2005-2006 Battle Book List

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AIKEN NIGHTBIRDS ON NANTUCKET : There is plenty to be scared of on Nantucket, but Dido Twite is a resourceful girl who can handle Aunt Tribulation, take care of the sinister strangers in the forest, and perhaps even get back home to England.
BABBITT SEARCH FOR DELICIOUS : Join in the humorous adventures of young Gaylen as he searches the entire kingdom looking for the true meaning of "delicious." (A)
BARKER THIEF OF ALWAYS : When bored 10-year-old Harvey wishes for some fun, he finds himself a guest in a home where he can have anything he wants. But fun turns to terror as Harvey discovers the evil secrets of this house.
BEATTY JAYHAWKER : Hoping to avenge his Pa's death, 13-year-old Lije agrees to go on a dangerous mission to spy on the Bushwhackers in this exciting Civil War novel.
BUTTERWORTH THE ENORMOUS EGG : Twelve-year-old Nate Twitchell is just as astonished as his father's hen when her enormous egg hatches into a baby Triceratops!
CLEARY DEAR MR. HENSHAW : Leigh Botts finds an outlet for his anger and confusion about the problems in his life when he writes letters to his favorite author. (L, A)
FARLEY THE BLACK STALLION : Is it possible to tame the wind? Alec Ramsay, shipwrecked on a desert island with a magnificent wild stallion, is determined to find out. (A)
GUTMAN HONUS AND ME : After finding a valuable baseball card in his neighbor's attic, Joe Stoshack is able to control time travel, bringing Honus Wagner to the present day and going back to the 1909 World Series. (A)
HOBBS KOKOPELLI'S FLUTE : Tepary Jones's determination to bring illegal pothunters to justice and help his father develop drought-resistance seeds becomes a challenge when he begins turning into a bushy-tailed woodrat every night. (A)
LASKY THE CAPTURE : After falling from his nest, young barn owl Soren is captured and taken to the St. Aegolius Academy for Orphaned Owls where he must forget his name and never ask questions. How will Soren and his new friend Gylfie escape if they never learn to fly?
L'ENGLE A WRINKLE IN TIME : This outstanding Newbery winner cleverly blends science fiction and fantasy as Meg joins her brother and a friend on a trip to a distant planet to save her father. (L, A)
MIKAELSEN STRANDED : Can 12-year-old Koby, a girl with a disability, save the lives of two injured pilot whales near her home in the Florida Keys? (A)
NAYLOR THE BOYS START THE WAR : It's the Hartfords versus the Malloys! When the Hartford boys decide to make life miserable for the Malloy sisters, they don't know what they are in for. (L)
PECK FAIR WEATHER : For a change from their lives on a country farm, Rosie, Lottie, Buster and Granddad head to the big city of Chicago to attend the 1893 World's Fair. (L, A)
RUCKMAN NIGHT OF THE TWISTERS : Dan Hatch and his friend Arthur must save themselves and Dan's baby brother when a series of deadly tornadoes devastate their Nebraska town one night.
RYAN ESPERANZA RISING : In Mexico, Esperanza is wealthy and privileged, so when circumstances force her family to move to the United States, she is unprepared for the hard work and difficulties she faces as a migrant farm worker. (A)
SKURZYNSKI BURIED ALIVE : While on a trip to Alaska to find out why wolverines are dying, Jack and Ashley, along with foster child Nicky, eagerly accept a dogsled ride only to find themselves alone in the middle of the wilderness…in an avalanche.
SMITH THE WAR WITH GRANDPA : Declaring war on his own grandfather isn't easy for Peter, especially when Grandpa fights back.
VANDE VELDE WIZARD AT WORK : A young wizard, hoping for a peaceful summer vacation, instead finds himself helping all sorts of princesses and fairy tale characters.
WHITE TRUMPET OF THE SWAN : When Louis is born without a voice, he takes matters into his own beak, learning to read and write and use a stolen trumpet to win the love of a beautiful swan named Serena. (A)

(A) - available in audio format
(L) - available in large print

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