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Michigan History


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Sabin MichiganiaMichigania (Sabin Collection)

MeL MichiganiaMeL Michigania - links to online historical collections in Michigan. ~ "Exploring Michigan History" episodes 1 - 4 (scroll down)

Valuable Information at the State of Michigan Website

About Michigan

Michigan in Brief - quick facts about our state.

Michigan Adventure - Discover Our State Symbols

Michigan Historical Markers

Magazines about Michigan in the Library

Great Lakes Bay - kept 2 years
Michigan Historical Review - 1987 - present
Michigan History Magazine - 1918 - present (some gaps in holdings)
Michigan Out-of-Doors - kept 2 years
Michigan Sportsman - kept 2 years

Magazines are housed in the Quiet Room on the Main Level. Ask at the Reference Desk for Back Issues

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