If you like…Lord of the Rings
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 Try these authors and series featuring epic fantasy quests: 

Adams, Richard


Brooks, Terry

Heritage of Shannara series

Card, Orson Scott

Tales of Alvin Maker series

Drake, David

Lord of the Isles series

Eddings, David

The Belgariad series

Feist, Raymond

Darkwar Saga series

Foster, Alan Dean

Journeys of the Catechist series

Goodkind, Terry

Sword of Truth series

Jones, J.V.

Book of Words series

Jordan, Robert

Wheel of Time series

Kerr, Katharine

Deverry series

King, Stephen

Dark Tower series

Lackey, Mercedes

Mage Winds series

Moorcock, Michael

Elric Saga

Pratchett, Terry

Discworld series

Salvatore, R.A.

Crimson Shadow series

Weis, Margaret

Death Gate Cycle series


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