Grace A. Dow Memorial Library, 1710 W. St. Andrews, Midland, MI 48640-2698  (989)837-3449

A sampling of recent books in our collection:

Boggs, Johnny
Brand, Max
Braun, Matt
Brown, Dee
Coldsmith, Don
Cotton, Ralph
Doig, Ivan
Estleman, Loren
Grey, Zane
Grove, Fred
Guthrie, A.B.
Hall, Brian
Harrigan, Stephen
Henry, Will
Hillerman, Tony
Hogan, Ray
Houston, James D.
Johnston, Terry C.
Johnstone, William W.
Kelton, Elmer
L’Amour, Louis
Law, Stephen
McMurtry, Larry
Overholser, Wayne D.
Paine, Lauran
Patten, Lewis B.
Ross, Dana Fuller
Stegner, Wallace
Swarthout, Glen
Thom, James Alexander
Turner, Nancy E.
Wheeler, Richard S.
Willard, Tom
Wister, Owen

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