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Small Business

Business and Marketing Research

Business Insights logoBusiness Insights: Global - a unique source for international business intelligence offering the most comprehensive and convenient way to find case studies, in-depth statistical data coupled with deep research, and the ability to compare global economies, countries and industries.

MeL.orgBusinessDecision (CivicTechnologies) - comprehensive business-to-consumer market data. Detailed company profiles, product and brand information combined with investment reports, rankings and market share data allow users to better penetrate the consumer marketplace.

Small Business Resource Center - Search this database to learn how to start, finance or MeL.orgmanage your small business.

Business Plans Handbook - Actual business plans developed by small businesses throughout North America and other business e-books.

Business & Economic Data - Links to government & academic statistics & economic MeL.orgdata, selected by Michigan librarians.

 Demographics Now - Robust and highly-detailed demographic data. Ideal for gaining MeL.orgconsumer and market insight as you consider opening a business, finding an untapped audience for your products, analyzing the shifts and needs of a given population, and more. Reporting capability allows you to rapidly produce a variety of compiled reports to help you make informed and accurate decisions.

Reference USA - Business and Residential Directory

 Michigan eLibrary.  Try the Business & Jobs gateway.  Use Melcat to request books sent to your local public library. (Check with your local library first.  They may already have the book you want.)   Business & Economic Data - links to government & academic statistics & economic data, selected by Michigan librarians.

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