If You Like…The DaVinci Code
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 Try these other suspenseful novels of history and conspiracy:


Benson, Ann

Plague Tales (1997)

Berry, Steve

Amber Room (2003); The Templar Legacy (2006)

Brown, Dan

Angels & Demons (2000)

Caldwell, Ian

The Rule of Four (2004)

Case, John

The Genesis Code (1997); Eight Day (2002)

Eco, Umberto

Foucault’s Pendulum (1989)

Folsom, Allan

The Day After Tomorrow (1994)

Forbes, Leslie

Bombay Ice (1998)

Ghosh, Amitav

Calcutta Chromosome (1997)

Grossman, Lev

Codex (2004)

Kerr, Phillip

Dark Matter (2002)

Khoury, Raymond

The Last Templar (2006)

King, Ross

Ex-Libris (2001)

Long, Jeff

Descent (1999); Year Zero (2002)

Monteleone, Thomas

Eyes of the Virgin (2002)

Pearl, Matthew

Dante Club (2003); The Poe Shadow (2006)

Pears, Ian

Dream of Scipio (2002)

Perdue, Lewis

Daughter of God (2000)

Preston, Douglas

Codes (2004)

Rabb, Jonathan

The Overseer (1999); Book of Q (2001)

Silva, Daniel

The Confessor (2003)

Stephenson, Neal

Cryptonomicon (1999)

Stevenson, Jane

London Bridges (2001)

West, Cameron

Medici Dagger, 2001

Wood, Barbara

Prophetess (1996)

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