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A sampling of fiction materials from our collection:


Armentrout, Jennifer

Blood Ties series

Bennett, Nigel

His Fatherís Son, 2001

Blue, Lucy

Bound in Darkness series

Clegg, Dougless

Lady of Serpents, 2006

Drake, Shannon

When Darkness Falls, 2000

Feehan, Christine

Dark Demon series

Hambly, Barbara

Renfield: Slave of Dracula, 2006

Hamilton, Laurell K.

Anita Black Series

Harris, Charlaine

Living Dead in Dallas, 2002

Hendee, Barb

Dhampir, 2003

James, Dean

Faked to Death, 2003

King, Stephen

Nightmares and Dreamscapes; Salemís Lot

Knight, Angela

Master of Swords, 2006

Laymon, Richard

Traveling Vampire Show, 2000

Medeiros, Terese

Vampire Who Loved Me

Moore, Christopher

You Suck: A Love Story, 2006

Mosiman, Billie Sue

Vampire Nation novels

Popp, Robin T.

Seduced by the Night, 2006

Raye, Kimberly

Dead End Dating, 2006

Rice, Anne

Chronicles of the Vampires series

New Tales of the Vampires series

Blood and Gold: The Story of Marius


Roberts, Nora

Circle Trilogy

Saberhagen, Fred

Dracula series

Sands, Lynsay

Argeneau Vampire series

Stoker, Bram

Dracula; Draculaís Guest

Thurlo, David

Surrogate Evil, 2006

Vaughn, Carrie

Kitty goes to Washington, 2006

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