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 Try these seafaring tales:


Benchley, Peter

White Shark; Jaws

Clancy, Tom

Hunt for Red October

Clavell, James

Tai Pan

Coonts, Stephen


Cornwell, Bernard

Sharpe series

Cussler, Clive

Numa series; Dirk Pitt series

DeFoe, Daniel

Robinson Crusoe

Forester, C.S.

Horatio Hornblower series

Forrest, Anthony

John Justice series

Gobbell, John J.

Todd Ingram series

Golding, William

Sea Voyage trilogy

Heggen, Thomas

Mister Roberts

Hemingway, Ernest

The Old Man and the Sea

Kent, Alexander

Richard Bolitho series

Kneale, Matthew

English Passengers

Lambdin, Dewey

Alan Lewrie series

London, Jack

Sea Wolf, South Sea Tales

Melville, Herman

Billy Budd, Moby Dick

Nelson, James L.

The Revolution at Sea saga

Nordhoff, Charles

Mutiny on the Bounty

O’Brian, Patrick

Aubrey/Maturin series

Perkins, Wilder

Bartholomew Hoare series

Pope, Dudley

Ramage series

Poyer, David

Civil War at Sea series

Robinson, Patrick

Submarine series

Sabatini, Rafael

Captain Blood; Sea-Hawk

Stockwin, Julian

Kydd series


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