2001-2002 Battle Book List

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BLACKWOOD    THE SHAKESPEARE STEALER: What would you do if you had a special talent and an evil man forced you to use that talent to betray your friends? That's the dilemma Widge faces when his master tells him to steal Shakespeare's new play. (A)
BURNETT THE SECRET GARDEN: The classic story of a lonely and unhappy girl who blooms in the freedom of the outdoors when she discovers a neglected garden and makes new friends. (A, L)
DEFELICE WEASEL: Nathan meets evil in the form of Weasel, a cruel Indian killer who stalks him in the Ohio woods. Can Nathan escape? Read and find out. (A)
FENNER YOLONDA'S GENIUS: Yolonda is convinced that her brother is a musical genius. But one day his music stops and Yolonda is partly to blame. How can she help revive her brother's music and get the world to notice his special talent? (A)
GEORGE MY SIDE OF THE MOUNTAIN: Twelve-year-old Sam Gribley decides to live alone in the mountains of New Hampshire and be completely self-sufficient. (A)
HAHN STEPPING ON THE CRACKS: While attempting to get even with Gordy, the worst bully in sixth grade, Margaret and Elizabeth discover a shocking secret that turns their lives upside down.
HALE THE CHAMELEON WORE CHARTREUSE: Get ready for a pun-filled mystery full of more cooties than clues! Chet Gecko-Private Eye, and his lovely sidekick Natalie Attired, are on the case of a missing student from Emerson Hicky Elementary. (A)
HENRY KING OF THE WIND: Ride with Agba, the young stableboy, who knows firsthand that the magnificent Arabian, Sham, is truly the King of the Wind. (A, L)
HO THE CLAY MARBLE: Dara and her family flee from war-torn Cambodia to a refugee camp near Thailand. But when Dara becomes separated from everyone she loves, she must overcome her fear and lack of confidence to find her family again. (A)
JUSTER THE PHANTOM TOLLBOOTH: Bored, Milo drives through the mysterious tollbooth he receives, and finds himself in a world with many crazy characters but no Rhyme or Reason. (A)
KARR THE GREAT TURKEY WALK: It's 1860, and Simon graduates after completing third grade for the fourth time. Forced to make his way in the world, Simon decides to make money by selling turkeys in Denver. There's only one problem - how will he get a thousand turkeys to Colorado all the way from his home in Missouri? (A)
KING-SMITH HARRY'S MAD: A little bird tells us you will enjoy the antics of an unusual parrot named Mad whom Harry inherits from his eccentric uncle.
KLAUSE ALIEN SECRETS: While on her way to the planet Shoon to join her parents, Puck befriends an alien who has lost an important treasure. Can they find the thief and recover the treasure before the thief discovers what they're up to? (A)
KONIGSBURG ABOUT THE B'NAI BAGELS: When Mark's mother and brother become manager and coach of his Little League team, his life becomes very complicated.
LEVINE ELLA ENCHANTED: How can a fairy's blessing be such a curse? In danger at every moment, young Ella must learn to use her "gift" of obedience to overcome ogres and side-step surly stepsisters to save a handsome prince! (A, L)
MCSWIGAN SNOW TREASURE: Peter and his friends try to help smuggle Norway's gold out of the country - right under the noses of the invading German troops. (A)
MOWAT OWLS IN THE FAMILY: Who would have thought that two pet owls could turn a household upside down, put a whole town in an uproar, and scare two bullies out of town?
O'DELL THE BLACK PEARL: Ramon finds a fabulous pearl, but it brings him nothing but powerful enemies: one human, the other the notorious devilfish which guards those waters.
SMITH SASQUATCH: When Dylan's father returns from a hunting trip acting even stranger than usual, Dylan feels he needs to watch his dad closely. Little does Dylan know his father isn't the only one being watched.
SNYDER THE EGYPT GAME: Intrigued by Ancient Egypt, Melanie and April find an abandoned yard and turn it into a magical setting for their "Egypt Game." But when strange things begin happening to them, they wonder - has the Egypt Game gone too far? (A)

(A) - available in audio format
(L) - available in large print

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