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 A sampling of fiction materials from our collection: 

Bittner, Rosanne

Into the Valley; The Settlers, 2003

Cameron, Christian

Washington and Caeser, 2004

Carter, Jimmy

Hornetís Nest, 2003

Fast, Howard

April Morning; The Hessian; Seven Days in June; The Crossing

Fender, J.E.

Private Revolution of Geoffrey Frost, 2003

Fleming, Thomas J.

Dreams of Glory, 2000

Garland, David

Valley Forge, 2006

Garland, David

Saratoga, 2005

Hambly, Barbara

Patriot Hearts: A Novel of the Founding Mothers, 2007

Harr, John Ensor

Dark Eagle: A Novel of Benedict Arnold, 1999

Hochstetler, J.M.

Let Freedom Ring series, 2004

Humphreys, C.C.

Jack Absolute, 2006

Laity, Sally

Freedomís Holy Light series

Lussier, Paul

Last Refuge of Scoundrels, 2000

Martin, William

Citizen Washington: A Novel, 1999

McGrath, Patrick

Martha Peake: A Novel of the Revolution, 2000

Molstad, Stephen

The Patriot, 2000

Morris, Gilbert

Liberty Bell series

Nelson, James

Revolution at Sea series

Rae, Catherine M.

Marikeís World, 2000

Robson, Lucia

Shadow Patriots, 2005

Shaara, Jeff

Rise to Rebellion, 2001

Shaara, Jeff

Glorious Cause, 2002

Swee, Karen

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Murder, 2004

Wallace, Randall

Love and Honor, 2004

Walther, Anne Newton

A Time for Treason, 2000

Woodman, Richard

Privateersman, 2000

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