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Photos due by April 20

Entry form

Don’t Forget Your Book!

Whose book will travel the farthest during Spring Break? Whose will visit the strangest place?
 Whose will have the most fun right here in the Midland area?

Take a book on Spring Break with you and take a photo of it posed somewhere fun on your trip. Bring your photo to the library (or send it electronically to and submit an entry form by April 20th for a chance to win a Grace A. Dow Library GEEK t-shirt. Entry forms are available online and in Youth Services.
Categories are:

  1. The book that traveled the farthest. (We need mileage).
  2. The book that went the highest. (We need elevation—planes rides do not count).
  3. The book that went to the strangest place. (We decide on strange...)
  4. The book that saw the most people at one time. (Both book and crowd must be in the photo).
  5. The book that had the best time right here in the Midland area.
  6. The book that went to the most places during Spring Break. (We need a photo from each location.)

Ties will be decided by random drawing.


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