December 21, 2010 – The Grace A. Dow Memorial Library has been named winner of the “I Love My Library Sweepstakes,” from Taped Editions, Inc. (TEI), an Indianapolis-based distributor of audiobooks on CD and preloaded players to libraries and schools nationwide. 


As winner of the national sweepstakes, the library will receive a collection of audiobooks valued at $500. 


“America loves their libraries,” said Carol Tully, company president. “This contest produced an amazing number of votes and many insightful comments about the role of libraries as the unsung heroes of the local community.”


Accolades for public libraries came from hundreds of cities and towns across America. In order to cast a vote via an online website, voters were required to describe why they thought their public library was deserving of the award.


Of the Grace A. Dow Memorial Library, patron Elizabeth Scott wrote, “This library is the combination of every patron’s dreams… they keep coming up with inventive ways to make the library one of the important hubs of the city for old and young alike.”  Patron Jessica Dipzinski added, “I grew up visiting the library on a weekly basis.  It is a place that is… inviting and community-oriented… not only does the library welcome readers, but it also opens its doors for all kinds of community events.”


Library Director Melissa Barnard said, “It is exciting and wonderful to be the winner.  We know that community support for the library is strong, but it is gratifying that our community is willing to step up and outwardly show their love for their library through this contest.  We’ll continue to work hard to keep that love alive.”


Midland is a city of nearly 42,000 people and is the international headquarters to The Dow Chemical Company and Dow Corning Corporation. According to the October 2010 edition of Forbes Magazine, Midland is considered to be the fourth-best area in the U.S. to raise a family.


For more information on the sweepstakes competition, contact Tory Worland of Taped Editions, at 317-849-1700 or via e-mail at