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A sampling of fiction materials from our collection: 

Aitkin, Rosemary

Tregenza Girls, 2006

Barker, Pat

Regeneration series

Barry, Sebastian

A Long, Long Way, 2005

Booth, Martin

Islands of Silence,2003

Boyd, Thomas

Through the Wheat, 2000

Faulks, Sebastian

Birdsong, 1996

Fisher, Alan

Rage of Angels, 1997

Ford, Madox

Parade’s End, 2001

Fullerton, Alexander

Sixty Minutes for St. George, 2002

Gardiner, John Rolfe

Somewhere in France, 1999

Gill, Elizabeth

The Foxglove Tree, 2006

Greene Sheldon

Burnt Umber: A Novel, 2000

Hemingway, Ernest

A Farewell to Arms

Hudson, Harriet

The Stationmaster’s Daughter, 2006

Hull, Jonathan

Losing Julia, 2000

Japrisot, Sebastien

A Very Long Engagement, 1993

Mitchell, Judith Claire

Last Day of the War, 2004

Parkinson, Heather

Across Open Ground: A Novel, 2002

Perry, Anne

At Some Disputed Barricade, 2007

Pouncey, Peter

Rules for Old Men Waiting, 2005

Remarque, Erich Maria

All Quiet on the Western Front

Shaara, Jeff

To the Last Man, 2004

Sharratt, Mary

Summit Avenue: A Novel, 2000

Shields, Jody

Crimson Portrait, 2006

Tippette, Giles

Southwest of Heaven, 2000

Wharton, Edith

A Son at the Front

Willard, Tom

Sable Doughboys, 1997

Winspear, Jacqueline

Messenger of Truth, 2006

Winter, Michael

The Big Why, 2006


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