2006-2007 Battle Book List

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AVI MIDNIGHT MAGIC : In 1491 Italy, a magician’s apprentice must find out if a princess is really being haunted by a ghost
BARRY PETER AND THE STARCATCHERS : How did Peter Pan learn to fly? How did Captain Hook lose his hand (and get his name in the process)? Find out in this fast-paced pirate adventure! (A)
BAUER RUNT : The smallest wolf pup in the litter must prove himself to the rest of the pack and earn a new name.
BELLAIRS THE HOUSE WITH A CLOCK IN ITS WALLS : Can Lewis outwit the evil sorcerer who plans to destroy the world with his doomsday clock? (A)
BUTLER TRADING PLACES WITH TANK TALBOTT : Looking like the school bully comes in handy when Jason, who’s afraid of the water, is forced to take swimming lessons.
BYALICK QUIT IT : Carrie, recently diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome, must cope with the reaction of her friends, family and strangers to her uncontrollable tics.
CLEARY THE MOUSE AND THE MOTORCYCLE : When Keith lets a mouse named Ralph ride his motorcycle, the results spell both fun and trouble for them and a good read for you! (A)
CREECH RUBY HOLLER : Twins Dallas and Florida have given up on the idea of ever leaving the terrible orphanage they call home, but an eccentric older couple doesn’t give up on them. (A, L)
CURTIS THE WATSONS GO TO BIRMINGHAM : The family trip from Flint to Alabama in the year 1963 is a trip like no other. It starts with fun but heads right into one of the darkest moments in America’s history. (A)
DICAMILLO THE TALE OF DESPEREAUX : A small mouse named Despereaux Tilling is an unlikely hero, but he is the only one able to save the princess he loves from a devious rat. (A, L)
GIFF LILY’S CROSSING : When Lily’s father enlists in the Army in 1944, she sees a sad and lonely summer ahead, until she meets Albert, a young Hungarian boy who fled to the U.S. to escape the Nazis. (A, L)
HALE THE CHAMELEON WORE CHARTREUSE : Get ready for a pun-filled mystery full of more cooties than clues! Chet Gecko, Private Eye, and his lovely side-kick, Natalie Attired, are on the case of a missing student from Emerson Hicky Elementary. (A)
KARR THE GREAT TURKEY WALK : It’s 1860, and Simon graduates after completing third grade for the fourth time. Forced to make his way in the world, Simon decides to make money by selling turkeys in Denver. There’s only one problem – how will he get a thousand turkeys to Colorado all the way from his home in Missouri? (A, L)
KESSLER THE TAIL OF EMILY WINDSNAP : Everybody has a secret, but Emily is sure no one has a secret like hers – when she’s in the water, she becomes a mermaid. (A)
MORPURGO KENSUKE’S KINGDOM : During his family’s trip around the world, Michael is swept off the yacht and must survive on an island that has been inhabited for years by an old Japanese man who does not want company. (A)
NAYLOR THE GIRLS GET EVEN : The Malloy girls are still smarting over the Hatford boys’ latest trick, but they find that Halloween is the perfect time to get even. (L)
RITTER THE BOY WHO SAVED BASEBALL : Dillontown residents want to hang on to their baseball field, but the owner has decided to sell it unless the local kids can beat the all-star team from another town. (A)
ROBERTS THE ABSOLUTELY TRUE STORY : Lewis and his sister Alison are excited to be visiting Yellowstone with their neighbors, but find themselves mixed up between irresponsible parents and two mysterious men who seem to be following them.
SELDEN THE CRICKET IN TIMES SQUARE : A country cricket accidentally ends up in New York City, where he befriends a mouse, a cat, and a boy who hopes to save his parents’ newsstand from bankruptcy. (A)
VANDE VELDE SMART DOG : What would you do if a dog stopped you on the sidewalk and said, “Excuse me, I’m in trouble. Could you please help me?” This is how Amy gets involved with F-32, an escaped dog from a university laboratory.

(A) – available in audio format
(L) – available in large print

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