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"At Your Service" Newsletter

The At Your Service... newsletter is published by the City of Midland to keep Midland residents informed on the latest in City government services, programs, and events.

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Current Edition of At Your Service

This special flood edition includes information on the City's flood rating, insurance reform's impact on rates, flood safety tips, a map of floodplain areas in Midland, and more.

"At Your Service" Archives

Below are links to past editions of the At Your Service... newsletter.

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November 2013 (3.5 MB / 4 pages)
Fall leaf collection, 2014 Citizens Academy, Plymouth Park Fun Zone renovation project, Holiday hours and news, Midland Civic Arena's new turf field, Library news, and safety reminders involving City employees

March 2013 (3.5 MB / 4 pages)
Midland's national 100 Safest Cities recognition, survey for City website revamp, staff achievements, flood safety info, library projects, Barstow Woods work, the Sister City Student Exchange program, and election news

October 2012 (3.6 MB / 4 pages)
Fall leaf collection, Presidential Election news, Citizens Academy application, holiday hours/service changes, "100 Best Communities" award, Library's Geek campaign

April 2012 (3.6 MB / 4 pages)
National Citizens Survey, new City leaders, Election redistricting news, proposed 2012-2013 budget, Library's Early Literacy Activity Center, and boards/commissions openings

October 2011 (7.9 MB / 4 pages)
"At A Glance" government web portal, fall leaf collection, "100 Best Communities" award, November 2011 election news, Citizens Academy, and City holiday news

July 2011 (4.3 MB / 4 pages)
National Citizens Survey, Emerald Ash Borer townhall meeting, MCTV Kids' Summer Camp, summer in Downtown Midland and at the Library, Tridge's 30th anniversary, new police officers, and Central Band Shell fundraising

April 2011 (3.1 MB / 4 pages)
Proposed 2011-2012 City budget, Emerald Ash Borer issue

January 2011 (720 KB / 4 pages)
Flood safety and insurance rates

October 2010 (3.9 MB / 4 pages)
Fall leaf collection, City holiday refuse/recycling schedule, Citizens Academy sign-up, the City's new recognition program, and November 2010 election news

July 2010 (950 KB / 4 pages)
Polling location changes for Midland elections, curbside recycling changes, flood insurance and safety info, summer fun at City events, and Grace A. Dow Memorial Library high school test aids

March 2010 (900 KB / 4 pages)
U.S. Census, City's Budget, MCTV channel changes, Election reminders, Grace A. Dow Memorial Library summer programs, and Currie golf news

November 2009 (3.1 MB / 4 pages)
Fall leaf collection process, November 2009 election news, Citizens Academy info, 2009 holiday refuse/recycling schedule and office hours, online library resources, and Currie Municipal Golf Course Christmas specials

August 2009 (1 MB / 4 pages)
Changes in the City's curbside collection process, a new interactive collection schedule feature on the City's website, Currie Golf Course's first-ever "Summer's End Bash," Geographic Information System enhancements, and the City's annual calendar photo contest

June 2009 (802 KB / 4 pages)
The City's new communications tools (Facebook, YouTube, and Media Room web page), flood safety tips and insurance information, November 2009 election reminders, boards/commissions openings, new hours for Dial-A-Ride, MCTV, and Grace A. Dow Memorial Library, and the City's building trades program

April 2009 (5.1 MB / 4 pages)
A look at how the City is addressing budget challenges, the Midland Civic Arena's new website, Parks & Recreation updates to its master plan, and reminders on keeping the City clean and clutter-free

November 2008 (1.3 MB / 4 pages)
A City budget update, fall leaf collection, flood safety / insurance news, City hours for Christmas holidays, and 2009 Citizens Academy news

September 2008 (727 KB / 4 pages)
Citizen Budget Roundtables announcement, Geographic Information System (GIS) introduction, and Nov. 4, 2008 Election details

June 2008 (1.1 MB / 4 pages)
Currie Municipal Golf Course: improvements and enhancements to the municipal golf course

April 2008 (1 MB / 4 pages)
New website for Currie Municipal Golf Course, New credit/debit card payment services, Citizens Academy recap, May Election information, City's budget adoption schedule, 2008 City construction project list

December 2007 (1 MB / 2 pages)
Citizens Academy teaser, City's holiday hours, Christmas tree removal process, winter tax deadline, picnic shelter reservations

November 2007 (2.2 MB / 2 pages)
Citizens Academy teaser, fall leaf collection info, Master Plan finalized, new FEMA flood plain maps, City's holiday hours

July 2007 (1.3 MB / 4 pages)
City's revamped website

May 2007 (4.5 MB / 8 pages)
Citizens Academy recap, voting equipment for those with disabilities, 2007 election information, Auto-Pay automatic withdrawal of funds, flood information, parking near Dow Diamond stadium, new wayfinding signage

March 2007 (2 MB / 8 pages)
2005-2006 annual report

January 2007 (961k / 2 pages)
Citizens Academy, snow removal procedures, Christmas tree removal policy, Master Plan update

October 2006 (544k / 2 pages)
Eastman Avenue Design Series and Central Park Ballot Proposal

June 2006 (1,360k / 8 pages)
Annual Report

April 2006 (952k / 4 pages)
Eastman Avenue Traffic Improvement Process Update; Flood Safety Tips; Boards & Commissions Openings; New Voting Machines for Elections; Rummage/Yard Sale Sign Regulations

February 2006 (1,285k / 4 pages)
Midland's Master Plan - two-year revision process

December 2005 (1,233k / 4 pages)
Eastman Avenue Traffic Issues and Proposed Solutions

November 2005 (215k / 4 pages)
Fall Leaf Collection, Dial-A-Ride System, Election News, Holiday Hours at City Offices/Landfill/Library

August 2005 (1,075k / 6 pages)
Community Roundtable Wrap-up, 2005-06 Budget

April 2005 (799k / 8 pages)
2004 Annual Report

December 2004 (1867k / 2 pages)
Community Roundtable Sessions, Christmas Tree Collection Schedule, New Zoning Ordinance, Website Enhancements, 2005-06 Budget Adoption Schedule

October 2004 (600k / 4 pages)
Community Roundtable Sessions, November 2 General Election Information, Fall Leaf Collection, Flood Facts for Fall and Winter Months, New Fire Department Pumper, Cup and Chaucer Coffee Bar

May 2004 (1,659k / 8 pages)
2003 Annual Report
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October 2003 (156k / 4 pages)
Parks & Recreation Master Plan Update, Fall Leaf Collection, Flood Facts, Departmental Phone List

April 2003 (155k / 4 pages )
2002 Annual Report

October 2003 ( 385 k / 4 pages )
Fall Leaf Collection, Neighborhood Watch, Senior Housing

June 2002 (248k / 1 page)
Sanitary sewer improvements celebration, heavy refuse reminders, retention basin project, bicycle patrols

March 2002 Annual Report (288k / 4 pages)
City highlights from 2001, Community Development Toolbox, New Voter ID cards

January 2002 (425k / 4 pages)
Zoning / Subdivision Ordinance Update, Flood Information, Safe Driving Campaign

March 2001 (607k / 2 pages)
Boards & Commissions

February 2001 (510k / 2 pages)
Annual Report

October 2000 (196k / 2 pages)
US-10 Detour

April 2000 (53k / 2 pages)
2000-01 Budget

March 2000 (1.3 Mb / 4 pages)
Annual Report

February 2000 (75k / 4 pages)
Sanitary Sewer Bond Issue Proposal Information

September 1999 (142K / 4 pages)

1999-00 Budget Edition (76K / 2 pages)

March 1999 (217K / 5 pages)