Tales of King Arthur
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A sampling of recent books in our collection:

Asprin, Robert For King and Country
Berger, Thomas Arthur Rex
Borchardt, Alice Raven Warrior
Bradley, Marion Zimmer Avalon series
Cochran, Molly Broken Sword
Cornwell, Bernard Warlord Chronicles series
Crompton, Anne Eliot Merlin's Harp
David, Peter One Knight Only
Godwin, Parke Firelord
Guler, Kathleen Mascen's Treasure series
Hollick, Helen Pendragon's Banner
Jones, Courtway Witch of the North
Lawhead, Stephen R. Arthur; Avalon: The Return of the King
McCaffrey, Anne Black Horses for the King
McKenzie, Nancy Grail Prince; Prince of Dreams
Miles, Rosalind Guenevere trilogy
Monaco, Richard Grail War
Newman, Sharan Guinevere
Nye, Robert Merlin
Percy, Walker Lancelot
Radford, Irene Merlin' Descendants series
Rice, Robert Last Pendragon
Stewart, Mary Arthurian Saga series
Tarr, Judith Kingdom of the Grail
White, T.H. Once and Future King
White, T.H. Book of Merlyn
Whyte, Jack Camulod Chronicles series
Wooley, Persia Queen of the Summer Stars
Yolan, Jane Sword of the Rightful King

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