
Volunteers Sunshine String Band Brings Cheer to Audiences C5 24-Oct-2004
Volunteers Junior Scouts Honor Founder with Gift for Baby Girl C5 7-Nov-2004
Volunteers Teen Wants to Lighten Others' Burdens (Tyler Lunsford) C5 14-Nov-2004
Volunteers Peariso Named Outstanding Volunteer B2 5-Dec-2004
Volunteers Midlanders Find Way to Get Quilts to South Africa C5 5-Dec-2004
Volunteers Midland High's New Club Keys in on Volunteer Work C5 12-Dec-2004
Volunteers Dow Key Club Members Eager to Get Involved C5 26-Dec-2004
Warren Township Repainting of Warren Chapel Approved A3 20-Jul-2004
Warren Township Warren Clerk Treasurer End Long Terms A3 16-Nov-2004
Warren Township Warren Board Stunned by Waste Management Quote A3 18-Nov-2004
Washington Woods Lessons About Aging: Wash Woods Manager Reflects A1 19-May-2004
Water Water District's Rates on Agenda A1 6-Jan-2004
Water Bids in for M-30 Water Line A3 13-Feb-2004
Water M-30 Water Work Begins A1 24-Jun-04
Water 1700 Landowners Affected by Carroll Creek Projects A1 27-Jul-2004
Water Drains Getting a Summer Cleaning A3 25-Aug-2004
Water Water System Failure a Concern A1 28-Sep-2004
Water Water on the Way in Townships A3 7-Oct-2004
Water Midland to Voice Objections to Lakes Proposal A1 12-Oct-2004
Water Protecting the Lakes B1 24-Oct-2004
Water Change Water Consumption Policy, Some Say B7 25-Oct-2004
Water Great Lakes Farmers Worry About Limits on Water Use B5 26-Oct-2004
Water M-30 Residents Tapping into Midland Water A2 28-Oct-2004
Water Bonding Sought for Water Junction Project A1 21-Dec-2004
Water-Midland County M-30 Water Per Unit Cost Set at $5900 A1 12-Mar-2004
Water-Midland County Townships Approve M-30 Water Project A1 16-Mar-2004
Weather Three Inches Fall on County A1 5-Jan-2004
Weather Hammered: 7-8 Inches Fall Locally A1 15-Jan-2004
Weather Storm Blankets Lower Michigan A1 15-Jan-2004
Weather Michigan Has Five of Six Winter Storm Deaths A1 16-Jan-2004
Weather Up to 21 Inches of Snow Forecast for Parts of Michigan A1 27-Jan-2004
Weather Storm Dumps 6-7 Inches on Midland County Area A2 28-Jan-2004
Weather Weather Taking Its Toll on Roadways A1 10-Feb-2004
Weather Rain, Melt Create a Mess A1 5-Mar-2004
Weather Windy Weather: Gusts Up to 49 mph Create Problems A1 20-Apr-2004
Weather Residents Enjoy First Day of Hot Weather A1 8-Jun-04
Weather Wet Spring Has Been Tough on Region's Farmers A1 8-Jun-04
Weather Summer Storm A1 14-Jun-04
Weather Outage Ties Up Northwest Flights A1 15-Jul-2004
Weather Couple in Midland When Hurricane Charley Hit A1 19-Aug-2004
Weather Three Tell Stories of Hurricanes, Heroism A1 11-Sep-2004
Weather These People Need a Lot of Prayers':Midlanders Helping.. A1 16-Sep-2004
Weather Windy Weather Causes Power Outages A1 31-Oct-2004
Weather 26,000 Blacked-Out Michigan Customers Still Off Line A1 1-Nov-2004
Weather Wham! Winter's Back A1 25-Nov-2004
Weather Thursday Quiet After Season's First Snowstorm A1 26-Nov-2004
Weather Power Out A1 1-Dec-2004
Weather A Slushy Mess A1 6-Dec-2004
Weather Looking Forward to a White Christmas A1 21-Dec-2004
Weather Holiday Travelers to Face Below-Zero Temps A1 24-Dec-2004
Weather-Midland Midland Escapes Storm Damage A1 3-Aug-2004
West Midland Family Center Helping Hand:WMFC Helped Family Through Tough Times A3 10-Feb-2004
West Midland Family Center West Midland Family Center Receives Grant A2 19-Sep-2004
West Midland Family Center West Midland to Offer At-Risk Teen Program B8 12-Dec-2004
Whiting Forest Whiting Forest Center Opens Sept 23 A3 15-Sep-2004
Wildlife For the Birds: Cardinals Most Seen Locally in Count A3 5-Mar-2004
Wildlife Wandering Whooping Cranes Linger in Gladwin County A1 24-Aug-2004
Williams Township Township Begins Planning for Celebration fo 150 Years A3 28-Feb-2004
Williams Township Williams Township Celebrating 150th Anniversary A3 17-Sep-2004
Williams Township Williams Township History Traced A3 18-Sep-2004
Youth & Youth Services Reality Store Coming to Rock Youth Center A3 25-Mar-2004
Youth & Youth Services Midland County Youth Leadership D4 15-Apr-2004